Chapter 206: Returning to the Immortal Mountain


“Junior Brother Chen came here before?” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Luo Mingdao, who was beside him, became curious.

“He he, when this Driftcloud Immortal Mountain first appeared, I happened to be observing this place from a short distance away,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Oh, is that so? Quick, tell me about it. What was it like back then?” Luo Mingdao’s eyes immediately lit up.

The three of them did not hurry over to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Instead, they conversed while going towards some of the more crowded areas. They wanted to find out more about Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.

Chen Feng looked around. The cultivators they met along the way were almost all at the Concealed stage. Naturally, minor characters below the Concealed stage would not be heading there. As for the Sky Human stage experts, they were not the kind of people that Chen Feng could casually notice.

“Sigh, forget it! I think we should just go back. We are not destined for it at all,” a young cultivator said with a dejected tone. His body was stained with spots of blood and his face was somewhat pale. He was not in a good shape. His companions beside him were also covered in scars. One of them had his arm cleanly cut off.

“Fellow brother, what happened?” someone asked curiously.

Chen Feng and Luo Mingdao exchanged glances. Their group of three then quickly moved forward to gather up with the others. Soon, they found out what happened.

It was in fact, very simple. The group of youngsters had come here because they wanted to enter Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and test their luck with immortal serendipity. In the end, however, they ended up like the majority of the cultivators there. Not only did they fail to enter Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, they ended up suffering from grievous injuries due to the counter attacks from the Driftcloud Immortal Light.

That was not the worst part. Something else happened, something which made them feel aggrieved. A small group of cultivators that was not too far away from them was actually sucked into a rift which had suddenly appeared on Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.

Seeing that spectacle caused those young cultivators to feel furious and aggrieved.

“Ha ha, think about it from another perspective. Maybe they will be incapable of ever coming out again after entering. You fellows might actually be lucky,” one of the people there advised them.

“What if the immortal mountain is directly connected to the Immortal Plane?” another fellow interjected.

“Even if it is connected to the Immortal Plane, we could only become ant-like existences when we go there,” retorted another.

“I would rather be an ant in the Immortal Plane.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Hearing the exchange, everyone laughed out.

“It seems the number of people entering Driftcloud Immortal Mountain is gradually increasing. Additionally, most of them are Concealed stage cultivators,” Chen Feng whispered.

“What is it, Junior Brother Chen? Do you also want to test your luck with immortal serendipity?” Luo Mingdao, who was beside Chen Feng, asked with a smile.

“No way. I am not yet tired of living.” Chen Feng waved his hand.

“I am quite tempted. However, I am also afraid of dying. So many people have entered, but not a single one managed to make it out. Tsk, tsk, I don’t feel like experiencing this unknown fear.” Luo Mingdao shook his head.

Despite saying that, after taking a short break, the three of them had still proceeded towards Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. They had already come all this way, after all. It would be a shame to not go over and look at the immortal mountain at this juncture.

The first time Chen Feng saw Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, it was just a small mountain. After all this time though, seeing the mountain again shocked Chen Feng. 

“How did it become so big?” Chen Feng was shocked to see the mountain rise up into the sky.

Although the surface of the mountain remained as smooth as the surface of a wall, the height of the mountain was so high that it was practically piercing the firmaments. Looking at it from afar, Chen Feng estimated that the mountain was at least hundreds of thousands of zhang tall. Radius wise, it was at least hundreds of li. Immortal light was constantly flowing across its surface, either wounding or killing off the cultivators attempting to attack the immortal mountain.

Despite the occasional deaths, countless cultivators continued surrounding the immortal mountain like a swarm of insects. All of them were in search of immortal serendipity.

“Now it looks like an immortal mountain. However, I wonder if there are any Immortal Humans inside,” said Chen Feng, who shook his head.

“You will be able to find out if you enter,” Luo Mingdao said with a grin. 

“These fellows are acting with such a crazed fervour,” said a shocked Lu Ta.

“He he, there are who knows how many cultivators within Eternal World. Even if just one out of 10,000 cultivators stepped forward, it would still be an uncountable number,” Luo Mingdao said with a chuckle.

“Let’s go closer. I see some familiar faces.”

As expected of an elite disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect, Luo Mingdao had many acquaintances. He was a fairly famous figure in the cultivation world. On their way to the immortal mountain, some cultivators would occasionally come to greet him. Some cultivators with high cultivation bases would also come over to chat a little with him.

“Brother Luo, you have come as well. Why, are you tempted by this Driftcloud Immortal Mountain?”

“Ha ha ha ha! Brother Luo, it has been a while. Last time, we ventured into the Seven Kills Direlands together. This time, do you want to venture into this Driftcloud Immortal Mountain together? If we happen to come across immortal serendipity, we will be able to ascend to Heaven with a single bound.”

“Luo Mingdao, why did you come alone this time? Where are your fellow seniors and juniors? Surely you don’t plan on entering the immortal mountain alone and die inside?”

“Brother Luo, it’s been a while. Let me be the host. Let’s have a few rounds of wine.”

Seeing the various cultivators coming from all around them to greet Luo Mingdao, Chen Feng felt shocked. All those cultivators had high cultivation bases. Even the weakest amongst them was at level 7 of the Concealed stage. The auras coming off a few of them were like a deep ocean. It would appear that they were on the verge of breaking through to the Sky Human stage.

“Eh? Why didn’t Jin Ye from your Sword Hall come? Doesn’t he like bustling places?” asked Luo Mingdao after seeing a group of young cultivators with swords slung behind their backs.

Those cultivators had upright bodies and a strong appearance. Every corner of their bodies was seemingly filled with intense sword intent while sword-like glints could be seen flashing across their eyes every now and again. There was no need for Chen Feng to ask to know that they were cultivators the Sword Hall. They were pure sword cultivators.

“Brother Jin has entered cultivation retreat for three months now,” said one of them with a smile. It would appear that this one was well acquainted with Luo Mingdao.

“Three months already? Tsk, tsk. It seems he will be a Sky Human stage expert once he emerges,” Luo Mingdao replied with a chuckle.

“It won’t be long before Senior Brother Luo reaches that stage as well, right?” the Sword Hall cultivator asked with a smile.

“It is still too early for me. Right now, I have no confidence in overcoming Lightning Tribulation,” said Luo Mingdao, who shook his head.

“Another person has entered! Another person has entered!” Suddenly, a shout rang out from the distance.

Chen Feng hastily raised his head and he felt one gaze after another turning to peer far ahead. A rift had appeared midway up the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and it continued to hover there. The surrounding cultivators rushed into the rift, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“This mountain feels like a gigantic monster to me. It is continuously devouring in one cultivator after another,” Chen Feng suddenly said. Chen Feng did not feel as excited as others when looking at the massive immortal mountain. On the contrary, this existence, which kept devouring humans whole gave him a hint of fear. The unknown was a fearful thing.

At present, Chen Feng was not lacking in cultivation techniques. In terms of magic treasures, the Longevity Tower was a legendary existence, albeit a damaged one. A peerless magic treasure and a peerless cultivation technique. With those two, Chen Feng did not feel as desirous as the other cultivators when looking at the immortal mountain. Even if the immortal mountain did contain immortal pills or other immortal-making fortunes, he would need to stay alive for it to matter. At that moment, what Chen Feng needed was time. He wanted to cultivate steadily instead or entering such a risky place.

“Although I also want to go in and have a look, I don’t want to die. I am too young to die!” Lu Ta said.

The most maniacal amongst the cultivators surrounding the immortal mountain were not the young cultivators. Rather, it was those cultivators whose lifespans were close to running out. As their lifespans were close to ending, they would die even if they remained outside. If so, why not venture into the immortal mountain and take a risk? 


Suddenly, a cultivator utilized a Sacred artefact and a scouring force bombarded the top of the immortal mountain. Immediately, the Driftcloud Immortal Light acted up. It swirled together before knocking away the Sacred artefact. However, the cultivators nearby were also pulverized in the process.

“Everyone, run! Someone attacked!”

“It’s a Sacred artefact. The one attacking is actually a Human Immortal!”

Everyone began shouting and the cultivators near the mountain hastily distanced themselves in fear of getting caught by the shockwaves.

To think that a Human Immortal would attack. Could it be this Human Immortal’s lifespan is about to end? Or does that person simply want to enter the immortal mountain for an adventure? Chen Feng felt shocked.

The strongest cultivators that Chen Feng had ever encountered were experts at the Sky Human stage. He had never seen a Human Immortal before. Thus, Chen Feng widened his eyes and channelled all of his power, wanting to bear witness to the might of the attacking Human Immortal.


Another scouring force descended from the sky to bombard the top of the immortal mountain. Following the attack, the entire Driftcloud Immortal Mountain roared out. The Driftcloud Immortal Light shone out furiously and countless spatial cracks moved, intersecting one another. All the cultivators around Driftcloud Immortal Mountain were hurled away as a result and wretched cries rose up as one.

Chen Feng felt a stinging pain in his eyes and he could not stop himself from closing his eyes. He felt his head spinning.

Too strong. Is this the might of a Human Immortal? Chen Feng shouted inwardly.

However, it seems that person still has no way of dealing with the immortal mountain. The strength of its counter attacks truly does grow in correspondence to the attacks it receives. If I had been standing close to the immortal mountain, I would have either died or be grievously wounded, Chen Feng thought.

“Woah! Thankfully, I did not go forward just now.” Luo Mingdao too, was gaping.

Existences at the Human Immortal stage were not the kind that Concealed stage cultivators could comprehend. Observing the attacks unleashed by the Human Immortal, the countless cultivators around Driftcloud Immortal Mountain felt like lonely boats within a stormy ocean, so negligibly small.

Quickly though, the air regained its state of calmness. The unknown Human Immortal had stopped attacking all together. As there were no one attacking, the Driftcloud Immortal Light slowly receded and a brief atmosphere of calm descended upon the immortal mountain. All that could be heard were the miserable cries of the various cultivators around the immortal mountain.

“Strange, why is the Human Immortal not attacking anymore?”

“Could he have entered the immortal mountain?” someone made a bold guess.

“The probability of that is very high.”

“I wonder if that Human Immortal can make it out.”

As they were discussing the matter, a rift suddenly appeared in an inconspicuous spot on Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and three young cultivators emerged from within. When they first emerged, the three of them appeared confused. However, once they saw what was before them, the looks of confusion on their faces turned into joy.

“Someone has emerged! Some people have emerged from the immortal mountain!” The ones who noticed the three young cultivators’ emergence were quick to shout out.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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