Chapter 205: Splitting the Loot


“Eh?” Chen Feng, who was flying over the mountains, suddenly stopped. Turning around, he peered far ahead to see waves of thick blood energy charging up into the sky. It looked like an erupting volcano blasting hot magma up into the sky.

“What a formidable blood energy. How could there be such a powerful figure?” Lu Ta felt concerned.

“It’s not just one person. This is an imagery created by the joint efforts of many. I think it is probably a bloodthirsty demonic-type magic. Still, there is no need to worry about Luo Mingdao. I can feel a potent soul power. The soul power can already be considered a pinnacle existence amongst Concealed stage cultivators. Even though he looks lazy, that Luo Mingdao is truly strong,” Chen Feng said.

“Let’s not dawdle. We need to quickly find these bandits’ treasure trove. The battle there is about to end.” After saying that, Chen Feng stopped holding back. He went all out, spreading his soul power to search through each mountain.


The formidable blood-coloured light smashed into an invisible, rippling blade. Several mountains were flattened as a result and the sky itself was seemingly punched through. Thick and intense energy, filled with bloody and evil intent, inundated the surrounding area. The erosive power of the energy caused all the trees and other vegetation growing within the mountains to wither away.

“Found it.” Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up. Then, he extended his hand to perform a grasping motion at the mountain rising before him. A crashing sound rang out and a dark entrance appeared at the top of the mountain.

“It’s actually on top of the mountain!” Lu Ta was shocked.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Just as Chen Feng and Lu Ta were about to enter, a group of bandits in black flew out, killing intent emanating off their bodies. However, they ignored both Chen Feng and Lu Ta and instead split off as they fled as fast as they could.

Chen Feng was stunned, but he quickly understood what was going on.

“Don’t let them escape! They must have taken away the items inside the cave!” shouted Chen Feng, who swiftly reached out with his hand to perform another grasping motion. His East Extreme acupoint churned and a mighty force immediately enveloped the nearest bandit, whose figure then shot towards Chen Feng.

Next, Chen Feng flicked his palm and a black-coloured spatial pouch dropped out from the bandit. Grabbing the spatial pouch, Chen Feng did not bother checking whether or not the bandit was dead before keeping the pouch in the Longevity Tower. After that, he quickly flew after the other bandits.

Lu Ta had shot forward to entangle one of the fleeing bandits the instant Chen Feng attacked.


One of the bandits was stabbed to death by Chen Feng’s lance. Chen Feng then took and kept the bandit’s spatial pouch before chasing after the others.

Puchi! Puchi!

Two more of the fleeing bandits died under Chen Feng’s hands. Chen Feng was about to turn around and give chase when he saw Luo Mingdao’s figure transforming into a black line against the sky as he hastily killed off the other fleeing bandits.

Chen Feng sighed. Knowing that it was too late, he turned and flew back. Bloody Soul shot out from his hand to pierce through the bandit that was fighting Lu Ta. The spatial pouch that the bandit had was taken away by Lu Ta.

“Come on. Let’s see what else remains in the cave,” Chen Feng said as he quickly flew into the cave.

However, Chen Feng was not feeling hopeful. After all, it was highly likely that those fleeing bandits had already cleaned up everything within the cave.

The cave was massive, formed by hollowing out the interior part of the mountain. The moment Chen Feng entered the cave, he entered a state of confusion.

Lu Ta too entered the cave. When he saw what was inside the cave, he gaped.

“So many Magic crystals!” Lu Ta was shocked.

“I actually thought this is a Magic crystal mine just now,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Surprisingly, there was a large heap of Magic crystals shining brightly within the massive cave. Waves of thick spiritual energy constantly wafted into the air. A breath of the air made them feel refreshed.

“Hurry up and keep them. Luo Mingdao is coming,” Lu Ta whispered.

“Hold it. Let’s wait for him,” Chen Feng suddenly said. He did not step forward to keep the Magic crystals. Instead, he turned to look at the other corners of the cave.

The cave was very large. Not to mention, the Bloody Whirlwind bandits had spent so many years robbing who knows just how much valuables. Surely, their treasure trove would have more than just Magic crystals.

Chen Feng understood why there could be so much Magic crystals left within the cave. In their haste, the bandits simply did not have enough time to take everything away. After all, not everyone possessed spatial-type magic treasures capable of keeping everything quickly.

A gust of wind blew into the cave and Luo Mingdao appeared before them. Seeing the Magic crystals and other cultivation supplies stacked inside the cave, a look of confusion flashed across Luo Mingdao’s face.

“He he, I didn’t think that the sect would give such a nice task. It seems I will have to do more in the future,” Chen Feng said with a smile. However, he was secretly on guard. This was a considerable amount of wealth. As such, it was possible that Luo Mingdao might attack them.

If he chooses to attack, I will have no choice but bring Purplebolt out. However, it will be hard for me to explain myself to the sect, Chen Feng thought.

“I underestimated you two. To think that you fellows are even faster than me. I have a suggestion. We’ll split the loot here equally amongst the three of us. That’s fair, no?” said Luo Mingdao with a smile after a moment of silence.

“No problem. However, wouldn’t we be taking advantage of you by doing so?” said Chen Feng with a smile of his own as he gave a secret sigh of relief.

Truth be told, Luo Mingdao had indeed considered killing the two of them after seeing the amount of wealth within the cave. By killing both Chen Feng and Lu Ta, all the valuables inside would belong to him. However, after a quick consideration, he chose to discard the idea.

Firstly, Chen Feng was not to be underestimated. He possessed a Prized artefact as a means of self defence. If they were to get into a fight, Luo Mingdao had no guarantees that he could kill off Chen Feng.

Secondly, Chen Feng was someone that Sage Moonbow recommended. Sage Moonbow would certainly come looking for him if Chen Feng ended up dying here. His present cultivation base was insufficient to make an enemy of a Sky Human stage cultivator.

Most importantly, the amount of wealth inside the cave was insufficient to absolutely necessitate him killing the two of them. If there was a Sacred artefact inside the cave, Luo Mingdao would surely do it, even if it meant risking his life. 

“There are around 50 million Magic crystals here. Tsk, tsk. Who knows how many years these bandits had spent accumulating all these valuables? I didn’t think that this trip could net such a harvest,” Luo Mingdao said, his heart stirring.

“Yes. It is only thanks to Senior Brother Luo bringing us together. How about this? Senior Brother Luo gets 20 million Magic crystals while each of us takes 15 million Magic crystals,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

Luo Mingdao secretly praised Chen Feng for his tact. He did not argue against that. Thus, he began collecting the Magic crystals. It was not a small amount and normal spatial pouches were simply incapable of collecting them. However, Luo Mingdao possessed a flying shuttle, allowing him to store all those Magic crystals inside the shuttle.

Luo Mingdao was also secretly observing Chen Feng. He wanted to see how Chen Feng deal with the Magic crystals.

Seeing Luo Mingdao collect the Magic crystals, Chen Feng did not hold back. With a wave of his hand, he created a potent spatial power. Next, the Magic crystals inside the cave rapidly disappeared. In but a few breaths’ worth of time, 30 million Magic crystals had disappeared. Naturally, all those Magic crystals were piled up within the Longevity Tower. Luo Mingdao, who was standing beside him, revealed a look of shock. He did not expect Chen Feng to possess such a powerful magic treasure.

This fellow is truly not to be underestimated. The storage-type magic treasure he possesses must surely be of a high grade. Thankfully, I did not choose to attack earlier. Luo Mingdao considered.

After they were done collecting all the Magic crystals, the three of them made an inventory of the other items inside the cave. With the disappearance of the mountain-like pile of Magic crystals, the cave turned spacious and the other items appeared small in number. They were none other than ores, medicinal herbs, metals, weapons, etc. Naturally, all of them were ordinary items. They all understood that all the good items had been taken by the bandits. The others had been taken away by the fleeing bandits earlier. Those items were now in their possessions. Naturally, they would not be as foolish as to bring out the spatial pouches to check what items were inside. It would simply remain a known fact for them.

“Again, we’ll split them equally.” Luo Mingdao laughed.

The three of them moved quickly and it did not take long for the entire cave to become empty. After exiting the cave, the three of them circled around to inspect the other mountains. Only after confirming that there were no other valuables there did they leave. 

“The harvest this time around is considerable. The large number of Magic crystals is enough to last me for quite some time.” Luo Mingdao was quite happy. He was very satisfied with this time’s task.

“Senior Brother Luo is close to cultivating up to the Sky Human stage, right? With so much Magic crystals, it should surely be a cinch, right?” said Chen Feng, who deliberately put on a casual look.

“It’s not that simple. Having a lot of Magic crystals alone does not mean you can increase your cultivation base. Magic crystals are indeed a good cultivation material for Concealed stage cultivators. However, in the Sky Human stage, Magic crystals become less useful,” Luo Mingdao said.

“The grade is not high enough,” Chen Feng said.

“Correct. The grade is not high enough. In order to reach the Sky Human stage, spiritual energy or spirit stones of a higher grade is required. For example, Enigma crystals, Jade crystals and other high-grade items. With those items, you will have a higher chance of success when undergoing Lightning Tribulation to reach the Sky Human stage,” Luo Mingdao said with a smile.

“Still, this much Magic crystals is enough to buy many useful items for me,” Luo Mingdao then continued.

“Senior Brother Luo, this is not the way back to the sect. Are you actually planning on going to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain? That place is very far away,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“Of course. Didn’t I tell you two right from the start? Since we’ve come out, we’ll need to play around for a bit. Don’t worry. Once we return to the sect, you two will become inner disciples. Junior Brother Chen, given your strength, it will not be an issue for you to be promoted to heir disciple, if you want to,” Luo Mingdao said.

“He he, I will think about it after my cultivation base has gone up. My cultivation path is always following a steady pace,” replied Chen Feng with a chuckle.

This time, their destination was much farther away. Even though Luo Mingdao possessed a flying shuttle, the trip would take them more than 10 days. After just two days, the three of them grew impatient. Thus, they found a large city with a teleportation array, which they used for their trip.

Besides, the Magic crystals on them were items they seized from the bandits. Spending those money didn’t sadden them.

“Finally, we’re here. There truly are a lot of cultivators here. It seems they all plan on heading to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain as well.” Noticing the ever-increasing number of cultivators along the way, a lazy smile once again spread across Luo Mingdao’s face.

“We’re finally here again. Using the teleportation array, a distance of hundreds of thousands of li cannot even be considered far,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

1 li = 0.5 km

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