Chapter 204: Soul Blade


A ten-metre-long astral blade slashed towards Chen Feng, who was still up in the air. The astral blade carved out two air waves into its surroundings as it charged forward.

“Eh?” Chen Feng blurted out in surprise. He did not expect such a formidable character to appear so quickly.

The muscular man, over two metres in height, was surprisingly at level 7 of the Concealed stage. The waves of primary energy emanating from him churned without respite with an atmosphere of might. Additionally, the fierce determination within the aura he radiated when he unleashed his attack was even stronger compared to the disciples from some immortal dao sects.

Despite his might, Chen Feng did not display any fear towards him. The blood-coloured lance in his hand swiftly shot out to shatter the sharp astral blade into smithereens. Bloody Soul’s tip then continued shooting towards the muscular man.


Seeing Chen Feng’s mighty attack coming his way, the muscular man knew that he would not be able to dodge the attack. Roaring out, he then brought his scimitar up to defend himself.


The scimitar was shattered and the blood-coloured lance stabbed into the muscular man’s body. Next, a potent suction force appeared within the muscular man’s body. In just an instant, Bloody Soul had sucked away all of the muscular man’s blood.

“I am utilizing this method to kill you bunch of bloodthirsty killers. I suppose this is a form of retribution,” said Chen Feng as he observed the shrivelled-up corpse of his opponent.

The instant Chen Feng stepped foot on the ground, he felt his vision turning dark as a magic treasure the size of a small mountain descended upon him. The suffocating pressure from the daunting attack converged upon him, making it impossible for him to dodge the attack.

“Bring it!” Chen Feng shouted. Flexing his shoulders, his entire spine stood straight and Bloody Soul transformed into a straight line as it charged into the sky.


A loud booming sound reverberated outwards and the small mountain rushing down from the sky was pulverized by Chen Feng’s lance stab. However, the fragments of the small mountain quickly came together, transforming into a square-shaped seal before landing on a thin, middle-aged man’s palm.

Chen Feng had never seen such a thin person. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was nothing more than a layer of skin pulled over a set of bones. Bones protruded out from various points of his body and his pair of eyes shone brightly.

“That is practically a living corpse.” Seeing the light shining off his opponent’s eyes, Chen Feng grew shocked. He quickly sent a secret vocal transmission to Lu Ta, telling him not to stray away from his position. Chen Feng sensed that this matter was beyond his expectations. There was clearly a high number of experts here.

The muscular man that Chen Feng had just killed off was a level 7 Concealed stage cultivator. As for the withered-looking fellow with the square-shaped seal, he was a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator. He was someone who had formed his domain power. This opponent’s cultivation base was several levels higher than Chen Feng. If it were not for the Prized artefact in Chen Feng’s hand, that attack earlier would have flattened him.

Thankfully, the square-shaped seal in his hand is not a Prized artefact. Otherwise, we would be in dire straits. I wonder where Luo Mingdao went to. Does he not care about our safety? Chen Feng thought.

“Junior Brother Chen, hold on for a while. When I have dealt with the other bandits, I will come help you two.” Suddenly, Luo Mingdao’s voice flowed towards Chen Feng’s ears from an unknown location.

“There are so many bandits here. By the time you are done killing them, we may have died a hundred times over.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from muttering. At the same time, he prayed for no other experts to appear, else he would have to drag Lu Ta with him as he escaped.

“Who are you fellows? Why are you creating trouble in our Bloody Whirlwind’s site?” The withered-looking, middle-aged man did not attack further. Instead, he stared at Chen Feng and questioned him. The man’s eyes stared at the blood-coloured lance in Chen Feng’s hand and a hint of fear flashed across his face.

“We are here to take revenge,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Revenge? How did our Bloody Whirlwind offend you?” The square-shaped seal in the withered-looking, middle-aged man’s hand began shining with a faint-golden light. Next, it shot into the sky, where it expanded before descending upon Chen Feng once again.

The fellow’s actions of talking to Chen Feng was actually to buy time. As his magic treasure had recovered, he unleashed his attack once again. 

“The same move? I will just have to break it again,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. Bloody Soul, which had absorbed its victim’s blood earlier, roared out as it stabbed towards the mountain-like seal coming down on Chen Feng once more.

When the blood-coloured lance collided against the massive seal, countless poison needles shot towards Chen Feng and Lu Ta from all around them. Simultaneously, tens of chains and nets shot towards Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen!” Lu Ta was somewhat fearful.

“Don’t worry. It’s just a minor trick,” Chen Feng replied with a sneer. The various insight acupoints he opened up began churning and an overpowering force roiled within him. His Tristar Crown trembled continuously, giving him an even greater level of clarity and faster reaction time. The Four Extreme acupoints surged as well and the four directions, East, South, West, North, all fell within Chen Feng’s grasp.


The battle was joined.

On the other side, Luo Mingdao was not having an easy time either. After blasting apart numerous buildings and killing off countless bandits, a group of experts finally surrounded him.

There were some amongst the experts who were on the same level as Luo Mingdao. He’d had to bring out a Prized-tier sword as the flying shuttle alone was incapable of helping him hold his own against their siege.

“Searstream Truefire. So, he is a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect,” shouted one of the experts besieging Luo Mingdao. This person was a bald, muscular man.

“That is right! I have received the order from my sect to destroy you evildoers, Bloody Whirlwind!” Luo Mingdao said grimly. He directed his flying shuttle to keep unleashing one attack after another. Even though each of his attacks was both fast and fierce, he was incapable of extricating himself.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Extreme Celestial Sect is a bigshot all right! We loose cultivators are certainly incapable of offending Extreme Celestial Sect. However, we are not the kind of people that nobodies can kill off. I doubt the number of people you brought over today is enough. Since you’ve entered out Bloody Whirlwind’s site, you can forget about leaving!” the bald man said, laughing loudly.

“Fellow brothers, kill him and we will be able to obtain the cultivation methods from Extreme Celestial Sect! Not to mention, the two Prized artefacts on this fellow is quite good.”

“Kill him and loot him!”

The ferocious bandits grew even wilder. They shouted as they unleashed a series of violent attacks which inundated Luo Mingdao.

“Golden Enigma Slash!”

The besieged Luo Mingdao bellowed and the sword in his hand abruptly erupted with a dazzling, gold-coloured sword energy. It was one of Extreme Celestial Sect’s techniques, the Golden Enigma Slash. The extraordinary power of this technique could split mountains and separate rivers.


Another booming sound rang out as the massive seal was shattered once again by the lance attack from Chen Feng. This time, however, the seal did not reform itself. Instead, the fragments scattered all around the place. Blood energy swirled around Chen Feng, forming layer upon layer of astral energy, which spun around him. Countless poison needles could be seen on the surface of the astral shield.


The withered-looking, middle-aged man was pierced by Chen Feng’s lance. Next, his already miniscule amount of blood was utterly sucked away.

Shrivelled-up corpses littered the ground around Chen Feng. The various damaged nets that Chen Feng destroyed and poison needles could also be seen there.

“There is one more.” Both of Chen Feng’s foot sent a pulse down the ground. Next, a wretched cry rang out from tens of zhang away. A force had shot up from the ground to blast a bandit out from hiding.  

Chen Feng surveyed the area and saw that those hiding in ambush had all been killed. After that, he said, “Let’s go!”

“Do we go help Luo Mingdao?” Lu Ta asked.

“No. This fellow brought us to such a dangerous place. We could have been killed. Why bother with him? Let’s go find the good place,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“The good place? Do you mean-” Lu Ta was already able to guess what Chen Feng meant.

“He he, this is the lair of a bandit group known throughout Rakshasa Kingdom. Other than bandits, what else could there be inside a bandits’ lair? Naturally, it’s loot,” Chen Feng said, an insidious smile forming on his face.

“This is just a task to get promoted to the inner disciple rank. However, we cannot just let this opportunity slip by. If Luo Mingdao manages to get ahead of us, we won’t get anything,” Chen Feng said.

Although there was quite a number of mountains there, it was very simple for someone at Chen Feng’s level to figure out where to go. He merely needed some time. 

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The battle between Luo Mingdao and the bandits was growing even fiercer. The attacks exchanged between the two sides had flattened buildings and even some of the smaller mountains.

“What a high-level battle!” Lu Ta was shocked.

“Ignore him. He is someone on the verge of reaching the Sky Human stage. He is very strong.” Both Chen Feng and Lu Ta did not stop. Instead, they continued forward. On their way forward, they did encounter some small fries. However, Chen Feng dealt with them by simply waving his hand.

Luo Mingdao was in the midst of fighting when his eyes suddenly flashed. He shouted, “I miscalculated! I didn’t think the two of them could be so strong. This won’t do. I have to quickly finish off these fellows. Otherwise, they will take away all the good stuff.”

After saying that, the aura Luo Mingdao was radiating rose by a notch. A transparent blade shot out from his glabella. The blade was not even one chi long. However, the instant it appeared, the surrounding atmosphere of violence was cut and the wild energy streams raging around them immediately turned calm.

“Not good! That is a Soul Blade! Run!” one of the bandits screamed out in horror.

However, before he could even turn around, his entire body was split into two. Next, the Soul Blade turned and split another bandit from the waist down.

“Damn it! This guy’s Soul Blade is already tangible. He is already on the verge of breaking through to the Sky Human stage. We won’t be able to run! Everyone, use Blood Profound Magic and go all out against him!” shouted a fiercely agile bandit. Next, he furiously slapped his own body, causing an arrow of blood to spurt out from his mouth. The arrow of blood hovered in the air.

“Let’s do it!”

Another bandit stabbed himself with a sword and blood rushed out from the hole on his body before spreading out to form strange-looking symbols in the air.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Looks of savagery appeared on the other bandits’ faces and they began letting their blood out. Those were all the blood essence that they had been cultivating throughout the years. Once their blood sprayed out, a thick wave of blood energy rushed high up into the firmament and a bloodthirsty and violent force spread into their surroundings.

Observing their actions, Luo Mingdao’s face turned grim as well. He channelled all of his magic power, making his Soul Blade more tangible and durable.

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