Chapter 203: Bloody Whirlwind


A bloodthirsty smile appeared on Blood Profound Daoist’s face as he observed the cultivators charging at him. His finger jabbed out in quick succession and bullets of wind – tangible in quality – shot through the air. Bloody holes the size of a finger appeared on each of their heads.

Next, the blood-coloured crystal in Blood Profound Daoist’s hand exerted a suction force and a drop of blood was sucked out from each of the killed cultivators.

The droplets of blood were more than meets the eye. Each of the blood droplets contained all of the cultivator’s blood essence. It had been compressed through some magical means into just one drop.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Finally, the corpses of all those cultivators fell to the ground. Blood Profound Daoist continued forward as he continued unleashing bullets of wind, killing the cultivators there non-stop. Droplets of blood kept flying towards him from every direction before seeping into the blood-coloured crystal in his hand.

“This fellow has gone nuts.” Chen Feng, who was still inside the wine establishment, abruptly got up. Next, his figure disappeared from sight.

His action shocked Luo Mingdao for a moment. Next, Luo Mingdao sent out his own soul power and quickly understood what was going on.

“Bloodsulfur Crystal. So, he really is cultivating a wicked cultivation technique,” Luo Mingdao whispered.

“Come, let’s go check it out as well.” After saying that, Luo Mingdao got up as well.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Blood Profound Daoist continued his killing spree. There was a considerable number of cultivators within the courtyard. However, they were all ordinary cultivators at the Training Body and Energy stage. There wasn’t a single Concealed stage cultivator there. How could characters like them be a match for a fiend like Blood Profound Daoist? Those who had witnessed Blood Profound Daoist’s might began screaming aloud as they ran. The few who continued charging at Blood Profound Daoist were incapable of even putting up a fight before getting killed off, their blood essence sucked out soon after.

Observing the cultivators dying one after another, Blood Profound Daoist’s face remained indifferent. It was as though he was not killing humans, but simply eating rice.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Again, a series of wind bullets shot out. This time, however, Blood Profound Daoist’s face quickly sank as the wind bullets he sent out suddenly curved to shoot back at him.

“What is going on?” Blood Profound Daoist’s face contorted and he sent out more wind bullets to disperse the wind bullets attacking him.

However, a soft gust of wind blew across the wind bullets attacking Blood Profound Daoist and they all grew in might, becoming like sharp swords forged from light. All of the bullets struck Blood Profound Daoist’s body.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Several bloody holes appeared on Blood Profound Daoist’s body and blood flowed out profusely from the wounds.

“Who is it?” Blood Profound Daoist shouted aloud, both his hands moving about furiously and the blood flowing out from his body rapidly condensed to form a shield of blood before his body. 


However, the shield of blood had only just appeared when it suddenly exploded. Next, Blood Profound Daoist felt as though his hand had become lighter. The blood-coloured crystal in his hand had disappeared.

“Blood Flight Magic!”

Blood Profound Daoist was quick to react. Realizing that the situation was not looking good for him, he did not bother finding out who it was. Instead, he quickly unleashed his secret technique to escape.

Unfortunately, before he could properly channel the secret technique, he felt his body growing taut as a potent force restrained his body. He struggled and found that he was incapable of moving in the slightest.

“What is this? You are still relying on this skill to escape?” Chen Feng snickered as he came to stand before Blood Profound Daoist.

Next, both Lu Ta and Luo Mingdao appeared beside Chen Feng. Although many things had happened just now, they all happened in the span of an instant.

“You!” Blood Profound Daoist finally recognized Chen Feng.

“How is this possible? How could you become so powerful?” Blood Profound Daoist shouted.

In the past, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was inferior compared to Blood Profound Daoist. Even when Chen Feng was utilizing a Prized artefact, Blood Profound Daoist had been able to escape. And yet, the present Chen Feng only needed to perform some minor actions to easily capture Blood Profound Daoist. He couldn’t even put up a fight. The gap between them gave Blood Profound Daoist a desire to puke blood.

“You’re the powerful one. Back then, you were so seriously wounded. Yet, you managed to recover and even break through by one level. It seems you have come across a fortuitous encounter as well,” Chen Feng said with a smile as he looked at Blood Profound Daoist.

“Originally, I had no thoughts of getting involved with you. However, you are using this kind of method to cultivate? Isn’t this a little too cruel?” Chen Feng continued.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! They are just ordinary humans. I will kill however many I want. Could it be you’ve never killed anyone before? Stop poking into other people’s business!” Blood Profound Daoist sneered at Chen Feng.

“I wouldn’t have cared if the ones you are killing are people at around the same level as you. However, seeing you kill these defenceless people, I cannot just stand by and do nothing. Since you are fine with bullying others, surely you don’t mind me bullying you.” Chen Feng sneered back.

Hearing Chen Feng’s retort, Blood Profound Daoist was at a loss for words. He had already made it clear that he was here to bully him. No matter how much Blood Profound Daoist shouted, it would be pointless.

“What is this?” asked Chen Feng as he looked at the blood-coloured crystal in his hand. Chen Feng sensed that the small crystal contained a large amount of blood. However, the blood within also contained a peculiar power.


Hearing Chen Feng’s question, Blood Profound Daoist simply gave a harrumph.

“That is a Bloodsulfur Crystal. It is a unique spirit stone and there are some magic seals engraved into it. It is capable of converting acquired blood into innate blood. He must be cultivating the Demonic Netherblood Formula. However, he has only cultivated a minor speck of the technique,” Luo Mingdao slowly said.

“Bloodsulfur Crystal, Netherblood Formula.” Chen Feng nodded his head before looking back at Blood Profound Daoist as he considered what to do with him.

“Just kill him. He’ll become a scourge to others if left alive,” said Lu Ta, who was beside Chen Feng.

Blood Profound Daoist’s face immediately sank. He wanted to beg for mercy, but was incapable of forcing out the words.

“Where’s the lair of Bloody Whirlwind?” Luo Mingdao suddenly asked.

“What?” Blood Profound Daoist’s face instantly contorted, but he quickly recollected himself.

“What Bloody Whirlwind? I don’t know anything about that.”

“He he, is there anyone within Rakshasa Kingdom who doesn’t know about Bloody Whirlwind? This expression of yours is only confirming my guess.” Luo Mingdao laughed out.

“You mean, this fellow is one of the bandits?” asked Chen Feng, who pointed at the immobile Blood Profound Daoist.

“Originally, it was just a speculation. But now, it seems my speculation is correct. I can already see the mark on his body.” After saying that, Luo Mingdao made a grasping motion to tear off part of Blood Profound Daoist’s clothes. Embroidered on the surface of the torn patch was a blood-red whirlwind. 

“It seems these bandits are very arrogant,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“However, this will help save us some time.”

“Out with it, where is your lair?” asked a smiling Luo Mingdao.

“Just kill me.” Blood Profound Daoist was stubborn.

“Why bother? Allow me.” After saying that, Chen Feng sent his soul power into Blood Profound Daoist’s head. He searched around for a bit before quickly coming back out.

Blood Profound Daoist’s eyes revealed terror. Earlier, he could clearly feel Chen Feng probe through his sea of wisdom.

“I found it,” Chen Feng said.

“Then, he is of no value anymore.” After saying that, Luo Mingdao flicked his finger and a bloody hole appeared on Blood Profound Daoist’s forehead. His corpse fell to the ground, his pair of eyes wide open.

Blood Profound Daoist spent his whole life killing countless ordinary humans and favoured this exact method of killing. Unexpectedly, he would end up dying to this exact method. Truly, this was his retribution.

Next, Chen Feng’s group of three spent another two days touring the little town before finally heading towards Bloody Whirlwind’s lair.

Chen Feng had already gone over Blood Profound Daoist’s sea of wisdom. Naturally, he also found out about Blood Profound Daoist’s cultivation technique. However, as Blood Profound Daoist had only cultivated a small fraction of the cultivation technique, the technique he had was a very low-level one. Thus, Chen Feng did not view it highly. He had simply given it a perfunctory glance before filtering that part away.

After moving out of the little town, the three of them got on Luo Mingdao’s Shadowless Skysoar Earthslip Shuttle again. In less than half a day’s time, the three of them arrived above a savage-looking mountain range. Thick waves of blood energy kept rising up from the mountain range into the sky, causing the entire sky to turn blood-red in colour.

“What a thick amount of blood energy! It seems these bandits have killed quite a lot of people,” Chen Feng said with a frown.

“I should have come earlier. These people are even more wicked compared to some demonic cultivators.” After saying that, Luo Mingdao controlled his flying shuttle to descend upon the mountain range.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Luo Mingdao channelled his magic power and the Prized artefact’s magic arrays began running. A massive luminescent blade shot out from the flying shuttle, blasting down at one of the mountaintops beneath.


It was as though Sky Lightning had descended. The mountaintop was instantly cracked open by the astral blade. The few buildings on the mountaintop were also cracked apart by the blast. Some odd-looking cultivators shouted as they exited the buildings.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

While screaming, they brought out various magic treasures and began attacking the flying shuttle in the sky.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four astral blades shot out in quick succession from the flying shuttle, blasting several more buildings into pieces, killing several of the bandits as it did.

“All right, it is time for us to attack. You two are to kill off all the bandits in this area. There is no need to go soft on them. The number of people they’ve killed far exceeds us.” After saying that, Luo Mingdao jumped out from the flying shuttle. Chen Feng and Lu Ta exchanged glances before quickly flying out as well.


The flying shuttle rapidly shrank until it was only one chi long. Next, it shot forward, becoming a black line in the air. Wherever the black line went, be it the flying treasures in the sky or the buildings on the ground, or even the fleeing bandits, all would be smashed to pieces.

“Incredible! This Senior Brother Luo who is always smiling is so vicious in his attacks. He is actually using that Prized artefact to kill off the bandits.” Lu Ta widened his eyes.

“These bandits do deserve to be killed. Besides, this task is required for us to be promoted to inner disciples. Don’t hold back and kill them all,” Chen Feng said, pulling out Bloody Soul.

“We have to kill quite a number of people today. It seems Bloody Soul will be absorbing a lot of blood energy,” said Chen Feng, who brandished Bloody Soul in his hand a few times to stab two flying swords, reducing them into pieces.

After that, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to grab another flying sword. It was a grade 3 flying sword. He might be able to exchange it with something in the future.

“Where did these bastards come from? They dare attack our Bloody Whirlwind’s site?! Are they bored of living?” Following a loud roar, experts finally stepped forward. A muscular man, over two metres tall, brandished a blood-coloured scimitar as he attacked Chen Feng, who was hovering in the middle of the air.

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