Chapter 202: Luo Mingdao


Next, Chen Feng came to know that the lackadaisical-looking youngster’s name was Luo Mingdao. He was an elite disciple at level 9 of the Concealed stage. Should he reach the perfect sea of wisdom realm, the final phase of the Concealed stage, he could break through to the Sky Human stage and become a core disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect.

As Chen Feng and Lu Ta were outer disciples, someone like Luo Mingdao was something of a major character compared to them. However, Luo Mingdao showed an enthusiastic behaviour when facing them. Naturally, this was due to Bai Ziyan.

Chen Feng understood that well.

“Senior Brother Luo, what is the task that we will be doing?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“It’s very simple. We’ll head to Rakshasa Kingdom to kill off some bandits,” Luo Mingdao replied with a chuckle.

“Some minor bandits require someone like Senior Brother Luo?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“Naturally, these are no ordinary bandits. These bandits comprise of cultivators at the Concealed stage. Some of their leaders are very strong,” Luo Mingdao replied with a smile.

Rakshasa Kingdom was a small kingdom located 100,000 li away from Extreme Celestial Sect, but was within Extreme Celestial Sect’s jurisdiction. Chen Feng had assumed that they would be going to a teleportation array for the trip. Unexpectedly, Senior Brother Luo brought out a flying-type magic treasure (1 li = 0.5 km).

It was a Shadowless Skysoar Earthslip Shuttle, a Prized-tier artefact. The shuttle was around tens of metres long.

Observing the shuttle hovering above their heads, Chen Feng grew surprised. He did not expect Senior Brother Luo to have such a flying-type magic treasure.

“This is a reward I obtained after completing one of the sect’s tasks,” Luo Mingdao said nonchalantly.

“A reward from the sect?” Chen Feng was slightly shocked. He did not expect the sect to be so generous.

“Hehe, if your contributions are high enough, you can even get a Sacred artefact. However, disciples at our level can forget about it.” Luo Mingdao laughed out.

Since they have a flying-type magic treasure, there was no need for them to head to a teleportation array. The flying speed of the magic treasure was far superior compared to the rate at which Chen Feng can fly using his sword. With enough magic power, the shuttle can traverse up to 100,000 li in just one day.

Chen Feng, Lu Ta and Luo Mingdao sat inside the magic treasure. Observing the outside scenery, the three of them began chatting to relieve themselves of boredom. Time passed quickly and they arrived at Rakshasa Kingdom in just three days. During that time, Chen Feng and Lu Ta had also asked Luo Mingdao for some cultivation pointers.

Unexpectedly, Luo Mingdao was very liberal in that regard. No matter what questions Chen Feng had, he would answer them seriously even when those questions pertain to high-level cultivation techniques from Extreme Celestial Sect. Thanks to Luo Mingdao, both Chen Feng and Lu Ta were able to benefit considerably from the trip. The two of them were new to the world of cultivation when compared to Luo Mingdao, after all.

Chen Feng and Lu Ta were thus unable to stop themselves from having a good impression of Luo Mingdao.

“He he he, when your cultivation base has risen to a sufficient level, you will surely be able to cultivate these cultivation techniques. The sect is quite generous in this regard.” Luo Mingdao laughed.

Stopping in mid-air, Luo Mingdao kept his Shadowless Skysoar Earthslip Shuttle and the three of them rode their flying swords through the sky. From afar, they looked like ordinary Concealed stage cultivators. For the ordinary humans below, however, they were god-like beings with extraordinary abilities.

Luo Mingdao led both Chen Feng and Lu Ta and they flew onwards about half a day. Finally, Chen Feng could not help himself but ask.

“Does Senior Brother Luo know where the bandits are?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“Nope.” Luo Mingdao shook his head.

Chen Feng’s face immediately sank. He had assumed that they merely had to follow Luo Mingdao, head to the bandits’ location, kill them off and return to the sect to successfully be promoted to inner disciples. However, Luo Mingdao did not know the bandits’ location. Although Rakshasa Kingdom was not as big as an empire, it was still a kingdom. The area it covered was considerable. Finding the lair of a bandit group in a kingdom would be quite difficult.

“There should be some disciples from our Extreme Celestial Sect here. Why don’t we find them and ask them?” Chen Feng suggested.

“No hurry. I was recently tasked with assessing inner disciples. This is quite the boring task. I also have not left Extreme Celestial Mountain for quite some time now. We can take this opportunity to do some sightseeing. After dealing with the bandits here, we’ll go to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and have a look. I hear that many sects have successfully sent their disciples in. However, none have yet to emerge,” said Luo Mingdao, the same lazy smile on his face.

Hearing that, Chen Feng and Lu Ta’s faces fell even further. It was not that Luo Mingdao could not find where the bandits were. Rather, he just wanted to go sightseeing. Taking the two of them out with him was just an excuse.

“Isn’t it good to cultivate inside the sect? The conditions outside is not so conducive for cultivation,” Lu Ta said with a smile.

“We are the young. We must never follow those antiquated fogies who only know how to seclude themselves for cultivation. If we just focus on cultivation and neglect going out to experience the world, we will end up cultivating ourselves into a state of stupidity. Besides, it’s a big world. Before our lifespan ends, we should take the opportunity to travel as much as possible and enjoy the sights. Who knows? We might end up coming across immortal serendipity,” Luo Mingdao said with a smile.

“Immortal serendipity. He he, no wonder Senior Brother Luo wants to head to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.” Chen Feng laughed.

“All right. There is a city down below. Let’s have a walk there and experience the lives of ordinary folk that we have not experienced in a long time,” said Luo Mingdao as he pointed below.

There was a small town beneath them. It was around the same size as Black Origin City. It had a considerable population size and many tall buildings, tens of zhang in height. Even so, it could only be considered an inconspicuous little town within Eternal World (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

After entering the little town, Chen Feng felt as though he had returned to Black Origin City. Most of the people there were only normal cultivators at the Training Body and Energy stage. Chen Feng sent out a strand of his soul power. After checking several streets in a row, he found that there was not a single Concealed stage cultivator.

“Eh?” Luo Mingdao cast a curious gaze at Chen Feng.

“Junior Brother Chen, considering how strong your soul power is, I believe you can directly be promoted to heir disciple. Why bother staying at the inner disciple level? You should know, only by becoming heir disciples can you truly get to cultivate the sect’s high-level cultivation techniques.” Clearly, Luo Mingdao had seen through Chen Feng’s cultivation state.

“I just want a more stable foundation. I am presently at only level 3 of the Concealed stage. I will be at a disadvantage if I join the ranks of the heir disciples now,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Ha ha ha, Junior Brother Chen, you jest. With Sage Moonbow backing you, the heir disciples wouldn’t dare offend you.” Luo Mingdao laughed.

“Tanghulu candies! We have both sweet and sour tanghulu candies!”

“Selling rice cakes. These are fresh out from the oven!”

“A new batch of high-quality swords just came in. Capable of cutting iron as if cutting mud! A falling hair would cut itself upon its edge! Fair price! It is suitable for all cultivators beneath Concealed stage!”

Hearing the voices shouting out one after another, Chen Feng felt the atmosphere around him changing and an inexplicable sensation surged into his heart. Since stepping into the Concealed stage, Chen Feng had gradually grown separated from this ordinary lifestyle. As he walked amongst the ordinary humans, he felt some emotions growing within him. He had lived such a lifestyle for over 10 years, after all.

“Come, let’s go get some wine.” Without waiting for Chen Feng and Lu Ta’s agreement, Luo Mingdao headed straight towards a decent-looking wine establishment.

Chen Feng looked at the ordinary wine laid out before them before turning his attention towards Luo Mingdao, who drank them as though they were delicious wine. Chen Feng could not help but grow curious. Perhaps this senior brother was someone with a story of his own.

“Sigh! Every time I see wine, I cannot help but recall that incident.” Lu Ta raised a cup of wine, turning it as he revealed a look of regret.

“What is it?” Luo Mingdao, who sat beside him, asked curiously.

“In the past, we encountered a man in cyan clothes. He had with him a jug of wine. One cup of that wine could increase a person’s cultivation base by 100 years,” said Lu Ta, shaking his head.

“When you put it that way, it must be immortal wine.” Luo Mingdao laughed.

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling. However, he was quickly attracted by a certain someone on the ground below.

“Why is he here?” Chen Feng said in a hushed tone.

“Who?” Lu Ta noticed the abnormal expression on Chen Feng’s face.

“Look at the street below.” Chen Feng turned his gaze down again.

A sallow-skinned Daoist leisurely walked through the street. There was a glint of bloodiness within his calm eyes.

“It’s Blood Profound Daoist!” Lu Ta was somewhat surprised.

“Yes, it is none other than Blood Profound Daoist. Back then, he was injured and had to flee. Now though, not only has he recovered, his cultivation base has also improved by another level. I wonder why he appeared here.” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

Hearing the conversation between Chen Feng and Lu Ta, Luo Mingdao turned his attention towards Blood Profound Daoist, who was making his way through the street.

“Although this fellow’s cultivation base is nothing great, the aura within his body is very wicked. He must be cultivating a secret type of wicked technique.” One glance was all it took for Luo Mingdao to see through Blood Profound Daoist’s cultivation state.

“I’ll follow him and see what he is up to.” Despite saying that, Chen Feng did not move from his seat. Instead, he released a strand of his soul power and placed it upon Blood Profound Daoist’s body.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of cultivation, there was no way Blood Profound Daoist could notice his actions.

Blood Profound Daoist continued onwards into the centre of the city. When he arrived at the entrance to a massive courtyard, he stopped. Looking left and right, he then flew into the courtyard. Unknown to him, his actions were all laid bare before Chen Feng’s eyes.

“What is this bloodthirsty fellow planning? Why is he being so sneaky?” blurted a puzzled Chen Feng. With a thought, the strand of soul power he placed upon Blood Profound Daoist doubled in strength.

There were many ordinary cultivators moving back and forth inside the massive courtyard. It would appear that the courtyard was the headquarters for a sect. Blood Profound Daoist’s action of flying into the courtyard was immediately noticed by the cultivators inside.

“Who are you? Why did you enter our Flying Fish Faction?” one of the cultivators stepped forward and shouted. The cultivator was only at the 3rd layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Naturally, he did not know just how powerful this sallow-skinned Daoist standing before him was.

Emotionlessly, Blood Profound Daoist extended one finger and jabbed lightly. With a “pu” sound, a bloody hole appeared on the cultivator’s forehead.

Next, Blood Profound Daoist brought out a piece of blood-coloured crystal and the dead cultivator’s body began trembling. It was as though a powerful force was pushing against his corpse from all directions.

Soon, a drop of blood – the size of a raindrop – flew out from the bloody hole on the corpse’s forehead before flowing into Blood Profound Daoist’s blood-coloured crystal.

“Murder! Enemy attack!”

“Fifth Junior Brother was killed!”

“Who are you? You dare act wantonly within our Flying Fish Faction?! Everyone, attack! Capture him!”

The incident attracted the notice of the other cultivators within the courtyard. Seeing the cultivator killed, everyone shouted. Some wielded weapons as they attacked Blood Profound Daoist.

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