Chapter 201: One Against Three


Liu Huo furiously channelled his fire-type primary energy, causing it to charge forward like a great river as it entered Chen Feng’s body through his meridians.

Feeling his fire-type primary energy entering unimpeded, Liu Huo revealed a triumphant smile and he waited for his fire-type primary energy to seriously wound Chen Feng. 

After one breath’s worth of time, however, Liu Huo’s face sank. His primary energy continued flowing into Chen Feng’s body, but there was no reaction from Chen Feng at all. Instead, Chen Feng continued smiling at him. It was as though the two of them were simply old friends who were shaking hands.

Not good! The thought roared within Liu Huo’s mind and he attempted to retract his palm only to find an overpowering suction force acting on his palm, making it impossible for him to move. Next, the rate at which his fire-type primary energy flowed out increased. This time, the energy was being forced out. 

Concern transformed into dread for Liu Huo. As his primary energy flowed out, Liu Huo could feel his strength dissipating. The thing dissipating was not simply primary energy. Rather, it was the essence of the primary energy that he cultivated. It was his vital essence. If Chen Feng were allowed to continue absorbing the energy away, it would be difficult for him to recover the energy in the future. 

“Help!” Liu Huo struggled to shout.

His companions had been standing by, watching as they assumed that Liu Huo could easily handle Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, Liu Huo suddenly asked for help. Additionally, his voice was both weak and filled with dread.

“What happened?”

“Something is not right, attack!”

The two heir disciples beside Liu Huo finally realized that something was amiss. They rushed forward and attacked Chen Feng, one from the left and the other from the right.

As they were inside the mountain cavern, they did not utilize their flying swords nor did they utilize any powerful techniques. Rather, they limited their battle zone to an area with a small radius. If cultivators at the Concealed stage chose to go all out, they could easily damage the cavern to a serious extent.

One of the disciples stretched out the five fingers on one hand and grabbed towards Chen Feng’s shoulder. Thick sword energy coated the five fingers. It was a grabbing motion that could tear a hole out from even a man made from iron.

The other disciple threw a punch at Chen Feng. Before the fist arrived, Chen Feng could already sense a bone-chilling air blowing towards him.

Chen Feng’s figure swayed lightly and Liu Huo, whose palm was stuck to Chen Feng’s palm, was forced to move along. Liu Huo’s figure ended up blocking the disciple’s grasping attack while Chen Feng used his other hand to throw a quick punch out, smashing directly against the other disciple’s incoming fist.


A banging sound rang out and the two fists became stuck. The heir disciple then felt his ice-type primary energy getting sucked out ceaselessly. He also found that he was incapable of extricating himself.

Chen Feng had entangled two out of the three heir disciples. The final disciple swiftly retracted his fingers. Next, his eyes flashed as his Soulflame transformed into an arrow, which shot towards Chen Feng.

Unexpectedly, the arrow he sent out was blocked by thick ripples, which had appeared before Chen Feng. Next, the ripples transformed into a large vortex and began absorbing the soul power within the Soulflame arrow.

“Who is this guy? How can he be so powerful? He could singlehandedly go against three of them?”

The disciples nearby were observing the battle. Seeing Chen Feng’s prowess, they were shocked to the point of gaping.

They recognized the three heir disciples, but not Chen Feng. He was a new face for them.

“Could he be a newcomer? I have never seen him before. However, he is arrogantly offending Fairbright Club. This is not a wise decision.”

“He he. That is not necessarily true. Maybe he also has a backer. That is why he is not afraid of Fairbright Club.”

“Makes sense. The members of Fairbright Club have been growing increasingly arrogant recently. It’s high time someone gave them a lesson.”

Seeing Chen Feng block off the attacks from three heir disciples without the help of Prized artefacts, Lu Ta, who had arrived, was also stunned. He did not understand how Chen Feng could become so powerful after just a short amount of time. As he was marvelling at Chen Feng’s prowess, he also felt somewhat uncomfortable with his own slow rate of cultivation.

“What kind of demonic art is this?” Liu Huo cried out in dread.

“Oha ha ha ha ha! No matter how you cut it, you fellows are still heir disciples. The three of you ganged up on me and now you say I am practicing demonic art? Doing something like this in front of so many of our fellow brothers and sisters, are you not ashamed?” Chen Feng laughed out.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the spectating Extreme Celestial Sect disciples revealed looks of scorn. They had originally viewed Liu Huo’s team of three heir disciples as exalted senior brothers. To suddenly see them beaten into such a miserable state by an unknown disciple, odd feelings rose within them. Some felt greatly satisfied while a few others with backers openly laughed out as well.

Although Chen Feng appeared relaxed, he was in fact, under a great amount of strain. He had only just begun practicing the Heavengulping Absorption Technique not too long ago. At that moment, he was incapable of using much of its power. Even so, Chen Feng continued to absorb their power. Feeling himself constantly absorbing the three disciples’ energies, a joyous feeling rose from his heart.

“Almost.” After that, Chen Feng’s whole body released a pulse, causing the two disciples connected to his left and right palms to fly backwards. As for the Soulflame arrow, it too was sent flying, nearly dispersing apart in mid-air.



Liu Huo and another disciple coughed out a mouthful of blood each. Of the three, they had been wounded most. As for the other disciple, his face had turned pale to the extreme while layers of frost began forming upon his face.

“If not for the fact that we are disciples from the same sect, I would have killed you all due to the fact that you utilized Soulflame in your attacks earlier. However, we are fellow sect disciples. Thus, I will not be killing you all today. You should feel fortunate,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Just who are you? Why would you attack us for no reason?” Liu Huo shouted.

Liu Huo’s essence energy had suffered a setback from their confrontation, causing him to fly into a rage. Despite knowing how powerful Chen Feng was, he could not stop himself from shouting at Chen Feng.

“Not too long ago, you injured my friend and maliciously left fire poison in his body. Surely, you remember that?” Chen Feng said coldly.

Hearing that, Liu Huo’s eyes lit up. He had instantly figured out who Chen Feng was.

“So, you are the one known as Chen Feng. You and that Lu Ta have offended our Fairbright Club. Adding this attack on us, you fellows are in for it. You will find that even death would be a wish come true,” shouted Liu Huo with a vicious tone.

“You injured my friend, so I took 20 years of cultivation from you. If you want revenge, you should go back and tend to your wounds first. If your Fairbright Club wants to come trouble me, then just do it. I will accept it. However, the next time we have to fight, I will not be as kind,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Just you wait!” Liu Huo cast a hateful stare at Chen Feng before leaving in a wretched manner.

“Our problems have gotten bigger,” said Lu Ta as he approached Chen Feng.

“There was no other way,” Chen Feng said coolly. After that, he retrieved some Pure Yang Pills and left them on the counter before walking out of the cavern.

“Where are we going?”

“To take the inner disciple’s promotion assessment,” Chen Feng said.

Watching the two leave, the other disciples inside the cavern began talking amongst themselves. Naturally, they were all discussing Chen Feng.

It did not take long before Chen Feng arrived before a large palace. The palace was 100 metres tall. It was made from unknown materials and the entire building exuded faint fluctuations. Chen Feng, however, understood that the surface of the palace was fully coated with restrictive magic arrays.

The two of them walked directly into the hall. Then, a disciple, looking to be at around 20 years old, walked over.

“What business do you two have here?” There was a somewhat arrogant look on the young cultivator’s face.

One glance was all it took for Chen Feng to see that he had already condensed out his Soulflame. He was at level 7 of the Concealed stage.

“We are here for the inner disciple’s promotion assessment,” Chen Feng said candidly.

Hearing that, the arrogant-looking youngster looked at Chen Feng before turning to look at Lu Ta. Then, he said, “You can take it, but he will have to return and continue cultivating first.”

Chen Feng considered it for a moment. Finally, he took out the recommendation letter that Bai Ziyan gave him. He tossed it to the youngster.

The youngster revealed a puzzled look. After reading the contents of the recommendation letter, the expression on his face swiftly changed. The look of arrogance turned into a smile. Chen Feng could even see a trace of flattery there.

“It turns out Sage Moonbow is the one who recommended you two. Junior brothers, please come this way.” And thus, the arrogant disciple transformed into a smiling disciple. 

So, Bai Ziyan’s title is Sage Moonbow. Tsk tsk, it seems she had gained quite the prestigious position in Extreme Celestial Sect, Chen Feng thought.

The smiling disciple led the two into another hall where Chen Feng saw two middle-aged fellows seated quietly on straw cushions. Their eyes were closed and they regulated their rate of breathing. There was also another youngster there. He sat slovenly on a chair and his whole figure exuded an aura of carefreeness.

“What is it?” Seeing them enter, the carefree youngster spoke up in a casual tone.

“Senior Brother Luo, these two came for the inner disciple’s promotion assessment.” The young disciple who led Chen Feng and Lu Ta in replied respectfully.


Senior Brother Luo turned his gaze and Chen Feng immediately felt a coercive gaze sweeping towards him. What a strong cultivation base!

As expected, after looking at Chen Feng, Senior Brother Luo said, “This youngster can take it.” He ignored Lu Ta.

“Senior Brother Luo, please look at this.” The young disciple hastily stepped forward to hand over Bai Ziyan’s recommendation letter.

“A recommendation letter from Sage Moonbow!” Senior Brother Luo was shocked and his slovenly attitude immediately disappeared.

“What is the relationship between the two of you and Sage Moonbow?” Senior Brother Luo asked in a faint voice.

“Just friends,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“Friends with Sage Moonbow? It seems you two have quite the background.” Senior Brother Luo revealed an ambiguous smile.

After a moment’s consideration, Senior Brother Luo suddenly said, “In order to be promoted to inner disciples, not only is a sufficient amount of cultivation base required. You must also perform some tasks. How about this? It just so happens that I need to go out for a task. You two follow me and help out along the way. You two will become inner disciples once we return.”

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