Chapter 200: Lu Ta Injured


“We’re finally back.” The disciples said emotionally the moment they entered Extreme Celestial Mountain.

They had gone out to work in the mine, expecting it to be a tiresome chore. Unexpectedly, an ‘extremely dangerous’ tag was suddenly added to the task, resulting in the disciples suffering from wounds and a high number of casualties. Those who were able to return alive felt thankful and fortunate. Still, that they could return to the sect so quickly was something of a pleasant surprise for them.

After entering Extreme Celestial Mountain, they all went their separate ways as they returned to their respective mountains. After returning to his mountain, Chen Feng quickly sensed Lu Ta’s aura and his face sank. Swiftly, he flew towards Lu Ta’s courtyard.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

As Chen Feng approached the courtyard, he heard coughing sounds coming from within. Naturally, a cultivator who had reached the Concealed stage would never fall sick. There was only one other possibility, he was injured.


Chen Feng pushed open the doors and saw Lu Ta sitting on a stone bench. His face was red and his tall and muscular body appeared somewhat weak. There was a lethargic look on him as the aura he exuded gave off a flickering quality of instability. Seeing Chen Feng enter, Lu Ta had wanted to speak up when he suddenly began coughing again.

“Don’t talk. Let me have a look.” Chen Feng hurried forward. Pressing his hand down on Lu Ta’s shoulder, he sent a warm and mighty stream of energy into Lu Ta’s body.

Immediately, Chen Feng was able to figure out what was happening within Lu Ta’s body. Sensing the wounds within Lu Ta’s body, Chen Feng’s face sank once more. Flames began burning within his eyes.

“The other fellow is truly malicious.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying that. Next, his palm exerted a suction force, which instantly pulled out strands of yellowish-gold energy streams from Lu Ta’s body. Finally, the strands all melded as one within Chen Feng’s body, where they transformed into a clump of flames. The flames burned slowly.

“You were suffering from fire poison. This fire poison can keep itself hiding within your body as it burns and destroys your inner vitality until you become a wastrel. The one who did this must be far stronger than you. Who is it?” Chen Feng asked grimly.

With the fire poison pulled out from his body, Lu Ta’s complexion improved considerably. He turned to Chen Feng and said with a wry smile, “He is an heir disciple, but I do not know his name. However, I do know he is a member of Fairbright Club. Back then, I had just finished the task assigned by the sect and was on my way home when he stopped me. After just one confrontation, I was injured. I knew that I was suffering from fire poison, but I had no way of forcing it out.”

“Fairbright Club.” Chen Feng nodded. Next, he sent a stream of longevity-type primary energy into Lu Ta’s body. Thanks to the nourishment from Chen Feng’s longevity-type primary energy, the wounds within Lu Ta’s body rapidly healed up.

“Your strength has improved.” Lu Ta was surprised.

“I am now at level 3 of the Concealed stage. I plan on taking the assessment to rank up to inner disciple after returning to the sect. I don’t want to spend more time as an outer disciple anymore,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Before that, however, we must avenge this injustice,” Chen Feng continued, killing intent flashing across his eyes.

With Chen Feng’s assistance, Lu Ta was able to fully recover in three days’ time. Additionally, Chen Feng had also left a stream of longevity-type primary energy within Lu Ta’s body, causing the quality of Lu Ta’s primary energy to slowly transform.

After inquiring around for a few days, Chen Feng and Lu Ta came to a mountaintop that was several hundred zhang tall. The ones living atop the mountain were all inner disciples. Be it the eminence of the mountain, the buildings, the herbs and vegetation there or even the spiritual energy in the air, all of those were at a level that the mountains of outer disciples like Chen Feng could not hope to match (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

When the two of them arrived before a tall and spacious building, Lu Ta brought out his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff and smashed the doors of the courtyard gate.


Wood chips exploded outwards as the hard, wooden doors exploded into pieces.

“Who? Who dares throw a ruckus here?” Two inner disciples quickly rushed out from the courtyard. Even before they were done speaking, tens of sword beams were already shooting out from the courtyard towards Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

Seeing the incoming sword beams, Chen Feng extended his palm to perform a swift, grasping motion. Whenever the sword beams made contact with Chen Feng’s palm, they would dissipate away.

Chen Feng had already opened up the Four Extreme acupoints. The East South West North acupoints were connected to his hands and feet respectively. Thus, Chen Feng could casually deflect attacks of this level.

Sou! Sou!

Two young and highly arrogant-looking cultivators appeared before Chen Feng. They cast ferocious stares at Chen Feng, but stayed their hand. Facing Chen Feng gave them an uncomfortable feeling.

“Kid, it’s you? Your wounds have recovered?”

The two of them recognized Lu Ta and they quickly revealed looks of ridicule.

“So, you found someone to avenge you. However, we are the Fairbright Club! What are you going to do about it? If you offend us, not even cultivating up to the Sky Human stage would do you any good,” one of them said with a sneer.

Chen Feng did not bother expending his energy to talk with the two. Instead, he simply extended both his palms towards the two cultivators.

Seeing Chen Feng make his move, the two inner disciples shouted simultaneously as they channelled all of the energies within their bodies. Their dense energies, one red and one blue, formed energy streams which rotated around them. They did not intend to respond to Chen Feng’s attack with their own attacks. Instead, they chose to go on the defensive.

As the two of them were capable of becoming inner disciples, it meant that their primary energies were quite considerable. The energy streams around them roared to create a somewhat commanding atmosphere around them.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s palms easily arrived before the two cultivators. It was unknown what technique Chen Feng had utilized, but the shield made of primary energy became like air before him and his palm arrived before each of their chests.


Two banging sounds rang out simultaneously. The two inner disciples revealed looks of disbelief as their figures smashed far into the courtyard with a booming sound.

“Let’s go,” Chen Feng said coolly. Then, both Chen Feng and Lu Ta left.

“What happened to those two?” Lu Ta asked apprehensively. Although they were also his enemies, Lu Ta was worried that Chen Feng had killed them. That would cause problems down the road.

“No worries. I just made it so they will have to spend some time bedridden,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Still, that heir disciple who attacked you is not easy to find. Why don’t we test our luck today?” Chen Feng smiled.

This time, they went to a trading zone. It was a place where inner disciples went to trade. Of course, some heir disciples would occasionally go there as well.

“Heh! The treatment for inner disciples is not something that outer disciples can hope to match,” Chen Feng said with a sneer as he observed the disciples flying in and out from the mountain.

“That is only natural. A pity, my present cultivation base is not enough. If I can break through just one more time, I will be able to take the assessment for inner disciple as well,” Lu Ta said with a wry smile. 

“No hurries, just take it easy. We will be moving into the ranks of inner disciples soon enough,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“You are going to take the assessment for inner disciple right now?” Lu Ta was quick to ask.

“Yes. Since I have reached level 3 of the Concealed stage, there shouldn’t be any issues for me to take the assessment. After that, you can come with me and practice within the inner disciples’ zone.” Chen Feng nodded his head. Then, he landed on the flat ground at the top of the mountain. Finding an unoccupied spot, he then sat down.

Next, Chen Feng released his soul power, enveloping the entire mountain with it. With that, he could sense the hundreds of disciples moving about within the mountain.

“I’ll go down and have a look. Maybe my appearance can lure him out.” Lu Ta smiled before moving towards a crowded location.

Chen Feng did not pay the inner disciples any attention. Instead, he inspected the heir disciples who would occasionally appear there. Chen Feng secretly sneered. For the heir disciples to come to a place like this, their level of strength must not be all that. If it were, they would have gone to higher-ranked trading zones.

It seemed Chen Feng was lucky. After only doing that for half a day, he stood up. Slowly, he walked down the mountain.

At a certain location, a few heir disciples were standing before an inner disciple. They wanted to buy a certain metal ore that the inner disciple had put up for sale.

Appearance wise, the two sides had finished their negotiations and one of the heir disciples went off to get more Pure Yang Pills.

Chen Feng gave Lu Ta, who was not far away, a signal before quickly making his way forward. Reaching out with his hand, he grabbed the dark-yellow metal ore.

“I want this ore,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Who are you?” asked one of the heir disciples as he regarded Chen Feng. His face was slightly pale-looking, but Chen Feng could detect a hint of maliciousness within his eyes.

Chen Feng ignored him. Instead, he turned to the inner disciple and said, “How much for this ore?”

“Senior brother, I have already sold this ore,” the inner disciple said with a bitter smile. He was no fool. Naturally, he had realized that Chen Feng was deliberately trying to create trouble.

“No matter, I will double it,” Chen Feng said coolly before keeping the metal ore in his hand.

“Kid, you really are here to create trouble.” The heir disciple was immediately enraged. His name was Liu Huo. He had only just recently risen up to the rank of heir disciple and was just a low-ranking persona amongst the heir disciples. However, he was also a member of Fairbright Club. Although he was not usually an arrogant fellow, he was not someone that the average fellow could casually bully.

In the face of Chen Feng’s provocation, Liu Huo attacked. Fights between the sect’s disciples happened all the time. Moreover, he possessed the backing of Fairbright Club. Furthermore, this young fellow did not look to be some expert.

When Liu Huo attacked, Chen Feng instantly felt a fiery aura rise up from within Liu Huo’s body and he knew he had indeed found the right person.

“Fire Palm!”

A palm, raging with fiery flames, roared towards Chen Feng. The temperature of their surroundings immediately soared and the sound of air getting scorched could be heard.


Chen Feng sent out his own palm to take on the attack. A snapping sound rang out as the two palms became firmly glued together.

Liu Huo immediately revealed a smile as he swiftly channelled his body’s fire-type primary energy to assault Chen Feng. Although his cultivation base was not too high, the fire-type primary energy he cultivated was quite good. He was the one who had left the fire poison within Lu Ta’s body.

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