Chapter 199: Devourer Beast


Not long after getting absorbed into the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng woke up. After waking up, he immediately realized that the energy currents within the Longevity Tower were surging ceaselessly. They slammed each other and roaring sounds kept reverberating throughout the Longevity Tower.

Chen Feng found himself lying on the floor while both Purplebolt and Four Ears were crouched down beside him. There were looks of fear on their faces.


Taking a few deep breaths, Chen Feng slowly sat up. Sensing the wounds on his body, he could not stop himself from revealing a wry smile. The resulting shockwave from the collision alone had left him with such a serious level of injuries. Chen Feng felt incredibly weak compared to those monsters at the Sky Human stage.

As Chen Feng’s mind was connected to the Longevity Tower, he immediately found out what was happening. Tower was engaged in battle against a massive monster within a special zone on the Longevity Tower’s first floor.

The monster was at least hundreds of zhang tall with four thick limbs. Appearance wise, it resembled an ape whose body size had been increased by at least 10,000 times. Purple-gold fur covered its entire body. Two rough fangs could be seen growing out from its bloody mouth while both its eyes were as black as bottomless pits. Black-coloured holes kept appearing all over its body as it continuously devoured its surroundings (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

The massive monster was in the midst of roaring while pummelling the floor non-stop. Its actions caused booming sounds to reverberate within the Longevity Tower. The energy currents within the Longevity Tower were sundered apart and some were devoured by the monster.

Thick chains appeared from who knows where to wrap around the massive monster. However, the monster casually ripped the chains in pieces. The scene resembled an adult ripping apart strands of spider webs that had fallen on his body.


A large stone stele descended from above to smash down the roaring monster. The stone stele was 10 times bigger compared to the one used to suppress Purplebolt in the past and was the size of a small mountain. With a crashing sound, the stone stele smashed directly upon the monster’s head.

The suppressed monster struggled furiously as it released one roar after another, each capable of shaking even Heaven itself. Finally, it managed to straighten its body. Then, it hurled the stone stele away.

Is that the bewitching youngster’s real body? So, this is the Devourer Beast. Isn’t it too powerful? Not even the Longevity Tower can suppress it. Chen Feng felt alarmed.

Originally, Chen Feng had considered getting Purplebolt to go help out. After seeing that, however, he felt that Purplebolt would be easily sent flying if he did.

“Kid, this Devourer Beast’s might has surpassed my expectations. It will likely be very hard to suppress it on the first floor,” Tower suddenly spoke up.

“You mean you want to go to the second floor?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

At that moment, the Devourer Beast was still bellowing about as its four thick limbs pummelled the floor of the tower. It wanted to smash an opening to escape.

“This is the only option left. Although I can only utilize a portion of the second floor’s powers, I am still Longevity Tower’s artefact spirit. Longevity Tower is me. While I may not be able to kill off this demonic beast, I will be able to suppress it for now.” After that, Chen Feng felt the tower shudder. Next, the bellowing Devourer Beast disappeared. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that the Devourer Beast had been teleported into the Longevity Tower’s second floor. 

The first floor instantly turned quiet. At the same time, however, Chen Feng could no longer communicate with Tower. Knowing that Tower was presently in the process of suppressing the Devourer Beast, Chen Feng furiously focused on tending to his wounds.

He was badly wounded; even his soul was badly hurt. However, Chen Feng felt fortunate. If it were not for the grade 5 magic robe taking on the first part of the shockwaves, his wounds would have been more severe.

“Huh, if not for the fact that my Soulflame had grown several times recently, that attack would have extinguished my Soulflame. It is true what they say, a fight between immortals is a calamity for mortals.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng spent the next few days inside the Longevity Tower, focusing on healing up and cultivating himself. Only after having fully healed himself did he emerge from the Longevity Tower.

I wonder how Tower is doing right now. If he succeeds, I can obtain the Devourer Beast’s devouring power. With that, my Heavengulping Absorption Technique can improve and my cultivation rate will rise even higher. Chen Feng smiled and stepped forward.

Eh? Where did the demonic beasts here disappear to? After walking forward for a bit, Chen Feng realized that all the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters and Phantom Beasts within the space had disappeared.

Did they run out? The thought suddenly flashed across Chen Feng’s mind.

What happened next verified Chen Feng’s speculation. It did not take long for Chen Feng to easily make his way out from the pocket dimension. Stepping out, he saw a few Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters running around.

They really did run out. Chen Feng was stunned and he immediately grew concerned. He knew that the appearance of so many Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters and Phantom Beasts would bring about a great deal of danger for the humans out there. Each one of them was comparable to a cultivator at the condensed Soulflame realm. The Phantom Beasts who favoured sneak attacks could kill off cultivators at level 6 or 7 of the Concealed stage.

Chen Feng hurriedly stepped forward. He would either kill off the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters he encountered or collect them into the Longevity Tower as he flew towards the small town.

The one reassuring element was that normal humans would not gather at the spot. Otherwise, a few of those Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters would be enough to bring about disaster upon normal humans.

Before Chen Feng could make his way to the small town, he heard sounds of battle. Not good! Given how many of those Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters they were, only a small number of Extreme Celestial Sect disciples could have survived by now, Chen Feng thought.

After arriving at the small town, however, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Although the disciples did suffer from some wounds and casualties, there were more Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunter and Phantom Beast corpses there.

Several formidable auras flickered in and out of existence to kill off the savage and bloodthirsty demonic beasts.

So, the sect’s reinforcements have arrived. Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

By the time Chen Feng entered the small town, some of the demonic beasts were already beginning to flee, running off in every direction. Chen Feng killed off a few of them before letting the rest escape.

The sect sent out quite the sizable force this time around, Chen Feng thought. Then, he nonchalantly mixed in with the outer disciples within the town.

“Senior Brother Chen, where did you go to for the past few days?” The disciples beside him noticed him.

“I was afraid that it wasn’t safe here. So, I secretly snuck out. Please do not spread this out, otherwise those seniors will have something to say about it,” replied Chen Feng.

“Sigh! Senior Brother Chen, if there is a safe place, you should have informed us. It has been a very dangerous day for us. So many demonic beasts suddenly appeared. If the sect’s senior brothers had not arrived in time, all of us in this small town would have ended up as dried-up corpses,” the outer disciple said with a lingering tone of dread.

Chen Feng’s gaze swept around and he saw several heir and elite disciples.

Tsk, tsk. The number of disciples this time is truly sizable. Those elite disciples look quite strong. Two of them are above Pang Ban, Chen Feng thought as he adjusted his aura. Given Chen Feng’s present level of ability, it would be difficult for even those elite disciples to realize Chen Feng’s true level of strength.

Suddenly, three resentful gazes shot towards Chen Feng’s face, giving him a feeling of discomfort. Checking the sources of those gazes, Chen Feng saw that they were coming from Pang Ban, Liu Yu and Zhao Xiang. They were staring at him from afar.

Appearance wise, they looked much better. The average person would not be able to see that the three of them were injured. However, Chen Feng could tell that they were still very weak. The Soulflames within their seas of wisdom were very fragile, even weaker compared to those who had just condensed out their Soulflames.

It seems I had gone slightly overboard back then by absorbing some of their soul essence. Without any magical pills, it will be quite difficult for them to fully recover. Still, the three of them did not have any good intentions. I was already showing them mercy by not killing them outright. Chen Feng considered.

Having reached that conclusion, Chen Feng revealed a smile and he chuckled at Pang Ban’s group.

Seeing the deliberate act of provocation from Chen Feng, Pang Ban’s group grew even more furious. However, there was nothing they could do. They were also incapable of telling others about such a humiliating matter. All they could do was to fume about it inwardly as they considered how to deal with Chen Feng after returning to the sect.

What happened later was fairly straightforward. The elite disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect were attacked by a high number of demonic beasts the moment they arrived. Although they managed to repel the demonic beasts, they had still suffered from wounds and casualties. Taking the inner and outer disciples into consideration, the few elite disciples discussed the matter between themselves before deciding to send the inner and outer disciples back to the sect. As for the heir and elite disciples, they would continue to stay within the small town.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the newly-arrived elite disciples did not notice Chen Feng. They did not even look at him.

This is for the best. Although we came out to perform mining work, I did get a large harvest. After returning to the sect, I will go take the inner disciple’s promotion assessment. Then, I will focus on cultivating myself to consolidate and further increase my strength. Chen Feng made his plan.

When they were returning to Extreme Celestial Mountain, Chen Feng was shocked to see Pang Ban and his team of three amongst the returning group. After considering it, Chen Feng understood. Their souls had been badly damaged. That was especially true for Pang Ban. Even his lifebound magic treasure had been lost. He would be incapable of dealing with any sneak attacks from the demonic beasts. Thus, returning to the sect was the best choice.

During their return trip, the three of them cast hateful eyes at Chen Feng. It was such that Chen Feng had nearly decided to kill them. He also knew that the three of them would never let him go after returning to the sect. No matter what, those three were disciples at the domain power realm. Although they were presently injured, they had joined Extreme Celestial Sect for a long time now. They would certainly have friends or even powerful backers. If the three of them insisted on troubling Chen Feng, it would be quite a problem for him.

It seems I will have to go find Bai Ziyan after returning to the sect. No matter how you cut it, she is still someone at the Sky Human stage. She is a sage within the sect. She must surely have some standing there. Chen Feng pondered.

The idea of getting a woman to act as his backer was somewhat uncomfortable for Chen Feng. However, after contemplating it further, he recalled that might makes right in the cultivation world. Thinking too much into those matters was pointless. Thus, Chen Feng did not feel bothered about anymore.

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