Chapter 198: Oddly Bewitching Youngster


Seeing his magic power disappear at a constant rate, Chen Feng had no other choice but to activate his own Heavengulping Absorption Technique. However, he could only maintain the technique for a moment before the opposing party’s devouring power broke his technique.


As the black smoke was about to envelop Chen Feng, the Longevity Tower within Chen Feng’s glabella moved slightly and a potent suction force acted upon the black smoke. Next, the black smoke transformed into a strand of black smoke, which flowed into the Longevity Tower within Chen Feng’s glabella.


Like a clap of thunder, a gruff voice rang out from the tall palace. The roaring quality of the voice caused circular ripples to spread out into the air and the hard ground to crack.

Chen Feng dared not take on this level of power head-on. His feet pressed down lightly and thick earthen walls rose up to block the resulting shockwaves.


The shockwaves easily shattered the earthen walls and Chen Feng had to follow up by sending out five palm silhouettes in order to unravel the shockwaves.

What level is this Great Demon at? How can it be so powerful? Chen Feng thought.

After the shockwaves were unravelled, the palace fell silent. It was an odd silence. One that brought Chen Feng a feeling of unease. As for the other demonic beasts, they had seemingly understood that something was happening there. They lay on the ground and grew even more still.

Ta. Ta. Ta. Ta. Ta. Ta. Ta. Ta. 

Footsteps, containing a leisurely quality, could be heard coming from the palace. Every step would seemingly stamp down upon Chen Feng’s heart. It was an incomparably suppressive feeling, giving Chen Feng such a serious level of discomfort that he felt an impulsive desire to puke blood.

“Tower, what level is this opponent at?” Chen Feng asked.

“I think this could be a bit problematic.” Tower’s voice suddenly became slightly grim.

“Problem? He he, to think that word could come from you. Could this opponent be even stronger compared to the fox yao?” Chen Feng smiled wryly.

“Don’t forget. Back then, you were almost eaten up by the fox yao.” Tower sneered.

“What then? Should we try to run off now?” Chen Feng said.

“Running now is probably impossible.” Tower’s voice grew somewhat serious. The Longevity Tower began thrumming, seemingly in the midst of gathering its power.

It was true. They could no longer run away. The footsteps had been growing louder and the other party had stepped out from the palace to appear before Chen Feng. 

When Chen Feng finally got a good look at the other party, he became shocked. As this entity was supposed to be a Great Demon from the Demon Plane, Chen Feng had expected a savage and bloodthirsty creature. Either that or a large and muscular beast. Unexpectedly, the one to step out from the palace was a handsome-looking youngster.

Tall and lean, wearing purple-gold robes while sporting a purple-gold coronet on his head, the handsome quality of his face was such that it practically looked oddly bewitching. His fluttering black hair was as black as ink and not a hint of demonic energy could be sensed from him. He looked just like a royal prince from the human world.

Seeing that appearance, Chen Feng was first shocked. Then, his sense of vigilance shot to the max. A demonic creature capable of assuming human form was no ordinary existence. This extremely bewitching figure was most certainly the case.

The youngster’s pair of eyes was black. Looking at him, Chen Feng sensed an incomparable abyss from within those black eyes, seemingly capable of devouring the myriad lifeforms. Immediately, Chen Feng shut his eyes. It had been just a glance, but Chen Feng could feel the eyes devouring his gaze.

What a strange feeling. He seems to be devouring the vitality of his surroundings at all times. No wonder this space is filled with death. He must be the source of it all, Chen Feng thought.

“I didn’t think a human would come here,” the youngster said coolly, regarding Chen Feng. His thin lips curved to form a sinister smile.

Chen Feng considered for a moment before saying, “Looks like you are the leader of this space. Your subordinates, these demonic creatures, they have been going around sucking human blood. You should know about that, right?”

Naturally, Chen Feng could not attack such a character right from the start. He could only bring up a casual topic of discussion and attempt to probe out some useful information.

“Looks like you are here to settle the account. Still, it would appear that you did not fight your way here. Could it be you find them beneath you? Is that why you decided to come straight for me?” The oddly bewitching youngster looked at Chen Feng, his pair of pupils slowly spinning.

As the pupils began spinning, Chen Feng felt a strange force acting upon his body. Next, the soul power within his sea of wisdom began running amok. It flowed out from his sea of wisdom as the strange force enveloped and directed it into those pupils.

One glance. Just one glance from the youngster was so hard to resist.


A bloody lance shot out from Chen Feng’s hand and instantly arrived before the youngster.

Bloody Soul was a grade 2 Prized artefact. Additionally, it was also a demonic artefact with a bloodthirsty attribute. Even a Sky Human stage cultivator would have to practice caution when dealing with an attack from this magic treasure. However, the only response from the youngster was a simple flicker in his eyes. Next, Chen Feng felt Bloody Soul stop, incapable of stabbing forward anymore.

Immediately after that, a formidable suction force acted upon Bloody Soul, wanting to pull Bloody Soul into the youngster’s pupils.

The dominating force was such that Chen Feng’s arm slowly lost its grip on Bloody Soul. Using the demonic artefact as a medium, the youngster’s strange devouring power was able to affect Chen Feng’s body as well, causing Chen Feng’s power to disappear at a constant rate.

“How nefarious! How can there be such a monstrous devouring power?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from shouting out. 


Tower finally took action. A ripple spread out from the Longevity Tower to act upon Chen Feng’s body. Immediately, Chen Feng felt his body lighten and the devouring power affecting his body instantly disappeared in its entirety. His soul stabilized and he was able to retrieve Bloody Soul as well.

“Tsk, tsk. You do have something magical within you.” A smile appeared on the youngster’s face as he regarded Chen Feng.

He can detect the Longevity Tower? Chen Feng was shocked once again.

“Human, I will give you the opportunity to die with a whole corpse. Hand over the item in your body and I will allow you to kill yourself,” the youngster said coolly. The way he spoke seemed as though he was saying something normal.

“A whole corpse? A whole corpse my ass!” Chen Feng was immediately infuriated. After Chen Feng’s recent improvement in strength, he thought that he had already possessed the power to defend himself. Unexpectedly, all his attacks were ineffective against this strange youngster. A vexed feeling rose from within Chen Feng’s heart.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! 

In his rage, Chen Feng sent out tens of attacks out in one go. Longevity Blades, Longevity Swords, Longevity Pikes, Longevity Spears. Each of them contained extraordinary might behind it and all of them shot towards the abominable youngster.

In the face of the high number of attacks, the youngster simply revealed a faint smile. His pupils spun once more and the attacks Chen Feng sent out were all wrapped up by a strange force before getting pulled into the youngster’s eyes.

“Enough, stop attacking. Even if you are 10 times stronger, you will still be incapable of fighting a Great Demon,” Tower finally spoke up.

“This is the might of a Great Demon,” Chen Feng replied.

“Yes. Although it can assume human form, its original body is that of a Devourer Beast,” Tower slowly said.

“Devourer Beast, it sounds like a yao beast,” Chen Feng replied with a puzzled tone.

“Hey, yaos and demons are of the same family. Truth be told, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between demons, yaos and humans. Take humans who practice demonic arts for example. Naturally, those humans have become demons. Then, look at this demon before you. After assuming human form, if you tell others that he is human, there will naturally be some who believe it to be true,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“You are but a minor cultivator, not even at the Sky Human stage. Yet, you dare attack me? Have all humans become incapable of seeing the heights of the Heavens and the depths of the Earth?” After saying that, the youngster slowly stepped forward. He extended his right hand and performed a casual grasping motion at Chen Feng. Next, a mighty suction force shot forward and descended upon Chen Feng’s body.

No movements could be sensed from the surrounding space but Chen Feng felt his entire body becoming paralyzed. He found himself incapable of moving and his body flew towards the youngster.

In the face of such an opponent, there was nothing Chen Feng could do to fight back.

Go all out! Chen Feng gritted his teeth and was about to ignite his Soulflame when…

“Don’t struggle. I know what I am doing.” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out within his sea of wisdom again.

Listening to Tower, Chen Feng instantly understood what to do. He swiftly stopped himself and allowed the youngster to pull him in.

As Chen Feng was about to arrive before the youngster, the youngster’s eyes flashed and the suction force coming from his palm grew stronger. His hand moved to grab Chen Feng’s neck.


The Longevity Tower gently shuddered. Next, it appeared above the youngster’s head. The massive Longevity Tower had seemingly descended from the Nine Heavens as it engulfed the youngster.

“Humph, it is finally out! So, it is a pagoda tower. A good item, you are mine now.” The youngster did not panic in the face of the Longevity Tower’s attack. Instead, he sent an upward punch at lightning-like speed. The punch smashed heavily against the bottom part of the Longevity Tower.


A loud booming sound rang out as circular ripples spread out. The first to be struck by the shockwaves was Chen Feng. The grade 5 magic robe he wore shattered into fragments and he was sent flying. Even as his figure shot through the air, blood began flowing out from his seven orifices. His divine sense was a mess and even his Soulflame was on the verge of getting extinguished.

Am I going to die like this? The thought had only just flashed through Chen Feng’s mind when he lost the ability to hold on. Due to the chaotic state of his divine sense, he fainted and his figure smashed into the ground.

On the other side, the punch had knocked the Longevity Tower several zhang up into the air. Next, it rotated a few times before descending upon the youngster once again (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

The youngster had assumed that his punch could send the pagoda tower flying. Instead, a formidable force now pressed down upon his entire body, causing his figure to quake non-stop. He was unable to quickly summon his strength. Thus, in the face of the massive tower descending upon him, his face finally sank.


The youngster bellowed loudly; his face contorted. Next, both his arms rose up in an attempt to hold the Longevity Tower.


The Longevity Tower, having expanded until it was tens of zhang tall, descended heavily on the ground. Thick circular ripples of soil spread out from its position. A crater with a radius of one hundred zhang and a depth of at least ten zhang was formed as a result. As for Chen Feng, he was buried under the thick soil.


The Longevity Tower swiftly flew up. Exerting a suction force, it sucked Chen Feng in. Next, the large tower rapidly shrank until it was only the size of a grain of soil. It then drifted down the ground, disappearing from sight.

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