Chapter 196: Lesson


Seeing Chen Feng put his hand on his shoulder with lightning-like speed, Pang Ban’s face instantly sank. He was about to resist when Chen Feng’s primary energy surged into his body like a great river, causing his body to tremble non-stop. He could not mount a single whit of resistance against Chen Feng.

“You’re courting death!”

Seeing what happened, Zhao Xiang and Liu Yu were immediately enraged. Instantly, they attacked Chen Feng while shouting out with thunderous voices. 


Chen Feng’s other hand swiftly stretched forward to press down Liu Yu’s body. Once again, a mighty stream of primary energy surged into Liu Yu’s body as well. It was an irresistible force that reduced him into the same state as Pang Ban. Liu Yu’s palm was still stretching forward, but he could no longer move.


A snapping sound rang out as Zhao Xiang’s palm struck Chen Feng’s chest. Seeing that caused Zhao Xiang to feel happy only to quickly find a potent suction force coming from Chen Feng’s body, keeping his palm firmly stuck to Chen Feng’s chest.

Easily, Chen Feng had restrained all three of them.

“Tsk, tsk. It seems senior brothers’ wounds are very serious. To think that you three only have this little amount of power left. How disappointing,” Chen Feng said with a smile. His mighty streams of primary energy were constantly scouring through their bodies, coursing through their meridians to find out their cultivation methods.

“Humph, Soulflame! You will be scorched to death! No matter how powerful you may be, you will not be able to take on the combined soul attacks from all three of us!” Pang Ban’s team of three unleashed their attacks. Three overpowering Soulflames flowed through the meridians within their bodies to attack Chen Feng.

Given their cultivation bases, they can melt down a small mountain or even utterly vaporize a river by releasing their Soulflames. However, after sending their Soulflames into Chen Feng’s body, they immediately sensed something amiss.

A bigger and more tangible clump of flames was burning within Chen Feng’s body. Noticing the Soulflames belonging to Pang Ban’s team of three, the clump of flames transformed into a human-looking face. Then, opening its mouth, the face imposed a suction force against their three Soulflames.

“Is this fellow crazy? Is he thinking of devouring our Soulflames? I’ll let it be the death of you!” Despite their shock, Pang Ban and the others thought that this move from Chen Feng was ridiculous. They all sneered as they displayed soul techniques to do battle against Chen Feng.

At that moment, the three of them were no match for Chen Feng in terms of primary energy. The only thing they could depend on to battle Chen Feng were their Soulflames.

And yet, the grade of the Longevity Scripture’s cultivation method that Chen Feng cultivated was very high. It was not something that the three of them could hope to match. Add the extra 100 years’ worth of cultivation base that he had recently acquired, it was not an issue for him to go against all three of them now. In the face of Chen Feng’s mighty primary energy, the three of them did not even have the energy to resist. They could only allow Chen Feng to control the situation. Chen Feng inspected the circulation routes of their respective streams of primary energy while mobilizing his own Soulflame to attack the three.

Naturally, Chen Feng knew that it was presently impossible for his Soulflame to devour the Soulflames belonging to Pang Ban’s team of three. Even after advancing to the next level, Chen Feng would still be incapable of doing that. Chen Feng’s intention was to shock them. Of course, it would be better if he could devour a portion of their Soulflames.

Pang Ban’s team of three had yet to recover from their injuries. That was especially true for Pang Ban, whose soul was already damaged. Naturally, Chen Feng was not one to let such a good opportunity slide. Although he could not kill them, having them suffer a bit was not an issue. This could act as a deterrence for them in the future.

The battle between Chen Feng and the three had long since alerted the other Extreme Celestial Sect disciples within the little town. When they rushed over, however, they saw that Chen Feng had already beaten up the inner disciples guarding the place. Who else amongst them would have the courage to butt in? Additionally, some were smiling in glee at the misery of the inner disciples. At any rate, they decided to simply stand by the side and watch the show.

“What is Senior Brother Chen planning? Will there be any issues? No matter how you look at it, Senior Brother Pang and the other two are elite disciples,” one of the outer disciples whispered.

“Like you said, they are all elite disciples. Should a conflict erupt, Senior Brother Chen will suffer,” said the disciple beside him.

“Not necessarily. Although Senior Brother Chen is an outer disciple, his cultivation base is high. Didn’t you see how beat-up those inner disciples are?” another disciple interjected.

“He did well beating them up. Those inner disciples only know how to bully us all the time. This time, they ended up kicking an iron plate. Serves them right! I personally hope that Senior Brother Chen would give those three elite disciples a good beating.”  

“Impossible. Those are elite disciples we are talking about. They are on the verge of reaching the Sky Human stage. How can disciples at our rank fight against people like them?”

They did not leave. Neither did they enter the building. Even the heir disciples who just rushed over chose to wait outside with puzzled expressions on their faces. They all wondered what Chen Feng was doing inside.

Since Chen Feng entered the building, no sound could be heard coming from within. After waiting for a long time, the few heir disciples outside were finally incapable of holding themselves back. After a round of deliberation, they finally decided on entering to check it out.

Just as the few heir disciples were about to enter, Chen Feng walked out leisurely with an impassive face. It seemed as though nothing had happened.

“Chen Feng, what are you doing?” asked the heir disciple in charge of the little town. There was a frown on his face.

Chen Feng looked at the heir disciples. He said nothing, but an invisible atmosphere radiated out to press down on their souls.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The look that Chen Feng gave the heir disciples caused their bodies to tremble visibly and they involuntarily took several steps back. After that, however, they felt that those actions were somewhat disgraceful. As they were just about to step forward once more, Chen Feng said coolly, “Senior Brother Pang and the others want you fellows to go in.”

After Chen Feng left, the heir disciples exchanged glances and immediately headed into the building. What they saw left them dumbfounded.

The faces of the three elite disciples were pale as they leaned against the walls of the building. Their eyes were blank and their bodies exuded an air of defeat.

“Senior brothers,” the one in charge of the little town said gingerly.

Hearing him, Pang Ban and the others raised their heads, revealing looks of resentment, which instantly shocked the heir disciples.

“Get out! Who told you fellows to come in? Hurry up and get out!” Pang Ban shouted loudly. After bellowing those words, however, he gasped a little.

After Pang Ban berated them, the heir disciples quickly left.

“What is going on here?” The disciples exchanged glances, frowns on their faces.

“It seems the three senior brothers are badly injured. They will not be able to recover any time soon. What should we do if more of those demonic creatures show up?”

“I wonder what Chen Feng did when he entered just now?”

“Whatever! We shouldn’t pry into matters that do not concern us. Hurry up and send news of what is going on back to the sect and have them send reinforcements.”

Inside the building, Pang Ban and the other two revealed not only resentment on their faces, but also bitterness.

“Sigh! I did not expect Chen Feng to be so powerful. If only I’d known, I would not have offended him. As it is, I have lost decades’ worth of cultivation. I don’t even know if I can regain them back in the future,” Pang Ban said with a bitter smile.

“Yes. I too, have lost decades’ worth of cultivation. My Soulflame is greatly weakened.  Additionally, that kid has likely found out about the cultivation methods within our bodies. After returning to the sect, our positions within the ranks of elite disciples will surely plummet,” Liu Yu said.

“We cannot let this slide!” Zhao Xiang said, clenching his teeth.

“Go back and find help. We must surely pay him back for this.” The muscles on Pang Ban’s face kept twitching.

Chen Feng ignored the others as he entered his own little courtyard with an unhurried pace, a faint smile on his face. Thanks to the earlier confrontation, he was able to figure out some of their cultivation methods. More importantly, the confrontation between their Soulflames had allowed Chen Feng to devour quite a bit of their Soulflames. After refining those devoured Soulflame portions, Chen Feng’s own Soulflame would grow stronger again. Naturally, Pang Ban’s team of three will suffer from a great fall in power.

Of course, Chen Feng did not care about them. As the three of them had treated him badly, he would not go easy on them.

Let’s see what cultivation methods those three fellows’ practice. Chen Feng closed his eyes and recalled the circulation routes for the three fellows’ primary energies.

“Humph! You are already practicing the Longevity Scripture. Why waste time on these shitty cultivation methods?” Tower said with a disdainful tone.

“I am just having a look. By doing so, I can gain some basic understanding about the various cultivation methods from Extreme Celestial Sect,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

During the following few days, all was calm within the small town. No Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters appeared and Pang Ban’s team of three remained within the building, tending to their wounds. As for the other disciples, they stayed obediently within the small town. Should they move out, it would be in small teams. The appearance of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters back then had terrified them too much.

Although no demonic beasts appeared, the disciples were still worried. That was especially so when considering the wounded state of the three elite disciples. Thus, the few heir disciples within the small town sent another message to Extreme Celestial Sect, hoping that the sect would send more experts to take over the situation.

After a few days had passed, Chen Feng took action once more. His solitary figure silently left the small town to arrive at the spot where he was besieged by the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters.

“A pity, I do not have any Invisibility Talismans.” Chen Feng shook his head as he retracted his aura. He began retrieving a route from the mind of the captured Phantom Beast and moved forward.

After venturing past several small mountains, Chen Feng arrived before an illusionary space. He felt his eyes going blurry as the landscape before him was transformed.

It really is a pocket dimension. Chen Feng cautiously inspected his surroundings. The world laid out before him was desolate, seemingly devoid of any life force. A large number of cracks filled the dry land. Even the sky was grey in colour. The appearance of the world resembled that of a dead world.

“This place is even more desolate compared to a desert,” blurted a shocked Chen Feng. Looking around, he finally found some tracks. One look was enough for Chen Feng to tell that those tracks were left by the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters and Phantom Beasts.

“Tsk, tsk. Kid, are you certain you want to move forward?” Tower suddenly asked with a chuckle.

“I am just a little curious. I am just going to check up on what the thing in front might be,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“If so, you will have to be careful. I can already sense the aura of a Great Demon. How strange. How can there be something from the Demon Plane at a place like this?” Tower was somewhat perplexed.

“Great Demon!” Chen Feng furrowed his brows. He knew that demonic beasts that could acquire the title of Great Demons were the equivalent of Great Yaos. They were also the equivalent of Sky Human stage cultivators.

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