Chapter 195: Going to Face Them Head-on


I wonder how Purplebolt is doing? I need to find a quiet place to continue assailing the acupoints, Chen Feng thought.

The thought had only just crossed his mind when the silvery-white wyrm flew towards him from the horizon. In the blink of an eye, he arrived before Chen Feng. It was then that Chen Feng realized the wounds on the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm’s body. His scales had fallen off in some places. It would appear that Purplebolt had suffered quite a bit in the earlier battle.

“Here is the mirror you wanted. I’ll be heading into the tower to heal up.” After saying that, Purplebolt tossed the Thousand Seeker Mirror towards Chen Feng before transforming into a stream of light to enter the Longevity Tower.

There was no time for Chen Feng to ask Purplebolt anything. He kept the Thousand Seeker Mirror into the Longevity Tower and swiftly flew far away. His flying speed was several times faster than before. His figure drew a line across the sky and covered a distance of over 100 li quickly. Next, he found an inconspicuous little depression within a mountain where he continued his cultivation efforts (1 li = 0.5 km).

Next up, Chen Feng cultivated at a rapid pace. The West Extreme acupoint on his left palm, the South Extreme acupoint on his right foot and the North Extreme acupoint on his left foot. All of them were opened up, becoming like bell-mouth spillways. They provided the energy spraying out from his sea of wisdom a place to go to. Finally, Chen Feng could sense the swelling sensation subsiding slowly. As Chen Feng continued, he was finally able to completely refine the energy coming from his sea of wisdom. Those streams of energy which were not refined were all stored inside his sea of wisdom.

Three days later, Chen Feng finally finished his cultivation process. Feeling the surging power inside his body and the constantly burning clump of Soulflame, Chen Feng reflexively let out a sigh.

“What is wrong? Your cultivation base has grown. What is there to sigh about?” Tower asked with an amused tone.

“I just feel as though this power came too easily. This power sealed within my sea of wisdom has saved me from tens of years’ worth of bitter cultivation. Somehow, a power that I did not gain through my own bitter efforts doesn’t feel too reliable,” replied Chen Feng, who shook his head.

“When you put it that way, the Overwhelming Astral Sword, Bloody Soul and even the Longevity Tower are external objects, power that are not from your own efforts. So, will you be giving up on these items?” Tower asked with the same tone.

“Of course not. Unless I go crazy.” Chen Feng did not spend any time hesitating before answering decisively.

“Then, you have your answer. Since the power exists within your sea of wisdom, it is your power,” Tower said.

“What is this power exactly? Why does it feel so easy to refine?” asked a puzzled Chen Feng.

“It’s the longevity primary spirit. Don’t ask. I still haven’t fully recalled what it’s all about,” Tower said.

“The Concealed stage is about the cultivation of the nine sea of wisdom layers. What comes after?” Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly shone.

“Every layer of your sea of wisdom contains this longevity primary spirit. Additionally, the deeper you go, the more there will be in terms of both quantity and quality. Compared to ordinary cultivators, you can already be considered a defiance of Heaven. You will be able to avoid hundreds of years’ worth of cultivation while in the Concealed stage,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Sigh! I wonder what kind of identity I possess?” Chen Feng felt somewhat wistful.

“That is easy. As long as you can restore my power to the Sacred artefact tier, I can tell you about it,” Tower said, chortling.

“Sigh, let’s talk about that after I reach the Human Immortal stage.” Chen Feng shook his head before swiftly making his way back to the little town.

“Purplebolt, what happened back then? Surely, you did not kill them off?” Chen Feng asked.

“Mutual devastation.” Purplebolt simply uttered those two words before going silent.

Observing Purplebolt devouring Magic crystals to heal himself inside the tower, Chen Feng was unable to refrain himself from smiling. Despite Purplebolt’s success in snatching over the Thousand Seeker Mirror, it would appear that the battle had left him badly wounded as well.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to return to the little town. Seeing Chen Feng’s sudden return, all the other disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect revealed expressions of shock.

Chen Feng had disappeared for a few days, after all. As for Pang Ban’s team of three, they said nothing after their return. Naturally, everyone thought that Chen Feng had been killed by the demonic creatures. It was only natural for them to reveal looks of shock when they saw Chen Feng return safely.

“Senior Brother Chen, you are back,” a familiar-looking disciple stepped forward to greet him.

“Mm, did Pang Ban and the others return?” Chen Feng asked in a hushed tone.

Although he was surprised that Chen Feng had addressed the three elite disciples with their names like that, the outer disciple answered the question.

“The three senior brothers were wounded and are now in the process of recovering. They instructed us not to disturb them,” the outer disciple said respectfully.

Chen Feng nodded his head. He stopped talking and instead walked straight ahead.

“Strange, I get the feeling that something is wrong about Senior Brother Chen’s return, but what?” The disciple looked at Chen Feng’s departing figure and shook his head.

“Do you all sense something afoot? Senior Brother Chen had left with the three elite disciples. You all saw how the three elite disciples looked when they returned a few days ago, didn’t you? They were covered in wounds, miserable to the extreme. Now, however, Senior Brother Chen returned completely unscathed. What is going on here?”

“Shh! Lower your voice. That is not something we can ask.”

Chen Feng could sense three faint and obscure auras coming out from the building before him. There were also some inner disciples standing guard before the building. Clearly, Pang Ban and the others were staying inside to recuperate.

“Tsk, tsk. They have quite the standing. To think that they could have people standing guard. If a Phantom Beast were to come and unleash a sneak attack, all three of them would surely die,” said Chen Feng with a sneer.


Suddenly, two inner disciples stopped Chen Feng.

“Make way,” Chen Feng said coolly.


It was only natural for the inner disciples to disregard an outer disciple like Chen Feng. One of them swung his hand towards Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng slowly took one step forward and the two inner disciples were sent flying backwards. The one that tried to attack Chen Feng ended up with a broken arm.

“Do you want to rebel?!” 


Instantly, tens of inner disciples rushed out to surround Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, a minor outer disciple like you dares to act with such impudence? Today, we will capture you, break your limbs and kick you out from the sect!” one of the inner disciples said with a vicious tone.

He had only just finished talking when four of them rushed forward to grab Chen Feng.

“Wolf Style Capture!”

“Hawk Hand Seizer!”

“Tiger Descends the Mountain!”

“Azure Dragon Flexes its Talons!”

Four grasping silhouettes of varying forms shot towards Chen Feng from four different angles to capture him. Judging by the movements and power behind each move however, it would appear that they simply had no intentions of capturing him. Rather, they planned on ripping him to pieces right there.

In the face of the attacks, Chen Feng did not dodge away or counter attack. He simply allowed the four grasping moves to land on his body. Next, the four disciples felt as though a lightning bolt had struck each of them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The sounds of broken bones accompanied the booming sounds of the disciples getting knocked backwards. The four disciples clutched their broken arms and tumbled a few times across the ground before getting up in a wretched manner. They looked at Chen Feng with expressions of dread.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Flying swords flew forward in quick succession through the sky, releasing a variety of auras as they swiftly hacked down on Chen Feng.

“Hey, to have so many inner disciples besiege a minor outer disciple like me. Are you not afraid of becoming laughingstocks when word of this gets out?” Chen Feng sneered and both his hands stretched out. Instantly, the silhouette of a hand seemingly appeared before the eyes of all present.

After the silhouette disappeared, the inner disciples attacking Chen Feng saw that their flying swords had all fallen into Chen Feng’s two hands. No matter how hard they channelled their magic power, their flying swords remained immobile.

Chen Feng sneered. Exerting a slight force with his hands, he caused snapping sounds to ring out from the pile of flying swords in his grasp and cracks spread across them.

After the flying swords became damaged, the faces on the inner disciples instantly sank and they dared not step forward anymore.

“Forget it. Today, I will just end it with this small lesson. However, if you offend me again in the future, I won’t be as forgiving.” Chen Feng waved his hand. With a series of swooshing sounds, all of the flying swords stabbed down into the ground.

“Are you fellows still not going to make way?” Chen Feng growled.


The inner disciples dispersed. Watching Chen Feng walk forward with a dignified demeanour, traces of fear appeared on their faces.

When Chen Feng stepped into the building, the atmosphere within the building instantly turned fierce. However, Chen Feng simply smiled and stepped inside.

Pang Ban, Zhao Xiang and Liu Yu were seated in a triangular formation as they helped each other recover. Seeing Chen Feng enter, however, the three fellows quickly stood up.

Seeing their appearances, Chen Feng was almost incapable of suppressing his smile. While each of them still had all four limbs intact, their damaged magic robes could not cover the wounds that were all over their bodies. More importantly, Chen Feng had instantly determined that the three of them had suffered from grievous internal wounds. Their auras were abnormal. That was especially true for Pang Ban, who had lost his lifebound magic treasure. The loss had seriously damaged his soul and left him in a listless state. As for the other two, they too, looked pale and there was a distracted quality in their eyes. It was apparent that their souls had been damaged as well.

“What are you doing here?” Pang Ban asked coldly.

However, their hearts had fallen into a state of turmoil the moment they saw Chen Feng. Although the three of them had expected Chen Feng to break through the encirclement of demonic beasts, they did not think that he could do so without suffering from any wounds. More importantly, the three of them were in a wretched state at the moment. Chen Feng must be planning on making fun of them.

“I heard that our sect’s elites were wounded. Thus, I specifically came to check it out,” Chen Feng said with a faint smile.

“It’s fine. You can leave now,” Liu Yu said coolly.

“Tsk, tsk.” Chen Feng did not leave. Instead, he looked at the three of them and an ambiguous smile appeared on his face.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet? Do not disturb us while we are tending to our injuries!” Zhao Xiang shouted.

“Senior brothers, your injuries look very serious. Do you want me to help?” After saying that, Chen Feng stepped forward.

“No need for that,” Pang Ban said in a hushed tone.

“Senior brothers, you are being too considerate. We are all disciples of the same sect here. So, we should help each other. Given how badly wounded the three of you are, it will take some time to fully recover. Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters might suddenly emerge and our little town will require the support of you senior brothers. Thus, it is imperative for you three to quickly recover.” After saying that, Chen Feng swiftly made his way forward. With lightning-like speed, he pressed his palm down on Pang Ban’s shoulder.

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