Chapter 192: Suspicion


Regardless of which sect it may be, the killing of fellow sect disciples was an unforgivably huge crime. Moreover, the ones Chen Feng killed were heir disciples who had condensed out their Soulflames. Even for a sect like Extreme Celestial Sect, those people could be considered as talents.

Do I have to kill off these three? Chen Feng wondered.

No. Too many people saw me leaving together with these three fellows. If they were to suddenly die, it will be pinned on me. Or, do I have to kill off every one of the disciples in the little town?

If I do not kill off these three fellows, it is highly likely that the matter of me killing Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu will be exposed. Tsk, tsk. Troublesome, how troublesome. Chen Feng’s mind was in a messy state.

“Junior brother, what are you thinking about?” Liu Yu suddenly asked with a smile.

“He he. It is nothing. To be able to meet several elite seniors after having just entered the sect, I am feeling a little nervous,” Chen Feng replied with his own smile. There was no hint of panic on his face.

“All right. Enough with the pointless words. We know that your strength is quite good. Next up, if we encounter Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters, I hope you do not hold back,” Pang Ban said coolly, glancing at Chen Feng.

“He he, I am just an outer disciple. However, if anything happens, I will definitely give it my all.” Chen Feng smiled back.

Chen Feng communicated normally with them while secretly sending a separate strand of his divine sense into the Longevity Tower.

Inside, the Phantom Beast he captured was firmly suppressed by a stone stele.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to beat the Phantom Beast into submission. However, due to the gravity of his present situation, he no longer had the luxury of time. After entering the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng immediately utilized the Soul Shackle technique to place his soul imprint within the Phantom Beast’s mind.

Instantly, all the information within the Phantom Beast’s mind became accessible to Chen Feng.

Tsk, tsk. No wonder there are so many demonic beasts here. There really is something interesting going on here. After investigating the Phantom Beast’s sea of wisdom, Chen Feng smiled. However, this was not the time to be investigating further. After placing his soul imprint within the Phantom Beast, Chen Feng became its master. Under Chen Feng’s control, the Phantom Beast began releasing ripples. Under the amplification power of the Longevity Tower, the intensity of the soundless and invisible ripples multiplied. As for Chen Feng, he deliberately fell behind to release the ripples.

The ripples had but one function, to summon its companions from the Demon Plane.

It did not take long for the four of them to arrive at the spot where Chen Feng had fought against the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters back then. Pang Ban began utilizing the Thousand Seeker Mirror in his hand to replay the events from the past.

Chen Feng was secretly anxious. However, there was nothing he could do but wait.

As expected, the wondrous mirror began showing the images of Chen Feng fighting against the Phantom Beast and the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. The Thousand Seeker Mirror revealed everything.

Seeing Chen Feng killing the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters one after another, the facial expressions on Pang Ban and the others flickered. There were looks of shock in their faces as they turned to look at Chen Feng.

“I didn’t expect there to be such a powerful figure amongst the outer disciples,” Pang Ban said with a sneer.

“I was just relying on the power of magic treasures. My personal strength is nothing,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. He did not concern himself with the way they were looking at him.

“Forget outer disciples, even amongst heir disciples, there are not many who possess Prized artefacts. You are quite lucky. You not only possess a flying sword, you also have a demonic artefact. Demonic artefacts are not something that we of the orthodox dao should have. When you return, you would do well to turn it over to the sect and let the sect handle it,” Zhao Xiang said coldly.

“He he, what type of magic treasure I use is not something that you fellows have any jurisdiction over. The way I see it, this mirror is quite good. How about I trade the demonic artefact for the mirror?” Chen Feng changed the topic and turned his attention towards the Thousand Seeker Mirror in Pang Ban’s hand.

“You wish! Even if you come up with a grade 3 Prized artefact, I will not trade it with you.” Pang Ban looked at Chen Feng like one looking at an idiot.

The three of them did not continue questioning Chen Feng. However, killing intent had begun rising within them. Two Prized artefacts were sufficient to tempt the three of them.

“Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu have completely disappeared. I think it must be connected to the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters here. I have with me here something that Zhao Qiang used a lot in the past. Check it out.” Zhao Xiang brought out a shirt. It was one that the missing Zhao Qiang used to wear.

“All right. As long as it has Zhao Qiang’s aura, my Thousand Seeker Mirror will be able to find his whereabouts. Let me see if Zhao Qiang was killed by these demonic beasts or if some other incidents occurred,” Pang Ban said coldly. However, Chen Feng noticed Pang Ban giving him a glance.

Are they suspecting me? Or were they planning on attacking me from the very beginning? Chen Feng thought.

“What nonsense! One Prized artefact is enough for these fellows to go all out. You have two on you,” Tower sneered.

“Eh? Zhao Qiang appeared here?” said Pang Ban, who was looking at the Thousand Seeker Mirror, with a puzzled face. 

Why aren’t the demonic beasts coming? If they still won’t come, I will have to attack. Chen Feng grew somewhat anxious and he slowly tightened his fists.

“Zhao Qiang did indeed come here. Look, those are Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu’s figures. The two of them are going this way,” Pang Ban exclaimed. Within the Thousand Seeker Mirror, Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu ripped off their Invisibility Talismans and their figures slowly appeared. Then, they quickly went after Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng! Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu were clearly following you. Now, the two of them have disappeared. This matter is clearly connected to you. What do you have to say?” Zhao Xiang cast a cold gaze at Chen Feng, killing intent flowing through his body.

“What a joke. I didn’t even know they were following me. As for why they disappeared, how could I know? Maybe they are doing something bad elsewhere or maybe the demonic beasts suddenly appeared and devoured them. At any rate, this is a very dangerous place,” Chen Feng replied with a sneer. He could already sense the bloodthirsty auras approaching them.

The summoning ripples sent out by the Phantom Beast inside the Longevity Tower finally worked. One after another, ferocious and bloodthirsty Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters charged towards their location.

“Not good! It’s the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. Damn it! There are so many of them?” Seeing the gradually increasing number of red dots on the Thousand Seeker Mirror, Pang Ban’s face grew ugly to behold.

“How could so many Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters be attracted to this place? Kid, did you do this?” Zhao Xiang cast a fierce glare at Chen Feng.

“Are you crazy?! Do I look like I am in league with these demonic beasts?” Chen Feng scoffed.

“Enough! Now is not the time for this. We do not know how many Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters there are. We should leave this place first.” After saying that, Pang Ban’s body release a pulse, causing waves of energy to rise up from behind him. The waves of energy resembled a volcanic eruption. Like the charging waters of a great river, the abrupt imagery shocked Chen Feng. Then, he realized that this was Pang Ban’s domain power.

A Phantom Beast descended from the sky. It had been cloaking itself as it stayed in the sky, wanting to launch a sneak attack at Pang Ban. Before it could successfully attack, however, it realized how powerful Pang Ban was and instead tried to escape.

Pang Ban snickered in response and pushed one hand out. The energy waves behind him, which looked like a small, spiral galaxy hanging in the air, transformed into a large hand to press down on the Phantom Beast.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Finally arriving, the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters then attacked.

The number of Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. That night, he had only encountered up to tens of Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. This time however, one glance was all it took for him to see upwards of a hundred of them. Additionally, he could still sense a thick aura approaching them from afar.

How can there be so many Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters? Chen Feng hurriedly brought out Bloody Soul. It was not the time to be holding back.

Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

The Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters rapidly gathered up and the thick demonic energy radiating from their bodies converged. Like water poured into boiling oil, they abruptly sizzled outwards. A thick layer of demonic energy – resembling a wall – pushed towards Chen Feng and the others. The Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters were working together in their attempt to kill off Chen Feng and the others.

“These Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters know how to utilize formations!” Liu Wu cried out in shock.

Although the number of Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters was high, Chen Feng was not feeling too worried. At any rate, no matter how powerful they may be, Chen Feng could kill them in a head-on fight. What had Chen Feng concerned were those Phantom Beasts hiding in the dark. Those could attack at any moment. They were silent, undetectable and powerful. Their stealth technique was even more powerful compared to Invisibility Talismans. Even if Chen Feng were to utilize his Prized artefacts, a simultaneous attack from several Phantom Beasts would destroy him. The exception would be if he hid himself inside the Longevity Tower. 

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Zhao Xiang, Pang Ban and Liu Yu released extremely powerful auras from their bodies and differing images appeared from each of them. Pang Ban’s was of rippling waves of fire and water, Zhao Xiang’s was of a round, blazing sun while Liu Yu’s was of a mountain, a lake and a shielding stone. The three of them had seemingly opened up worlds of their own with them in the centre of each of those worlds. They became like the gods of those worlds.

One by one, the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters approached the three of them only to be entangled by the unique imagery created by the three. Before the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters could extricate themselves, they would disappear without a trace. Seeing the peculiar situation, Chen Feng became baffled.

In that one confrontation, nine Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters were captured by the three and the wall of demonic energy immediately weakened.

Those three are strong. As expected of those who have reached the domain power realm. Chen Feng’s body remained at the same spot while using Bloody Soul to rapidly jab out 13 times in a row, leaving 13 surging streams of energy in the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters exploded simultaneously and the resulting black mist of blood was then engulfed by a suction force before getting sucked into Bloody Soul.

Next up, Chen Feng’s figure rolled and jumped, becoming like a line as he kept flashing about in the air. Every now and again, Bloody Soul would unleash beam after beam of blood-coloured light forward.

Chen Feng did that as a preventive measure against the cloaked Phantom Beasts and their sneak attacks. After some time, he ended up killing a considerable number of Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. 

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