Chapter 190: Suppress


The ones standing before Chen Feng were none other than Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu. It was unknown when they had appeared. At that moment, they were silently standing two zhang away from Chen Feng, staring at him with cold expressions on their faces (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Before the raindrops falling down from above could reach their bodies, an invisible and potent energy turned them to steam, which then disappeared into the wind.

“You knew we were coming?” Ma Wu looked at Chen Feng, seemingly in an attempt to gauge Chen Feng’s state.

“When I was fighting against the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters earlier, I had noticed you two observing from the side. However, the Invisibility Talismans that the two of you used are very powerful. I was nearly incapable of noticing you two,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had failed to notice Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu’s existence. Tower had been the one to inform him.

“Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters? You know those monsters?” Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu exchanged glances, surprise rising into their mind. The two of them did not expect Chen Feng to recognize the creature whose body was completely covered with demonic energy.

“The bloodthirsty ones are known as Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters while the cloaked ones that utilize sneak attacks are known as Phantom Beasts,” Chen Feng said coolly. His body was leaning against the tree and his face was an unreadable mask. He did not use the opportunity to heal his wounds. Seeing that, Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu dared not act rashly. Although Chen Feng was already wounded, he possessed two Prized artefacts on him. Those two were incredibly powerful weapons.

“You truly are a spy!” Suddenly, Zhao Qiang shouted while pointing at Chen Feng.

“Spy?” Chen Feng was stunned. Unexpectedly, they had still wanted to make up an excuse to deal with him.

“Hey, hey. When I heard that you are a spy, I did not believe it. However, the truth is now laid out before my eyes. How do you plan on denying it?” Zhao Qiang said with a sneer.

“Truth? What truth?” Chen Feng asked with a cold tone.

“Your cultivation base is comparable to an heir disciple, but you instead chose to join the outer disciples. If that is not a spy, what is? Besides, everyone had gathered together tonight while you secretly snuck out. The way I see it, you must the one responsible for the sudden appearance of these demonic beasts,” Zhao Qiang said with a righteous expression.

“Oh, is that right? Then, what do you fellows plan on doing? Take advantage of my predicament to kill me?” Chen Feng sneered.

“We will just capture and hand you over to the sect. Do not worry, we will not be killing you. When the time comes, the sect will put you on trial.” After saying that, Ma Wu took a few steps forward. His body exuded an atmosphere of aggression and it appeared as though he would be making his move soon.

“Oh? When you put it that way, the two of you plan on attacking me?” Chen Feng remained leaning on the tree, looking calmly at the two.

“That is right, we will capture you, spy,” said Zhao Qiang with a sneer. A flying sword brimming with blue light had already appeared in the air.

It was a grade 7 Magic artefact. Additionally, it was a very rare water-type magic sword. The sword radiated brightly while absorbing the thick water energy from its surroundings. By borrowing the surrounding water energy, the grade 7 Magic artefact’s power grew by two notches. Seeing that made Zhao Qiang feel more confident.

Seeing Zhao Qiang make his move, Ma Wu too brought out his own magic treasure. It was a fiery-red flying sword. With a body that was entirely dark red and translucent, it was as though a clump of flames was raging within it.

It was a fire-type flying sword. Ma Wu and Zhao Qiang used water and fire each and had been fighting alongside each other for a long time. They prepared to attack Chen Feng, water and fire complementing each other. A powerful force spread into their surroundings, evaporating the raindrops and incinerating the leaves above their heads to ash. It was like an expanding vacuum. Anything entering the vacuum would be torn to shreds before turning to ash.

On the other side, Chen Feng remained motionless. He simply cast an impassive look at the two of them. It was as though the attack that the two of them were about to launch was nothing in his eyes.

“You two really think you can capture me?” Chen Feng sneered.

“Ha ha ha! Kid, enough with your act. We saw everything when you were fighting those bloodthirsty monsters. You are now critically injured and are simply no match for us,” Zhao Qiang laughed out.

“Are you fellows not afraid of my Prized artefacts?” Chen Feng brought Bloody Soul out, gripping it in his hand. Waves of violent aura spread out and the powerful, bloodthirsty demonic energy caused the expressions on both Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu to change.

“Is that a demonic artefact?” Ma Wu cried out in shock.

“You are quite the knowledgeable one.” Chen Feng sneered.

“So what if it is a demonic artefact? You are currently wounded. You are simply incapable of unleashing the demonic artefact’s power.”

Seeing Chen Feng take out the demonic artefact, Ma Wu and Zhao Qiang first grew vigilant. Soon however, looks of greed appeared on their faces.

“Sigh, forget it! I didn’t think that a famous sect like the Extreme Celestial Sect would have fools like you two. I am too lazy to be bothered with you fellows.” Chen Feng waved his hand and his body leaned against the tree. Then, he closed his eyes and began circulating his energy while adjusting his rate of respiration to heal up his wounds.

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, the expressions on Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu’s faces changed once again. Next, gritting their teeth, they attacked Chen Feng. Flying swords of water and fire shot forward from left and right respectively, bringing the imagery of water and fire descending upon Chen Feng. The attack appeared to be bursting with power.

Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu had practiced this move together so many times, they had practically lost count. Even a cultivator who had developed his or her domain power would have to exercise caution when dealing with it.

However, Chen Feng remained immobile, seemingly having gone to sleep.


Suddenly, a violent divine sense rippled out. It was as though a thunderclap had gone off beside their very ears. At the same time, a silver-coloured wyrm, exuding a domineering atmosphere, appeared before Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa!

Two snapping sounds rang out and Ma Wu and Zhao Qiang’s flying swords were sent flying. Their minds quaked and they felt the divine senses they attached within the flying swords shattering.

Chen Feng, who appeared to be sleeping, suddenly beckoned with his hand and the two flying swords flew into his grip.


Both Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu simultaneously puked out a mouthful of blood each. They had been cultivating the flying swords of water and fire who many years now, pouring who knows how much efforts into it. Unexpectedly, the two swords had been snatched away.

However, that was not the most painful thing they beheld. The following scene brought them an even greater amount of despair.

Sou! Sou!

The illusionary silhouette of two large dragon talons emerged from the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm. Grasping forward, the talons easily caught them, one in each talon. Next, they were heavily slammed against the ground. No matter how hard Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu tried, they could not cause the dragon talons pressing down on them to budge.

“I can finally come out and take a breather.”

Purplebolt carefully observed Chen Feng. Seeing no reaction from Chen Feng, he then snickered at Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu. His massive body abruptly swirled out into the rain. The long, silvery-white body of the wyrm kept swirling about within the pouring rain, ignoring the lightning bolts arcing through the sky. It overturned the clouds and sucked up the water, moving up and down as it played around happily.

Having transforming from a snake into a wyrm, he possessed the ability to manipulate rain and clouds. Although Purplebolt had yet to officially overcome Lightning Tribulation, its innately powerful bloodline could control the changes in the rain. As for the lightning bolts arcing though the sky, the Great Yao was not fearful of it because those were not Sky Lightning.

Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu watched as the domineering wyrm create winds and waves within a tempestuous rain while overturning the clouds. Then, they looked at Chen Feng, who had both his eyes closed while slowly adjusting his rate of breathing. They struggled furiously without cease until their faces turned red from exhaustion. Then, they stopped. Although the dragon talons – that the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm had left behind – pressing down on them were but illusionary silhouettes, they were not the type that the likes of Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu could extricate themselves from.

“Senior Brother Chen, we were in the wrong. You are a magnanimous person, let us go. We swear we will never tell anyone about this!” Ma Wu was the first to shout out.

“That is right, senior brother. We were in the wrong today. We were just thinking about what is good for the sect. We had no ill intentions,” Zhao Qiang too, shouted out. 

“You must not kill us. If not, the sect will definitely find out about this.”

“As long as you let us go, we will definitely repay you in the future.”

Unfortunately, no matter what the two of them said, they were unable to get any response from Chen Feng. In the end, their throats became parched from all the shouting and they stopped. Occasionally, they would look at Chen Feng, then the distant wyrm. They secretly tried to think of ways to escape.

At that moment, Chen Feng was completely ignoring everything that was happening outside because he was completely focused on healing his wounds.

The several sneak attacks by the Phantom Beasts in the earlier battle were nearly beyond what Chen Feng could handle. It would not be an exaggeration to say that his muscles and bones had been broken as a result of their attacks. The bones of one of his shoulders were practically smashed to pieces. That was despite his insight acupoints working to absorb most of the destructive force. If the full destructive force had spread throughout Chen Feng’s body, it would have torn him to pieces.

Siii! Those fellows from the Demon Plane are truly powerful. Their attacks sure are brutal.

Chen Feng could clearly observe his wounds and the finest of the microscopic bits within his body. The human body was made up of these countless microscopic bits. As Chen Feng was observing this miraculous scene, he mobilized his power to repair the damaged microscopic bits.

Glimpsing the profound, comprehending the profound and entering the profound.

At that moment, Chen Feng had entered the entering the profound realm.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! 

All the blocked spots in his body were opened up and some of the damaged microscopic bits were immediately repaired. Those fine existences kept growing and reorganizing on their own. The smashed bones within Chen Feng’s body began to quickly re-connect. Next, a wondrous force wrapped them up and they fused back to their original form. Moreover, after this repairing process, the bones grew even stronger.

As Chen Feng was healing himself, the energy that he had absorbed into his several insight acupoints were released for him to gather, refine and absorb.

During this healing process, Chen Feng had swallowed five Scarlet Blood Pills, one after another. Surging potent energy kept seeping out from his body and Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu became so shocked, they were at a loss for words.

“It seems we are really unfortunate today.” The two quickly discussed the matter as they attempted to find a way to escape today’s calamity.

The pouring rain lasted for the whole night and some low-lying lands were filled with rainwater. Moist filled the air.


Chen Feng finally woke up. He opened his mouth to eject a mouthful of faint and bloody air. Purplebolt was crouched down quietly not far away from Chen Feng.

Pop! Pop! Pop!   

When Chen Feng stood up, snapping sounds immediately rang out from every part of his body. Feeling the roaring energy within his body, Chen Feng smiled.

“Aren’t you two going to deal with me? Why aren’t you attacking?” Chen Feng asked with a sneer as he looked at Zhao Qiang and Ma Wu, who were suppressed by the dragon talons.

“It is our defeat. Kill us or slaughter us, it is up to you,” said Zhao Qiang, who put on a tough front.

“Fine. Since you fellows are asking for it, I will not hesitate.” After saying that, Chen Feng raised his palm.

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