Chapter 187: Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunter


Within the clump of thick demonic energy was a humanoid creature, black as ink. Disgusting-looking scales covered its body, which sported muscular and powerful limbs. Its head was covered with carapace, revealing only its pair of ferociously glinting eyes and sharp fangs which were still dripping with blood.

Is this the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunter? It looks really disgusting. Even a crocodile looks better than it, Chen Feng thought.

Just as Chen Feng was considering how to deal with the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunter before him, he suddenly heard a wretched cry from behind him. Turning, he saw that the fleeing disciple had fallen to the ground, his body shrivelled up. When Chen Feng was considering his move, another Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunter – who was hiding nearby – had sucked the disciple dry.

I got careless.

The thought had just crossed Chen Feng’s mind when he felt two ghastly gusts of wind approaching him from two different angles. A faint sense of crisis rose up from his heart, causing Chen Feng to feel surprised. From what Chen Feng could tell, although these creatures from the Demon Plane were somewhat unique, they should be no match for him in terms of strength. So, why the faint sensation of danger?


Chen Feng’s figure flashed to the side to easily dodge the sneak attacks from the two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. Next, he bellowed.

His shout rose to the sky and instantly alarmed the entire town. Every Extreme Celestial Sect disciple was alarmed and they all rushed towards Chen Feng’s location.

This situation will be resolved once the other disciples arrived. In fact, Chen Feng believed that he alone could deal with it. After just two breaths’ worth of time, however, Chen Feng changed his mind.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chen Feng’s fingertips rapidly sent out beam after beam of potent energy, which struck the bodies of the two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. Chen Feng was confident that the beams he shot out could pierce even two-chi-thick steel plates. However, when his attacks struck the hard scales, they only managed to create sparks (1 chi = 0.333 m).

“So hard?” Chen Feng was shocked. As he was thinking about increasing the power behind his attacks, the hairs on his back suddenly rose. An unexpected force was approaching his body. That force had not given any sign of its existence or revealed any killing intent. It simply bypassed Chen Feng’s divine sense to hit his body.


The powerful force erupted against Chen Feng’s back. At the same time, the two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters that Chen Feng had forced back again and again earlier unleashed an extraordinary level of power. They immediately broke out from Chen Feng’s suppressive fire and shot towards Chen Feng like a volcanic eruption.

Originally, Chen Feng had assumed that this would be an easy fight. At that moment, however, it had become somewhat dangerous. Chen Feng could sense it. The force slamming into his back earlier was capable of killing even a level 6 Concealed stage cultivator.

Chen Feng was only at level 2 of the Concealed stage.

In that critical moment, Chen Feng’s five senses were pushed to its limits. His sea of wisdom was able to monitor not just everything around him, but even the finest details inside his body. He could clearly feel his body, filled with vitality, under the destructive assault from the powerful force. No matter how powerful his fleshly body may be, it was useless.

In the face of the powerful force invading his body, Chen Feng did not attempt to move away. Naturally, he did not simply stand by idly. Instead, he opened up all his pores and gave up on defence, allowing the powerful force into his body unimpeded.


Chen Feng sneered inwardly. The Heavenly Origin acupoint in his glabella, the Magnetic acupoints on his feet, the Tristar acupoints on his forehead, all six insight acupoints were opened up to exert an incomparably formidable power of absorption. The powerful and destructive force assailing his body was split and completely sucked into those insight acupoints.

Even though it sounded complicated, all of it happened in the blink of an eye. During that moment of crisis, Chen Feng had made a surprising move to deal with the sneak attack.

At the same time, the attacks from the two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters before him arrived.

Chen Feng did not perform any flashy moves or utilize his magic treasures. He simply sent his palms out at lightning-like speed to collide against his opponents’ attacks.


A booming sound rang out and Chen Feng’s figure flew out. Making use of the force, he twisted his body and flew tens of metres into the sky.

By then, the other disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect had arrived. The ones in the lead were Zhao Qiang, Ma Wu and another heir disciple.

After arriving, they noticed what was going on and were immediately shocked. Without saying a word, they sent out their flying swords to hack down on the two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters.


The two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters released burst after burst of peculiar noises from their throats. The demonic energy on their bodies grew thicker and they kept swinging their hard claws around, causing clanging sounds to ring out. Shockingly, they were actually capable of blocking the attacks from the flying swords.

“What are these things?”

The other disciples who were following them quickly moved forward to surround the two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters.

Chen Feng was still hovering in the sky. Although he had utilized the Longevity Scripture’s Heavengulping Absorption Technique to deal with the powerful force within his body, he had still received a considerable level of damage. He could feel his blood flowing around haphazardly and an abnormal feeling of tightness assailed his chest. The muscles on the back of his body had been destroyed by the attack. Chen Feng remained in the sky, taking advantage of the moment to recover his wounds.

However, when he observed the battle, he was immediately shocked. He only saw two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters fighting against the disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect.

What was it that launched the sneak attack against me? Chen Feng immediately thought to himself.

“Everyone, be careful! There is something else hiding in the dark!” shouted Chen Feng, who was still hovering in the sky.

However, he was too late. One of the heir disciples besieging the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters abruptly exploded. He was an heir disciple, one who had already condensed out his Soulflame. Yet, he could not put up any resistance as the attack split his body apart. Before the blown-up bits of flesh could splatter against the ground, a devouring force sucked them all dry.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Immediately after that, a series of banging sounds rang out and the surrounding Extreme Celestial Sect disciples began blowing up in quick succession. Next, all the blood from their bodies was utterly sucked out.

“What was that? What is hiding in the dark?”

“Not good! Hurry up and run! Even an heir disciple was killed, we are no match for the enemy!”

“Don’t panic! Everyone, do not panic. We absolutely must not panic. We must stick together.”


Next, however, the disciple who shouted out exploded and the situation became even more chaotic.

“Damn it! Just what is hiding in the dark?” Zhao Qiang, Ma Wu and the other heir disciples shouted, gritting their teeth.

The thing hiding in the dark is even more powerful than the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. That was truly a close call earlier. If I had not decisively sent all that destructive force into my insight acupoints, that attack would have left me in a half-dead state. The Soulflame in Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom began to rage and his eyes shone. His strands of soul power interweaved one another to form a net which then enveloped the area beneath him as he swiftly searched around for the hidden thing.

The cultivation bases of Zhao Qiang and the other heir disciples were quite good. However, they were clearly still lacking in combat experience and the ability to react swiftly in times of emergency. In the face of the two Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters, they temporarily found themselves incapable of handling the situation. Additionally, there was still a threat hiding in the dark.


Another disciple was killed. This time, it was an inner disciple.


Chen Feng waved his hand and the Longevity Pike in his hand became a stream of light as it stabbed into a certain spot on the ground.


The hard ground exploded, but it missed the thing hiding in the dark.

“Everyone, do not panic! Hurry up and form a circle!” Chen Feng shouted. At the same time, two more Longevity Pikes appeared in his hand.

“Here!” Suddenly, an inner disciple shouted loudly and a flying sword hacked down against the air in front of him.


The flying sword broke into pieces.

Sou! Sou!

The two Longevity Pikes in Chen Feng’s hands shot out, spinning forward from both left and right. Chen Feng was confident that his attacks would hit home this time.

Bang! Bang!

The Longevity Pikes abruptly exploded and a clump of dark demonic energy appeared before the eyes of all present. The attacks from Chen Feng had forced it out.

Eh? It is not a Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunter. Seeing the creature within the clump of demonic energy, Chen Feng became shocked.

Although it also possessed a humanoid shape, the creature within the clump of demonic energy was one notch smaller compared to the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. Fine scales covered its body, but it had neither fangs not claws. However, savage bone spikes grew out from every part of its body. That was especially true of its fists, seemingly formed from black-coloured bones. It was a chilling sight to behold.

Hey, no wonder my defensive magic robe could be ripped apart. It turns out to be this insanely powerful monster. Chen Feng felt a slight chill running down his spine.

“Tower, what is this thing? Surely it is not a Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunter?” Chen Feng asked.

“This is the Phantom Beast from the Demon Plane. It is very good at stealth. Additionally, its entire body is incomparably resilient. Its bone spikes are even more so. He he, this is a good material for the forging of flying swords. Honestly, the Phantom Beast is a type of demonic beast that is even stronger than Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. However, their numbers are smaller compared to that of Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters. I suggest capturing this Phantom Beast. After training it, you can use it as an assassination tool. Do not look down on this fellow. With enough luck, it can even assassinate a Sky Human stage cultivator,” Tower said.

“So powerful? However, given the current circumstances, I cannot utilize my abilities to capture this demonic beast, or my strength will be exposed.” After saying that, Chen Feng pounced down on the Phantom Beast below. A spear formed in his hand even before he landed in front of the Phantom Beast. It was the Longevity Spear.

The Longevity Spear was overbearingly powerful. The thrusting momentum of the spear caused an explosive sound to erupt in the middle of the air. As it hadn’t been too long since Chen Feng began condensing the Longevity Spear, its power had yet to rise up. Chen Feng knew that this attack could not possibly harm the Phantom Beast. However, Chen Feng was also secretly utilizing his energy to lock down the opponent.

The Phantom Beast did not choose to avoid Chen Feng’s attack. Instead, it raised up both of its hard arms to take on Chen Feng’s attack.


A booming sound rang out and the Phantom Beast was slammed into the ground by the force of the surprise attack from Chen Feng. As for the Longevity Spear in Chen Feng’s hand, it shattered.

Chen Feng’s hand swung out and the fragments of primary energy that had yet to dissipate rapidly converged to form a sharp pike. Then, with a swing, he joined the other disciples in their fight against one of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters.

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