Chapter 182: Rain of Swords


The opponent was a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator. Although he had yet to condense out his Soulflame, he had reached the glimpsing the profound realm. Additionally, Chen Feng could faintly sense a powerful, yet hidden power within his body. Chen Feng knew that was due to the fact that this opponent of his had cultivated his insight acupoints.

Even though Chen Feng was practicing the Longevity Scripture, without the 100 years of extra cultivation base, he would not have the confidence of defeating his opponent, assuming he chose not to use his Prized artefact or Soulflame. However, things were different now. Chen Feng could casually deal with his opponent just by condensing out a Longevity Sword.

Seeing Chen Feng use his own primary energy to condense out a sword, a hint of disdain appeared on the lean disciple’s face.

“I will let you attack first.” Again, he said. He had already forgotten how he failed to snatch the ore away from Chen Feng’s hand earlier.

“Fine.” Chen Feng nodded his head. With a gentle forward step, he advanced tens of metres forward and the Longevity Sword in his hand arrived before the lean disciple.

“So fast!” The lean disciple was shocked. Left with no time to consider, he sent his flying sword hacking down at Chen Feng while quickly dodging.

Chen Feng took another step and his figure immediately disappeared from the trajectory of the attack. However, his Longevity Sword continued to shoot towards the lean disciple.

The lean disciple felt hampered. Normally, Concealed stage cultivators would utilize their magic treasures to fight while standing 100 zhang away. At that very moment, however, his opponent’s attack had gotten close to him. He didn’t even have the time to counter. He was forced to retreat again and again. Additionally, he was vaguely sensing a terrifying power from his opponent’s attacks (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

“Go all out!” The lean disciple shouted and both his hands shot out simultaneously. A sphere of lightning bolts flashed out from each of his palms. Then, he moved to grab the Longevity Sword coming right at him. Meanwhile, his flying sword, also flashing with lightning bolts, hacked down at Chen Feng. 

Puchi! Puchi!

Two sounds rang out and the lean disciple cried miserably as he backed away. Unknowingly, a bloody hole had appeared on each of his palms while his own grade 5 flying sword was now in Chen Feng’s tightly grasping hand.

“What? Grasping a grade 5 flying sword with your hand alone? How is that possible?” Seeing that, the lean disciple’s eyes widened. As for his companions, they had wanted to swarm forward. However, seeing the flying sword fail to extricate itself from Chen Feng’s grasp, they halted their steps.

The other onlookers too, gaped as they looked at Chen Feng in surprise.

“Could that fellow be an heir disciple? Even heir disciples wouldn’t dare use their hands to grab flying swords. Not to mention, that is a grade 5 flying sword.”

“Who is that fellow? Why have I never seen him before? Is he a newcomer?”

“No wonder he is not afraid of those from Astral Thunder Club. It turns out he is powerful. Hey, hey, those fellows have kicked the iron plate today.”

“Serves them right.”

“We admit defeat. Please return my junior brother’s flying sword.” Someone finally spoke up. As for the lean disciple, another disciple had stepped forward to prop him up. He treated his wounds while looking at Chen Feng in dread.

“With one sentence, you want to end this?” Chen Feng waved the flying sword in his hand and sneered.

“If not, what do you want? Do you want to kill us?” said the one who spoke up earlier, his voice icy.

“Hey, hey. You fellows were the ones who provoked me, wanting to snatch my item for no reason. You fellows were attempting to bully me. Now that you have lost, you want to end it like this?” Chen Feng sneered.

“This junior brother is right. The guys from Astral Thunder Club only know how to bully the weak and fear the strong. Last time, when a few newcomers offended them, they abolished the newcomers’ cultivation bases. Now that they have encountered a powerful character, they are immediately becoming submissive.”

“The way I see it, you can cut off their arms and legs. As long as you don’t kill them, anything goes.” 

“What exactly do you want? Our Astral Thunder Club is not something a newcomer like you can offend!” The lean disciple suddenly screamed, his palms still bleeding. He had taken some medicinal pills, but they were completely ineffective. The sword energy from Chen Feng’s Longevity Sword had invaded his body and was destroying all the vitality within the vicinity of the wound.

“It is very simple. Just like how I had to buy the piece of copper ore with money, if you want to safely leave, then you must pay the equivalent price. If you don’t, I will seriously cut off your arms and legs,” Chen Feng said with a derisive smile.

“Humph! Let’s go. I don’t believe he would dare do anything to us,” the lean disciple said with a scoff.

“If that is the case, I won’t hold back.” After saying that, Chen Feng flicked a finger. The Longevity Sword in his hand shot out and abruptly exploded into a sky-encompassing rain of swords, which fell upon those fellows.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Each of the rain-like beams of sword energy was as fine as a steel needle. Moreover, they were as plentiful as the amount of hair on a cow. In an instant, the beams enveloped those fellows. Immediately after that, a mist of blood erupted as a total of six fellows were riddled with holes. Tens of bloody holes were left on each of their bodies and blood kept spraying out.

Chen Feng’s hand suddenly exerted a suction force and the flying swords and spatial pouches on all of them fell into Chen Feng’s hand. He even pulled out two exquisite flying swords from inside the bodies of two fellows.

Impressive, these two fellows also know the acupoint aegis art. Chen Feng felt slightly surprised.

“By doing this, our Astral Thunder Club will never let you go,” said the lean disciple who was lying on the floor, his voice shaky. 

“Consider these items a small compensation.” After saying that, Chen Feng threw all those items into the Longevity Tower.

“I will not be killing you all. However, if you want revenge, you should treat your wounds first. As for you two, I have already warned you fellows about it last time. If you come make trouble again, I will not be holding back,” Chen Feng said with a scoff. Next, he beckoned to Lu Ta and the two of them swiftly leapt to the sky and left.

“The move earlier is truly powerful. It could wound all four cultivators at level 5 of the Concealed stage. That fellow should possess the power of an heir disciple, right?”

“Tsk, tsk. The meridians inside those four fellows have been cut. The two fellows behind are worse off. Even their acupoints are broken. It will be difficult for them to recover their strength.”

“Let’s go. We need to quickly report this to the boss. A powerful fellow has appeared amongst this batch of newcomers. Our Heavenly Origin Club needs to be quick in recruiting this fellow.”

“Our Seven Kills Club has also taken an interest in the two kids.”

After Chen Feng’s departure, the onlookers began discussing amongst themselves. When they finally learned that Chen Feng was a newly recruited outer disciple, they were incredibly shocked. Some of the clubs and organizations took an interest in both Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

“Sigh! We had only just offended the Fairbright Club a few days ago. Now, we’ve provoked this so-called Astral Thunder Club,” Chen Feng said with a sigh, shaking his head.

“Should we look for a club to join as well? That way, we will have some backing as well,” Lu Ta suggested.

“Personal strength is more important. Besides, we are still newcomers who do not know much about the situation within the sect. Who knows what is going on with these small groups? Although offending two small groups is a little problematic, I believe the truly strong fellows would not throw away their reputation to come deal with us outer disciples. Outer and inner disciples will be incapable of dealing with us, so we can rest easy for now. We can cultivate with peace of mind while familiarizing ourselves with the situation within the sect,” Chen Feng said.

As he had failed to buy any magic arrays, Chen Feng was slightly disappointed. After returning to the mountain, however, he calmed down and continued his cultivation efforts. During that time, Chen Feng had asked Tower some questions. However, no matter how many times Chen Feng asked, Tower did not respond. Chen Feng figured that Tower must be in the process of melding the piece of Purpleshine Coppercore.

As for Four Ears, he was still in the process of absorbing and refining the yao core. From the looks of it, that process will take a long time.

Only Purplebolt remained lying obediently within the Longevity Tower.

“Young Master, when will you let me out? I am about to suffocate to death inside,” Purplebolt complained.

“When you can assume human form, we can talk about it,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

Purplebolt dared not refute Chen Feng’s commands. Although he felt depressed, he went back to sleep.

When night came, Chen Feng sat on the peak of the mountain, his body as still as an immobile stone. A powerful cultivator with discerning eyes would realize that a faint power of stars from the distant sky was connected to the Celestial Yang acupoint on Chen Feng’s forehead.

Chen Feng did not breathe. Neither did he circulate the primary energy within his body. He simply sat there quietly and absorbed the energy coming from Celestial Yang into his Celestial Yang acupoint, causing it to grow bigger. At the same time, the energy was transforming into a mysterious power.

It continued all the way until dawn. The moment the sun rose, Chen Feng felt his ability to sense Celestial Yang slowly fade until it was finally gone.

He spent the following days continuing his cultivation efforts as well. Although it was monotonous, cultivators must maintain a heart which desired improvement. Not having anyone come disturb him was the best.

After cultivating for days, Chen Feng felt that the newly opened Celestial Yang acupoint had stabilized. Thus, he began cultivating his Celestial Metropolis acupoint. Once night fell, Chen Feng began sensing the star known as Celestial Metropolis. As he had already experienced it before, he was able to sense Celestial Metropolis in just a few days.

Celestial Metropolis possessed completely different attributes compared to Celestial Yang. While Celestial Yang was both overbearing and warm, Celestial Metropolis was both sharp and cold. At the same time, it was incisive. After having just absorbed this power of stars for one night, Chen Feng felt a sense of enlightenment. It felt as though he had become smarter. His thoughts became clearer and faster.

The only aspects it shared with Celestial Yang was that it was equally gargantuan, ancient and eternal.

“According to the Longevity Scripture, after cultivating the Tristar Crown, I can truly reach the one multitasking mind realm. I can also gain a deep understanding of the mysteries of the Soulflame. Now, I am finally experiencing it.” Feeling the two power of stars with different attributes moving within his insight acupoints, he found that there were actually no conflicts between them. On the contrary, there were complementary effects between them.

By then, Tower had long since woke up. According to Tower, he had melted down the Purpleshine Coppercore. However, the core was insufficient in patching up even the smallest crack on his body. Hearing that, Chen Feng secretly clenched his teeth.

Four Ears was still focused on absorbing and refining the yao core.

As Chen Feng was planning on cultivating his Celestial Fate acupoint, the sect finally assigned him a task. His care-free days of cultivation had temporarily come to an end.

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