Chapter 181: Purpleshine Coppercore


“This copper ore is at least over 1,000 jin?” Chen Feng was shocked to the extreme as he looked at the copper ore in his hand (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

“Junior brother, you are truly powerful to be able to lift the ore without utilizing primary energy. You are right. The ore weighs up to 1,080 jin,” the middle-aged man said with a smile.

“What kind of ore is this? How can it be this heavy?” Chen Feng could not help but ask.

The copper ore in his hand was of a dark purple colour and it appeared not much different compared to ordinary purple copper. The only difference was its weight. It was extremely heavy. 

“That is Purple Coppercore Iron,” the middle-aged man said, a serious look on his face.

“Ha ha ha ha, what a joke! This is clearly Purpleshine Coppercore.” Tower laughed out.

“Is it useful to you?” Chen Feng asked Tower.

“Yes. Remember back when I asked you to find some divine objects for me? Purpleshine Coppercore is one of them,” Tower said happily.

“You mean to say that this ore is a divine object?” Chen Feng was slightly surprised.

“Yes and no. Purpleshine Coppercore is a divine object. However, the ore in your hand is not quite at that grade yet. Still, it is already highly valuable. If a master craftsman acquires it, it will not be an issue for him or her to forge out a high-grade Prized artefact. By adding a few other materials, it is even possible to forge out a Sacred artefact. By melding this Purpleshine Coppercore, I can even repair one of the small cracks on me,” Tower said slowly.

“Only a small crack?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from exclaiming.

“That is good enough. You should know this. Normally, not even 100 million Magic crystals can get you this Purpleshine Coppercore. It is comparable to a small-scale Magic crystal mine. Kid, hurry up and ask him where he got the ore from,” Tower said with a serious tone.

“So, this is Purple Coppercore Iron. No wonder it is so heavy!” Chen Feng deliberately said, a smile on his face.

“Little brother, are you interested? This is a valuable treasure, capable of creating a top-grade flying sword,” the middle-aged man said as he regarded Chen Feng.

“Oh! Give me your price, then. Or do you want to exchange it with something?” Chen Feng asked calmly, suppressing the excitement in his heart.

“About that. He he. Truth be told, I don’t want any magic treasures or medicinal pills. I just want some Magic crystals, or Pure Yang Pills. It is that simple,” the middle-aged man said with a smile.

Magic crystals. This should be better, Chen Feng thought.

“If so, give me your price. How much Magic crystals do you want?” Chen Feng asked cordially.

“Either 10,000 Magic crystals or 10,000 Pure Yang Pills.” The middle-aged man extended one finger up.

“No problem, deal.” Chen Feng did not haggle with him. He nodded and directly handed over 10,000 Magic crystals to the middle-aged man.

The way Chen Feng saw it, if the Purpleshine Coppercore was truly as valuable as Tower claimed it to be, forget 10,000 Magic crystals, he would buy it even if it was priced at 100 thousand, 1 million or even 10 million Magic crystals. Chen Feng was practically laughing inside after buying it for 10,000 Magic crystals.

Chen Feng was not the only one. Even the middle-aged man was feeling very pleased as he had acquired the piece of copper ore by accident.

“He he, I happen to need ores like this Purple Coppercore Iron to forge a flying sword. However, this amount is not quite enough. Senior brother, do you have any more Purple Coppercore Iron? I am willing to buy it at a high price,” Chen Feng asked, putting on a leisurely façade.

“Unfortunately, I only have this piece,” replied the middle-aged man, who shook his head.

“One more question, senior brother. Where did you obtain this ore from?” Chen Feng continued asking.

Originally, Chen Feng had assumed that the middle-aged man would refuse to answer. Unexpectedly, the middle-aged man did not hesitate to reply.

“He he. Honestly, it was simply luck. I acquired this Purple Coppercore Iron from the sect.” The middle-aged man chuckled.

“From the sect?” Chen Feng was in disbelief. However, it would appear that the middle-aged man was not lying.

“Yes, it is from the sect. However, you fellows cannot enter that place. I myself may never get the chance to enter the place again, unless I succeed in condensing my Soulflame,” the middle-aged man said with a wry smile.

“You mean?” Chen Feng had already understood.

“That is right. It is the heir disciples’ zone. Back then, I was able to enter because I was performing a task where I followed the other seniors inside. I acquired it at the foot of a bare mountain. Back then, I had searched all around the place but failed to find any more of these Purple Coppercore Iron. I think the heir disciple may have unintentionally threw it away,” the middle-aged man said.

So, that’s how it is. It seems I will have to wait until I have been promoted to heir disciple first. Chen Feng smiled and casually lifted the Purpleshine Coppercore in his hand into the air a few times.

“I want that piece of copper.” As Chen Feng was about to keep the Purpleshine Coppercore and leave, a voice rang out from behind. Even before turning around, Chen Feng could already feel several stares falling upon him.

“Junior brother, I want that copper ore of yours.” A total of six cultivators quickly made their way forward to surround Chen Feng, Lu Ta and the middle-aged man.

Four of them were cultivators at level 5 of the Concealed stage. As for the other two, they looked familiar. They were amongst the outer disciples that Lu Ta had sent packing the other day. Seeing Chen Feng and Lu Ta, they tried avoiding eye contact. However, seeing the other four inner disciples, they puffed up their chests.

“It seems they are here to cause trouble.” Lu Ta sent a secret vocal transmission.

“I am sorry, fellows. I have already sold it,” the middle-aged man said in a hushed tone.

“It seems you did not hear me clearly. I just said that the piece of copper ore will belong to our Astral Thunder Club,” the leader said coldly.

“Astral Thunder Club.” The middle-aged man revealed a frown.

“That is right. Kid, hand it over.” One of the inner disciples, a lean-looking youngster, extended his hand to grab the Purpleshine Coppercore in Chen Feng’s hand.

He made no sound with his move, yet it was incredibly fast. Before his words were fully out, his five fingers had arrived before Chen Feng.

After he performed his grasping motion, however, the Purpleshine Coppercore remained within Chen Feng’s hand. It was as though the youngster had never done anything.


The youngster was shocked. He repeated his move with increased velocity and electrical currents seemingly crackled between his five fingers.


Once again, the youngster caught only empty air. Still holding onto the Purpleshine Coppercore, Chen Feng smiled at them.

“So, you are an expert. I was mistaken. May I ask for your name?” the lean-looking disciple asked in a solemn tone.

“Chen Feng,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“I have already paid for this piece of copper ore. You fellows are a little late.” After saying that, Chen Feng simply kept the Purpleshine Coppercore.

After the Purpleshine Coppercore entered the Longevity Tower, it was instantly enveloped by a clump of flames. Next, the flames slowly burned and melted down the tough piece of ore.


Seeing Chen Feng keep the piece of copper ore, the faces on the four fellows sank. After that, they turned to look at the middle-aged man. “Junior brother, surely you will be giving our Astral Thunder Club some face? Now, hurry up and ask back the copper ore for me.”

“I am sorry, but there is no need for our Heavenly Origin Club to give your Astral Thunder Club any face,” replied the middle-aged man with a shrug.

“Fine, fine. We will remember you.” Hearing the name Heavenly Origin Club, their faces immediately revealed looks of fear.

Lacking the courage to trouble the middle-aged man, they turned towards Chen Feng and Lu Ta once again.

Chen Feng and Lu Ta had no desire to pay them any attention. After exchanging glances, they turned around and made to leave.

Seeing Chen Feng and Lu Ta attempting to leave, they thought that the two were afraid of them. Immediately, they rushed forward to stop Chen Feng and Lu Ta. 

“Kid, hand over the item. If not, you will suffer,” the lean disciple said with a malicious tone.

“Are you fellows simply robbing now?” Chen Feng asked coldly.

“Ha ha ha! We are robbing you now. What of it?”

“Kid, if you have guts then follow us to the top of the mountain.”

By then, Chen Feng had already understood the function of the flattened surface of the mountaintop. It was for the disciples to resolve their conflicts. Although the sect prohibited the killing of fellow sect members, it did not prohibit fighting. On the contrary, in order to enhance their combat prowess, the sect encouraged the exchange of pointers between disciples.

It did not take long before Chen Feng and the others make their way to the mountaintop. At the same time, a group of inner and outer disciples followed them there to watch the show.

“Did you see that? Those fellows are from Astral Thunder Club. Ha ha ha, to think that the Astral Thunder Club could have such members. Relying on the fact that they are stronger to bully others, how shameful.” The surrounding disciples began discussing the matter. That was especially true for those with backings of their own. They fearlessly ignored the fact that those fellows might overhear them. 

“True. Those two are obviously outer disciples. Less in numbers and cultivation base. It is not just bullying the weak, they are even relying on numbers. Originally, I had planned on joining Astral Thunder Club, but now? Forget it.”

“Why don’t you join our Heavenly Origin Club? Our club does not have these type of garbage bullies.”

Hearing their discussions, Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling. It would appear that the competition between these small groups was very fierce. If they were to find out that he had already condensed out his Soulflame, would they still say the same thing? Strength wise, he was the one bullying the weak.

“Are you fellows going to come at me one at a time or together?” Chen Feng asked with a humoured tone as he looked at the inner disciples standing before him.

“I am enough to take care of you.” The lean-looking disciple walked out.

“You are at level 5 of the Concealed stage while I am just at level 2 of the Concealed stage. Isn’t this fight a little unfair? Or do you people love this kind of thing?” Chen Feng said with a faint smile.

“How is it, kid? Are you afraid now? If you are, then put that item down and leave. I can forget about what happened today,” the lean disciple’s face flickered and he said with an icy voice.

“Fine, make your move then. If you win, I will hand the item over, but what if you lose?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“We will not lose. Make your move.” After saying that, the lean disciple sent a flying sword – flashing with lightning bolts – out from his body. The flying sword circled around him.

“Grade 5 flying sword. It is also infused with the power of lightning. No wonder this kid is so arrogant.” Then, with a thought, a Longevity Sword appeared in Chen Feng’s grip. 

Chen Feng could sense that, since gaining the 100 years’ worth of cultivation base, the Longevity Sword he condensed had reached grade 6 of the Magic tier. Furthermore, its offensive power was slightly higher than that.

Chen Feng had been bitterly practicing the Longevity Scripture every day. The higher his cultivation base grew, the more wondrous he found the Longevity Scripture to be. It felt as though the past him had only grasp a smidge of it.

“Kid, I will let you make the first move!” the lean disciple shouted coldly.

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