Chapter 180: Yao Core


Soon enough, Chen Feng and Lu Ta became disappointed.

The caverns there were very spacious. It was unknown just what magic was used, but the outside light could make its way in. Additionally, the wall was embedded with a high number of fist-sized Night Clarity Pearls. The pearl was a rare item worth cities in the outside world. However, inside the sect, it was only a simple decorative item.

The interior of the cave was similar to the exterior of the cave, the air clear and nothing to block their view. Chen Feng and Lu Ta began looking around from the foot of the mountain up. By the time they were halfway through, Chen Feng was already feeling frustrated.

Although there was a very comprehensive array of items there, none of them caught Chen Feng’s eyes. Occasionally, there were some rare medicinal herbs or some Human-tier medicinal pills. There were even some grade 4 or 5 magic treasures or magic robes. Those items were quite something for the outer disciples there. For Chen Feng however, those items were worthless. He already possessed Prized artefacts. Would he care about Magic artefacts? 

“It seems we are going to be disappointed again today,” Chen Feng said as he shook his head. Although he did see some people selling magic arrays just now, the power of the magic arrays was insufficient to stop even inner disciples.

However, as he was about to reach the top of the mountain, Chen Feng finally saw an item that piqued his interest. It was a yao core.

“What is this?” Chen Feng asked, pointing at the crystal in front of him. Truth be told, Chen Feng was not interested in the crystal, but the item sealed within the crystal.

The item inside the crystal was half the size of a fist, scarlet-red in colour and circular in shape. Looking at it in detail, it resembled condensed blood.

Earlier, Chen Feng sensed strands of powerful aura floating around. That was how his gaze ended up on the crystal.

Unexpectedly, the other party did not respond to Chen Feng’s question. It would appear that he simply had no desire to entertain Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

“We’re asking you a question here. Are you deaf?” Lu Ta shouted.

“Ask what? Can you fellows afford it?” the youngster sitting behind the counter said with a disdainful tone after giving Chen Feng and Lu Ta a glance.

“Oh, is that so? It seems you are looking down on us outer disciples.” Chen Feng sneered. Then, he reached out and grabbed the block of crystal.

Chen Feng’s action caused the youngster to immediately grow furious. Slapping the table, he jumped to his feet and was about to unleash his temper when he got a good look at what Chen Feng and Lu Ta were wearing. A surprised expression appeared on his face. Next, a smile appeared. The change happened so fast it shocked even Chen Feng.

“He, he. What is it that caught your interest?” the youngster asked with a smile.

He was a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator who had cultivated up to the glimpsing the profound realm. He was also an inner disciple. Naturally, Chen Feng understood why his attitude would change so quickly. It was due to what they were wearing.

They were wearing grade 5 magic robes while a grade 5 flying sword hung down each of their waists. Although their cultivation bases were not too high, it was enough to shock the youngster.

These two must have a powerful background, the youngster thought.

“I was asking about this thing.” Chen Feng showed the crystal in his hand.

“Junior brothers, you two sure have discerning eyes. The item sealed inside the crystal is the yao core of a Great Yao,” the youngster was quick to reply.

“Yao core of a Great Yao!” Chen Feng was stunned. He thought back to the tree spirit. Back then, he had absorbed a portion of the tree spirit’s essence, allowing his cultivation base to rise by leaps and bounds. The tree spirit then had survived one Lightning Tribulation, which meant that its power should be that of a Great Yao. The essence of the tree spirit should be the equivalent of a yao core.

This is a good item, Chen Feng thought.

“Tower, is this the yao core of a Great Yao?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“Yes. However, much of the essence within it has been lost. There is less than half of its original power left,” Tower’s reply was swift.

“Less than half. Still, this is the essence of a Great Yao. This should be a good thing. Why would he sell this away? Right, if I buy this, will it be useful for me?” Chen Feng asked.

“Yes, you can absorb the yao power within the yao core. This is the essence of a Great Yao. After absorbing and refining it, your cultivation base can rise significantly,” Tower replied coolly.

“Then why didn’t this fellow absorb and refine the power inside?” Chen Feng felt somewhat puzzled.

“Kid, do you think that human cultivators can casually absorb and refine yao cores? It is not that simple. The reason you can do so is because you are cultivating the Longevity Scripture. These ordinary cultivators want to absorb and refine yao cores? Dream on!” Tower said contemptuously.

“It is difficult for human cultivators to do that. If so, can other yao beasts refine this yao core?” A thought flashed through Chen Feng’s mind and he quickly asked.

“They are all from the yao family. It is only natural that they can do that,” Tower replied.

“What kind of Great Yao is this yao core from?” 

“He, he. I am not certain myself. I had acquired this yao core by accident.” There was a smile on the youngster’s face and he spoke with a very polite tone.

Originally, the youngster had intended on keeping the yao core and use it himself. However, he later discovered that he could not refine the power inside. Helpless, he could only bring it out for sale.

“I want this yao core. State your price,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“That…” Hearing those words, the youngster began contemplating.

“Don’t think about asking for a high price. To tell you the truth, there is less than half of its original power left in this yao core,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Hmm, I want to trade it for a grade 6 Magic-tier flying sword,” the youngster said, gritting his teeth.

“Ha, ha. You have quite the appetite. How about this? I am willing to give a grade 5 Magic-tier flying sword in exchange.” After saying that, a flying sword hovered above his palm.

“Grade 5 flying sword!”

Seeing the flying sword in Chen Feng’s hand, the youngster’s face revealed an ardent look.

“All right, deal!” gritting his teeth, the youngster said.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the flying sword flew forward to land on the youngster’s hand. As for Chen Feng, he quickly kept the crystal.

Next, Chen Feng sent a portion of his divine sense into the Longevity Tower.

“Four Ears, I have something good for you.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out within the Longevity Tower and the crystal he just bought cracked open right before the Four-eared Spirit Monkey. A potent yao power spread out.

“Eh? That is a yao core.” The Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm immediately swirled over, wanting to gulp down the yao core.

“Go back!” Chen Feng snapped. Purplebolt immediately felt his soul shudder and he involuntarily retreated.

“Four Ears, you are a yao beast. You should be able to absorb and refine this Great Yao’s yao core, right?” Chen Feng asked.

“I can, I can, I can absorb and refine it.” Four Ears excitedly communicated with Chen Feng. Seeing the yao core floating before him, he grew so excited he was practically jumping left and right.

“All right. I will give you this yao core. Hopefully, after you have absorbed and refined it, you will be able to improve by several levels. Then, I will let you out to guard the mountain.” After saying that, Chen Feng retracted his divine sense.

The Four-eared Spirit Monkey continued jumping around the yao core. As for Purplebolt, he gave out a few harrumphs, but dared not say anything in response. He looked at the yao core enviously for a while before moving to the side to take a nap.

“Kid, you gave the yao core to the little monkey?” Tower was somewhat surprised.

“Yes. I am currently practicing the Longevity Scripture. Absorbing and refining the yao core will surely distract me. Besides, the item is best suited for yao beasts.” Chen Feng smiled.

“This is the last cave. I wonder if there are any good items here. If not, we would have come here for nothing.” Lu Ta was feeling somewhat downcast.

“Eh? There are so many metal ores here?” Entering the cave, Chen Feng and Lu Ta instantly noticed nugget after nugget of rare ores placed upon the counters, floor and even the wall.

“Tower, aren’t you badly damaged? There are many ores here. See if any of them can be useful.” Chen Feng asked Tower with a smile on his face.

“Humph! What do you take me for? A Magic artefact? A Prized artefact? How could garbage like those be worthy of my attention?” Tower replied in a dissatisfied tone.

“In that case, help me pick some of the better metal ores here,” Chen Feng said.

“Why do you want to buy these? There is nothing good here,” Tower said scornfully.

“Nothing wrong with being prepared. Store up some metal ores beforehand. When my cultivation base is high enough, I want to practice the method of forging artefacts,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“Fine, let me help you select some. Hmm, this is Arhat Ironcore. Its grade is quite good. Buy it.”

“This black-coloured ore is known as Black Steelstone. It is not bad either and suitable for you. Buy it.

“There are some Starsteels, Mystic Stoutsteels here. Tsk, tsk. This is an Allspirit Stone. Although its grade is not high, it is not bad.

“This is Ironcore Substance, that is Iron Illusion Sands. And that is Moro Stone.

“And that…”

Hearing Tower pointing out one metal ore after metal ore, Chen Feng quickly went forward to inquire the price before haggling and buying them. It did not take long before there were tens of metal ores within the Longevity Tower.

“Heavens! That is Purpleshine Coppercore! How could something like this appear here? Kid, no matter what happens, you must buy up that Purpleshine Coppercore. If you have to, you can use ***.” A sudden shakiness could be heard in Tower’s voice. There were shock, excitement and happiness.

“What Purpleshine Coppercore? Are you talking about this purple-coloured copper ore? It looks ordinary to me,” Chen Feng said as he looked at a fist-sized nugget of purple-coloured copper.

“Copper ore, my ass! This is the good shit! It is a valuable item even in the Immortal Plane!” Tower blurted out.

“Surely not. Are you lying to me?” Chen Feng felt dubious. However, he attempted to buy it.

“Senior brother, can you please bring the copper ore over?” Chen Feng said, pointing at the copper ore.

“Oh, you want to buy this ore?” The owner of the ore was a kind-looking, middle-aged man at level 5 of the Concealed stage. He cast a curious look at Chen Feng.

“Yes, I want to have a look.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

“All right. Go take it yourself,” the middle-aged man said with a smile.

Thus, Chen Feng stepped forward and reached for the ore. He failed to move the ore. More power. Still, he failed to move it.

“Eh, it is so heavy?” Chen Feng was surprised. Gradually, he increased the amount of strength he was using. Finally, he was able to pick up the fist-sized copper ore.

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