Chapter 179: Celestial Yang


“I do not know exactly how powerful he is. However, the Club Leader of Fairbright Club has already overcome Lightning Tribulation before. He is a core disciple of our Extreme Celestial Sect,” Luo Fang said, forcing a smile.

“Core disciple!” Chen Feng was stunned.

Extreme Celestial Sect’s disciples were categorized into outer disciples, inner disciples, heir disciples, elite disciples and core disciples.

As outer disciples, Chen Feng could only be considered as a peripheral member. He cannot truly be considered as a true disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. Compared to some of the loose cultivators, what he gained here was a decent place for cultivation, some benefits and even some simple cultivation techniques.

Only after getting promoted to inner disciple rank can he truly be considered a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. Then, he could systematically learn some of Extreme Celestial Sect’s cultivation techniques. Although they were not some high-level techniques, they were better than what most medium-sized immortal dao sects possessed.

After reaching the heir disciple rank, his identity would change. Not only will his cultivation environment become much better, he could even learn some of Extreme Celestial Sect’s internal techniques. Most of the disciples who can successfully become heir disciples were the ones who had condensed out their Soulflames. They were figures that the immortal dao sects would want to nurture. The sect would expend considerable efforts to nurture them and would even provide elders to specifically instruct them in matters regarding cultivation. There were also plenty other benefits in addition to all that. 

After reaching the elite disciple rank, the disciples would begin to acquire some standing within the sect itself. If they can improve their abilities again, they could even be accepted by some elders as their personal disciples, allowing them to practice secret techniques of a higher grade.

Above the elite disciples were the core disciples. Disregarding everything else, the word ‘core’ was enough to communicate everything. There was a requirement for becoming a core disciple. And that was to cultivate up to the Sky Human stage.

Sky Human stage cultivators formed the pillars and backbones of these large-scale immortal dao sects. As for the legendary immortal experts, they rarely reveal themselves. It was unknown where they had hidden themselves into as they focused on their cultivation efforts.

Thus, generally speaking, only Sky Human stage cultivators can represent a sect’s power. They were the entire sect’s core.

Hearing that the Club Leader of Fairbright Club was a core disciple, Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

“Does Fairbright Club only have one Sky Human stage expert?” Chen Feng asked after calming himself down.

“Of course not. There should be other core disciples. However, I do not know the details. At any rate, Fairbright Club is not something that we outer disciples can offend. Unless you have a powerful backer, one word from them is enough to kill us.” The way Luo Fang was looking at Chen Feng and Lu Ta resembled that of one looking at dead men.

“They dare kill people casually?” Lu Ta cried out.

“Naturally, they wouldn’t dare do that in the sect. However, that is only on the surface. You need to know, our Extreme Celestial Mountain covers a radius of who knows how many tens of thousands of li. Fairbright Club is very powerful. They can simply find an opportunity to finish you fellows off. Additionally, we outer disciples cannot just hide away and focus on cultivation. Occasionally, there would be tasks assigned to us from above. Even if those from Fairbright Club do not take action within the sect, you fellows will still have to go out in the future, no?” Luo Fang said.

“When trouble comes knocking, if we cannot hide, then we won’t hide. However, those fellows are surely of the lowest rank within Fairbright Club. Surely, the high-ranking fellows in Fairbright Club will not be starting a war over a small incident like this?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“I don’t know about that. However, you will have to take good care of yourselves. I will say it again. You should hurry up and make up your mind. There is still time for you to quickly leave Extreme Celestial Sect.” After saying that, Luo Fang sighed, shook his head and left.

“Fairbright Club, that is quite the imposing name. However, the quality of some of their members aren’t all that,” said Lu Ta, who pushed his lips to the side.

“We have already entered Extreme Celestial Sect, we will not be leaving just like that. Counter soldiers with arms and water with dams. Take advantage of the fact that they are not here yet to focus on cultivation. A pity. I have not read up on magic arrays. Otherwise, setting up some magic arrays around the mountain is a decent choice,” Chen Feng slowly said.

Next, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he secretly asked Tower, “Tower, you are an ancient relic that are countless years old. You must know some magic arrays, right?”

“Of course,” Tower replied coolly.

“However, you can forget about getting me to set up magic arrays here. I will not casually waste my power.” Before Chen Feng could say anything else, Tower had already figured out what Chen Feng wanted.

“However, I can give you some suggestions. Don’t you have some Magic crystals on you? You can go buy up some ready-made restriction magic arrays,” Tower said.

“Ready-made restriction magic arrays?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“What is so shocking about that? There are weapons for sale, medicinal pills for sale and secret techniques for sale. Naturally, there will also be ready-made magic arrays for sale. As long as you have enough spirit stones, you can even hire several Sky Human stage cultivators to guard you. Of course, that is under the premise that you have enough money,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Also, did you think that the command flags that Ye Ziming used were items that he personally created? I believe he must have bought them with money and placed his own imprint upon them. After all, creating restriction magic arrays is very complicated. It requires those at the rank of master. In most cases, when there is a need for these restriction magic arrays, people would just use money to buy them.” 

“So, that is how it is. It seems I will need to find some time to go on a trip to First Origin City,” Chen Feng said aloud.

“Why do you want to go to First Origin City?” Lu Ta, who was just beside him, was puzzled.

“I want to buy some things,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“I hear there is a trading site in Extreme Celestial Sect as well. In fact, there are more than one. Should I get someone to inquire it for us?” Lu Ta said.

“Right, given how big Extreme Celestial Sect is, it should have practically everything. Cultivators don’t spend all their time cultivating after all.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

After returning to his residence, Chen Feng opened up the spatial pouch he was given and checked its contents in detail. A grade 1 flying sword, a grade 1 magic robe, 300 Pure Yang Pills and a regulation book. That was it. Chen Feng merely gave them a glance before tossing all those items into the Longevity Tower. Quite bluntly speaking, those items were pieces of trash in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chen Feng spent the following period cultivating on the mountain. During the day, he focused on slowly refining the grade 2 Prized artefact, Bloody Soul. During the night, he continued his attempts to sense Celestial Yang from the distant starry sky.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword had completely integrated with Chen Feng. However, it was not as easy with Bloody Soul. Firstly, it was a demonic artefact, one with a potent aura of bloodthirstiness. Secondly, Bloody Soul was a grade 2 Prized artefact. It was one grade higher compared to the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Given Chen Feng’s present level of cultivation, fully integrating with the magic treasure was quite difficult. At the very least, it would not be possible any time soon. For Chen Feng, though, Bloody Soul was a very powerful killing tool. It was also a very important trump card.

As for his efforts to cultivate his Tristar Crown, he finally sensed something on his 10th day. He could seemingly sense a gargantuan star hovering somewhere within the deep and endless starry sky. The star was constantly radiating massive amounts of power into its surroundings. Chen Feng had this vague feeling that the star was much bigger than the one in Eternal World. It was like an overlord of the universe, radiating an endless amount of power.

Immediately after that, Chen Feng felt one of the insight acupoints on his forehead shining abruptly before growing warm. Then, it grew hot. It was such that Chen Feng began wondering if his hair would be scorched by the heat.

The radiations coming from Celestial Yang was hot and overbearing. However, it was also warm and filled with yang-type power. Since successfully sensing it, Chen Feng’s body had begun to automatically circulate the cultivation method and the Celestial Yang acupoint began to slowly open up. At the same time, it kept absorbing the mysteriously formidable power coming from far away.


After one hour, Chen Feng slowly exhaled. Simultaneously, pores from every part of his body sprayed out hot air mixed with turbid air.

As expected from the best yang-type power. It is different compared to the power of stars that I had absorbed back then. This power is much bigger and more overbearing, Chen Feng thought.

Only after day time had arrived did Chen Feng stopped cultivating. He could no longer sense Celestial Yang.

Once my cultivation base rises to a certain level, I will be able to sense Celestial Yang even during day time. Unfortunately, I have yet to reach that level. Chen Feng understood what was going on.

As Chen Feng was considering going for a stroll, Lu Ta happily came over.

“I got someone to inquire the matter. There is a trading site not far from here. However, that place only has outer disciples. If we want a better site, we will need to go deeper into Extreme Celestial Mountain. There is another trading site around 1,000 kilometres away from here. I hear many inner disciples frequent that place,” Lu Ta said.

“Is it only inner disciples?” Chen Feng frowned.

“I was only able to inquire about those two places. If you want a better trading site, we will have to go deeper in. However, those places are probably not the kind of places that we can casually enter,” Lu Ta said.

“All right. Let’s go check those places out first.” Chen Feng nodded.

A distance of 1,000 kilometres was nothing for the two of them. It did not take them long to reach the trading site that Lu Ta mentioned.

A towering, thousand-zhang mountain rose up, surrounded by clouds. To Chen Feng’s surprise, someone had dug large holes into the surface of the mountain, starting from its foot all the way up to its peak. As for the peak of the mountain, it seemed as though someone had cut it with a blade, leaving a flat, 100-zhang radius, circular platform there. A casual glance told Chen Feng that the holes in the mountain were all very big and very well decorated. Many cultivators would come and go, making the place a bustling one. It was like the trade fairs of a prosperous city (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Looking around, Chen Feng saw that the cultivators consisted of outer and inner disciples. However, Chen Feng discovered something else. The outer disciples here all possessed noteworthy levels of strength. They were all about to reach the ‘glimpsing the profound’ realm. As for those inner disciples, they were not too strong, only having reached the ‘glimpsing the profound’ realm some time ago.

“So, that is what this place is. A place for outer disciples to make contact with inner disciples.” Chen Feng immediately understood.

“Come, let’s go check it out. I did not expect this place to have something like a trade fair. Hopefully, I can find some good items.” After that, Chen Feng and Lu Ta descended upon the foot of the mountain. Since this was their first time here, they wanted to slowly look around from the bottom up.

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