Chapter 178: Minor Storm


In the blink of an eye, their group dispersed. Wounded, they fled. Some even fell to the ground, incapable of getting up. 

“Sigh! Are we bullying people here?” Looking at the escaping outer disciples, Chen Feng felt somewhat awkward. At any rate, his cultivation base was far superior compared to them.

“We are not bullying them. They are the ones bullying us with superior numbers.” Lu Ta joked.

Chen Feng regarded the few disciples wailing wretchedly on the ground. With a grasping motion, one of them flew into his grip.

“Senior brothers, have mercy. We will not do this again.”

He was one of the original eight. He had assumed that, no matter how powerful Chen Feng and Lu Ta may be, they would be no match for 50 outer disciples. However, the display of prowess from both Chen Feng and Lu Ta resulted in a brutal pounding for his group. That was especially true of Chen Feng’s performance, grabbing and destroying magic treasures with his bare hands. Looking at Chen Feng, the hearts and courage of those few remaining disciples fell into shambles.

“I am in a good mood today, and I don’t feel like killing anyone. According to the rules of the sect, we cannot kill our fellow disciples. However, beating you to a near-death state should be all right.” As Chen Feng spoke, a glint of killing intent flashed across his eyes.

“Argh! Mercy! Senior brother, mercy!” Thinking that Chen Feng was about to attack him, the disciple cried out with a heart-wrenching voice.

“Humph!” With a swing of his hand, Chen Feng tossed him to the ground.

“Hurry up and scram. Don’t ever return to this mountain. If you are still not convinced, you can get others to come. However, we will not be so kind next time,” Chen Feng said icily.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the disciples quickly struggled up and ran far away. They did not even turn to look back.

“Those fellows seem to have quite some connections. If they find some inner disciples or heir disciples over, we will be in trouble,” Lu Ta said with a frown. 

“There is nothing we can do about that. For now, we need to hurry up and improve our cultivation bases and get promoted to inner disciples. Our situation should improve as well,” Chen Feng said.

The next day, Luo Fang came to their mountain.

“I’ll be bringing you fellows to go receive your sect allowances,” Luo Fang said the moment he arrived.

They flew after Luo Fang for one hour, making their way past one mountain after another. After flying through what Chen Feng felt to be at least 250 kilometres, they finally saw a towering mountain.

The mountain was completely bare, looking completely different compared to the mountains around it. A large palace could be seen halfway up the mountain. There were also flat and spacious, man-made platforms there. Extreme Celestial Sect disciples filled the platforms. Looking at them, Chen Feng saw a few familiar faces.

They were all lining up to acquire their allowances.

After waiting for a long time, it was finally Chen Feng and Lu Ta’s turn. However, just as the two of them were about to step forward, a disorderly group of people appeared from behind them. The group then moved forward, shoving Chen Feng and Lu Ta behind them.

Lu Ta was about to lose his temper when Chen Feng secretly held him back.

Those disciples appeared terribly arrogant. On their way there, they had knocked several other outer disciples out of their way. However, those outer disciples dared not let their anger show. Clearly, the group of disciples were the lords amongst outer disciples. 

Chen Feng observed them and saw that those in front were only at level 3 of the Concealed stage. And yet, their behaviours were arrogant to the extreme. There was only one other possibility. They possessed a powerful backer.

“Kid, what are you looking at? Do you not like it?” one of them, a blade-wielding fellow, shouted at Lu Ta.

Anger immediately appeared on Lu Ta’s face.

“Oho! Newcomers these days sure are incredible. They actually dare provoke us, the members of Fairbright Club. Hey, hey. When we come out later, you fellows will know what’s up.” After saying that, the fellows glared at both Lu Ta and Chen Feng.

After those people had received their allowances, it was Chen Feng and Lu Ta’s turn.

“Mm, names?” An old fellow brought out a palm-sized jade stone and directed it at both Chen Feng and Lu Ta. Chen Feng then saw their images appearing on the surface of the jade stone.

Chen Feng knew that it was a type of spirit stone with a recording function. After the spirit stone scanned them, it would record them in. Thus, they would officially become Extreme Celestial Sect’s outer disciples.

“Chen Feng.”

“Lu Ta.”

“Mm, these are yours.” After saying that, the old man brought out two spatial pouches and tossed them on the counter.

“Right, a reminder for you two. You fellows are new. You cannot afford to offend those fellows. So, you will need to be careful,” the old man said.

“Thanks.” Chen Feng nodded his head as he took those spatial pouches. Using his divine sense to inspect them, he saw a magic robe, magic sword, medicinal pills and some other items inside.

When Chen Feng and Lu Ta entered the main hall again, they saw those arrogant fellows sneering at them.

“You two are out. Hurry up and get over here!” the blade-wielding fellow said fiercely.

“How did you fellows end up offending them?” Luo Fang, who was waiting outside, quickly came over. There was a concerned expression on his face.

“So, you are the one who brought them over, short fatty? Could it be that this time’s newcomers are all so unruly?”

“Damned fatty, this matter does not concern you. If you don’t want to get beat up, just move aside,” those fellows shouted.

The other outer disciples who came to receive their allowances quickly distanced themselves from Chen Feng and Lu Ta, fearful of getting caught up into it.

“Sigh!” Giving Chen Feng and Lu Ta a glance, Luo Fang sighed before walking away. At any rate, he was neither intimate nor related to Chen Feng or Lu Ta. There was no reason for him to provoke a calamity for their sake.

“Brothers, those two are just standing there. It seems they are disrespecting our Fairbright Club. What do you think about this?” There was a total of five people surrounding them while ten plus underlings – average outer disciples – followed behind. They quickly moved forward to surround both Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

“I originally thought that we would be able to cultivate in peace after entering Extreme Celestial Sect. Unexpectedly, so many small fries would come trouble us,” Chen Feng said to Lu Ta in a helpless tone.

“They see us as newcomers and think that we are easy to bully. Brother Chen, why don’t you go harsher on them and show off your power a little. That could save us the trouble of having more death-seekers troubling us,” Lu Ta chuckled.

Seeing Chen Feng and Lu Ta ignoring them, those outer disciples who were used to acting wantonly grew furious. Two of them immediately rushed forward, their hands shooting out to grab both Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

“Ravenous tiger descends the mountain!”

“Goshawk pounces its prey!”

The tough fingers on their two hands became like sharp swords, creating air-piercing sounds as they arrived before Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

Although it was quite the ordinary move, the speed at which the two of them were displaying the moves was fast. There was more force behind the moves. Even if their two targets were made of iron, their attacks would still be able to rip their targets to pieces.

“Using such a vicious move right off the bat? If an ordinary disciple fails to block it, their arms would be ripped apart,” Chen Feng said coolly. Next, he waved his hand softly and his fingers moved as if playing a pipa before accurately striking the two attackers’ wrists. 

Kacha! Kacha!

Two cracking sounds rang out and the two disciples backed off, each of them holding their wrist.

Chen Feng had snapped their wrists in the earlier exchange.


A flash of light instantly arrived before Chen Feng, who sneered in response. His palm flashed forward and a steel needle was caught in between his fingers.

“Not bad. This steel needle is a grade 3 Magic artefact. Additionally, it has been enhanced using poison before. It is best used for sneak attacks. However, just now, you fellows mentioned that you are from Fairbright Club? This sneak attack doesn’t seem like a very fair and bright move,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. He exerted more force with his fingers and his primary energy surged out, causing the steel needle to instantly break.


One of the disciples turned pale. “You destroyed my magic treasure?”

“Everyone, attack together!”

“Sigh! I don’t have the time to waste on you mobs.” With a thought, Chen Feng sent out his grade 5 flying sword. With a flash of sword light, the five disciples surrounding Chen Feng and Lu Ta screamed out wretchedly as they fell to the floor. After that, the flying sword transformed into a stream of light and landed upon Chen Feng’s palm.

In that instant, the tendons of the disciples’ arms and legs had been cut. Although not fatal, it would require them several days to recuperate from the wounds.

“Do not bother me again in the future, otherwise it will be your lives I take next,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Heh! They can only bully the weak and show fear towards the strong.” Lu Ta scoffed.

After that, Chen Feng and Lu Ta swaggered out through the platform and flew up. As they were planning to leave…

“Just you wait! Our Fairbright Club will never let you off!” one of them gritted his teeth and retorted.


A bluish-green stream of light descended from the sky to directly pierce the disciple’s sea of energy, nailing him to the floor.

“Argh! You abolished my cultivation base!” shouted the disciple who was now lying on the floor.

“Just your primary energy. If you remain unconvinced, you can come after me for revenge. When you do, I will be abolishing your sea of wisdom as well.” Chen Feng’s voice rang down from above.

“Brother Chen, is this action all right? Will it violate sect rules?” Lu Ta was somewhat worried.

“Don’t worry. There are countless disciples in Extreme Celestial Sect. If they have to worry about something as minor as this, those elders can forget about cultivating. I am just worried that someone from their Fairbright Club might come to trouble us,” Chen Feng said.

“You two, wait up.” It was then that Luo Fang caught up to them.

“Oh, Senior Brother Luo. It just so happens we need to ask you something,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“No, no. In the future, I will have to address you two as senior brothers. However, do you know what kind of calamity you two provoked today?” Luo Fang said gravely.

“Oh, provoked a calamity? You mean those fellows earlier?” Chen Feng replied calmly.

“They are from Fairbright Club. You two should probably leave Extreme Celestial Sect as fast as you can and find a place to hide.” Luo Fang shook his head and sighed.

“He, he. It’s not that bad, right? Just give us an overview about this Fairbright Club first,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Sigh!” Fatty Luo released a sigh.

“Our Extreme Celestial Sect has countless disciples. Thus, it is only natural for some of the disciples to come together and form their own cliques. You know that, right?” Luo Fang asked.

“A little. Truth be told, this situation exists in every sect.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

“This Fairbright Club is one of those cliques. They have a fairly high number of members. Additionally, they count plenty of experts amongst their members. Now that you have provoked Fairbright Club, they can simply get one of their experts to deal with you. Those fellows are not the type that newcomers like you two can handle,” Luo Fang said grimly.

“How powerful is their boss?” Chen Feng directly asked.

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