Chapter 177: Tristar Crown


Chen Feng and Lu Ta did not concern themselves with what might happen next. Instead, they found themselves a courtyard each and began cultivating themselves.

The spiritual energy there was plentiful. Steadying himself, Chen Feng could instantly feel the continuous flow of spiritual energy into every part of his body. Next, he refined and absorbed them.

Next step, to assail level 3 of the Concealed stage, Chen Feng thought.

However, Chen Feng did not start assailing the barrier in his sea of wisdom. Instead, he attempted to open up the other insight acupoints first.

This time, the insight acupoints that Chen Feng wanted to open up were the three insight acupoints on the crown of his head. The three insight acupoints, the Celestial Yang, Celestial Metropolis and Celestial Fortune acupoints form a triangular shape. They were the highly important three acupoints on the forehead. When combined together, the three had another name, the Tristar acupoints.

At that moment, Chen Feng wanted to open up his Tristar acupoints. Only after acquiring the Tristar Crown can Chen Feng truly grasp the mysteries of the Soulflame. Additionally, he could constantly absorb the power of the three suns known as Celestial Yang, Celestial Metropolis and Celestial Fortune. Truth be told, this could be considered a cultivation method for the power of stars.

Additionally, only after opening up the Tristar acupoints can Chen Feng truly reach the ‘storing artefacts in the body’ realm. Although he could already keep the Overwhelming Astral Sword into his Heavenly Origin acupoint, that was not his own power.

That was not all, Chen Feng could also cultivate up to the ‘one multitasking mind’ realm, rising from ‘glimpsing the profound’ to ‘comprehending the profound’ realm.

Night came and the night sky of Extreme Celestial Mountain seemingly became both brighter and profoundly distant. Each of the celestial bodies shone with greater clarity and Chen Feng could sense the slow movements of certain celestial bodies.

The Tristar Crown. Celestial Yang, Celestial Metropolis and Celestial Fortune. According to the Longevity Scripture, I must first start with Celestial Yang. After recalling that, Chen Feng quickly circulated the cultivation formula recorded in the scripture and began to remotely sense where Celestial Yang was in the vast starry sky.

He spent the whole night doing that to no avail. Chen Feng was simply incapable of sensing the existence of the star known as Celestial Yang.

“Is there something wrong with the way I cultivate?” Chen Feng grew doubtful. 

“Kid, do you know how far away Celestial Yang is from Eternal World?” Tower suddenly asked.

“I don’t know.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“I do not know the specifics myself. However, I do know that there are countless layers of space in between. If we are to convert them into distance, it is at least 50 quadrillion kilometres away. Heh! You want to sense something so far away on the first day? Do you fancy yourself as an Immortal Human or something?” Tower laughed.

“What? 50 quadrillion kilometres?” Chen Feng was utterly flabbergasted.

“That is right. So, you would do well to concentrate on cultivation. Never become impatient. The more impatient you become, the harder it becomes to sense it. When it comes to cultivation, the higher one’s level rises, the more abstruse one’s state of mind becomes. There are quite a number of cultivators who required a whole year to practice this cultivation method,” Tower said amusedly.

“If so, what is the fastest record for this cultivation method?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“One day,” Tower said coolly.

“Eh, one day and one year. The difference between those two… tsk, tsk. What a pity.” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

“Although your talent is not that high, you have already condensed out your Soulflame. Thus, your rate of cultivation should be much faster compared to others,” Tower said.

Chen Feng said nothing. He spent the day checking his own place for a bit before going around to check out the other places. The other cultivators who came in together with him were staying in places similar to his. All of them were staying in hundred-zhang tall mountains with 10 courtyards. Chen Feng flew up high and peered into the distance. He saw continuous and endless mountains stretching into the horizon. He was simply incapable of seeing just how many mountains there were. Perhaps it was 10,000, or perhaps 100,000. As the aura emanating from every mountain was similar, Chen Feng knew that those were the residential areas for outer disciples.

Who knows how many overlapping spaces there are here? If it were not for that, this Extreme Celestial Mountain would be incapable of accommodating so many of these mountains. Not to mention, these mountains are completely similar. They are definitely not natural. They must have been created by human hands. Truly, impressive work, Chen Feng thought.

Along the way, Chen Feng also met some other outer disciples. Whenever he encountered familiar faces, he would nod his head and greet them. Sometimes, they would even chat for a bit. Thus, the day passed by quickly.

After the sky had gone dark, Chen Feng returned to his own mountain and continued his cultivation practice. This time too, Chen Feng cultivated with patience. However, after the entire night was over, he had still not made any progress. 

For three consecutive days, Chen Feng found no clues as to where he should go. His heart inevitably grew anxious. He recalled the time he spent opening his Heavenly Origin acupoint and the Magnetic acupoints. Although they were difficult, there were clues to guide his way throughout the process. At present, however, there were no clues at all. In fact, Chen Feng felt that it was somewhat unreliable to use his current level of power to attempt to sense a star that was 50 quadrillion kilometres away from him.

“Can I not sense some stars that are closer for this?” Chen Feng asked.

“Naturally, it will not be the same. Celestial Yang, Celestial Metropolis, Celestial Fortune. Those three ancient stars are incomparably massive. They have existed for who knows how many hundreds of millions of years. The amount of energy within them is unimaginable. Not to mention, this cultivation method you are practicing was created according to those three stars,” Tower said as a matter-of-factly.

“Then, can I absorb the power of other stars?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Of course, but it will greatly reduce the results of your cultivation efforts. Cultivation techniques are divided into different grades. After establishing a link with the three stars, you can truly open up the forehead’s three acupoints. Once that is done, you will be able to absorb even the power of other stars,” Tower said.

“In that case, I will slowly practice it.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

On this particular day, Chen Feng had just spent the whole night practicing, but with nothing to show for his efforts. He planned on finding Lu Ta to go for a stroll when a series of loud noises came from the foot of the mountain.

“It seems trouble has come knocking,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Brother Chen, there are people approaching. A total of 50 cultivators.” Lu Ta quickly met up with Chen Feng, standing beside him.

“50 cultivators. It seems these fellows have quite the ability,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“But they are all outer disciples.” Lu Ta smiled.

“Humph! A motley bunch. No matter how many they gather, it will be useless. Come, let’s send them packing. We’ll be able to have a quiet atmosphere in the future,” Chen Feng said, a smile on his face.

“Young Marquis, is it those two fellows? They don’t look like much. Could it be the eight of you were incapable of handling them? Isn’t that too shameful?”

“Humph! Prince Wang, those two fellows are not to be underestimated. They are wearing high-grade gear. The magic robes and magic swords on them are all at grade 5. If it were not for that, there would have been no need for me to gather up so many people.”

As expected, they are the children of nobility. No wonder they could gather up some helpers. Chen Feng considered.

Although these young nobles were no match for immortal dao sect disciples, they had been given a good foundation since their childhood days. They were much stronger compared to commoners. Thus, many of those capable of entering Extreme Celestial Sect were the young members of nobility.

The strongest amongst them are only at level 3 of the Concealed stage. Although they have some decent magic treasures, it is simply impossible for them to handle us. Do they think numbers can give them the advantage? Right, they do not know about my strength. Maybe, they assumed that my strength is about the same as Lu Ta. If that is the case, their actions are understandable. Chen Feng considered the situation.

“Why did you fellows come back? Are you looking for a beating?” Lu Ta stepped forward with a sneer on his face.

“Since we are all disciples of the same sect, we have no desire to bully you two with numbers. How about this? As long as the two of you kneel down, apologize and move out from this place, we can forget about this,” Prince Wang shouted, arrogance etched on his face. It would appear that he viewed Chen Feng and Lu Ta as inconsequential beings.

“Just scram!” Lu Ta’s fiery temper rose. He did not utilize the newly-bought flying sword and instead swung his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff at them.

They did not expect Lu Ta to be so blunt. Before they could react, three outer disciples had been sent flying.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! You come here with just this little ability? Are you asking for a beating?” Lu Ta laughed out. The Endless Sky of Turbidity staff in his hand swung out forcefully again and two more outer disciples were sent flying.

“Everyone, attack!”

The remaining disciples quickly brought out their magic treasures and sent barrages of sky-enveloping attacks at Lu Ta.

Flying swords, seals, ropes, hooks, curved blades and even some fine, poisonous needles flew forward. Some even brought out small gourds which sent forth thick clumps of poisonous smoke.

As expected, this wave of attacks threw Lu Ta into a state of chaos. Due to a moment of inattention, a brick-like magic treasure slammed into him, causing him to stagger backwards.

These fellows are quite insidious. To be swarming forward all together, it seems they had discussed this beforehand. Chen Feng could not help himself from smiling inwardly at the thought.

The tens of magic treasures appeared terrifying. However, their grades were not high. The strongest magic treasure was only at grade 4. Even so, Lu Ta would lose under such circumstances.

As Chen Feng was about to help out, the others finally began attacking Chen Feng. Two flying swords, a rope and a seal attacked Chen Feng, seemingly in an attempt to sound him out.

“I didn’t go look for you people, but you people came looking for me.” Chen Feng sneered. His hands swiftly shot out to grab the two flying swords. Tightening his grip, the flying swords were destroyed and spiritual energy spilled out.

Next, Chen Feng reached out to grab the incoming rope before abruptly pulling it with both hands, snapping it apart. After that, Chen Feng rapidly threw a punch to shatter the seal that was falling down on him.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Four outer disciples sprayed out a mouthful of blood at the same time. They cast a look of dread at Chen Feng. It was as though they were looking at a demon.

Next up, Chen Feng became like a ferocious tiger pouncing into a flock of sheep. Every attack from him would end with a destroyed magic treasure. Every time a magic treasure was destroyed, an outer disciple would cry out wretchedly while puking blood.

Chen Feng waved his hand furiously, causing a mighty palm force to surge out. The poisonous smoke was swept into a swirling vortex. Next, with a picking motion, Chen Feng grabbed and destroyed a poisonous needle.

Opening his mouth, he exhaled. The potent might behind his exhaled breath sent a flying sword flying backwards. With a backhanded slap, a hook was snapped apart.

One by one, the outer disciples were wounded and Lu Ta felt the pressure on him weakening. He bellowed out and the Endless Sky of Turbidity staff in his hands furiously spun and five magic treasures were sent flying.

“Argh! Hurry up and run!”

“Senior brother, please spare us! Have mercy!”

“My magic treasure. This is my only magic treasure.”

Witnessing the tiger-like savagery that Chen Feng and Lu Ta were displaying, the outer disciples became utterly terrified. Some kept wailing and some kept begging for mercy. There were also some who turned and fled.

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