Chapter 176: Rules


There was a total of 10 courtyards. Chen Feng’s group was assigned a small courtyard each. The picturesque landscape and the abundant spiritual energy gave them the feeling that this was a good place for cultivation.

“Hey, hey. Everyone here is a newcomer. I have something to tell you all in advance. We outer disciples are the lowest ranking existences here,” Luo Fang suddenly said.

“What about it?” someone asked.

“What about it? There’s plenty. Do you all think that after joining Extreme Celestial Sect, you all can cultivate peacefully? That is not the case. Do not forget, we are outer disciples. We are not yet formal disciples,” Luo Fang said with a smile.

“Oh, we are all newcomers. There are many things that we do not know. I hope Senior Brother Luo can explain it to us. Please accept this little gesture.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a small clump of Magic crystals flew out to hover in the air.

Not too much, just 100 Magic crystals.

“He, he. Very well. Since we are all outer disciples, let me explain the rules one time to you all.” With a smile, Luo Fang kept the Magic crystals.

“I’ll repeat, all of you must first understand that we outer disciples are the lowest-ranking existences in this sect. Be it our clothes, food, accommodation, behaviour, all of them cannot match up to inner disciples. We are most certainly no match for high-ranking disciples like heir disciples or elite disciples.”

“The mountains we stay in are the hundred-zhang mountains. The spiritual energy here is several times thicker compared to the spiritual energy outside the sect. Inner disciples stay in the thousand-zhang mountains. The spiritual energy there is several times higher compared to the spiritual energy here.”

“The currency here is not Basic Yang Pills. It is one grade higher than that, the Pure Yang Pills. One Pure Yang Pill is the equivalent of 100 Basic Yang Pills.

“We outer disciples are only given 10 Pure Yang Pills per day while inner disciples are given 100 or more. Those of a higher rank like the heir disciples will get more.

“And then there are magic robes, magic swords, medicinal pills, cultivation manuals and various others. We outer disciples cannot match up to inner disciples in those aspects.

“When outer disciples meet inner disciples, we must bow and address them as senior brother or senior sister.

“Outer disciples also have to perform certain tasks. To be blunt, its menial chores.

“Outer disciples can only move around within the territory of some nearby mountains. We cannot casually enter the inner zones.

“Outer disciples…”

“… … …”

Luo Fang continued. It was as though Luo Fang was reciting all the regulations of Extreme Celestial Sect. 

“I understand. All the things mentioned can actually be summed up as: Might brings standing. With enough power, we can be promoted to inner disciples or even heir disciples,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“He, he. That is one way of putting it. However, I have an advice for everyone. We are all young. It is normal to be prideful. However, there is always a higher mountain out there. We are just outer disciples. In all of Extreme Celestial Sect, we cannot afford to offend anyone else but outer disciples. Rather, there are even outer disciples with backers that we cannot offend. To sum it all up, keep a low profile and focus on your cultivation. When your cultivation base advances, every problem can be resolved,” Luo Fang said cordially.

“Tomorrow, I will bring over your magic robes, magic swords and others for you fellows. You fellows should go find a place to rest up first.” After saying that, Luo Fang turned and left.

“That short fatty is quite decent.” Lu Ta laughed.

Chen Feng nodded his head and remained silent. He began considering his next path. It was true that this was a good place to practice cultivation. However, after Luo Fang’s explanation, he could gather that there were quite some mundane issues. Of course, those mundane issues were primarily pitted against low-ranking disciples.

It seems I will have to hurry up with my cultivation. Once my level increases, I can go for the inner disciple’s promotion assessment, Chen Feng thought. Truth be told, Chen Feng, who had already grasped the Initial Profundity realm could already be promoted to inner disciple. Considering the fact that he had already condensed out his Soulflame, getting promoted all the way to heir disciple was not an issue either. However, Chen Feng felt that it was more important for him to improve his cultivation base first. Truth be told, Chen Feng’s foundation was still somewhat shallow. Compared to others, Chen Feng had only just entered the Concealed stage for a short period. 

“The highest courtyard is mine.”

“I want that one.”

“Those two courtyards belong to us brothers.”

The other outer disciples took the lead in claiming the rights to the good courtyards.

Frowning, Chen Feng regarded them. Lu Ta, who had wanted to immediately take action, held himself back after seeing Chen Feng’s action.

Soon enough, the eight outer disciples had finished dividing the courtyards amongst themselves, leaving the two worst ones.

“Are you fellows done?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

Those few cultivators were simply nothing in Chen Feng’s eyes.

“What? Are you dissatisfied? Kid, let me tell you. If you want to join us in the future, you better be obedient. If not, you will be in a world of pain,” one of the cultivators, a man wearing blue clothes, said with a ferocious tone. 

Chen Feng and Lu Ta exchanged glances. Was there something wrong with these fellows’ heads? The two of them were openly wearing grade 5 magic robes and wielding grade 5 flying swords. Could they not recognize them? The strongest amongst the eight fellows was not even at level 3 of the Concealed stage. Even if Chen Feng and Lu Ta were to just stand there and let them attack, the eight of them would be incapable of breaking through their defences. 

“Did you guys damage your heads or something? There are 10 courtyards here in total. Now, we will take all 10 of them. You fellows can go ask others to help you out with accommodations,” Lu Ta said with a sneer.

“Nonsense. I see you two won’t follow along unless forced to. Now, hand over all your items. If not, you fellows will suffer. Although the sect stipulates that we cannot harm our fellow brothers and sisters, cutting off an arm or a leg should be fine,” the youngster in blue clothes snapped icily. Next, the remaining seven youngsters surrounded Chen Feng and Lu Ta. The eight of them had, at an unknown moment, formed an alliance to go against Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

“These fellows truly do not know the heights of Heaven and the depths of the earth. Just teach them a lesson. Don’t kill them,” Chen Feng said with a sigh.

“You *** ” Lu Ta shouted. This time, he did not utilize his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff. Instead, he simply utilized the newly-bought grade 5 flying sword.


Sword luminescence swelled up as the flying sword transformed into a one-zhang long astral sword. Under Lu Ta’s control, it swung at the eight fellows with a force capable of sweeping off a thousand-strong army.

“Not good! They are strong. Hurry up and back away!”

“That is a grade 5 magic sword! We cannot block it.”

The eight of them panicked. They were simply at level 1 and 2 of the Concealed stage. How could they block such an attack?

This is bad! We screwed up. We did not expect these two to be so powerful. The same thought flashed across the minds of all eight.

Unfortunately for them, it was too late. Before they could even send out their flying swords, Lu Ta’s attack wrapped them up.

Like a raging wind, the astral sword effortlessly sent the eight outer disciples flying. It wasn’t until their figures had flown 20 metres up into the sky did they finally fall to the ground, where they tumbled down. The meridians inside their bodies were wounded by the sword energy. However, Lu Ta had not attacked with the intention to kill. He had only wanted to teach them a lesson. If he had, he could have killed all eight of them with the earlier attack.

“Since we are fellow disciples from the same sect, I will stop here today. However, if this happens again? Humph! Then, it will depend on my mood.” Lu Ta sneered. With a beckoning wave of his hand, he summoned back his flying sword.

The faces of all eight outer disciples revealed terror. After exchanging glances, they crawled up and rushed forward to beg Chen Feng and Lu Ta for mercy.

“Senior brothers, we have eyes, but failed to see Mt Tai. We were being snobbish. Senior brothers, please do not mind us and show mercy this time. In the future, we will follow whatever instructions senior brothers have for us.”

“That is right! Senior brothers, please show us mercy. We were in the wrong just now.”

Looking at the terrified expressions on the faces of those outer disciples, Chen Feng felt emotional. A few amongst the eight were wearing highly expensive clothes. If his assumptions were right, those fellows were likely princes or royal members from some kingdoms, may be even empires.

In the past, he would have viewed these people as lofty existences, beings that he could only look at and never reach. At that moment, however, they were begging him for mercy.

Sigh! Might is truly the most important thing, Chen Feng thought.

“Forget it. Let’s go,” Chen Feng said to Lu Ta. He had no desire to give them any more of his attention.

“Hey, you fellows better stay here and reflect properly. When I am in a good mood, I might give you fellows a small courtyard to stay in,” Lu Ta said with a sneer.

As expected, seeing Chen Feng and Lu Ta slowly making their way up the mountain, the eight cultivators dared not follow.

“This is horrible. We ended up kicking an iron plate. Those two are so powerful, how are we going to survive in the future?”

“The big fellow should be at level 3 of the Concealed stage. Even the inconspicuous-looking fellow should not be underestimated. However, the most important issue is that the grade of their magic treasures is too high. If not for that, with our combined might, we should be able to beat them down.”

“Yes. I wonder what kind of background those two possess to have such good gears on them.”

“What do we do now? Do we keep staying here?”

The eight outer disciples discussed the matter with distressed expressions on their faces. Although Chen Feng and Lu Ta had left, the threat that Lu Ta left earlier made them fearful and none of them dared to go up.

“No matter how powerful they may be, they are just outer disciples. Moreover, there are only two of them. We can just contact more disciples. Should we be fearful of two fellows?”

“That is right! If we have to continue getting pressed down by them, we will never be able to stand up.”

“All right. Now, let’s go contact some friends. I know of a few veteran outer disciples.”

“Everyone, don’t worry. My cousin is an inner disciple. Additionally, it has been 10 years since he entered Extreme Celestial Sect. As long as I ask my cousin to come, those two will have to kneel and beg for mercy.”

“All right, that is what we’ll do, then. We’ll deal with our wounds first. Then, we’ll leave.”

Chen Feng and Lu Ta had already arrived at the highest point of the mountain. He observed the swirling clouds in the distance, the flock of immortal cranes and the spiritual animals prowling about. Add the thick spiritual energy around them, Chen Feng was suddenly visited by a desire to attain immortality.

“This is a good place for cultivation!” Chen Feng uttered out emotionally.

“Those fellows actually left. Hey, hey. When they return, we must properly settle it with them.” Lu Ta, who was looking at the foot of the mountain, sneered.

“I think they must be looking for backup. It is true, wherever there are people, there will be conflicts and killings,” Chen Feng said coolly.

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