Chapter 172: Zhao Quan


The hotel owner swore a few times. In the end, however, he arranged a new place for Chen Feng and Lu Ta. At any rate, acts of vengeance were quite the normal occurrence in the world of cultivation. Besides, if news of his customers suffering from assassination attempts were to spread out, it would negatively affect the hotel’s business. 

After entering his new room, Chen Feng secretly asked Tower, “Tower, did you know someone was trying to assassinate me just now?”

“Of course. I sensed them the moment they entered the courtyard,” Tower replied coolly.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Chen Feng felt somewhat displeased.

“If you need me to warn you about something like this, if you cannot even handle something like this, your cultivation efforts would have been for nothing. Besides, with your current level of cultivation, those pussy cat-like thieves can never hope to harm you,” Tower said.

Thinking about it, Chen Feng realized that it was indeed true. The men in black were only capable in terms of stealth techniques. In terms of cultivation bases, they were nothing much to look at. In an open, one-on-one battle, even Lu Ta could defeat them.

The remainder of the night flew by quickly. When dawn arrived, Chen Feng and Lu Ta returned to the plaza. As expected, there were already plenty of cultivators lined up beside the teleportation array.

Looking at their tickets, Chen Feng and Lu Ta then made their way into a group of cultivators. There were around 10 cultivators within the group and all of them were headed to First Origin City.

“Although these fellows’ cultivation bases are good, spending 1,000 Magic crystals will surely be a painful matter for them, no?” Lu Ta said with a smile.

“Flying there on their own will take them who knows how long. Additionally, there might be dangers along the way. Utilizing this teleportation array ensures fast and safe travel. Having said that, though, 1,000 Magic crystals is already quite the sizable wealth for the ordinary Concealed stage cultivator,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“Brother Chen, look! The bastard is here as well,” Lu Ta whispered.

As expected, the pale-faced youngster led his four bodyguards with him as he moved in their direction. When he noticed Chen Feng and Lu Ta, an obvious look of shock appeared on his face. Next, however, a hint of devilish killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Lu Ta had wanted to go forward, but was stopped by Chen Feng.

“Don’t take action here.” Chen Feng sent him a secret vocal transmission.

“Humph!” Seeing Chen Feng and Lu Ta, the pale-faced youngster released a harrumph before moving to the front of the group.


It was finally their turn. This time, there were at least 30 cultivators going to First Origin City. All of them stood some distance from each other within the teleportation array.


The magic array activated and the various runes engraved into the platform shone. Unfortunately, Chen Feng could not understand any of it.

Once the operation of the teleportation array reached its climax, a large spatial passageway was opened up. Chen Feng and the others felt a sense of weightlessness upon their bodies before the spatial power enveloped them. Next, their bodies slipped into the void.

None of them spoke. Everyone held a certain amount of fear towards travelling through the void. If any issues were to occur while they were in the process of travelling through the void and they end up falling into the chaos of the void, their chances of surviving were practically zero.

Forget Concealed stage cultivators like Chen Feng, even Sky Human stage cultivators would find falling into the void dangerous. Should they lose their bearings or encounter spatial turbulence, all that awaited them was death. Only after reaching the Human Immortal stage can one freely jump through space. One step from them could bring them through countless folds of space. 

After just one joss stick’s worth of time, everyone felt their bodies shudder and they re-appeared within another circular platform. The platform appeared no different compared to the one in Seven Stars City.

They had arrived at First Origin City.

“So fast?” Lu Ta exclaimed. There was over 300,000 li between Seven Stars City and First Origin City. Unexpectedly, in just one joss stick’s worth of time, they had covered such a long distance.

“Country bumpkins,” the pale-faced youngster said with a sneer. After giving Chen Feng and Lu Ta a glance, he led his bodyguards with him as he walked away.

Chen Feng looked around. Their surroundings were somewhat similar to that of Seven Stars City. Some soldiers in resplendent armour stood around them. However, the design of their armour was slightly different compared to the ones worn by those in Seven Stars City.

“Zhao Quan, where did you go play this time?” Suddenly, a military captain stepped forward and greeted the pale-faced youngster.

“Nothing. I was feeling bored, so I just went out for a walk.” Zhao Quan revealed a rather conceited behaviour. It would appear that he was disdainful of the military captain.

“Right. I hear that many people had died at Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and that some people have successfully entered. Some of them happened to be men from our Extreme Celestial Sect. What exactly is going on?” It would appear that this military captain was the talkative type. He did not mind the look of impatience on Zhao Quan’s face.

“How could I know? I did not enter. However, those who enter that immortal mountain will surely never come out again. The way I see it, that is no immortal mountain, but a death mountain. Those who enter will surely die. Only fools would compete to enter that place. If you are tired of life, you can request the permission to go in,” Zhao Quan said with a sneer. After that, he stopped talking to the military captain and swaggered away. Of course, before walking away, he threw another glance at Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

“So, that white-faced fellow’s name is Zhao Quan,” Lu Ta said while smacking his lips.

“Additionally, he is also a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect.” Chen Feng had heard the conversation between the two.

“It looks like that Zhao Quan fellow has quite the backing. It is apparent that he was looking down at the military captain,” Chen Feng said.

“Such a coincidence? He is actually from the same sect?” Lu Ta was shocked.

“Same sect. Hey, hey. It seems there will be some problems when entering Extreme Celestial Sect,” Chen Feng lamented.

“That little vagrant. Let’s just find an opportunity to beat him to death,” said Lu Ta nonchalantly.

“It won’t be that easy. Come, let’s find a place to stay first and inquire information. Although this First Origin City is part of Extreme Celestial Sect’s territory, there is quite some distance between this place and Extreme Celestial Mountain,” Chen Feng said. 

First Origin City was an existence similar to Seven Stars City. Both were infamous large-scale cities belonging to immortal dao sects of the Northern Plains. There were practically no ordinary humans inside those cities, only cultivators.

The name First Origin City was derived from the phrase ‘first origin of emergence’. It meant that those who enter the city would step into the world of cultivation. Naturally, there was another concealed meaning. It wanted to become the first-ranked city in the world. However, that was just a thought.

“The atmosphere of this city is quite good. Unlike Seven Stars City where there are so much power of stars which cannot be absorbed.” Seeing the bedazzling street, Lu Ta laughed out.

“Be careful, someone is keeping an eye on us.” Chen Feng pretended to look around while sending Lu Ta a secret vocal transmission.

“Who?” Lu Ta too, put on a façade of not knowing about it.

“Just two ordinary cultivators. They must be here to tail us. I believe that Zhao Quan fellow must have sent them,” Chen Feng replied secretly.

“That kid again? What should we do now? This is his territory.” Lu Ta appeared slightly apprehensive.

“No worries. If that is the case, there is no need to quickly find a place to stay. Let’s go for a stroll first,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

Next up, Chen Feng and Lu Ta spent the whole day strolling leisurely through First Origin City. Occasionally, they would buy some items.

Chen Feng could sense that there were constantly some people secretly tailing them. However, they were no longer the same two from earlier. Rather, two new tails would come and take over the job after a certain interval. If it were not for the fact that Chen Feng had already condensed out his Soulflame, he may not have noticed that.

Impressive. This Zhao Quan fellow has quite the influence. Chen Feng felt somewhat shocked.

Next, Chen Feng and Lu Ta kept entering one shop after another. Either that, or start chatting with some passing cultivators. After a certain period of inquiries, Chen Feng finally figured out Zhao Quan’s identity.

Zhao Quan, a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. His personal strength was not worth mentioning. However, he was born and raised in Extreme Celestial Sect. Above him were his brothers, sisters, father, mother, uncles and grandfather. To sum it up, the Zhao Family possessed quite the standing within Extreme Celestial Sect. Thus, despite Zhao Quan’s mediocre abilities, he could still look down upon certain people and would behave arrogantly all the time. If any issues were to occur, he would simply find some of his cousins to help him iron them out.

“So, that is what’s up. Seriously, it’s the same no matter where you go. The same thing I saw back in Iron Sword Sect is now happening in an immortal dao sect as well. It is just that the level is different,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Brother Chen. If this is the case, entering Extreme Celestial Sect will be a little dangerous for us. He has such a massive power on his side. It would simply take one word from him to deal with us,” Lu Ta said.

“It won’t be that easy. No matter what, I will be entering Extreme Celestial Sect,” replied Chen Feng, who shook his head.

Chen Feng recalled Bai Ziyan and his cheap master. Bai Ziyan had already entered Extreme Celestial Sect while his cheap master had also recommended him to join Extreme Celestial Sect. He had even told him to try and cultivate the so-called Everlasting Celestial Formula. The name alone was enough to tell Chen Feng that this was a peerless cultivation manual. Clearly, it was a sect guardian-level treasure for Extreme Celestial Sect. How could ordinary disciples hope to practice it?

Truth be told, Chen Feng had speculated a few times on whether or not his cheap master was from Extreme Celestial Sect. Even if he were not from Extreme Celestial Sect, he should still have quite the connection with the sect.

In order to meet up with Bai Ziyan and his amazingly generous master, Chen Feng was determined to join this sect.

“Right! Tower, do you know anything about an Everlasting Celestial Formula?” Chen Feng suddenly asked Tower.

“Never heard of it. Still, it sounds overbearing,” Tower replied with a careless tone.

Seeing Chen Feng’s insistence, Lu Ta decided against saying anything else. If he were to back away due to cowardice after stepping into the world of cultivation, he will not have much of a future.

When night came, Chen Feng and Lu Ta sat before a stone table within a courtyard. Holding a wine jug, they drank their fill. However, since drinking that bowl of wine from the cyan-robed man, Chen Feng felt as though other wine had become like odourless water. It was quite a depressing matter for Chen Feng.

“Will they come looking for us?” Lu Ta asked in a whisper.

“Most likely. Even back in Seven Stars City, Zhao Quan was daring enough to hire someone to try and kill us. And now, we are in First Origin City, his territory. Still, we managed to get enough information. In one month’s time, Extreme Celestial Sect will officially be recruiting new disciples. We’ll have fun here for a few days before heading to Extreme Celestial Sect,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“You fellows won’t be going anywhere anymore.” A grave voice suddenly spoke up from within the small courtyard. A young cultivator in black clothes had, at an unknown moment, appeared not too far from Chen Feng and Lu Ta’s position. 

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