Chapter 171: Assassins


“Humph! Scram!” Lu Ta became infuriated and he sent a backwards palm strike in response.

“You are the one who should scram!” A voice came from their backs.


Two palms collided and Lu Ta was sent flying. Immediately after that, however, another hand shot out to grab Chen Feng.

As the hand was about to grab Chen Feng, a beam of sword energy suddenly shot out from Chen Feng’s shoulder to pierce through the palm of the hand.


The attacker screamed out in misery and backed away while looking at Chen Feng in dread.

“Are you all right?” Chen Feng moved to pull Lu Ta up.

“I am fine. I was just careless earlier.” After saying that, Lu Ta turned to see who was the one who had launched a sneak attack against him earlier. 

He saw a young man with a slightly pale face and three tall and beefy bodyguards around him. In addition, there was another bodyguard who was gritting his teeth. There was a bloody hole on the bodyguard’s palm and blood kept trickling out from the wound.

This young man appears to be in his twenties and is at level 4 of the Concealed stage. However, his face is so pale and there are blue circles around his eyes. The blood energy in his body is somewhat weak. Just a glance is enough to tell that this is all due to his excessive indulgence in alcohol and sensual desires. However, the four bodyguards are quite something. Every one of them is at level 6 of the Concealed stage. Additionally, it would appear that they are already close to condensing out their Soulflames. Chen Feng regarded them.

To be able to possess bodyguards of this level, it seems this youngster has quite the background. Will we end up provoking some troubles here? Chen Feng secretly wondered.

“Who are you fellows?” Although Chen Feng had already speculated that this person may possess some background, he did not worry too much. This person was just a pleasure seeker who knew only the pursuit of pleasures. This was the kind of person that Chen Feng despised the most. In the cultivation world, might makes right. This fellow could only make use of his family’s power to throw his weight around for a moment. Should he end up encountering a powerful figure, it could only end with his death.

“Kid, who are you two? Do you know who I am?” The youngster shouted out in a conceited voice and a ferocious light glinted across his eyes.

“I have no interest in knowing who you are. One more word from you and I will kill you,” Chen Feng said coolly. A killing intent flashed across his own eyes and the four bodyguards staggered as a result. Immediately, they positioned themselves before the youngster.

“Here are 2,000 Magic crystals. Destination, First Origin City,” said Chen Feng as he brought out an ordinary-looking spatial pouch, which he placed before the old man.

“Here are two tickets. Keep it properly. However, you two will probably have to wait until tomorrow morning to go to First Origin City.” The old man brought out two tickets, made from unknown materials, and handed it to Chen Feng. It was as though he had not seen what happened earlier.

“Tomorrow morning?” Chen Feng felt somewhat puzzled.

“Yes. You won’t be able to go today. Firstly, there isn’t enough time. Secondly, we need to gather up enough people for it,” the old man said with a smile.

“Son of a bitch, so underhanded.” Lu Ta could not stop himself from swearing.

“If that is the case, let’s just come back tomorrow,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Chen Feng and Lu Ta had not moved far when they heard the pale-faced youngster shout, “I want to go to First Origin City… … what? I need to wait until tomorrow? Damn it! Why do I have to wait until tomorrow? I want to go today… … don’t you know who I am?”

“This youngster seems pretty arrogant. He must surely have a powerful background. Besides, he is also going to First Origin City. Will this cause problems for us?” Lu Ta whispered.

“If a brainless fool like this wants to provoke us, we’ll just find a remote place and finish him off for good. There won’t be a problem that way,” Chen Feng replied with an icy tone. 

“Right. He has no power, but he wants to throw his weight around everywhere? The day will come when he dies without even knowing what hit him. So, where are we going now?” Lu Ta said.

“Let’s find a hotel for the night first. We have so much Magic crystals on us. Surely, we are not going to be sleeping in the streets?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

The two of them quickly found an ordinary-looking hotel and rented a small courtyard one night for 1,000 Basic Yang Pills. Once again, Chen Feng and Lu Ta lamented.

“Every action in the cultivation world requires a vast amount of wealth.”

During the night, the numerous stars flashed and a vast amount of power of stars kept flowing down upon Seven Stars City. If a cultivator with a high cultivation base were to open his or her transcendental vision, that person would be able to see what appeared to be a silver river of space, far above the Nine Heavens, pouring down on Seven Stars City. The thickness of the power of stars reached an unimaginable level. The majority of the power of stars pouring down was absorbed by the seven mountains while the small remainder was dispersed through the city.

However, Chen Feng did not notice that. Once the sky grew dark, Chen Feng had sat down to meditate, regulating his rate of breathing. Having reached his level of cultivation base, Chen Feng’s schedule for work and rest was different from ordinary humans. Generally, he won’t even need sleep.

As Chen Feng was meditating, a black shadow, borrowing the darkness of the night, snuck into the courtyard that the two were staying in.

The shadowy figure landed lightly on the ground, making no noise at all. It then advanced like a ghost of the night. There was not a single sloppiness in its move and the figure appeared to have melded with the darkness of the night.

After entering the courtyard, the shadowy figure carefully inspected his surroundings before slowly making his way towards Chen Feng’s room. With every step he took, his figure would grow increasingly blurry. By the time he approached Chen Feng’s room, he could no longer be seen.

At that moment, Chen Feng was still focused on his respiration process. His rate of breathing was even and lengthy and his aura of vitality continued without any interruptions. It would appear that he was unaware of the approaching danger. 

After one joss stick’s worth of time, as Chen Feng was slowly regulating his rate of breathing again, a chilling light suddenly flashed from above Chen Feng. With lightning-like speed, it shot towards the central part of Chen Feng’s head.

As the chilling flash of light was about to make contact with Chen Feng’s scalp, Chen Feng snapped open his eyes. A beam of sword energy blocked the incoming flash of light while another beam shot up into the air. Two more beams also came out to circle around. As for Chen Feng, he hastily jumped diagonally to the side.


A ringing sound rang out as the chilling flash of light struck the sword beam that Chen Feng unleashed. Then, it disappeared.

Chen Feng suddenly felt his hairs standing on end and a chilling sensation descended upon his neck. Without even turning his head backwards, he swung his hand to send a mighty Longevity Blade cleaving into the area behind him.


Once again, another ringing sound rang out before the chilling flash of light disappeared. There was no one else in the room. Chen Feng could not even sense any killing intent.

“Who?” The ruckus had awakened Lu Ta. He swiftly charged into Chen Feng’s room. 

“Don’t come in. Just keep guard outside,” Chen Feng was quick to say.

As Chen Feng was talking, a speck of chilling light shot towards Chen Feng’s back without giving out any noise or warning.


Although Chen Feng was able to dodge in time, a wound appeared on his back. Additionally, a corrosive sword energy was quickly flowing into his body to swiftly destroy his vitality. However, his longevity-type primary energy was able to easily dispel it.

The other fellow is not that strong, but his stealth technique is quite wonderful. Still, it is impossible for him to kill me with just this much. Chen Feng sneered. Next, his powerful soul power spread out from his body and into his surroundings.

“Found you. Here!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and his Longevity Sword swiftly shot forward. Due to the massive power behind his attack, even the roof of his room was blasted off.


A muffled grunt could be heard coming from mid-air. The shadowy figure, a man in black clothing, was still planning on attacking Chen Feng from the top. He had not expected Chen Feng to find his whereabouts.

“Get over here!”

The Longevity Sword exploded. Like a display of fireworks, countless sword beams ripped outwards and the man in black fell to the ground, blood flowing out from every part of his body.

“Who are you and why do you want to kill me?” Chen Feng shouted as he stepped forward. Another Longevity Sword was aimed at the man in black’s forehead. If anything unexpected were to occur, Chen Feng could instantly kill him off.

The man in black regarded Chen Feng silently. There was no change in his eyes at all and he seemed indifferent to the sword aimed at him.


Suddenly, the ground beneath Chen Feng exploded while a black sword shot towards the back of Chen Feng’s head.

“Humph!” Chen Feng released a harrumph and primary energy shot out from his back. The potent energy released instantly knocked the incoming black sword away. After that, Chen Feng swung his hand to send a palm strike out. The sound of bones cracking rang out as another man in black appeared in the middle of the air. Unfortunately for him, the attack from Chen Feng slammed him to the ground and he puked out blood as a result.

Sou! Sou!

Two round beads suddenly appeared in the air, shooting towards Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

The beads abruptly erupted and a rain of poisonous needles filled the room. Clearly, the ones behind the attack were not concerned about accidentally harming the two injured men in black.

After the wave of poison needle attack was over, Chen Feng’s figure could no longer be seen.

“Eh?” A voice rang out from the roof. Next, a sky-encompassing number of sword silhouettes appeared. Chen Feng had re-appeared in the sky above the roof. The Longevity Sword in his hand transformed into a torrential tidal wave of swords and two men in black quickly revealed themselves.

“Let’s go!”

The two men in black exchanged glances. With a wave of their hands, a thick clump of poisonous smoke erupted before Chen Feng’s eyes once more.


Chen Feng released a soft bark as both his palms shot out. Next, a ferocious hurricane swept the poisonous smoke away. As it so happened, the two men in black who were in the process of escaping were swept into the hurricane as well.

The two men in black cried out wretchedly as they disappeared into the night.

Lu Ta was about to give chase when Chen Feng stopped him. “Forget it. They are just some minor assassins. There is no need to chase after them.”

“Are you hurt?” Lu Ta asked anxiously.

“If it were not for the recent 100 years’ worth of improvement to my cultivation base, they might have actually succeeded with their sneak attacks,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Do you know who they are? Could your former enemies have hired assassins to kill you?” Lu Ta speculated.

“He he. Of course not. There is no need to consider something as simple as this. For us to encounter an assassination attempt the first time we are staying here, this must be related to today’s matter.” Chen Feng smiled.

“You mean that white-faced fellow? That bastard!” Lu Ta immediately widened his eyes.

“In all likelihood, it is him. That fellow has quite the power. He could so quickly hire assassins. Although these assassins’ cultivation bases are not strong, their assassination techniques are quite accomplished. I could only notice them after they had come near me.” Chen Feng frowned as he regarded the damaged room.

Soon enough, the hotel owner came. Seeing the damaged room and the two corpses, clad in black, on the ground, he quickly understood what happened.

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podao001's Thoughts

The author started using the word ‘soul power’ in situations where ‘divine sense’ is usually used. They are used interchangeably, so I believe they mean the same thing.