Chapter 170: Seven Stars City


They had returned to the small city, but Lu Ta had yet to recollect himself. Seeing Chen Feng, whose cultivation base had improved by 100 years just by drinking a bowl of wine, it would be a lie to say that he was not envious.

“Sigh, you’ve got Heaven-defying luck, all right. However, we are partners, are we not? How come I could not get a bit of that luck?” Lu Ta muttered in the end as he shook his head.

“Maybe your luck just hasn’t come. Who knows, it might come next time? When we meet the cyan-robed man again, you can quickly go up and butter up to him,” Chen Feng comforted him.

“Heh? Could it be as simple as that? He is like a celestial dragon that rarely reveals himself. Could it be easy to meet someone like that?” Lu Ta shook his head.

“After we enter Extreme Celestial Sect, there will be as many experts as there are clouds in the sky in the sect. Maybe some of them would look favourably upon you and accept you as a disciple,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Next up, Chen Feng and Lu Ta spent their time sightseeing while moving forward. Chen Feng bought a good number of books in one of the large cities they came across. All the books contained either descriptions for the places in Eternal World or the matters in immortal dao sects. For example, the Rookie Cultivators Ranking List, Experts Ranking List, Latest World Developments, Types of Magic Treasures, etc. Chen Feng even spent a considerable amount of money to buy the books ‘Introduction to Artefact Forging’ and ‘Introduction to Pill Concoction’. Although the forging and concoction methods inside were the most simplistic ones available, those happened to suit Chen Feng’s needs.

Again, the books were different from the ones found in the mundane world. Every one of them came at a high price. Additionally, the currency needed to buy them was not the ordinary gold or silver. It required spirit stones and medicinal pills instead. In the past, Chen Feng had been unable to afford them. At that moment, however, he had plenty of Magic crystals with him. Thus, buying those books was not an issue. However, watching the constantly decreasing amount of Magic crystals did cause Chen Feng an aching feeling.

“Unexpectedly, the items in our cultivation world is so expensive. Just one magic robe costs up to 1,000 Magic crystals. That is the equivalent of 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. This is just a rip-off.” Lu Ta complained in a dissatisfied tone.

After their Magic crystal mine adventure, Chen Feng was not the only one who had acquired plenty of Magic crystals. Even Lu Ta and Ye Ziming had acquired plenty of Magic crystals. This time, Lu Ta had planned on buying up some items. After seeing the price tag, however, he grew astounded. 

“This is a grade 5 magic robe. When worn, neither fire nor water can get to you. It protects against dust, poison and stings from poisonous insects. It even gives its wearer flight. Additionally, it can help block off enemy attacks. It can block even the attack of a grade 5 flying sword. This was forged by Master Lu and its grade is the highest in this whole city.” Hearing Lu Ta’s words, the shop owner quickly used his glib tongue to persuade Lu Ta.

“Grade 5 magic robe.” Chen Feng considered it.

“We want 10 of these. Can you give us a discount? Right, I also want to buy a few flying swords,” Chen Feng said.

“Eh, if you buy in large quantities, we can give you some discount.” The shop owner’s eyes glittered. The way he looked at Chen Feng and Lu Ta resembled one looking at the God of Wealth.

In the end, Chen Feng bought a total of ten grade 5 magic robes and ten grade 5 flying swords. All of them costed a total of 50,000 Magic crystals.

“I did not expect that flying swords would cost even more than magic robes of the same grade.” After exiting the shop, Chen Feng was still a little surprised.

“That is only natural. Amongst all the types of magic treasures, offensive type treasures are the most expensive. Right, why are we buying so many magic robes and flying swords?” Lu Ta asked.

“Naturally, we will have use for them. Besides, I cannot possibly bring out my Prized artefact all the time after entering Extreme Celestial Sect. Don’t forget, I am just a level 2 Concealed stage cultivator. After entering Extreme Celestial Sect, we will be newcomers in the sect. We will need to keep a low profile there,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

They then found an unoccupied place and changed into the magic robes. A newly-bought flying sword hung down each of their waist. It was a flying sword that could change its shape according to its user’s will.

With a grade 5 magic robe and a new flying sword hanging down each of their waists, Chen Feng and Lu Ta’s disposition changed completely. They became like disciples from immortal dao sects out on a trip. Instantly, they caught the eyes of many on the street.

“As expected, clothes make the man,” Chen Feng said.

After that, the two of them found some more shops and bought a patch of medicinal pills and some medicinal herbs. Thus, their money-spending trip came to an end.

“Huh! I had originally thought that we’ve become stinking rich after raiding a Magic crystal mine. Unexpectedly, we can only be considered rich in minor places. With this rate of consumption, I fear our Magic crystals won’t last us long. Not to mention, we will also need to absorb the Magic crystals’ energy for cultivation,” Chen Feng said.

“True. Looking at the Magic crystals decreasing one by one is really painful to bear.” Lu Ta gritted his teeth.

“Heh, heh. If there is a chance in the future, we will have to find another Magic crystal mine and conduct another raid,” Chen Feng whispered.

“That is a good idea.” Lu Ta agreed.

“Come, let’s head to Seven Stars City,” Chen Feng replied with a grin.

Seven Stars City was a subordinate city of Starfall Sect, one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects. It was a large-scale city, much bigger compared to White Cloud City. Disregarding its radius of hundreds of li, the number of small and medium-sized cities around it was numerous (1 li = 0.5 km).

Truth be told, since entering Starfall Sect’s territory, Chen Feng and Lu Ta could clearly sense that the spiritual energy in the air was gradually becoming thicker. There was even some other spiritual energy that Chen Feng and Lu Ta found unfamiliar mixed in.

Later on, the two of them found out that the unfamiliar spiritual energy was the power of the stars.

The closer they were to Seven Stars City, the more cultivators there were on the road. Additionally, the cultivators who cultivate the power of the stars make up the majority there. Occasionally, some disciples from Starfall Sect would walk by or fly across the sky. Seeing them, the passers-by would reveal respectful expressions. A small number of them would even bow slightly.

Seeing that surprised Chen Feng.

“It seems Starfall Sect’s rule is very much established,” Chen Feng said.

Amongst the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects in the Northern Plains, Starfall Sect’s power was considered somewhere in the middle-upper ranks. It possessed a vast amount of territory and plenty of people under it. Although its cultivators were not as arrogant, domineering, resolute and courageous as those from Sword Hall, it did possess plenty of talents under them. Their comprehensive power was about on par with Extreme Celestial Sect.

“How strange. Why is the power of the stars especially thick after entering Starfall Sect’s territory? I could not feel it in other places at all,” said Lu Ta, who felt somewhat puzzled by it.

“It may be due to the terrain. Or maybe someone had utilized great magics to establish a link with the stars above,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“You are right. Someone had indeed utilized great magics to establish a link with the stars above. Especially the Extreme Yin and the Extreme Yang. The power of stars from those two are the thickest here,” Tower suddenly spoke up.

“Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang.” Naturally, Chen Feng understood that those were two large and ancient stars, containing the most extreme of yin and yang powers. It was the most wondrous power within the universe.

“I wonder if I can absorb this type of power.” After saying that, Chen Feng attempted to absorb the surrounding power of stars.

In the beginning, only strands of the power of stars melded into Chen Feng’s body. Soon, however, as Chen Feng increased the rate at which he was circulating the cultivation formula, the surrounding power of stars began to flow into Chen Feng’s body. After making a few circulations within Chen Feng’s body, it then transformed into strands of primary essence, which then slowly flowed through his meridians.

“I can actually absorb it?” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

“What is so surprising about that? The cultivation formula in the Longevity Scripture can even absorb demonic energy, let alone the power of stars, the purest energy within the universe,” Tower said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“The purest form of energy in the universe? If so, wouldn’t that mean the cultivators who cultivate star techniques are very strong?” Chen Feng asked.

“Naturally. However, despite the importance of magic techniques, the most important thing is still people,” Tower said.

After entering Seven Stars City, the surrounding power of stars grew even thicker, so much so that it managed to shock Chen Feng.

“What a pity, what a pity. There is such a thick power of stars, and yet I am unable to absorb and refine it. Despite the difficulty involved in absorbing it, it would quickly disperse away.” Lu Ta, who was beside him, sighed.

“It is very simple, just join Starfall Sect and cultivate their star techniques. Naturally, you will be able to absorb and refine this power of stars,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

There were seven unique and towering mountains – 10,000 zhang in height – in Seven Stars City. They were arranged in a certain formation. The seven mountains could constantly absorb a vast amount of the power of stars. A series of magic arrays would then circulate and transform the power and spread the power of stars throughout the whole city, making the thickness of the power of stars within Seven Stars City tens of times higher compared to other places (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

This information came from the books that Chen Feng had recently bought. As to what other functions the seven mountains may possess, Chen Feng did not know.

The power of stars in Seven Stars City was very thick and the buildings there were unusually high. Cultivators would come and go, making it a very prosperous place. However, Chen Feng and Lu Ta did not stay there for long.

They walked around Seven Stars City for two days. On the third day, Chen Feng and Lu Ta came to a very special place within Seven Stars City.

Teleportation array.

It was not a casual spatial magic array constructed out from spiritual energy. Rather, it was a true large-scale spatial teleportation array.

At the centre of the spacious plaza was a circular platform with a 10 zhang radius. The surface of the platform was engraved with fine magic arrays, pushed together in a compact arrangement. There were also various wondrous runes engraved there. At certain locations, rare spirit stones were embedded inside. There was a high number of guards around the place. Those guards were all formal disciples from Starfall Sect.

By the time they arrived, there were already groups of cultivators waiting near the teleportation array. They were all there to use the teleportation array to get to some distant places.

When Chen Feng and Lu Ta arrived, they saw tens of people moving into the circular platform. After a dazzling flash of light, those people disappeared, leaving only waves of spatial power, which rippled outwards.

After one joss stick’s worth of time…

“Next,” shouted a military captain in heavy armour.

After the shout, another group of cultivators walked in. With a flash of light, the group of cultivators disappeared.

Chen Feng gave them a particular glance and saw that the military captain was at level 7 of the Concealed stage. Additionally, he had already condensed out his Soulflame. The surrounding soldiers in heavy armour were all at either level 3 or 4 of the Concealed stage.

After every joss stick’s worth of time, a group of cultivators would walk into the teleportation array to teleport them to their destination.

Chen Feng and Lu Ta looked around before moving towards a nearby building. It was an ordinary-looking building with only one window. However, there were many cultivators lined up outside.

That was the place to pay the teleportation fee.

After finally waiting until their turn, they saw an old man with a white beard who did not bother raising his head before asking, “Destination?”

“First Origin City,” Chen Feng said.

“1,000 Magic crystals each.” Only then did the old man raise his head to look at the two of them.

“What? 1,000 Magic crystals? That is 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. Two person means 200,000 Basic Yang Pills!” Before Chen Feng could say anything, Lu Ta had already shouted out.

“That is right. However, we do not accept Basic Yang Pills. We only accept Magic crystals.” A smile appeared on the old man’s face.

“This is extortion,” Lu Ta muttered.

“Naturally, you fellows have another option. That is to slowly fly there.” The old man did not get angry. Instead, he simply replied with a smile. Clearly, he was used to this.

“You fellows in front, what are you dawdling about for? If you don’t have money, then hurry up and make way for this Young Master!” An arrogant voice rang out from behind both Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

Immediately after that, a strong wind blew towards Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

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