Chapter 169: One Hundred Years of Cultivation


“Brother Chen. What is wrong with you?” By then, Lu Ta had already noticed that something was amiss with Chen Feng.

“Hurry, leave this place.” Chen Feng quickly said. Next, he stood up and his figure flashed out from the wine shop. He halted for an instant, radiating sword light to cover his entire body before leaping into the sky. After that, he flew far away while wobbling slightly.

“Brother Chen, what is wrong?” After exiting the wine shop, all Lu Ta could see was Chen Feng’s silhouette. There was no time for him to say anything else and he quickly flew after him.

“Tower, is there a problem with the immortal wine I drank?” Chen Feng hastily asked as he quickly flew forward. By then, he had already left the city. He searched his memories of the surrounding areas and flew towards a remote place.

“I am currently analysing it. Since it’s wine, there shouldn’t be any big problems. However, the wine you drank is something that the other party had brewed wholeheartedly. It contains many spiritual herbs. Naturally, I am not talking about those low-grade stuff that you usually see. The medicinal powers in each of those spiritual herbs are not something that ordinary people can digest. In other words, drinking that bowl of wine is the equivalent of swallowing several Sky-tier medicinal pills. Not to mention, those are the super nutritious kind,” Tower quickly said.

“What should I do? When you put it that way, am I going to blow up?” Chen Feng said anxiously.

“Hey, hey, who asked you to be so greedy? Thankfully though, this really is just wine. As for what will happen next, he he he he!” Tower then laughed out.

“What will happen?” Chen Feng asked aloud.

“What do you think will happen after you get drunk? Naturally, you are going to get knocked out.” Tower’s voice then took on a relaxed tone. It appeared he had finished analysing Chen Feng’s situation.

Chen Feng felt his dizziness growing more intense. Looking down at the ground, he felt as though the whole world was spinning. Even the sword light protecting his body was flickering, seemingly on the verge of dissipating.

“Huh! To think that I would fall unconscious due to inebriation. Not just that, I got drunk from drinking just one bowl of wine. If word of this gets out, I am going to lose face here.” Chen Feng hastily flew to the ground.

“Heh! Kid, just be happy. When you wake up, you will know just what benefits you are getting,” Tower could not stop himself from muttering.

“Benefits? What kind of benefits?” Chen Feng’s consciousness was becoming increasingly blurry.


Chen Feng fell heavily on the ground, creating a deep crater as he did.

Chen Feng forced himself to open his eyes. When he saw Lu Ta catching up to him from afar, he finally closed his eyes and entered a state of deep slumber. His breaths began growing lengthy as his face gradually turned red. In the end, his whole body turned hot.

“Brother Chen.”

Lu Ta finally caught up to Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng lie on the ground in a state of inebriated stupor, Lu Ta could not stop himself from feeling shocked.

Circling Chen Feng a few times, Lu Ta came to a conclusion which forced out a wry smile on his face. Chen Feng was drunk and was presently in a drunken stupor.

“That bowl of wine is so potent?” Lu Ta mumbled. After that, he went forward to carry Chen Feng away. It did not take him long to reach the foot of a mountain. He then placed Chen Feng on the surface of a smooth piece of rock.

Originally, Lu Ta had assumed that Chen Feng would wake up quickly. Unexpectedly, even after several days had passed, Chen Feng showed no signs of waking up. On the fifth day, a storm descended and rain poured down.

Seeing no other option, Lu Ta found a secluded place and dug out a cave before hiding Chen Feng inside.

The rain lasted for three days and three nights. Still, Chen Feng did not wake up. Even though his whole body was burning up, his rate of breathing was even and lengthy while his heart beat remained vigorous. Even the aura of vitality coming from his body remained stable. Thus, Lu Ta was able to calm down.

Another three days went by, then ten. In the end, Lu Ta could no longer hold back. He walked out from the cave, found a large rock and covered the entrance to the cave. After that, he found a spot 100 metres away from the cave and began cultivating himself.

Lu Ta dared not go far or leave. He was afraid that Chen Feng, in his slumber, would encounter some dangers.

It was very boring for a person to wait alone. That was especially true for Lu Ta, who was an impetuous and energetic man.

On the 20th day, Lu Ta was finally unable to stop himself. He brought Chen Feng out and found a more secluded spot to hide him before flying back to the city to look around.

After one whole day, Lu Ta finally returned. He was relieved to find that Chen Feng was still in a drunken stupor there. Unbeknownst to Lu Ta, the cyan-robed man had returned there once and carefully inspected Chen Feng. A strange look appeared on his face before he finally sighed and slowly left.

A month quickly went by.

The second month went by.

Over three months passed, a total of one hundred days. Finally, Chen Feng woke up.


The large boulder that was blocking the entrance to the cave was shattered by Chen Feng’s palm. Lu Ta, who had just returned and was about to enter the cave, was sent flying as a result.

“Argh! That hurts!” Lu Ta shouted.

“What happened?” There was a somewhat confused look on Chen Feng’s face.

“What happened? I should be the one asking you what happened? Are you awake now?” Lu Ta rubbed a bump on his head as he muttered in a dissatisfied tone.

“What is that smell?” A rancid smell suddenly wafted into Chen Feng’s nose.

“It’s from your body.” Lu Ta pointed at Chen Feng before quickly putting some distance between them.

Only then did Chen Feng realize that his whole body was sticky and there was an unpleasant smell coming off him. It was like that of an ordinary human who had not bathed in several years.

“What happened?” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. Next, he leapt into the sky and quickly flew forward.

“Eh? Something is amiss.” As he was flying in mid-air, Chen Feng noticed an irregularity with his body.

“Tower, what happened?” Chen Feng was quick to ask.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Just think back on it yourself.” Tower laughed.


Chen Feng plunged into a small river, causing waves to spread out in every direction. When Chen Feng finally walked out, all the unpleasant smell on him had utterly disappeared.

Changing into a new set of clothes, Chen Feng then carefully inspected his body.

He remained immobile for one whole hour. Lu Ta, who finally caught up with him, did not say anything to interrupt.

“How could this have happened?” Chen Feng suddenly cried out.

“What happened?” asked Lu Ta, who was feeling curious himself.

Chen Feng extended his right hand and a bluish-green sword was condensed in his hand. It was none other than the Longevity Sword.

The Longevity Sword in his hand grew bigger and bigger and more compact. It continued to expand until it was one zhang in length (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Next, Chen Feng extended his left hand and an even bigger Longevity Blade quickly formed in his left hand. Feeling the power within both sword and blade, Chen Feng felt slightly terrified.

Weng! Weng!

With a swing, both Longevity Sword and Longevity Blade hacked down against the ground at the same time.


A rumbling sound rang out as soil flew about. Two gullies, one-zhang in width and 100-zhang in length, appeared before Chen Feng.

“Woahhhh! Am I hallucinating?” Seeing the two gullies, Lu Ta jumped high into the air.

“I am also wondering the same thing,” Chen Feng said in excitement.

One hour ago, when Chen Feng was familiarizing himself with the state of his body, he found that he had become stronger. Very much so. 

The size of each of his meridians was nearly double that of their previous size while his primary energy reserve was at least 10 times bigger. More importantly, the quality of the longevity-type primary energy that Chen Feng cultivated had improved. His streams of primary energy had seemingly come alive as they kept flowing into every corner of his body. The clarity of the energy streams made it seem like a river of life that had existed for ten thousand years.

His internal organs and bones appeared to have been cleansed. Accessing his inner vision, Chen Feng could see that every one of his bones was exhibiting a faint lustre, seemingly filled with a spiritual attribute.

Chen Feng then took a deep breath. Every pore on his body opened up and faint turbid air was ejected from the pores.

That was not all. Even his Heavenly Origin acupoint and Magnetic acupoints had grown bigger. Sensing Chen Feng’s divine sense, the Overwhelming Astral Sword, which was safeguarding his Heavenly Origin acupoint, immediately responded with a light ringing sound.

More importantly, Chen Feng could faintly sense something else. At certain concealed locations within his body, some other special insight acupoints were constantly pulsing. Chen Feng understood what it meant. It was a sign that those insight acupoints were on the verge of opening up.

On the other hand, Chen Feng could feel that there was seemingly no change to his sea of wisdom. Even his Soulflame had not grown much stronger. And yet, the changes he could sense was already enough to shock him to the extreme.

My strength has risen by several levels. Although the power of my Soulflame has not risen, my fleshly body and primary energy have undergone a qualitative and major improvement. Could this all be due to the bowl of wine? Chen Feng thought, feeling extremely shocked as he did.

“Do you know? Just by falling asleep, you have gained 100 years’ worth of cultivation. Tsk, tsk. One day for one year. Kid, you have a Heaven-defying luck.” Tower chuckled.

“What, 100 years’ worth of cultivation?” Chen Feng was at a loss. However, after considering it in detail, it did feel that way. Ordinary cultivators may not even attain such an improvement after 100 years of cultivation. 

After considering that, Chen Feng suddenly asked, “Brother Lu, how long did I spend sleeping?”

“A whole hundred days! Thank goodness you are up. I was bored to death for the past hundred days.” Seeing nothing wrong with Chen Feng, Lu Ta released a sigh of relief.

One hundred days, one hundred days, one hundred years of cultivation. One day for one year. Chen Feng seemingly became an imbecile.

“One bowl of wine improved my cultivation base by one hundred years, just who is that cyan-robed man?” Chen Feng uttered in shock.

“He is a Human Immortal. Strange, strange. Why would he help you improve your cultivation base for no reason? If you are telling me this is due to your nonsense back then, I will say cut the crap. There must be a reason for this. Besides, when you were in a stupor back then, he had come to check up on you once. I just wonder if he had managed to notice me.” Even Tower was feeling puzzled.

“Who cares? If we cannot understand it, then just let it be. At any rate, this strength is real. If it comes down to it, I’ll just have to return the favour when I meet him again in the future.” As he could not figure it out, Chen Feng decided to simply not dwell upon it. At any rate, an improvement in his strength was always a good thing.

“Brother Chen, just now?” Lu Ta was still reeling from the earlier feelings of shock.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Chen Feng suddenly laughed loudly. He stepped forward and placed his arm over Lu Ta’s shoulder.

“Brother Lu, you just suffered from a huge loss,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“How so?” Lu Ta grew puzzled.

“Do you know? That bowl of wine I drank increased my cultivation base by a good one hundred years. Ha ha ha! Back then, you should have spoken up and asked for a little, or ask me to give you half of it,” Chen Feng laughed out in a pleased manner.

“What? One hundred years’ worth of cultivation? Are you lying to me?” Lu Ta exclaimed.

“Didn’t you see the attack I made earlier?”

“Argh! What a big loss! Why didn’t you leave me half of it? Even a mouthful, no, even a drop would have been good!” Lu Ta was hit with an extreme feeling of regret and the muscles on his face contorted.

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