Chapter 168: Cyan-robed Man


Chen Feng himself felt a little dizzy after taking a few breaths of the wine-scented air. For cultivators, it was generally hard to get drunk even with the strongest alcoholic drink. If they could, their cultivation bases would become worthless.

Thus, this was a completely unexpected situation. The fragrance of the wine lured them in and many of the cultivators were beginning to salivate.

“Good wine. Brother, let me have a taste.” An imposing and muscular man strode forward. Extending his hand out, he made to grab the wine jar in the cyan-robed man’s hand.

That is a cultivator at level 3 of the Concealed stage. Additionally, his fleshly body is brutally strong. The muscles in his body are densely packed while his joints are flexible. Despite his large stature, he is able to move agilely. He must have a vast amount of combat experience. I wonder how this cyan-robed man plan on dealing with him? Chen Feng was quick to analyse the combat power of the imposing-looking and muscular man.

Just as the muscular man’s hand was about to grab hold of the wine jar, the cyan-robed man casually waved his hand and the muscular man with a large stature was sent flying with a wretched cry. He flew a distance of over 20 metres to smash heavily against upon the ground. Then, his head tilted and he fainted.


Everyone there was shocked. They had all witnessed the actions taken by the cyan-robed man earlier. Simple and casual, they did not even see any primary energy coming out from him. It was like a drunk and ordinary person waving flies away. And yet, that move from him had easily knocked a level 3 Concealed stage cultivator unconscious.

This fellow is a hidden expert. That was the thought going through the minds of all present.

How strange. The cyan-robed man is obviously just at level 3 of the Concealed stage. When he made that move earlier, there was no energy fluctuations from his body at all. Not to mention, that hand wave of his was gentle and slow. Even an ordinary human should be able to dodge. And yet, that muscular guy ended up getting hit. That is extremely peculiar. Could he really be an expert? Chen Feng pondered.

“You are courting death!”

Three people charged at the cyan-robed man at the same time. They were none other than the unconscious fellow’s companions. Similarly, all of them were muscular and fast. Even before their shouts could travel across the place, the three of them had already surrounded the cyan-robed man. Three claw-shaped hands shot out to grab the cyan-robed man.

“Sigh! The thing I hate the most when drinking is to be interrupted,” the cyan-robed man said. Once again, he displayed that same move. Observing his move in detail, they could see that it was even slower compared to earlier. An even more detailed observation revealed that his move was aimed at only one of the three men. And yet, the move ended up hitting all three fellows’ chests at the same time.

Everyone there felt as though they were hallucinating. He was clearly aiming at one of the three. Why did all three suffered from the attack at the same time?

Not even Chen Feng could see what happened earlier. If that person’s movement speed was quick, then fine. However, it was clear that the cyan-robed man’s movements were casual to the point where everyone could see the trajectory of his hand movement.


Only one sound rang out and the three muscular men ended up with the same fate as their companion earlier. All three flew out to slam heavily against the ground before fainting.

Amazing. That was no hallucination. This cyan-robed man has already reached an unimaginable level of power. Chen Feng was astounded.

“Tower, can you figure out this person’s cultivation base?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

No response.

Only then did Chen Feng notice that he had lost his connection with the Longevity Tower. It was as though the Longevity Tower had disappeared from his glabella.

Could it be? When he considered it, Chen Feng arrived at a conclusion which he found hard to believe.

Could this person be so powerful that even Tower is fearful of him? It seems there is a 90 % chance that is true. Having come to that conclusion, Chen Feng quickly recollected himself and stopped letting his mind wander about.

“Why do you have to disturb others when they are drinking? Don’t you know it is rude to interrupt when others are drinking?” the cyan-robed man said coolly. His thick voice rang out, giving off a peculiar feeling.

“Actually, I am a very generous person. Sometimes, I do not mind sharing this immortal wine I brewed.” As he spoke, the cyan-robed man changed the way he drank the wine. He began using a wine bowl to slowly savour the wine.

“Immortal wine!”

Although most of them disagreed with the cyan-robed man’s words, the smell of the wine was truly good. Still, having learned the lesson from what happened to the four fellows earlier, no one else dared to recklessly offend him.

“Right!  Little brother, you haven’t answered me. How do you know that you can be truly free after becoming an immortal?” After gulping down a bowl of wine, the cyan-robed man suddenly turned towards Chen Feng and forwarded the question.

“Err, that.” Chen Feng was somewhat stunned. Truth be told, he was simply incapable of answering the question.

Chen Feng had never expected the cyan-robed man to be so serious about it. It was just something he mentioned in passing. If he were to really go deep into it, those words would become meaningless.

“If your answer can satisfy me, I will let you drink my wine today. Since brewing out this immortal wine of mine, it has been a good hundred years since I shared it with anyone.” After saying that, the cyan-robed man flicked his finger and a stream of wine flowed out from the wine jar into the wine bowl placed before Chen Feng. Slowly, the bowl was filled with bluish-green vintage wine. Seeing it gave everyone the desire to gulp it all down in one go.

“He he, mister. Hmm, perhaps, I should be addressing you as senior. Senior, it seems you have a very serious view about this. When I said that becoming immortal would allow us to ascend and be truly free, it is just a figure of speech. Or perhaps, I should say it is my objective and desire in my path of cultivation. If someone were to tell me now that by cultivating up to the immortal stage, I will still be unable to ascend and gain true freedom and will instead be further restrained, what then is my reason for cultivating? Who else in this cultivation world would continue to put their lives on the line for the sake of pursuing the immortal path?” Chen Feng said with a serious tone. Truth be told, he did not even know what he was talking about.

“Even if I cannot be free to do as I like after becoming an immortal, for the current me, becoming an immortal is my ultimate objective. It is the stage where I will obtain true freedom.”

“There is some truth in your words. Go on.” The cyan-robed man suddenly laughed out. Who knows what he was thinking?

“Earlier, you said that becoming an immortal cannot give one true freedom. Does that mean you are an Immortal Human?” Chen Feng suddenly said with a smile.

“Immortal Human, eh? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” The cyan-robed man suddenly laughed out. It was a somewhat maniacal laughter containing an inexplicable feeling.

“Come, little brother. This bowl of wine is on me. Have a taste of the immortal wine that I brewed and tell me how it tastes?” After saying that, the cyan-robed man grabbed his wine jar and moved it towards his mouth again.

“Immortal wine, huh?” Chen Feng chuckled and finished the bowl before him in one gulp.

The cool wine flowed into his stomach, but its fragrance lingered within his mouth. A breath of wine rose up from Chen Feng’s body, rushing up above Chen Feng’s head, giving him a sense of enlightenment.

“How is it?” the cyan-robed man asked with a smile.

“It’s passable.” Chen Feng said coolly. He was actually feeling somewhat disappointed. Earlier, the scent of wine had been teeming in the air. However, after drinking it, he found that it was not as wondrous as he had imagined.

“Passable, passable. Ha ha ha ha! An excellent ‘passable’!” The cyan-robed man laughed and his long eyebrows shook without respite.

Just as Chen Feng was about to say something else, his eyes suddenly widened. He was not the only one. The same thing happened to the others within the wine shop. All of them widened their eyes as they stared at the spot that the cyan-robed man was seated upon.

His laughter remained in the air, but the cyan-robed man had disappeared without a trace. He had disappeared before the eyes of all present. Additionally, it was not that he had abruptly disappeared. Instead, it was them realizing that the cyan-robed man had disappeared. It as a most peculiar feeling, as though time and space had gotten messed up.

After the laughter disappeared, everyone began discussing the matter.

“Who was that just now? Why have I never seen nor heard of him before?”

“Although he appears like a wine maniac, his cultivation base is very high. I believe he must be a Sky Human stage cultivator.”

“Right, brother. How was the bowl of wine earlier?” one of them moved in front of Chen Feng and asked.

“It’s average,” Chen Feng replied calmly.

“Oh! So, it only looks impressive but lacks substance.” Hearing Chen Feng’s reply, the man turned and left.

Then, Chen Feng secretly concentrated and secretly asked Tower, “Tower, what happened just now?”

“Phew! So dangerous! That fellow just now is a Human Immortal,” Tower said with a serious tone. There was a tone of disbelief in his voice.

“What? Human Immortal? Immortal Human, a true Immortal Human. That wine I drank earlier is truly immortal wine, then?” Chen Feng jumped to his feet, shocking Lu Ta, who was seated before him.

“Hey! A Human Immortal is not an Immortal Human. There is a difference between the two,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“What difference?” Chen Feng asked with a curious tone.

“You will know about that in the future. Telling you that now is pointless. Eh? Hold up, what is wrong with your body? Hah?! What did you say you drank just now?” Tower abruptly asked in an anxious tone.

“Immortal wine. That cyan-robed man, the wine that the Human Immortal brewed. He said that it is immortal wine. Although the taste is passable, it cannot be called immortal wine, no?” Chen Feng casually said.

“Immortal wine? Oh, crap! Crap!” Tower hastily muttered.

“What crap?” Chen Feng grew puzzled. He did not feel anything wrong with his body.

“I’ll tell you, that wine you drank is really immortal wine!” Tower shouted. 

“Real immortal wine? Then what? Immortal wine is also wine.” Chen Feng felt indifferent towards it.

“Is immortal wine something that someone on your level can simply drink? You’ll understand soon enough,” Tower said seriously.

“I don’t feel anything. Just a little drunk. Huh? How can I be feeling drunk?” Only then did Chen Feng sense a feeling of inebriation rising up from his body. It was constantly assailing his mind and he began feeling a little dizzy.

“This feeling.” Chen Feng could feel both his eyes becoming blurry.

He recalled his time as a wandering beggar. Once, when he was still a child, he had picked up half a bottle of wine. After drinking the wine, he had felt this feeling. Later on, Chen Feng entered the path of cultivation and his body grew stronger. Now that there were streams of primary energy surging through his body, how could ordinary wine make him feel inebriated?

At that moment, however, Chen Feng was becoming drunk. Additionally, the feelings of inebriation were only growing stronger. Later, the image of Lu Ta, who was seated in front of him, began to sway.

It felt as though there was a clump of flames inside his stomach, burning his internal organs. The wine energy became like heat waves, assailing every part of his body. Even his sea of wisdom and the opened insight acupoints were incapable of stopping it.

Chen Feng spurred his primary energy forward and did his best to ignite his Soulflame. After that, he even utilized the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s power. Not only did he fail to suppress the wine energy, his attempts instead empowered the heat waves further. That was especially so when he attempted to ignite his Soulflame. The wine energy assailing his mind grew even more ferocious as a result, seemingly on the brink of catching fire.

“Oh, crap! Crap! This is seriously crap!” Chen Feng began to wobble.

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