Chapter 166: Leaving Demon Soul Valley


“You are cultivating the gale-type sword energy. You are from Sword Hall?” Sage Whitelake’s voice rang out beside Mo Xigui’s ear.

“Junior Mo Xigui greets senior,” Mo Xigui hastily shouted out in excitement.

“Hmm, not bad.” Sage Whitelake nodded his head. After a moment’s consideration, he jabbed with his finger, causing a white-coloured sword light to cleave its way through the sky before exploding beside Mo Xigui. A dark spatial passageway opened up.

“Hurry up and leave,” Sage Whitelake said in a solemn tone.

“Thank you, senior!” Mo Xigui was quick to react. His figure flashed forward to disappear into the passageway. The two cultivators who were standing beside him too, rushed into the passageway.

“Where are you going?!” Seeing his food attempting to leave, the Nine-tailed Fox’s thick tails screeched through the sky as they shot towards Chen Feng and the others.

“Nine-tailed Yao King, you should just take care of yourself first.” Sage Whitelake sneered. Then, he sent a beam of sword energy towards the Blessed Water Talisman.

The resulting stimulation from the beam of sword energy caused the Blessed Water Talisman to erupt once more. Stream after stream of blessed waters condensed into roaring water dragons and they began attacking the Nine-tailed Fox, tearing and biting into it.

“A good opportunity. We should go as well.” After saying that, the old cultivator rushed towards the Nine-tailed Fox’s position.

It was not just him. Even Chen Feng and Xiao Yin were pushing themselves to their limit as they charged towards the Nine-tailed Fox’s position.

“Have they gone mad?” Mo Ji cried out.

“They are not mad. They want to get their weapons back.” The elder sighed.

In the earlier battle, the Nine-tailed Fox had collected all of the weapons that Chen Feng’s group brought out to fight it. At that moment, all those weapons were placed not too far from the Nine-tailed Fox’s position. Those were Prized artefacts. Naturally, the three of them were reluctant to leave the Prized artefacts there. Once given the opportunity, they would attempt to snatch the Prized artefacts back even if it meant putting their lives on the line.

“Ardent Sun Needle, return!” The old cultivator who was rushing forward called out while beckoning with his hand. A red-coloured light rapidly emerged from the distance to enter the old cultivator’s body before disappearing.

After retrieving his Ardent Sun Needle, the old cultivator did not turn back. Instead, he hastened forward, moving towards the Sky Toppling Seal.

Since Evil Moon Grotto Master’s death, the Sky Toppling Seal had become an ownerless object. As the old cultivator had yet to cultivate up to the Sky Human stage, such a Prized artefact was still a tempting object for him.

“This old fellow is quite greedy.” Both Chen Feng and Xiao Yin said at the same time.

“Grotto Soul Flute, return.”

Thankfully, the Nine-tailed Fox did not take the time to erase the imprints they had left within the Prized artefacts. Thus, Xiao Yin was also able to smoothly recover his Prized artefact.

By then, Chen Feng was the only one who had yet to recover Bloody Soul. Chen Feng had only just begun using the demonic artefact. Thus, he did not have the time to place his imprint within it.

As Chen Feng was quickly rushing towards the demonic artefact, the old cultivator who was flying in front of both Chen Feng and Xiao Yin suddenly turned towards Bloody Soul.

The old cultivator intended on taking the weapon.

“Does this old man have a death wish?” Chen Feng was infuriated. With a wave of his hand, he sent out beam after beam of sword energy at the old cultivator.

“Brother Chen, I will help you. However, you must help me obtain that Sky Toppling Seal.” After saying that, Xiao Yin waved his Grotto Soul Flute to unleash wave after wave of sound attacks.

“Deal!” Chen Feng shouted.

“Ha ha ha, this demonic artefact is mine. You two should stop trying to snatch it, otherwise our harmonious relationship will be broken.” It would appear as though the old cultivator considered both Chen Feng and Xiao Yin as inconsequential.

The old cultivator sent out his Ardent Sun Needle, which instantly released beams of light to easily block off the attacks from Chen Feng and Xiao Yin.

Seeing the old cultivator on the brink of acquiring Bloody Soul, an overpowering aura suddenly surged through Chen Feng’s body. Next, a one-zhang Longevity Blade sliced through the air with lightning-like speed as it shot towards the old cultivator (1 zhang = 3.333 m).


The old cultivator screamed out in horror, incapable of understanding how the situation could suddenly turn on him. He instantly summoned the Ardent Sun Needle back to defend himself.


The Ardent Sun Needle exploded on the spot while the old cultivator was almost cut into two by the Longevity Blade. Dragging his nearly split torso, he screamed out in dread and charged towards the passageway even as his wounds bled.

His Prized artefact was destroyed and his body was heavily wounded. Even if he could make his way past the passageway, it would be difficult for him to leave Demon Soul Valley.

“He really does have a death wish.” Chen Feng sneered. He then quickly moved forward to pick up Bloody Soul. As for Xiao Yin, he too had acquired the Sky Toppling Seal.

“Brother Chen, earlier, you-” Xiao Yin asked with a surprised tone.

“Enough nonsense. Let’s go! We are running out of time,” Chen Feng said grimly. 

When Chen Feng’s body unleashed the overpowering attack earlier, the Nine-tailed Fox, Sage Ironsleeve and Sage Whitelake had all noticed it. All of them turned in shock to regard Chen Feng. However, none of them did anything.

“Earlier, the kid unleashed the power of a Sky Human stage cultivator. It seems he is hiding a special magic treasure within him,” Sage Whitelake said coolly.

“Who cares about him? Obtaining the Blessed Water Talisman and Mountainguard Seal is the only thing that matters. All other treasures are trash in comparison,” shouted Sage Ironsleeve.

Seeing the passageway on the verge of disappearing, both Chen Feng and Xiao Yin threw themselves in.

The Longevity Blade earlier had been unleashed by the Longevity Tower. It had destroyed the Ardent Sun Needle with one blow and nearly killing even the old cultivator. Witnessing all that made Chen Feng so excited, he nearly screamed out.

“What is there to be excited about? That wasn’t your attack,” Tower said calmly.

“I am excited because I have witnessed the power of the Longevity Scripture. I will cultivate hard in the future. One day, I too, will be able to reach that level,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

It was unknown just how many layers of space Sage Whitelake pierced with his sword energy. When Chen Feng and Xiao Yin emerged, they found themselves in a familiar spot. It was none other than the area where they had descended into the crack.

“Unexpectedly, we could exit so quickly. This is all thanks to Sage Whitelake from Sword Hall.”

Both Chen Feng and Xiao Yin flew out from the crack underground to land upon the hard surface.

The ground was still quaking and ripples of powerful soundwaves emerged from the ground below before spreading outwards.

“Let’s leave together.”

After Mo Xigui’s team of three exited the passageway, they did not immediately leave. Instead, they had waited for Chen Feng and Xiao Yin. Although the three of them possessed a decent level of cultivation base each, without Prized artefacts as means of protection, it would likely be difficult for them to exit Demon Soul Valley.

“All right. This time, we are indebted to you. It would have been difficult to escape from that place otherwise.” Xiao Yin nodded his head.

“Mo Ji’s group did not come out?” Chen Feng looked around. He felt curious.

“They may be the Nine-tailed Fox’s descendants. They want to take away the talisman and release the Nine-tailed Fox. Naturally, they would not be willing to leave just like that,” Mo Xigui said with a sneer.

“Right, you fellows were together with Mo Ji. You should know her identity, right?” Xiao Yin asked.

“I don’t know,” Mo Xigui said in a hushed tone, seemingly unwilling to say more about it.

“Forget it. No matter what happened, we have made it out. If they want to stay inside, just let them. A pity, though, the two magic treasures there…” said Chen Feng, who shook his head and sighed.

“Blessed Water Talisman and Mountainguard Seal. Those two are at the Sacred artefact tier. To be capable of easily reining the arrogant fire fox down just like that, they are truly powerful,” praised Xiao Yin.

“Sage Whitelake is an expert from Sword Hall, but which sect is that Sage Ironsleeve from?”

“He is probably a loose cultivator.”

Chatting with one another, Chen Feng and the others quickly made their way back.

This trip to Demon Soul Valley had been filled with a series of dangers. However, Chen Feng had managed to acquire what he was looking for. He had acquired Soulguard Flower. In addition, he even managed to acquire another Prized artefact. What was there for him to be displeased about? Although the Blessed Water Talisman and Mountainguard Seal were mighty, they were not the type of items that the current Chen Feng could hope to snatch. Recklessly going forward would only spell certain death for him, even with the Longevity Tower’s assistance.

“Sigh, what a pity. The two of them are Sacred artefacts! If only I could obtain them, devour and integrate them, I will definitely be able to advance again by several levels,” Tower said with a regretful tone.

“As if it could be that simple. That Sage Ironsleeve and Sage Whitelake are very powerful. Besides, there is still the sealed Nine-tailed Fox. If we had charged forward, I would most definitely die. You yourself would end up getting seized and refined,” Chen Feng retorted.

After their group had covered a distance of over 100 li, a series of deafening, Heaven-shocking noise rang out from behind them. Vast amounts of potent energy gushed into the sky like a volcanic eruption. It felt as though a mountain was collapsing under a 12.0 magnitude earthquake. Even though Chen Feng and the others were 100 li away from the place, they could still feel the chaotic surges of demonic energy in the air (1 li = 0.5 km).

“So powerful. They have finally begun fighting. I wonder who will end up getting the two treasures? And then there is Mo Ji’s group. I wonder if they can survive,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“What is it, Brother Chen? Could it be you are interested in that woman?” Xiao Yin joked.

“Ha ha ha ha, that woman is too conniving and somewhat insidious. I don’t like that. Though, Brother Mo’s gang must surely be interested, otherwise you would not have endured being her escorts,” replied Chen Feng with a laughter.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words of ridicule, Mo Xigui said nothing. However, the faces of the other two cultivators fell. In fact, killing intent began emanating out from them.

“What? Are you fellows displeased about something?” said Xiao Yin as he sneered at the two.

Hearing Xiao Yin’s words, which contained killing intent, the two of them were immediately discouraged from saying anything else. Forget Xiao Yin’s status as someone from Demon Sound Sect, Xiao Yin himself could casually kill the two of them.

“All right, all right. It is just a joke. There is nothing else we can do here, so we’ll have to chat to help against the boredom. Without the Sky Soaring Warship, we will need to slowly walk in order to leave Demon Soul Valley,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Be careful, there is a swarm of poisonous bees up ahead.”

“Just kill them. I have been feeling pent-up for a while now.”

“Right, where did the old cultivator go to?”

“Heh, with that level of injuries, he must have died inside Demon Soul Valley. Heh, serves him right for making the wrong choice. However, Brother Chen, you managed to net quite the pretty harvest this time. You acquired that Bloody Soul and that Demon Scorpion’s stinger while I only managed to get the Sky Toppling Seal. I feel like I am making a loss here. It’s all your fault. You destroyed that old cultivator’s Ardent Sun Needle.”

“Fine, I will trade Bloody Soul for the Sky Toppling Seal then.”

“Forget it, I like the Sky Toppling Seal. Behold, Sky Toppling Seal!”

The massive Sky Toppling Seal smashed down on the swarm of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees ahead, ripping an entire stretch of poison bees into shreds.

“Ah, there is a number of Phantom Butterflies incoming! Everyone, be careful.”

Chen Feng and the others were quite lucky this time. They did not encounter anything on the level of the Thunderhawk. There were some dangers along the way though, such as unique poisonous insects, yao beasts that can hide within the layers of demonic energy and yao beasts that hide and move swiftly underground to execute sneak attacks. Thus, every member from their group ended up suffering from some wounds from time to time.

However, Chen Feng and Xiao Yin had quite the sense of camaraderie. They did not leave Mo Xigui and the other two behind. After a bumpy journey filled with killings, the five of them finally managed to walk out from Demon Soul Valley.

“Huh, who says you can’t get out after entering Demon Soul Valley? Aren’t we doing well right now?” Chen Feng said with a smile. However, his clothes were in tatters and there were also a number of unhealed wounds on his body, revealing how hard it had been for him.

“Thank you for your assistance along the way. If you ever come to Sword Hall in the future, I will surely come out to entertain you two.” Mo Xigui cupped his hands to salute them before leaving.

Likewise, the other two cultivators also cupped their hands in salute and left after saying their thanks.

“Tsk, tsk, that Mo Xigui is quite an unrestrained fellow. The cultivators from big orthodox sects are definitely not to be underestimated,” praised Chen Feng.

“Heh, he is just relying on the name of Sword Hall.” Xiao Yin revealed a slight look of disdain.

“Right, Brother Chen. Have you considered my previous proposal?” Xiao Yin suddenly asked.

“He he, thank you Brother Xiao for your good intentions. However, I already have a place to go to,” Chen Feng said with an apologetic smile.

“Forget it, then. I won’t force it. No matter what, to be able to befriend you this time makes this trip worthwhile. Next up, I plan on going to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain to join in the liveliness there. Do you want to come along?” said Xiao Yin after shaking his head.

“No, I still have some matters to attend to.” Chen Feng refused.

“Very well, I will be taking my leave first then. Let’s meet up again in the future.” Xiao Yin waved his hand and leapt into the sky before swiftly flying far away.

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