Chapter 164: Facing the Yao King


“My Cooling Mantra can only alleviate the heat for a while. Only by reaching the Sky Human stage would I be capable of completely blocking off this heat wave,” Xiao Yin said.

“Anyone has any ideas?” the old cultivator asked.

“If we did, we wouldn’t end up getting chased by the fire foxes everywhere,” Chen Feng scoffed.

“Fellows, just come in quietly and I will not kill you all for now,” one of the fire foxes suddenly said.

“Come in quietly? Do you take us for fools? If it comes down to it, we will just suffer together. You want to kill us? Before we die, we will take down these few clones of yours!” Chen Feng retorted coldly.

“Ha ha ha ha!” The three big fire foxes laughed out. Immediately after that, the three fire foxes leapt against each other to fuse together once again. In the blink of an eye, a 10-zhang long, six-tailed fire fox appeared before them.

The immense aura emanating from it was like a hurricane sweeping towards them.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The atmosphere that the fire fox was exuding alone was enough to force Chen Feng and the others back.

“The three yao beasts merged together, increasing its power by tens of times. It has easily entered the Great Yao stage. It seems we are all going to die here,” the old cultivator said with a bitter smile.

“This is a clone created by the sealed Yao King. The Yao King can send over its power at any time. Fighting against this fire fox is the equivalent of fighting against the Yao King,” said Chen Feng grimly.

“Yao King.”

The others mulled over those words. It was very simple, consisting only of two words. However, the existence that the two words represented was something that could destroy even their souls.

“Tower, what level is this fire fox at?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“Great Yao, the equivalent of a Sky Human stage cultivator with three Lightning Tribulations under its belt. Even if the four of you put your lives on the line, it will be useless,” Tower said slowly.

“What do I do then? When you put it that way, even if I bring out Purplebolt, it will still be useless?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Yes, that Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm will only get beaten to death if he comes out,” said Tower.

“Can the Longevity Tower suppress it?” Chen Feng asked anxiously.

“A little difficult. If this six-tailed fox’s power does not increase again, I can deal with it. However, do not forget. This is the Yao King’s clone. The Yao King can transmit its power over to it at any moment. I have to be cautious about this,” Tower said solemnly.

“Aren’t you trying to figure out the power of this Yao King? Any results yet?”

“My power is insufficient. As of now, I have yet to fully analyse it.”

“You… sigh! Whatever, just slowly figure it out after I am dead, won’t you?” Chen Feng replied with a bitter smile.

“Since you fellows aren’t willing to come over quietly, I will just have to capture you all.” The six-tailed fire fox roared. The winds rose as air currents surged forth. The immense pressure pressing down on them grew stronger and large paws enveloped all four of them.

Immediately, Chen Feng felt an invisible shackle restricting every part of his body. He felt like a little kid falling into the river and nearly getting entangled to death by aquatic plants.

So strong! So, this is the power of a Great Yao. Chen Feng was shocked. Both his Overwhelming Astral Sword and the blood-coloured lance vibrated in an attempt to help Chen Feng extricate himself from the predicament.


The Ardent Sun Needle radiated flaming red light, becoming like a dazzling sun as it brought the old cultivator out of the binding paw.

“Sky Toppling Seal!”

“Warsoul Song!”

Everyone was forced to push out every last drop of power they possessed.

“Atop this mountain is a talisman and a Sacred artefact. They are the reason why I am suppressed here to the point where I cannot escape. However, it has been a long time since then and the two treasures have lost much of their energies. Now, head up and pull them out so I can escape earlier,” the Six-tailed Fox said.

“Yes, ancestor,” Mo Ji said with an excited air. However, she had only just flown three metres up when her figure fell heavily against the mountain surface. She cut quite the miserable sight.

“The restrictions here are such that even Sky Human stage cultivators would be incapable of flight. In order to go up, you will have to climb up with your own power,” the Six-tailed Fox said solemnly. Next, one of its tails wrapped around Mo Ji and hurled her up through a distance of 100 zhang (1 zhang = 3.333 m).


Mo Ji grunted. It felt as though a great mountain was pressing down upon her. She was on the verge of suffocating.

This is only 100 zhang up whereas there is a total of 1,000 zhang. How can I go up? Mo Ji revealed a wry smile. She circulated every drop of power within her body and began to crawl upwards. The surface of the mountain was smooth and spiritual energy flowed across its surface every now and then. There were simply no holding points available for her. Every step forward Mo Ji took made her feel as though she was pushing a great mountain. 

“You go up as well.”

The Six-tailed Fox sent its tail forward and hurled the elder up as well. The elder was a Sky Human stage cultivator with a much stronger level of power compared to Mo Ji. However, after going up a distance of 200 zhang, the difficulty level began to take its toll on him. Under the mountain-like pressure, bones from every part of his body released creaking sounds. 

Meanwhile, Mo Xigui was watching the images displayed through the circle of fire. He secretly sighed as he figured that Chen Feng’s group of four was assuredly dead.


Pieces of gravel scattered all over and the area within a radius of 100 metres was turned upside down. Four wretched-looking figures tumbled out. Each of them coughed out blood even as they were tumbling.

Amongst the four, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was the weakest. Thus, his wounds were the heaviest. Although he possessed Prized artefacts as means of protection, he was still incapable of blocking off the peerless might behind the attacks he received.

“Kid, just hold on a little longer. I will think of a method to suck this fire fox in,” Tower said grimly.

“I don’t think I can hold on much longer.” After getting up, Chen Feng said nothing else. Riding his Overwhelming Astral Sword, he flew into the distance.

At the same time, the other three too, fled in three different directions. All four of them shared the same thought process. None of them were willing to stay behind and put their lives on the line.

“You want to flee? Can you?” The six-tailed fox sneered. Its thick tails rapidly unfurled, encompassing the sky and they shot forward to bind the four of them.

Chen Feng felt his body becoming constricted as a fiery aura kept burning his body’s vitality. He could not even cover a distance of 100 zhang before getting captured.

Xiao Yin and the other two were also captured simultaneously.

“Sky Toppling Seal!”

“Warsoul Song!”

“Ardent Sun Needle!”


The four of them unleashed powerful attacks at the same time. That was especially true of Chen Feng. He kept the Overwhelming Astral Sword and instead focused all his power into the blood-coloured lance. A bloody light glowed across the surface of the blood-coloured lance in his hand and two faint, blood-coloured words appeared upon the surface of the lance.

So, this lance’s name is Bloody Soul. It truly deserves this name, thought Chen Feng.

After Chen Feng successfully stimulated its name, the demonic artefact’s power grew even stronger and a glimmer of hope ignited within Chen Feng’s heart.

However, that little hope was once again obliterated. A flaming tail shot out with lighting-like speed to send the lance flying away from Chen Feng’s hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three more banging sounds rang out in quick succession and the other three fellows’ magic treasures were knocked away from them.

Nine flaming tails hovered in the sky and the immense pressure made it so the four of them found themselves incapable of even breathing.

“So, it is actually a Nine-tailed Fox. No wonder it is so powerful.” Tower’s voice rang out within Chen Feng’s mind.

“Nine-tailed Fox?” Chen Feng asked.

“It is also the strongest amongst the fox yaos. Tsk, tsk. To think that a Nine-tailed Fox is being suppressed here. However, it would appear that three of its tails had been cut. Additionally, after getting sealed for so long, it has long since lost the power of a Yao King. As it is, it is just at the Great Yao stage,” Tower said.

“Do you have any confidence in defeating it?” The glimmer of hope shone once more within Chen Feng’s heart.

“Absolutely not.” Tower gave a most direct reply.

With their weapons knocked away, Chen Feng and the others were no longer capable of resisting. The fire fox then extended its tails to gather up all their weapons. Next, it howled, releasing a powerful soundwave, which caused a spatial passageway to open up.


The fire fox brought the four of them through the passageway and into the space where the Nine-tailed Fox’s true body was at. Finally, Chen Feng and the others were able to meet the fire fox face-to-face.

Instantly, the four of them were astounded. They had never seen such a massive yao beast before.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! 

The four of them were tossed on the ground and the smaller six-tailed fox transformed into a clump of flames to flow into the massive fire fox’s body.

It truly is a clone. Chen Feng considered.

Although it was still suppressed, this was the Nine-tailed Fox’s territory and it was not afraid that Chen Feng and the others could flee.

“You three aren’t dead yet? Impressive,” Evil Moon Grotto Master said with a sneer after seeing Mo Xigui’s team of three.

“Not as impressive as the four of you.” Mo Xigui and the other two cultivators felt awkward. Finally, they simply replied with a calm voice.

“How unexpected. Someone from Sword Hall is working together with a witch. Hey, hey, if word of this gets out, not even Sword Hall can protect you,” Evil Moon Grotto Master continued with an icy tone.

“You don’t need to concern yourself with this. You fellows should just worry about how to stay alive,” Mo Xigui said coolly.

“In that case, I will kill you first.” Evil Moon Grotto Master waved his hand and a large palm silhouette charged towards Mo Xigui.

Despite losing his Sky Toppling Seal, his cultivation base at the perfect sea of wisdom was enough to let him kill off Mo Xigui.


A clump of flames shot out from the Nine-tailed Fox’s body to shatter the large palm silhouette. Next, the fox opened up a small gap on its mouth and a formidable suction force enveloped Evil Moon Grotto Master. No matter how hard Evil Moon Grotto Master struggled, he could not change the outcome of getting devoured.

He could not change the outcome in the slightest. Evil Moon Grotto Master, a cultivator who was on the verge of cultivating up to the Sky Human stage was thus devoured.

Chen Feng, Xiao Yin and the old cultivator were terrified. An intense feeling of crisis rose from their souls.

“Tower, will I end up getting devoured?” Chen Feng hastily asked.

“It is possible.” Even Tower’s voice contained anxiousness. He was not quite fully prepared to fight against the Yao King.


The Nine-tailed Fox suddenly turned to look at Chen Feng. Its torch-like eyes regarded Chen Feng from top to bottom.

Not good, he noticed! Chen Feng was shocked and he stopped talking to Tower.

Tower too, grew silent, transforming the Longevity Tower into a minute speck. Although the Longevity Tower was inside a unique space within Chen Feng’s glabella, Tower was still feeling somewhat concerned. The Longevity Tower had yet to recover its power. Thus, its ability to hide itself may not suffice against the probing of this Yao King.

“Kid, it seems there is something hidden inside your body.” The Nine-tailed Fox revealed a pondering expression.

Chen Feng had already condensed out his Soulflame despite only being at level 2 of the Concealed stage. However, the Nine-tailed Fox was a Yao King who had lived through who knows how many years. Chen Feng’s accomplishments was nothing strange to it.

At that very moment, the fire fox had sensed that there was something puzzling within Chen Feng’s body. However, it could not discern the specifics of that thing.

“Lord Yao King, surely it is beneath someone like you to kill a minor character like me?” Chen Feng forced himself to speak up, but his heart was palpitating with unease.

Even if he were to put his life on the line, this was not an existence that he could hope to fight off. Even if Chen Feng had already cultivated up to the Sky Human stage, it would still be hopeless.

“Forget it. Since I cannot see what it is, I will just eat you up.” After saying that, the Nine-tailed Fox exerted yet another suction force using its mouth, which enveloped Chen Feng.

Tower, are you still not going to take action? Chen Feng shouted inwardly.

“I don’t have any confidence at all. Fine, we will have to give it our all.” There was a grave tone within Tower’s words. At the same time, Chen Feng could sense the Longevity Tower within his glabella moving. It appeared as though the tower would fly out at any moment.

Suddenly, a disturbance occurred at the top of the mountain, the very mountain that was suppressing the Nine-tailed Fox. Ray after ray of golden light suddenly burst out from the peak, like a sun exploding within the human world.

After that, the entire mountain shook and the resulting energy currents sent Chen Feng and the others flying.


Mo Ji shrieked as her figure was blasted away from the mountain. Just as her figure was about to smash into the ground, the elder who hurriedly rushed down extended his hand to grab her. After the two of them landed on the ground, they kept backing away to reduce the overpowering force bombarding them.

“It seems someone has made contact with the suppressing talisman atop the mountain,” said Tower, who was in shock. He then retracted the power that he had just been channelling.

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