Chapter 163: Fusion


Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Chen Feng burst out from the ground, causing the surrounding soil to shoot upwards. The blood-coloured lance spun at high velocity as it charged into the sky and a tremendous amount of demonic energy and bloodthirsty aura gushed out from the tip of the lance.

The Six-tailed Fox, which was waiting for Chen Feng up in the sky, watched as Chen Feng charged towards it. It grinned, revealing its sharp fangs.

“Kid, you finally came out? Did you think such an attack can harm me?” the Six-tailed Fox sneered.

Crack! Crack!

As Chen Feng was unleashing his attack, a high number of purple-coloured lightning bolts surged out turbulently. Those were none other than the ones in the Longevity Tower; Chen Feng had unleashed them.

At the same time, Chen Feng felt glad. Tower had only restricted the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm’s movements and not the others.

“Eh, lightning powers? Kid, I didn’t think you were cultivating lightning magic. However, this attack of yours is well timed. These lightning powers can serve as supplements for me.” The Six-tailed Fox laughed loudly. Opening its mouth, it then sucked in every one of the lightning bolts. At the same time, its six tails swung to block the blood-coloured lance’s attack.

“Humph, stupid boy. Could you have practiced the Longevity Scripture for nothing?” Tower berated.

“I have only practiced the Longevity Blade and Longevity Sword. They are simply insufficient to deal with this fox,” Chen Feng retorted.

“That is because you did not practice it wholeheartedly. By practicing the cultivation techniques in the Longevity Scripture, the Longevity Blade and Longevity Sword cultivated from it can allow you to challenge cultivators at higher cultivation levels. This is a good opportunity for you. You should be channelling the scripture’s formula to improve its grade while under pressure,” Tower said harshly.

“Easy for you to say. You aren’t standing in my shoes!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from shouting back.

Despite saying that, Chen Feng began to channel the cultivation formula of the Longevity Scripture to form out Longevity Blades within his body without respite.

“Also, how can this fox swallow lightning?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised at what happened just now.

“Nonsense! That is a Yao King that can gulp down even Sky Lightning. What do you expect some nameless lightning to do to it?” Tower sneered.

“Brother Chen, I am quickly losing ground. This fire fox seems even stronger than before,” Xiao Yin shouted, his whole figure covered in soil and dust.

However, Chen Feng noted that, despite Xiao Yin’s wretched appearance, he was not suffering from any major wounds. Even the ferocious power within his body remained as strong as ever.

This fellow has quite the ability. Chen Feng said nothing. Instead, he focused on combating the fire fox before him.

“This is not good. There are two fire foxes this time.” Evil Moon Grotto Master felt a droplet of sweat trickling down his forehead.

“It seems we will have to give it our all,” the old cultivator said softly. However, the aura emanating from his body grew even stronger.

“That is right. It is time to give it our all. I know you have cultivated up to the perfect sea of wisdom stage and can already take on Lightning Tribulation. Now, let me witness your power,” Evil Moon Grotto Master suddenly said with a smile.

“You are not too shabby yourself. The Sky Human stage is certainly achievable for you.” The old cultivator let out a faint smile.

“Same tactic. You will entangle the other party while I use my Sky Toppling Seal to smash them to death.” Evil Moon Grotto Master snickered.

“No problem.”

The Ardent Sun Needle abruptly shrank in size, becoming even smaller compared to an embroidery needle. Next, it transformed into a fine, silky line as it shot towards the two incoming fire foxes. The silky line was the result of the extreme flying speed of the needle.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

It left several see-through holes on the two incoming fire foxes.

“Here it comes, Sky Toppling Seal!”

Evil Moon Grotto Master raised his hand and the Sky Topping Seal descended like a little mountain.


Deep underground, the Six-tailed Fox’s main body suddenly snapped open its eyes. Its flaming, scarlet-red eyes pulsed like two little compact suns.

“There are a few talents amongst the cultivators who came here with you. Even I am feeling reluctant to devour them,” the Six-tailed Fox slowly said. Next, pillars of fire shot out from its eyes to form a circle of fire in the air. The battles waged between Chen Feng, Xiao Yin, Evil Moon Grotto Master, the old cultivator and the fire foxes were displayed out. 

“It’s them? I underestimated them.” The first to feel surprised was Mo Xigui’s team of three. They did not expect those who came with them to possess such high cultivation bases.

“All four of them are wielding Prized artefacts. The one wielding the Sky Toppling Seal is Evil Moon Grotto Master. As for the old cultivator, I do not know his identity. And then there are the two kids.”

“Truly, impressive. The two youngsters have already condensed out their Soulflames. Talents such as these are rare even in the great immortal dao sects.”

“The youngster utilizing the flute should be Demon Sound Sect’s Young Sect Master. A pity, I failed to realize that in the beginning,” Mo Ji suddenly spoke up.

“What about the other youngster? He could snatch away your demonic artefact. He is probably someone with quite the identity as well,” Mo Xigui said with a faint smile.

Hearing those words, Mo Ji’s face immediately revealed a hint of fury. However, she was quick to recollect herself.

“I do not know him and have never heard of him before. I have never seen his techniques before either. However, seeing as he could utilize my demonic artefact, the soul imprint I left inside must have been erased,” Mo Ji said calmly.

Mo Ji was feeling very puzzled. She had not felt anything at all from the imprint she left upon Bloody Soul.

“I remember, this youngster’s name is Chen Feng. Back when we were entering Demon Soul Valley, he had made his move when we were still riding my Sky Soaring Warship. He cut down one of the Thunderhawk’s talons. I was too careless back then. I did not think that someone like him could secretly follow us here,” Mo Ji said.

“Chen Feng? Is there such a person in the cultivation world? I believe no loose cultivators could possess this level of achievements. I wonder which sect’s elite disciple he is? After getting out from here, I must check it out,” Mo Xigui said.

“Check? Check what? They are about to be swallowed up by me. What is so great about Prized artefacts? Watch how I deal with them,” the Six-tailed Fox said with a sneer. It opened its mouth and sprayed out a vigorous jet of flames from its mouth. The flames rapidly dissipated into the air.

“Not good! This is really bad, there are more fire foxes!” Xiao Yin shouted.

“This is bad. There are two more fire foxes!” Evil Moon Grotto Master shouted.

“I really won’t be able to hold on anymore. Time to unleash it all!” Chen Feng’s whole body abruptly quaked and he swung his left hand. A total of eight Longevity Blades roared out from him. After emerging, they assumed the Eight Diagrams formation and rapidly spun as it moved forward. In but one breath’s worth of time, they cut four of the fire fox’s six tails. 

“Fire everything!” Chen Feng bellowed and all the Flaming Spiritcrows and Magic Earth Beasts that were inside the Longevity Tower were let loose. All the yao beasts shot forward, engulfing the wounded six-tailed fire fox. It was a chaotic sight to behold.

Chen Feng swiftly extricated himself from the fight and rushed towards Xiao Yin. With a swing, the blood-coloured lance left his hand and nailed the six-tailed fire fox that Xiao Yin was fighting against to the ground.

“Hurry, run!”

Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and the blood-coloured lance flew back into his grip. However, the fire fox was not too badly wounded. Chen Feng led Xiao Yin to hastily run away while hurling out the Overwhelming Astral Sword, which expanded while in mid-air. He then vaulted up to land on the sword.

“Wait for me.” Xiao Yin too, flew up and landed on the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“This is my territory. No matter where the two of you run off to, it is useless.” A total of four six-tailed fire foxes chased them on foot. Their movement speed was incredibly fast and was in no way inferior to the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s flight speed.

“What should we do? They are quickly gaining on us? Where do we go to?” Xiao Yin cried out.

“How do I know?” Chen Feng controlled the Overwhelming Astral Sword to constantly change its flight trajectory in order to dodge the flame attacks sent out by the fire foxes beneath.

“Thankfully, those foxes cannot fly.” Xiao Yin could not help but reveal smile.

He had only just said that when something happened to the four fire foxes below. They slammed into each other as they were charging forward. However, the collision did not slow them down at all. Instead, all four fused into one, bigger fire fox.


With a loud roar, the big fire fox leapt up into the sky. Its six large tails became like a spinning fan and air currents surged out. Next, the big fire fox chased after Chen Feng and Xiao Yin at an even greater velocity.

The approaching fire fox and the increasingly hot atmosphere left both Chen Feng and Xiao Yin stunned. That was especially true for Chen Feng, whose heart palpitated. Even his Overwhelming Astral Sword was shaking slightly from that.

“Am I hallucinating now? The fire foxes can fuse together? What is going on here?” Xiao Yin shouted.

“Those are the Yao King’s clones. They were originally of one body. It is only natural that they can fuse together,” Chen Feng quickly said.

“What do we do, then?”

“I don’t have any clue. Just wait for death?”

“That kid is quite something. He actually knows that they are my clones. Did any of you leak out any information about me being here?” the Six-tailed Fox turned and asked Mo Ji’s group.

“No, certainly not,” Mo Ji hastily replied.

“I won’t kill them for now. Let’s capture them and bring them here first,” the Six-tailed Fox said.


As Chen Feng was driving his Prized artefact to flee the fire fox’s pursuit, the space up front suddenly shuddered intensely before cracking. Then, Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old cultivator – looking miserable – leapt out from the crack. Behind them were two big, six-tailed fire foxes.

“There are two more fire foxes!” Xiao Yin shouted.

Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched. The one behind them was already something they could not deal with. Now, two more had appeared.

“Hurry, help!” Seeing Chen Feng and Xiao Yin, the old cultivator shouted happily.

“Look properly before shouting! We have one here as well. I say, are you fellows doing this on purpose? Are you trying to drag us down?” Chen Feng felt somewhat dissatisfied and he controlled the Overwhelming Astral Sword to swiftly descend upon land.

Seeing their appearance, Chen Feng knew they would not be able to escape. All he could do was to calm himself down and prepare for a fight, even though they were most likely no match for the fire foxes.

Three big fire foxes, each several zhang in length, moved to surround Chen Feng and the others. Their large tails swayed across the sky to cover the sky and blot the sun as they surrounded them tightly. The fire foxes’ ever-burning flames caused the temperature of their surroundings to climb higher (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

“If this keeps up, we can forget about fighting them. The temperature alone is enough to cook us up,” Xiao Yin whispered. He brought out the Grotto Soul Flute and began playing a series of tunes.

The soundwaves spread out, entering the bodies of Chen Feng, Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old cultivator. Their bodies shuddered as a cool feeling rose up from within their bodies to dispel the heat enveloping them.

“This is, Cooling Mantra,” the old cultivator said.

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