Chapter 162: One-on-one


“One each!” Chen Feng shouted, and the potent energy from every inch of his body surged. And yet, despite the overpowering atmosphere he was exuding, he could not even summon the Overwhelming Astral Sword back in time before the newly-arrived fire fox slapped him aside.

Sigh, what a pity! If only I can unleash this lance’s full power, I can easily kill off this fire fox, Chen Feng thought.

Even when it was the two of them against the one fire fox, they had been constantly batted aside and forced to back away again and again. Now that it was a one-on-one fight, neither of them could last for over two breaths’ worth of time before they were sent flying.

“Brother Chen, can’t you do anything about this?” Xiao Yin’s figure tumbled across the air and he struggled to steady himself.

“What can I do?” Chen Feng shouted back.

“Don’t you have a Great Yao? Hurry up and summon it out. If not, we will surely be killed,” Xiao Yin bellowed.

“All right!” With a thought, Chen Feng attempted to summon out the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm to help out. As he was attempting to do so, however, he suddenly found himself incapable of controlling the Longevity Tower.

“What is going on?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Ha ha ha! This is a good opportunity for you to hone yourself. The strength of this Six-tailed Fox is close to that of a Great Yao while you now possess two Prized artefacts in your hands. It will be an embarrassment if you cannot even defeat this fire fox,” Tower said with a cheeky and insidious tone.

“Isn’t it obvious that I am no match for this fire fox?!” Chen Feng bellowed back.

“Without any pressure, there will be no motivation. Push out every single drop of power in you to singlehandedly do battle against this fire fox. I will be giving you my wholehearted mental support,” Tower cackled.


Chen Feng, who was about to bellow out a string of expletives, suddenly felt his body becoming constricted. A long fox tail, raging with flames, was wrapping itself over him.

The fiery flames managed to burn through even his longevity-type primary energy to then burn his flesh.


Chen Feng shouted in pain. If it were not for the fact that his fleshly body had been tempered with the lightning bolts in Purplebolt Mountain before, the flames would have turned him into charcoal.

Even so, it was an uncomfortable feeling for Chen Feng. Forget his flesh, even his internal organs felt like the interior of a stove, burning with flames. 


The blood-coloured lance in Chen Feng’s hand shot out furiously to stab the tail.


The tail exploded, filling the sky with flames. Next, Chen Feng felt the strain on his body lighten as he finally extricated himself from the tail.

“Eh? I managed to destroy one of its tail?” Chen Feng felt somewhat shocked.

“Hey, hey, kid. You actually managed to cut down one of my tails? I will be roasting you properly before eating you up.” The fire fox stared at Chen Feng and sneered. The flames emanating out of its body billowed and the destroyed tail re-grew.

“Tower, you are going to get me killed!” Seeing the pouncing fire fox, Chen Feng could not stop himself from howling at Tower.

“Think of ways to improve your strength then. Make changes to your combat skills in the midst of combat or work on your degree of integration with the lance. If you cannot improve at all, just go die,” Tower said seriously.

Right, only through constant battles can I hasten the rate of integration with magic treasures. How could I have forgotten that? A light flashed across Chen Feng’s mind.

“If that is the case, let’s do battle!” Chen Feng kept the Overwhelming Astral Sword back into his body and held onto the blood-coloured lance to unleash a series of attacks against the fire fox.

As expected, after sensing Chen Feng’s indomitable will to advance, the demonic artefact in his hand began to awaken. Strands of demonic energy, condensed to the point of tangibility, flowed out ceaselessly and its power grew.


A large paw abruptly swung out, causing the surrounding space to vibrate. Next, like a hard piece of rock, Chen Feng’s figure slammed into the ground.

“Brother Chen, what are you doing? Hurry up and summon out the Great Yao!” Although Xiao Yin’s state was not as miserable as Chen Feng’s, the fire fox’s pursuit had him running around like crazy. There were two deep claw marks on his back. Fresh blood flowed out furiously from the wounds.

“Ha ha, there is nothing I can do about it. The Great Yao is not listening to my commands right now. We are on our own now.” Chen Feng laughed as he jumped out from the ground. The blood-coloured lance then radiated a red light and shot towards the fire fox.

“It seems we’re in for a fight for our lives. If that is the case, let’s go all out and fight these fire foxes.” Xiao Yin’s body pulsed and an invisible force within his body was seemingly activated. The aura emanating from his body soared to the point where even the distant Chen Feng was alarmed.

This aura. He is already on the verge of breaking through to the Sky Human stage. As expected, those youngsters from big sects have their own trump cards, Chen Feng thought.

“Warsoul Song!”

Xiao Yin shouted and a soundwave boomed into the sky. Next, the sound of spears and armoured horses rang out from the Grotto Soul Flute.

Like a series of maddening tidal waves, the sound of armies, tens of thousands strong, with countless war horses in armour made from tough steel, crashed forward.

It was the sound of drums, carnage and savagery. All of them were formed through the soundwaves played by Xiao Yin using the Grotto Soul Flute. Even Chen Feng, who was in the midst of battle, felt his blood boil and a refreshed feeling washed over his mind. Gradually and unconsciously, his combat power slowly rose.

“Playing the Warsoul Song by borrowing the power of a Prized artefact. Not only can it attack the enemy, it can also increase the morale of his allies. Tsk, tsk, this is worth observing.” Tower tutted.


A sound blade, condensed to the point of tangibility, emerged from the Grotto Soul Flute and expanded in size before shooting towards the fire fox.

It was a war blade, composed entirely from soundwaves. And yet, it was hundreds of times sharper than a real war blade. Without making a sound, it shot towards the fire fox with incredible velocity and an indomitable will, slicing space itself as it did.

“Just a minor trick.” One of the fire fox’s swaying tails lashed out to shatter the sound blade.

“This is just the beginning,” Xiao Yin said with a sneer.

Sou! Sou!

Two spears were condensed out from the Grotto Soul Flute. Faster, sharper and stronger than the sound blade, they shot towards the fire fox’s head from left and right, respectively.

Arrow. Spear. Blade. Big axe. Even a stone hammer. The Grotto Soul Flute kept condensing out various nameless weapons and all of them shot towards the fire fox’s head.

“Your partner is quite powerful. He appears to be much stronger than you,” Tower said with a ridiculing tone as he looked at the badly battered Chen Feng, who was once again crawling out from the ground.

“I am just getting started.” Chen Feng laughed and the blood-coloured lance quickly shot out to protect his front.


A clump of flames shot towards him and Chen Feng was sent flying once more.

The lower they went, the hotter it became. In the end, Mo Xigui and his team of three felt as though they were within a furnace.

“Why is it so hot? What kind of fire is this?” Mo Xigui waved his hand and grabbed a tiny mote of fire that was hovering in the air.

Scarlet-red in colour, it was not the colour of an ordinary fire. Additionally, there was a hint of a tyrannical force within it.

“These fires should be coming from the item below.”


Finally, their feet hit soil and they felt a momentary bout of dizziness. When they finally recollected themselves, they saw a unique-looking mountain rising above the ground.

It was perfectly round and upright. They could even see light flowing across its surface. It was a mountain empowered with magic power.

“Look below!”

A massive fire fox appeared before the eyes of all present. Six large tails swayed about constantly. Every time they swayed, a chaotic burst of flames would spread out. It gave off an extremely imposing atmosphere. However, it was being pressed down by the mountain.

“Found it. It truly is here,” Mo Ji exclaimed. Seeing the massive fire fox, her entire body shook in excitement.

“Greetings, Lord Fire Fox.”

Mo Ji took the lead. Next, the elder and the four bodyguards followed suit and got to their knees.

“Too weak, too weak. To think that there is only one Sky Human stage cultivator. Could my clan have fallen to such a degree?” The booming voice rampaged forward, causing them all to shiver.

“These three people do not possess my blood. Are they food offerings that you have brought for me?” Its blazing eyes turned to regard Mo Xigui’s team of three. Instantly, the three of them felt a terrifying pressure descend upon their bodies, freezing their soul. Even their thoughts became sluggish as a result.

“These three are my friends,” Mo Ji said quickly.

“Oh, is that so?” The Six-tailed Fox said coolly and retracted its gaze. Mo Xigui and the other two immediately felt their bodies unwinding.

“The cultivators in the other places, you were the ones who brought them over, right? Are they your friends?” the Six-tailed Fox asked again.

“No.” Mo Ji gritted her teeth.

“Very well. We’ll talk again after I have dealt with these small fries.” After saying that, the massive fire fox closed its eyes.


Mo Ji and the others stood up. However, they dared not speak up. Instead, they quietly stood by the side.

So strong. Is this a Yao King? Just one gaze from it is enough to immobilize me. What is going on here? Mo Xigui felt slightly curious.

Fighting the one-on-one battle, Chen Feng’d had to suffer right from the start. Several times, he had been nearly devoured by the fire fox. And now, his entire body was covered with wounds while his primary energy reserve was seriously low. However, Chen Feng’s will to fight had only grown stronger and the power radiating out from the demonic artefact in his hand was gradually becoming stronger.

As expected, weapons crave battle. Only by constantly using it in battle can I bring out its strongest power as I gradually reach the man and weapon as one realm, Chen Feng thought.


A tail was about to wrap around Chen Feng when the blood-coloured lance in his hand pierced it, blowing it up. Next, Chen Feng’s figure blasted out from the flame-filled sky.

This lance is truly tyrannical. It is several times more powerful compared to my Overwhelming Astral Sword. However, it will take a long time for me to fully refine and integrate with it.

“Brother Chen, it seems this fire fox just won’t die.” By now, Xiao Yin had stopped blowing his Grotto Soul Flute. Instead, he was swinging it constantly. And yet, the power it unleashed was even stronger than before.

“If so, blow it up in one hit!”

Chen Feng shouted. Energy streams rapidly flowed out from every part of his body into the lance before it lunged into the fire fox in front of him at lightning-like speed.



The lance vibrated with intensity and its tip unleashed an explosive power. The fire fox shrieked in misery as half its body blew up from the attack. Next, however, Chen Feng sensed a formidable power transmitting out from the void before transfusing into the fire fox’s body.

In less than half a breath’s worth of time, the fire fox had fully recovered. In fact, it would appear as though the aura emanating from its body had grown even more tyrannical.

“What is happening?” Chen Feng was shocked.

Sou! Bang!

A fireball shot out at lightning-like speed and exploded against Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng did not even have the time to block the attack.

“Hey, hey, kid. Let’s do it again.”

After becoming stronger, the fire fox swiftly appeared above Chen Feng. One of its tail slammed down heavily, smashing Chen Feng underground. The hard ground cracked to reveal a hole that was around eight metres deep.

The fire fox did not press the attack. Instead, it hovered in the sky, waiting for Chen Feng to come out. A look of amusement could be seen from its ever-flaming eyes.

On the other side, the fire fox that Xiao Yin was fighting took on two sound spears head-on. The spears pierced its body, but the fire fox kept moving forward. Arriving before Xiao Yin, the fire fox slapped Xiao Yin aside.

Next, its damaged body recovered, growing even stronger as well.

“What on earth is going on here?” Chen Feng’s bellow rang out from under the ground.

“That is the power transmitted over by the sealed Yao King.” Tower’s voice rang within Chen Feng’s mind.

“When you put it that way, it is practically invincible then.” Chen Feng felt pissed.

“Not quite. You can keep on blowing it up. However, a new clone will appear. As long as its original body possesses enough energy, it can ceaselessly create new clones,” Tower said.

“What should I do, then? Can we only continue fighting it like this?” Chen Feng roared furiously.

“Heh, heh. Truth be told, this is a good opportunity for you to hone yourself.” Tower’s laughter reverberated once again within Chen Feng’s mind.

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