Chapter 161: Fox Yao's Clone


“So fast! It is a fire fox!” Xiao Yin cried out.

“Careful, the aura this yao beast emanates is very strong.” Chen Feng’s face turned grim.

The two of them did not take the sudden appearance of the yao beast lightly. Immediately, they brought out their Prized artefacts. The Overwhelming Astral Sword hovered constantly above Chen Feng’s head while Xiao Yin gripped his Grotto Soul Flute tightly.

“Tower, when can you finish refining that blood-coloured lance?” asked Chen Feng.

Although he had already fused with the Overwhelming Astral Sword, the blood-coloured lance that he had just looted was far stronger compared to the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“This is a grade 2 Prized artefact. Not to mention, it is a demonic artefact. I can only help you erase the soul imprint that woman left on it. The rest will depend on you. If you want to truly use this demonic artefact, you will need to use your power to resist the demonic thoughts within it. If not, this lance will become no different than normal magic treasures,” Tower said.

“Is the lance very special?” Chen Feng asked.

“Not particularly. It simply has some special characteristics. Additionally, it has absorbed the blood of many cultivators before and is far superior compared to other grade 2 Prized artefacts. When your cultivation base is high enough, this Prized artefact will be very valuable in helping you advance further,” Tower slowly said.

As Chen Feng was secretly communicating with Tower, the fire fox finally arrived before the two.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

A peculiar note rang out from Grotto Soul Flute, its circular soundwaves charging towards the incoming fire fox.

After entering the area affected by the soundwaves that Xiao Yin sent out, the fire fox, which had been dashing forward with lightning-like speed, suddenly became slower.

“Eh, a Prized artefact? Not just that, but a sound-type Prized artefact. Little kiddie, you have quite the ability,” the fire fox said.

“Human words. This is a Great Yao!” Both Xiao Yin and Chen Feng were shocked.


During their moment of shock, the fire fox attacked. Opening its mouth, it sent out an even stronger soundwave outwards, using sound against sound.

“We’ll have to go all out.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and the Overwhelming Astral Sword flew forward, transforming into a white line as it shot towards the fire fox.

“Another Prized artefact. Good, good. I did not expect two youngsters like you amongst these cultivators. I was careless.” As the fire fox spoke, it swung its forelimbs and its big claws elongated as it sent a slap towards the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

It was using its fleshly body to take on the Prized artefact’s attack.


A loud booming sound rang out and Chen Feng felt his mind quake. The charging Overwhelming Astral Sword was sent flying into the sky from that slap. At the same time, Chen Feng, who was connected with the Overwhelming Astral Sword, could faintly sense a trace of fiery aura flowing into the Overwhelming Astral Sword. It was attempting to burn away the soul imprint that Chen Feng had left inside it. 

“What a powerful fire.” Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, he waved his hands and a Longevity Blade and a Longevity Sword shot out from his hands, charging towards the fire fox.

Xiao Yin’s fingers were quickly jumping about and the soundwaves coming out from the Grotto Soul Flute suddenly grew stronger and more intense. It sounded as though there were over a thousand steel and iron blocks slamming into each other at the same time.

Ripples of soundwaves, which were spreading out, began condensing. In but the blink of an eye, they had condensed into a layer of spiderwebs.

One layer.

Two layers.

As Xiao Yin continued playing the Grotto Soul Flute, numerous spiderwebs flew in from every direction to envelop the fire fox.

“You think to deal with me using this type of attacks? Useless!” the fire fox roared.

Its sharp claws abruptly swept out to destroy the Longevity Blade and Longevity Sword that Chen Feng had sent forward. Next, the six flaming tails on its back began to swirl, stirring the air simultaneously to break apart the surrounding spiderweb-like soundwaves.

“This level of sound attack is not enough to even make me feel itchy,” the fire fox said with a sneer. The flames emanating from every part of its body erupted with intensity and raged, becoming like Heavenly fire. Soon enough, two large flaming hands were condensed out. The two flaming hands then moved forward – left and right – to capture Chen Feng and Xiao Yin, respectively.

“Overwhelming Sword Blast!” Chen Feng raised his head and howled loudly. The Overwhelming Astral Sword instantly expanded in size, up to three zhang in length. Next, it spun furiously as it shot down. Ignoring the flaming hand that was about to capture Chen Feng, it continued to shoot towards the fire fox (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

This was a mutually destructive move. Chen Feng was channelling his strongest power for this move. He had no intentions of dodging, nor would he be passive about it. If it came down to it, the both of them would be grievously wounded. When that happened, the result will depend on which side was capable of taking more hits.

“This fellow is making such an extreme move.” Seeing the sudden and all-out attack from Chen Feng, Xiao Yin became shocked.

“Kid, you want to pit your life against mine? You are still too tender for this,” the fire fox said with a sneer. Its tails abruptly swirled to form a flaming hurricane, which spun towards the Overwhelming Astral Sword. At the same time, though, the large, flaming hand arrived before Chen Feng.

Chen Feng could already feel the high temperature permeating the astral energy shield he put up over his body. His skin felt increasingly dry and it felt as though his skin and flesh would burst.

As Chen Feng was about to be captured, a red-coloured light flashed out from his hand and the blood-coloured lance appeared. By then, Tower had finished erasing the soul imprint that Mo Ji had placed inside it.

As it had become ownerless, the blood-coloured lance became even more bloodthirsty and violent. Just by holding it, Chen Feng could feel streams of bloodthirsty aura assailing his mind, attempting to corrupt and turn him into a mindless monster which only knew carnage.

“Good, this is just the kind of power I need!” Chen Feng shouted and every muscle in his body pulsed as the blood-coloured lance in his hand suddenly stabbed forward.

Demonic energy, blood energy, bloodthirstiness and violence. All of them were gathered upon the tip of the lance, which easily pierced the flaming palm of the incoming hand.


With the flaming hand broken, flames scattered around and a shock – the result of the massive collision – ran across Chen Feng’s body. At the same time, Chen Feng also felt the sensations of danger, which he had felt enveloping him earlier, disappear. 

“Another Prized artefact, and it's a demonic artefact to boot. However, you two do not have enough power to unleash the Prized artefacts’ full power. Today, I will be devouring the two of you,” the fire fox roared.

At the same time, Xiao Yin had utilized his Grotto Soul Flute to send out a powerful soundwave attack, which collided against the flaming hand going towards him and successfully dispersed it.

“I get it now. This is one of the clones of the fire fox sealed beneath,” Tower suddenly said.

“What, you say this is a clone of that Yao King?” Chen Feng was stunned.

“Most likely. However, there is no need to worry. It is just a minor clone. It cannot utilize the power of its original body. By joining forces with Xiao Yin, you should be able to deal with this fox yao. Additionally, I can make use of this opportunity to analyse just how much power this sealed Yao King has left.” After Tower said that, Chen Feng sensed a series of vibration coming from the Longevity Tower in his glabella.

“I will be using the tower’s power for this.”

“Fine, I will try to kill off this Yao King clone.” Chen Feng felt exhilarated.

“Phew, we finally finished off this fox yao,” the old cultivator gasped.

“If it weren’t for its speed, I could have crushed it to death right from the start,” Evil Moon Grotto Master said with a sneer. Then, he turned to look at the middle-aged cultivator, who was lying motionless nearby. A look of contempt appeared on his face.

“Having one less burden is not a bad thing. This way, the two of us can have a higher degree of coordination when fighting together.”

“I feel puzzled. Why would a Six-tailed Fox suddenly appear here? Additionally, it can speak the human tongue. That is something that only Great Yaos should be capable of.” The old cultivator raised his brows as he seemingly pondered something he could not understand.

As for the two remaining teams, they were both wiped out. The only thing remaining there were two stuffed fire foxes.

“Eh, Prized artefact? No wonder they cannot deal with it. Fine, let’s go help.” The two fire foxes made their move at the same time. Their six tails spun before stabbing at the air, causing a black spatial passageway to appear before each of them.

“Miss Mo Ji, so many people have died this time. It will be hard for you to explain this when you go back, no?” Mo Xigui said.

“Since we are here on a dangerous adventure, can there be no casualties? Besides, this is Demon Soul Valley. Since they were willing to come, they should have been prepared to die. Besides, aren’t the three of you still alive?” Mo Ji said with a faint smile.

“Oh, in other words, the others are all dead now?” Mo Xigui replied with a sneer.

“Why were they so greedy in the first place? They only have themselves to blame for walking towards death’s door.” Mo Ji remained impassive.

“Greedy. The reason we came to this dangerous place is to search for treasures. How could that be considered greedy?” The young cultivator standing beside Mo Xigui scoffed.

“All right. Let’s just be frank about this. What is your objective for coming here? Will you kill us?” Mo Xigui said coldly.

“Whether or not you fellows will die is something that not even I can tell. However, it will probably be safer for you all to stay by my side. As for my objective for coming here, you fellows will know soon enough.” After saying that, Mo Ji ignored them and slit her wrist once more, allowing her blood to flow out. This time, the blood flowing out seemingly became alive. It circled the air for a moment before exploding, transforming into a bloody fog, which then dissipated into the air.

After letting her blood flow out like that, Mo Ji’s face grew even paler and her body trembled involuntarily.


The surrounding space shuddered violently as a fiery aura engulfed the entire space around them. The hard ground beneath them began burning to the point where it kept bursting upwards.


Another booming sound rang out and a circular hole, with a radius of one zhang, appeared on the ground. It was very dark and there was no way to tell where it led to. Wave after wave of hot air sprayed out like a volcano to form swirling air currents above it.

“Let’s go down.”

Looking down the hole, which had appeared all of a sudden, Mo Ji and her men trembled involuntarily.

“Did we finally find it?” Mo Ji felt her heart thumping uncontrollably while her blood began to roil. A distant but familiar aura stretched out from the hole to reach the depths of her soul, giving her a familiar sensation of belonging.

“This is the impression caused by bloodline. I can feel it as well. It is right beneath us,” the elder beside her said with excitement.

“Let’s go!”

Mo Ji, the elder and her bodyguards jumped into the deep passageway.

“Mo Xigui, what should we do? Do we follow them or do we quickly rush back and get as far as we can from this place?” the cultivator beside Mo Xigui asked.

“It is no use. I have checked it earlier. The passageway we used to enter has disappeared. We can only go forward and see what this woman is up to,” said Mo Xigui with a grim tone.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng and Xiao Yin were still in combat with the Six-tailed Fox. Unexpectedly, despite possessing Prized artefacts on their side, the fox yao had been able to force them to retreat again and again. The two of them kept getting blown away by the fox yao’s attacks, tumbling across the ground as a result. It was an extremely miserable sight.

“Sigh, the two of you are too lacking in terms of combat experience. Additionally, you two are unable to properly coordinate your moves. At least 30 % of your combat power is lost there. On the other hand, despite being a mere clone of the sealed Yao King below, it possesses the Yao King’s thoughts. If this goes on, you two will certainly lose,” Tower slowly said.

“Not necessarily.” Chen Feng refused to accept that.

“Sigh! You two will be losing soon enough. If you fellows cannot even beat it in a two-against-one scenario, what can you do in a one-against-one?” Tower said again, a note of glee at Chen Feng’s misfortune in his voice.

“What you say?” Chen Feng instinctively sensed something amiss.

“Brother Chen, this is bad. Another fox yao is coming!” Xiao Yin suddenly shouted.

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podao001's Thoughts

Noticed some comments wondering if Mo Xigui and Mo Ji are from the same clan.

Mo Xigui and Mo Ji do not share the same surname. Mo Xigui's surname is '莫', pinyin: Mò, while Mo Ji's surname is '魔', pinyin: Mó.