Chapter 158: Soulguard Flowers


“Where are we?”

Looking at the landscape, which suddenly flashed before his eyes, Chen Feng was shocked.

Rolling mountains, blue sky, white clouds, warm winds, towering trees, an assortment of vegetation and shrubs, colourful flowers, unchecked weeds and soft soil. And then, there was the moist air flowing into their nostrils. All of those appeared to be from a most normal world.

Chen Feng and Xiao Yin were shocked. Such a landscape should not have appeared here. More accurately, they should still be underground.

“Is this another world similar to that oasis we encountered earlier?” Chen Feng whispered.

“I fear this may be another dimension.” After saying that, Xiao Yin brought out his Grotto Soul Flute and sent out invisible ripples to examine their surroundings.

“No matter what, we have to quickly leave this place. Either that or find a safe place to lie low for a bit. Things won’t look pretty if Mo Ji’s group comes after us.” Chen Feng was inspecting their surroundings as well. He could feel spiritual energy with an effervescent quality in the air. There was no demonic energy at all.

“Yes. I did not expect Mo Ji to actually have a Sky Human stage expert beside her. However, Brother Chen, you play it pretty close to the chest yourself. To think that you possess a Great Yao as a helper. Even if they do catch up to us, we can still hold our own against them.” Xiao Yin revealed a slight look of shock as he turned to face Chen Feng.

“Earlier, those fellows were simply caught off guard. If we really do engage in a fight, we would definitely be no match against that old fellow. He is someone who has already overcome Lightning Tribulation. That is a whole different level of existence. Still, our harvest this time is quite considerable. Unexpectedly, we managed to get our hands on a demonic artefact,” said Chen Feng with a pleased smile.

“The demonic artefact will surely have the other party’s soul imprint. That Mo Ji will most certainly utilize it to chase us. Should we find a place to quickly refine the demonic artefact?” Xiao Yin suggested.

“No need. As I have already kept it, they would never be able to sense it. There is no need for you to worry about that,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

At that moment, the blood-coloured lance – Bloody Soul – was suppressed within the Longevity Tower. Its flaming atmosphere of bloodthirstiness had been pushed into itself and it appeared like any other weapon.

Ye Ziming and the others were standing around the demonic artefact, discussing about it while tutting.

“Tsk, tsk, Brother Chen is truly capable. He could so quickly snatch away this demonic artefact,” Lu Ta blurted out.

“This demonic artefact possesses a coercive quality. There is also a bloodthirsty aura coming off it. The way I see it, it must be at least a grade 2 Prized artefact,” Ye Ziming said seriously.

As they were in the midst of discussing it, a torrent of lightning powers descended to engulf Bloody Soul. The overpowering lightning powers scared them into backing away.

“Kid, I will refine this demonic artefact once for you. However, you only have yourself to depend on if you want to fully refine it. I am unable to help you with that.” Tower’s voice flowed into Chen Feng’s mind.

“No problem.” Chen Feng agreed.

“However, you will need to help me through this current situation,” Chen Feng said.

“The aura of the Yao King is growing thicker. It should be a fox yao. Additionally, it is a fire fox. This race is proficient in illusions. Even in the Immortal Plane, they boast some powerful characters. Besides, after reaching the Yao King stage, they can casually open up a dimension and construct illusions inside,” Tower said.

“Thankfully, the other side is currently suppressed. If not, I will have to just go sleep. I have no confidence in hiding myself from a full-fledged Yao King. Still, this sealed Yao King must surely be thinking of how to free itself. The first scenario would be for it to grow stronger until it reaches a certain level, which will allow it to escape. The second scenario would be for it to utilize outside forces. Normally, depending on its own strength to escape is incredibly difficult. Thus, in most cases, the sealed target would choose the second scenario, which is to utilize outside forces.”

“It is surely no coincidence that so many cultivators came here all of a sudden. Perhaps, the sealed Yao King wants to utilize you cultivators to help it escape. Of course, amongst those who come, some would end up getting lucky.”

As his power was gradually recovering, Tower’s former memories gradually returned to him. Thus, he was able to analyse certain matters with more accuracy.

“Lucky, huh? Could that be Mo Ji?” Chen Feng grew suspicious.

“There is a 90 % chance that this woman is connected to the suppressed Yao King,” Tower said.

“Could Mo Ji be someone from the yao race?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“If she really is of the yao race, you will never be able to escape her murderous pursuit.”

Hearing that, Chen Feng nodded his head. Yao beasts could only assume human form after cultivating up to the Great Yao stage and overcoming Lightning Tribulation. Thus, for Mo Ji to be of the yao race meant that she would have to be at the Great Yao stage. He was absolutely no match for that.

“Silverleaf Grass, Phostone Grass, Goldleek Flowers, Magic Potato Flowers and even Thunderlake Fruits. There are so many medicinal herbs here!” Xiao Yin suddenly said in excitement.

“What? Medicinal herbs? Are there any Soulguard Flowers?” Chen Feng’s heart thumped and he sent out his soul power to start searching around.

As Xiao Yin plucked up some valuable medicinal herbs, he continued to wave his Grotto Soul Flute, sending out invisible soundwaves. The soundwaves could travel up to a distance of thousands of metres, allowing him to immediately notice any incoming threats.

“Eh? Brother Chen, what are you searching for?”

Seeing Chen Feng walk around the stretch of land filled with medicinal herbs, Xiao Yin felt puzzled.

“I need a type of herb known as Soulguard Flower,” Chen Feng said.

“Soulguard Flower, I have heard of it before. It is said to be available in Demon Soul Valley. However, after coming all this way, we have yet to encounter any. I wonder if there are any here,” Xiao Yin replied.

“This type of medicinal herb can protect and stabilize the soul. It can be used to concoct some medicinal pills. Could Brother Chen be practicing a secret magic involving the soul?” Xiao Yin probed.

“I do want to concoct a type of medicinal pill. It just so happens it requires Soulguard Flowers,” Chen Feng randomly answered.

“Hopefully, I can find it here.”

“Where did those two disappear to?” Elegant Gentleman could not stop himself from shouting out.

“That Chen Feng fellow must surely know something. Now that he has partnered up with Xiao Yin, any good items will likely be taken by them first.” Evil Moon Grotto Master was already on the verge of losing his cool.

“Look! There are traces of battle here. This is, a scorpion! What a big scorpion.”

“These are Demon Scorpions from the Demon Plane. Their stingers can be used to forge flying swords and needles. From the looks of it, Mo Ji’s group must have engaged these Demon Scorpions in a battle.”

“There is a massive Demon Scorpion here. It is still bleeding. They must have only just left. Strange, what about those two fellows?”

“Hurry up and check our surroundings. There must surely be a spatial passageway here.”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, poisonous stingers shot out in quick succession from underground. The young cultivator failed to dodge in time and his body was riddled with holes.

“Careful, there are more Demon Scorpions underground!”

“Save me!”

Black-coloured blood gushed out from the young cultivator’s body. He felt his entire body going numb and he could no longer move. His vitality grew weaker by the second.

“Too late. There is no saving that guy,” said Elegant Gentleman.


The ground erupted as one Demon Scorpion after another crawled up, each three chi in length. Brandishing their pincers, they attacked Elegant Gentleman (1 chi = 0.333 m).

“Driftflame Swiftwind Flight!”

Strong winds with flames within them swept forward to barbeque the Demon Scorpions while sending them flying.

After so long, Elegant Gentleman had finally recovered a portion of his power.

“Let’s finish this quickly!” the old cultivator said. He brought out his Ardent Sun Needle, which whizzed around. One Demon Scorpion after another was pierced by his Prized artefact before falling to the ground.

“Allow me!”

Evil Moon Grotto Master extended his hand, tossing his Sky Toppling Seal into the air. The Sky Toppling Seal rapidly expanded in size before slamming heavily upon the ground.

A dull booming sound rang out. It was unknown just how many Demon Scorpions had died, smashed to their death while staying beneath the ground.

“Now, it's settled.”

They all thought that every one of the Demon Scorpions had been eliminated. However, as they were breathing a sigh of relief, the hard ground erupted once more and a dexterous scorpion stinger shot out. A poisonous stinger, two chi in length, glinted with a star-like shine. Next, Elegant Gentleman screamed out in misery right before the poisonous stinger pierced through his chest.

With an abrupt tug, Elegant Gentleman’s figure smashed heavily against the hard ground. Black-coloured blood, giving off an unpleasant smell, kept flowing out from his chest. He no longer possessed the strength to stand up as dizziness wracked his mind while his vitality quickly flowed out from him.

A massive Demon Scorpion, one-zhang in length, appeared before them all. Appearance wise, it was even more domineering compared to the other massive Demon Scorpion that was killed earlier. Its sharp stinger kept moving and spinning. Everyone there had no doubt that the sharp atmosphere it was releasing could easily pierce through a one-chi steel plate (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

“Peak-level Yao beast! It is on the verge of becoming a Great Yao!” the old cultivator exclaimed.

By then, only Evil Moon Grotto Master, the old cultivator and the middle-aged cultivator were alive. Well, there was also Elegant Gentleman, who was in the process of suffocating to his death.

“Its stinger is a good item. I suggest we kill this Demon Scorpion,” Evil Moon Grotto Master said.

“No problem. I only fear there may be more Demon Scorpions,” the old cultivator cautioned.

The two of them possessed high cultivation bases. Additionally, they also possessed Prized artefacts as means of protection. Even though the Demon Scorpion was powerful, it was no match for the concerted attacks of those two.

“I think we should just leave. There is no need for us to waste time here,” the nearby middle-aged cultivator said with a hint of dread.

He was the weakest amongst the three. Sensing the powerful atmosphere emanating from the Demon Scorpion, dread reflexively welled up from within him.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Before the three of them were done with their discussion, the Demon Scorpion launched its attack. Its sharp stinger, empowered by a potent energy capable of piercing through the air, shot towards the middle-aged cultivator.

The Demon Scorpion’s intellect was not inferior to that of a human. With just a glance, it had surmised that the middle-aged cultivator was the easiest to deal with. Thus, it moved to deal with the weakest one of the three first.

While the three of them were surrounding and attacking the massive Demon Scorpion, Chen Feng was holding a palm-sized flower. There was a blank look on his face.

“Is this Soulguard Flower?” Chen Feng whispered.

“Yes, this is a Soulguard Flower. It is black in colour and there are spider web-like patterns on its surface. There is also a faint putrid smell. No mistake about it. This is a Soulguard Flower,” Tower said coolly.

Chen Feng looked at the Soulguard Flower in his hand. Then, he turned to look at the black expanse spanning tens of li into the distance. Just how many Soulguard Flowers were there? The sight left Chen Feng in a dumbfounded state (1 li = 0.5 km).

“How can there be so many Soulguard Flowers?” Chen Feng mumbled in a dumbfounded state.

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