Chapter 157: Snatch


After cutting and acquiring the Demon Scorpion’s stinger, Chen Feng was still unsatisfied. He wanted to take away Mo Ji’s demonic artefact.

And he succeeded. With an extremely swift motion, Chen Feng grabbed the blood-coloured lance from the Demon Scorpion before the others could respond, pulling it out.

The moment he grabbed the demonic artefact, Chen Feng felt a stream of energy – powerful, wild and bloody – surge into his body, causing his blood and soul to enter a state of chaos.

What a powerful demonic energy. I won’t be able to control it for now. Chen Feng thought. Next, with a thought, he kept the blood-coloured lance within the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, help me suppress it.” Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to Tower. He knew that Tower was no longer in a state of slumber and had been keeping an eye on the situation.

“No problem.” Tower replied. Next, a piece of stone stele rapidly condensed out to suppress the demonic artefact. Various restraining seals then pushed the bloodthirsty aura from the demonic artefact back into itself.

“You’re courting death!” Seeing Chen Feng take away her weapon, Mo Ji became extremely enraged. She was just about to make her move when someone else beat her to it. It was none other than the elder who had been hiding beside her while acting as her bodyguard.

The elder made his move the moment Chen Feng took the blood-coloured lance. In his opinion, the timing of Chen Feng’s appearance was too coincidental. It could only mean that the other party had been hiding nearby and he had failed to detect them. That fact alone gave the elder a foreboding feeling.

Additionally, he could not allow Chen Feng to take away a demonic artefact as powerful as Bloody Soul.

The elder who was still concealing himself within the void performed a grasping motion at Chen Feng and Chen Feng immediately felt energy currents surging around him. Stream after stream of energy flowed forth from every direction to tie him up, immobilizing him.

This is the power of space. As expected, there is a Sky Human stage cultivator hiding nearby. Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump.

Only a Sky Human stage cultivator can comprehend the mysteries of space and utilize the power of the world. No matter how Heaven-defying a Concealed stage cultivator may be, they would have to rely on magic treasures.

“Brother Chen, careful. That is an attack from a Sky Human stage cultivator.” Xiao Yin’s voice reached him.

“I knew this would happen. I will be taking this demonic artefact away and not even a Sky Human stage cultivator can stop me,” said Chen Feng with a sneer. The Overwhelming Astral Sword rapidly flew out from his body to encircle and slice apart the power of space around him. Thus, Chen Feng regained the freedom to move about.

“Time to go!” Chen Feng shouted and the Overwhelming Astral Sword unleashed its might as it jabbed the air to open up a black passageway.

When Chen Feng and Xiao Yin were in hiding earlier, they had already discovered the whereabouts of the sealed passageway.

“You want to leave? Not so easy!”

Nearly every move from the Sky Human stage cultivator was capable of shaking the earth. Seeing Chen Feng break his move, a trace of shock merely flashed across his face before he pressed down with his hand. Next, the space around Chen Feng was frozen. It felt as though a cage had entrapped Chen Feng.


Once again, the Overwhelming Astral Sword hacked down against the surrounding space. However, the elder who remained hidden within the void jabbed out with a finger and a lightning bolt erupted from the middle of the air. The resulting explosion caused the Overwhelming Astral Sword to tumble backwards. Chen Feng felt his mind quaking as he nearly lost control of the Overwhelming Astral Sword and his connection with it.

“This is Sky Lightning. This fellow has overcome Lightning Tribulation, after all. Hurry up and get out. Even with two Prized artefacts, you will not be able to defeat him,” Tower was quick to say.

“Naturally, I won’t be fighting him head on. However, he is dreaming of the impossible if he thinks he can catch me,” replied Chen Feng with a sneer.

“Kid, get over here.” The elder spread open his five fingers to create a powerful suction force, which moved to capture Chen Feng.


An overpowering roar suddenly burst out from Chen Feng’s face. Soundwaves – seemingly condensed to the point of attaining tangibility – swept outwards with a force capable of blasting an entire army away.

Spider-like cracks immediately spread out across the hard ground. Some of the cultivators with lesser cultivation bases ended up bleeding from all seven orifices. Two cultivators who happened to be the closest to Chen Feng’s location were sent flying as a result. Their figures slammed heavily against a distant wall.

A one-horned wyrm, its body flashing with silvery light, suddenly appeared before them all. Its powerful roar instantly shocked all of the surrounding cultivators while shattering the space entrapping Chen Feng.

At the same time, a gust of wind blew, swirling towards the elder who was attacking Chen Feng.

“What? A Great Yao?” The elder was stunned and his move to capture Chen Feng faltered.

“Rampaging Thunder Snake!”

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Two large pythons, their entire body condensed using purple-coloured lightning bolts, roared as they shot out from Purplebolt’s body. Intertwining with one another, they then attacked the elder.

That was one of Purplebolt’s killer moves. Facing such a formidable attack, the elder’s face turned extremely grim. He stopped his attempt to capture Chen Feng. If he failed to deal with this attack properly, he could end up getting hurt. At the same time, the immense pressure bearing down on him made it so the elder could no longer remain invisible. Instead, he quickly revealed himself.

“Great Blackwater Palm!”

The elder’s hands formed hand seals furiously without cease. In just the blink of an eye, he had formed over 100 hand seals. Next, two large, black-coloured palm silhouettes suddenly appeared in the air. The two palm silhouettes had the appearance of condensed flowing water. A great amount power with the essence of water flowed within the two palms.

The two large palms grabbed the two incoming thunder snakes and were able to successfully hold them in place. No matter how hard the two thunder snakes twisted, they were incapable of extricating themselves.

“Hurry!” Chen Feng shouted at Xiao Yin, who was far away.

“I am already here.”

The space before Chen Feng twisted and Xiao Yin’s figure slowly emerged from the void.

“Where do you think you are going?!”

At that very moment, Mo Ji arrived. In her hand was a sword, which exuded a thick, black-coloured energy. Surprisingly, it was also a Prized artefact.

Long, black-coloured sword energy accompanied Mo Ji’s low-pitched shout to hack down against Chen Feng. Everywhere the sword energy went, space itself was cut apart. A long gully was created upon the ground. It was actually even stronger than the blood-coloured lance. 

Incredible. This woman has quite a number of good items on her. Chen Feng thought.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword revolved while hovering above Chen Feng’s head. Every time it moved, it would send out a beam of sword energy, condensed to the point of attaining tangibility. Like a continuous barrage of arrows, it shot towards the surrounding cultivators.

Mo Xigui and the other cultivators were kept busy from the attacks. Some even fell to the floor after getting wounded.

Seeing Mo Ji attacking him with a Prized artefact, Chen Feng knew that the Overwhelming Astral Sword alone was insufficient to stop her attack. If she were to succeed with her attacks, he could forget about escaping.

“Purplebolt, I am counting on you,” Chen Feng whispered.


Purplebolt appeared somewhat dissatisfied. However, he was incapable of disobeying Chen Feng’s commands. After releasing a roar, the horn on his head sent out three lightning bolts. The first one stopped Mo Ji’s attack while the second and third lightning bolts shot towards the Sky Human stage elder.

Crack! Crack!

Next, a vast number of purple-coloured lightning bolts shot out from Chen Feng’s glabella. It was immediately followed by tens of Flaming Spiritcrows and the Magic Earth Beasts.

Although those things weren’t a huge threat to Mo Ji and the others, the suddenness with which Chen Feng sent them forward caused the situation to turn chaotic.

“Mo Ji, you are the one who lied to us first. Consider this lance a little interest. Remember, you still owe me a Prized artefact. In the future, I will be finding you to settle this debt. Since you have so many people on your side, let’s conclude our battle here,” said Chen Feng with a laugh.

“No! They are escaping. Old man, hurry up and stop them!” Mo Ji could not stop herself from screaming out.

“I fear that is no longer possible.” After the elder was done dealing with all the attacks aimed at him, he saw that Chen Feng and Xiao Yin had disappeared, not leaving a trace behind. Only the chaos remained. Even the black passageway that Chen Feng opened up had closed back up.

Next up, everyone attacked, utterly defeating and clearing up the lightning bolts, Flaming Spiritcrows and the Magic Earth Beasts.

“Where did those two come from?” one of the injured cultivators couldn’t stop himself from shouting out.

“I remember. Those two came here together with us. Hurry, let’s give chase. I want to give those two bastards a lesson.”

The attacks that Chen Feng and Xiao Yin launched earlier managed to wound them slightly. Although no one had died from that, their faces were pale. This was a serious blow to their self-esteem and their faces turned ugly to behold.

Even the stronger cultivators like Mo Xigui revealed contorted expressions. Earlier, the sudden attacks had caught them by surprise, throwing them into a state of confusion before they could react properly.

“Even if we do catch up to them, we will just end up dying. They have at least two Prized artefacts on them. Additionally, they also have a Great Yao as a helper. If not for the fact that we have a Sky Human stage expert on our side, they could have easily killed us all.” Mo Xigui recollected himself and turned to look at the nearby Mo Ji, who was burning with rage.

By then, Mo Ji had already lost her composed appearance. She walked back and forth before the elder while stamping her foot ever so frequently. However, there was nothing she could do.

Finally, Mo Ji calmed down. However, she said through gnashed teeth, “I want to catch those two fellows.”

“Let’s ignore whether or not we can catch up to them. Even if we do, it will be somewhat difficult to capture the two,” the elder said calmly.

“Old man, you are an expert who’ve overcome Lightning Tribulation. Can’t you handle two minor cultivators at the Concealed stage?” Mo Ji was somewhat displeased.

“I have only overcome one Lightning Tribulation. That Great Yao back then is a Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm. It is born with magical lightning-based powers. I don’t see myself winning in a fight against it. Besides, they possess high-grade Invisibility Talismans that could even evade my detection. If I am not mistaken, the Prized artefact in the other youngster’s hand should be the Grotto Soul Flute from Demon Sound Sect,” the elder said slowly.

“The other party is from Demon Sound Sect?” Mo Ji said with a puzzled tone.

“At least one of them is. The kid who snatched your Bloody Soul may not possess a high cultivation base, but he has already fused with a Prized artefact. Still, it was one thing for him to snatch the Demon Scorpion’s stinger. They actually snatched your Bloody Soul away. If so, it should be very easy for us to find them.” The elder suddenly smiled.

“That is right! How did I forget that? Bloody Soul and I are connected. Humph! They dare snatch away my item? They don’t know how to live properly. I will have them suffer.” Mo Ji’s cold face became filled with killing intent.

With a swing of her Demonfiend Sword, the space before her was cut open and the black passageway opened up once more.

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