Chapter 156: The Golden Oriole from Behind


“He he, you can rest easy. A Sky Human stage expert had refined these Invisibility Talismans of mine. Unless there is a senior here, whose cultivation base far exceeds the one who helped me enhance these talismans, they will never find us,” said Xiao Yin with a smile.

“Additionally, these Invisibility Talismans of mine are of a very high grade. Not even sounds can leak out.” Xiao Yin revealed an even more prideful expression.

“Good, good. Let’s approach them later. It will be easier for us to make our move that way.” Chen Feng smiled.

“However, we need to be quick or those behind us will catch up,” said Xiao Yin, who nodded his head.

“Strength wise, this yao beast is at least at level 9 of the Concealed stage. Everyone, be cautious. Do not let its poison get on your bodies,” said Mo Ji as the blood-coloured lance in her hand thrummed. The blood stains on the surface of the lance seemingly flowed and an intense atmosphere of bloodthirstiness radiated out.


Mo Ji took the lead. She stabbed with the lance and an airflow was created. The airflow compressed into a fine line that could even cut space before shooting towards the massive Demon Scorpion.

Although the Demon Scorpion had yet to reach the Great Yao stage and attain the ability to assume human form, it possessed an intellect that was in no way inferior to humans. It knew that the demonic artefact in Mo Ji’s hand was formidable. Thus, it dared not take the attack head on. Its figure leapt away in an attempt to dodge.

Immediately after that, however, the Demon Scorpion discovered that a powerful aura had locked it down. In its attempt to dodge, it felt its entire body shackled by layer after layer of invisible silk. It was incredibly tough to bear. Not to mention, it was also greatly decreasing its movement speed. 

Go all out! All out!

Its dexterous and sharp tail swung forward and lunged out to take the attack that Mo Ji sent out.


The ground cracked as the powerful force behind the attack nearly pushed the Demon Scorpion into the hard ground.

Impressive. I used up to 80 % of my strength for that attack earlier. Although I did not push out all the power of the Bloody Soul, not even some Sky Human stage cultivators would dare to take the attack head-on. Mo Ji was secretly admiring the Demon Scorpion’s strength.

“Everyone, join forces. Do not let this yao beast escape.” Mo Xigui too, attacked. His sword intent expanded and the sword in his hand seemingly became part of him as he attacked the Demon Scorpion, which had yet to steady itself.

“Kill this yao beast!”

The other cultivators moved to surround the Demon Scorpion. Those with lesser cultivation bases maintained their distance and attacked using long-ranged attacks while those with stronger cultivation bases moved in to engage the Demon Scorpion in a melee battle.

Immediately, sparks erupted across the surface of the Demon Scorpion’s body. Their weapons were incapable of breaking through this yao beast’s tough carapace.

Even so, the resulting vibrations from the powerful attacks forced it to retreat again and again. The sensations of pain travelled all the way into its bones; it was not easy to endure such a degree of pain.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Command flags shot out again and again as layer after layer of restrictive seals were formed. Some even utilized some Five Elements Steelfort Talismans to make the ground stronger than steel in order to stop the Demon Scorpion from escaping down the ground.

“Tsk, tsk, spectacular. I didn’t think these disciples from the immortal dao sects could have so many moves up their sleeves. To fight this yao beast, the amount of cooperation they are displaying is quite high,” said Xiao Yin with a sneer.

“Right, how much do you know about these young masters?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Humph! There are only two or three amongst these that are passable. The others are all from small sects. Not to mention, their talents are also lacking. They are nothing much to look at,” said Xiao Yin with a disdainful tone.

“Mo Xigui is one, right?” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Yes, he is truly powerful. I hear that he was born into an ordinary family and did not have much talent in cultivation. Reaching this point would have to depend on a bitter amount of hard work. For a person without talent to attain such an accomplishment, relying solely on perseverance, he is worthy of respect. However, after joining Sword Hall, his cultivation base rose by leaps and bounds. Sword Hall’s cultivation atmosphere must truly suit him. You should already know, but Sword Hall has plenty of monsters,” said Xiao Yin.

“I did hear something to that effect,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“In addition to Mo Xigui, there are two more with high potentials. One of them is from Flowing Cloud Hall while the other is from Nine Firmaments Palace. Those two. The one wearing white clothes and the one wearing blue clothes. Although those two are very arrogant, their cultivation bases are quite good. Without my Prized artefact, I would be no match for them, probably. Even now, the two of them are only displaying a portion of their true power. They are truly insidious,” said Xiao Yin with a contemptuous tone. 

“You seem quite knowledgeable about these immortal dao sects,” Chen Feng said.

“Hey, hey, I am someone from Demon Sound Sect. In their own words, they of the orthodox dao follow the immortal dao while we of the heretical and demonic dao follow something outside the immortal dao. Naturally, we do not mix well. Although there are no large-scale battles, every year, many would be injured or killed due to fights and competition between the two. If I don’t study up a bit about them before going on an adventure, I might end up not knowing how I die,” said Xiao Yin with a smile.

“If so, how much do you know about Mo Ji?” Chen Feng continued asking.

“The woman is powerful,” said Xiao Yin as he furrowed his brows.

“Oh, what do you mean by that?” Chen Feng revealed a quizzical expression.

“Even if all those young masters there joined forces, they are probably no match for her,” said Xiao Yin seriously.

“Oh, so powerful?” Chen Feng was truly shocked.

“I am unable to figure out the woman’s cultivation base. All I can sense is extreme danger. If we get into a fight, I will certainly lose to her. This is an intuition. My intuitions are always very accurate,” said Xiao Yin. 

“If she is so powerful, why bother bringing so many cultivators along? Wouldn’t that just create more troubles for her?” asked Chen Feng with a sneer.

“I do not know. Maybe she has her own plans. Also, her four bodyguards are also very powerful. They have already condensed out their Soulflames. Their bodies are like blade energy condensed into tangibility. This is unquestionably the highest realm of cultivation. Brother Chen, are you certain you want to make a move? You will have to properly reconsider. This woman is not easy to deal with,” said Xiao Yin with a smile.

“Ha ha, this woman deceived us to come here and just cast us aside. Let’s not even go to the 100,000 Basic Yang Pills that she owes me, I even want that poisonous stinger.” Chen Feng smiled back.

“That poisonous stinger is quite good. There is a chance of forging a Prized artefact with it. How about this, Brother Chen? I will help you acquire that poisonous stinger, but the next time we find a Prized artefact, that Prized artefact will be mine,” said Xiao Yin. 

“You are quite good at calculating, aren’t you? Although the stinger is good, it is not as valuable as a Prized artefact. Still, I am somewhat interested in the demonic artefact in Mo Ji’s hand.” Chen Feng’s eyes glinted.

“That will be somewhat difficult. We’ll have to observe how the situation unfolds. Since we are in a partnership, we should first obtain the items before discussing how to split them up. Look, the big yao beast is about to fall,” said Xiao Yin excitedly.

In the face of the besieging cultivators, the violent Demon Scorpion had to constantly retreat. In the end, their attacks caused it to tumble about. By now, its tough carapace had broken and its defence was gradually falling, especially since Mo Ji was constantly attacking it from afar. The yao beast began feeling fearful.

I might actually die to these humans.

Feeling the wounds on its body and its faltering strength, the thought emerged within the yao beast’s mind.

The poison within its arsenal was almost used up, but it had not managed to kill too many people with it. As for its dexterous tail, it had slowed down somewhat. The intense siege had successfully reduced the yao beast’s combat power.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Four energy blades, condensed to the point of attaining tangibility, flashed out in quick succession before hacking down heavily upon the Demon Scorpion’s body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four booming sounds rang out in quick succession and four deep blade marks appeared upon the Demon Scorpion’s body. Black, ink-like blood sprayed out from the wounds.

I cannot hold on anymore. I have to escape. The Demon Scorpion began shrinking backwards.

However, would the surrounding cultivators give up? Seeing the momentum of the Demon Scorpion weakening, the cultivators’ combat power instead flourished. One after another, they howled out as they unleashed even stronger attacks at the Demon Scorpion.

Mo Xigui’s sword abruptly exploded to transform into a sky-encompassing rain of swords. When the rain of swords approached the Demon Scorpion, they all converged as one and a ray of sword light swept out to cut off one of the Demon Scorpion’s pincers.


A flaming red stream of light drew an arc in the air, and a bloodthirsty aura spread out. The resulting atmosphere resembled that of burning blood.

Puchi! Ding!

The blood-red lance then slammed heavily into the Demon Scorpion, nailing it into the ground. Mo Ji had taken advantage of the situation to unleash her attack.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The last bits of the Demon Scorpion’s poison were sprayed out to keep the surrounding cultivators away. It howled ceaselessly as it struggled with all its might. And yet, it was incapable of unravelling the force that the blood-coloured lance was exerting upon its body.

At the same time, a suction force appeared from the blood-coloured lance. The Demon Scorpion’s blood, which was flowing out, began to flow backwards and into the lance. It was absorbing the blood.

What kind of weapon is this? Feeling power flowing away from its body, the savage yao beast became extremely terrified.

As the massive Demon Scorpion was about to die to Mo Ji, Chen Feng and Xiao Yin finally took action.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Invisible soundwaves suddenly descended from above, assuming a fan shape before spreading out. Xiao Yin had utilized the power of his Prized artefact, the Grotto Soul Flute.

The soundwaves carried neither sound nor presence with it. It also did not possess much in terms of the ability to wound anyone. Instead, they directly surged into the depths of the cultivators’ souls, casting a hypnotic effect upon them all. Even someone like Mo Ji felt her mind entering a dazed state.

“Quick, wake up!” The elderly voice exploded within Mo Ji’s mind, causing her to wake up instantly.

A blurry figure swiftly approached the Demon Scorpion. With a flash of light, the raised stinger was cut down before disappearing.

“Courting death!”

Seeing the figure’s actions, Mo Ji was instantly enraged. She and the other cultivators had fought hard against the yao beast and were about to defeat it when someone else suddenly appeared and stole their kill. For someone as haughty as Mo Ji, this was intolerable.

Mo Ji waved her hand to summon back her blood-coloured lance, only to see the figure doing something completely unexpected.

The blurry figure was none other than Chen Feng, who had swiftly dashed out from his hiding spot. As he was still under the effects of the Invisibility Talisman earlier, his figure appeared as a blur to the others. 

Earlier, the Demon Scorpion had sprayed out its poison to keep the surrounding cultivators away, giving Chen Feng an excellent opportunity. Thus, Xiao Yin utilized his Prized artefact to block off the others while Chen Feng made his move. Chen Feng had instantly cut down the Demon Scorpion’s stinger with lightning-like speed.

The excited Chen Feng then did something else which nearly caused Mo Ji to explode in rage. He swiftly reached out with his hand and grabbed the blood-coloured lance that was still inserted within the Demon Scorpion’s body.

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