Chapter 153: Circular Hole


Everyone of them can be considered experts within the Concealed stage. However, within the ruins, their overall strength had been greatly suppressed. Thus, if they could not properly deal with the boulders descending upon them, there was a high chance of them getting smashed to death.

“We can’t face them head on. Charge forward!” Chen Feng was quick to determine the situation facing them.


Sword energy enveloped his entire body and the rate at which he was advancing abruptly rose higher. At the same time, both his hands kept swinging, creating blasts of wind to sweep some of the approaching stones away.

Chen Feng was not worried about those stones. Rather, he was worried about the boulders smashing down from the sky.

At the same time, the others displayed their own techniques. Xiao Yin, who had been running alongside Chen Feng, sent out soundwave after soundwave from his entire body. Before the surrounding stones could reach him, the soundwaves would bounce them backwards.


The old cultivator simply utilized his Ardent Sun Needle, which transformed into the size of a flying sword. The old cultivator rode the needle while radiating a dazzling, golden light; He then charged through the chaos at an incredible speed. In but the blink of an eye, he had dashed past Chen Feng and Xiao Yin.

“Phew! I think that should just be a coincidence. Who could be so foolish as to use this kind of attack against us?” said Chen Feng as he looked back at the boulders piling up like a mountain.

The chaotic situation earlier had failed to wound any one of them. That situation was the equivalent of a collapsing mountain, but something like that could only harm ordinary humans. For cultivators like them, with the ability to charge through hundreds of metres in a single breath, such a situation could not affect them much.

Everyone there quickly sent out their divine senses to inspect their surroundings. In the end, they found nothing. It would appear that the tall building had blown up for no apparent reason.

“Strange, I do not believe that this building could collapse for no reason. There must surely be a reason for that,” the young cultivator blurted out.

“Don’t worry too much about it. Let’s hurry forward,” said the middle-aged cultivator.

However, after advancing for less than 1,000 metres forward, two more buildings exploded at the same time and pieces of stone, enough to cover the sky, rained down on them.

As they continued, they would encounter this situation every now and again. Even though none of them were wounded by those exploding buildings, it did slow them down.

“I know what is going on now,” said Evil Moon Grotto Master, who was standing before a building.

“Invisible magic array.” The old cultivator pointed and a beam of light struck the wall before him. Next, fine lines appeared before the eyes of all present.


Suddenly, the lines behaved like blood vessels. Blood seemingly flowed through the vessels, causing them to stretch out as the magic array was triggered.

“Hurry, get away.”

Everyone there instantly felt a foreboding sensation. As expected, in less than half a breath’s worth of time, the building exploded and a high number of rocks engulfed them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Rock after rock was blasted away and shattered as Chen Feng and the others charged out, their faces grey from the dust.

“Mo Ji’s group must have set up invisible explosive magic arrays in order to stop us,” the young cultivator said furiously.

“This shows that Mo Ji realizes we will be chasing her. Did she set up all these magic arrays to stop us?”

“Even Prized artefacts would find it hard to blow up these tough buildings. And yet, some minor explosive magic arrays could blow them up? Something is not right here.”

“These buildings are all empowered by a strange power. It is possible that Mo Ji has discovered the pathways involved in their empowerment. This woman is not to be underestimated. She knows much about this place. Perhaps, she may have come here before.”

“What do we do now? Who can break the magic arrays concealed within the buildings?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The buildings around them kept exploding. It was as though a chain reaction had occurred and the explosions spread outwards. In the end, even the ground beneath them began exploding and a vast amount of soil rained down upon Chen Feng and the others. The thick amount of demonic energy mixing together with the soil made it so they were incapable of getting their bearings.

“Go up!” the old cultivator shouted and he rode his Ardent Sun Needle up into the sky.

“That is right, fly through the sky.” Evil Moon Grotto Master grabbed Elegant Gentleman and quickly few up as well. Chen Feng noticed that he was not borrowing the power of his Prized artefact to fly. Instead, Evil Moon Grotto Master was relying solely on his own cultivation base to fly despite the suppressive atmosphere.

This fellow is truly powerful. It is probably true that he is on the verge of reaching the Sky Human stage. Chen Feng felt a sense of fear in his heart.

As for both Chen Feng and Xiao Yin, they flew upwards at the same time. Both were borrowing the power of the Prized artefacts residing within their bodies. For Chen Feng, it was his Overwhelming Astral Sword. For Xiao Yin, it was his Grotto Soul Flute.

As he was swiftly flying up, Chen Feng took the time to glance at the middle-aged cultivator and the young cultivator. As the two of them flew upwards, potent powers flowed through their bodies as well.

Not Prized artefacts. So, they have high-grade Magic artefacts. I am guessing those are at either grade 7 or grade 8. Perhaps, a grade 9? Chen Feng considered.

In the end, all seven of them rose to an altitude of 200 zhang above ground. Next, they sped forward as fast as they could (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

In face of this pressure, even when borrowing the Prized artefact’s power, I am still losing 30 % of my power. I wonder how they are faring. Sensing the pressure descending upon him, Chen Feng thought to himself.

After covering a distance of hundreds of li, Chen Feng felt his ability to endure on the brink of completely fading. Even the young cultivator was beginning to wobble, seemingly wanting to land down. Finally, a savage and chaotic aura seeped out from underground. The invisible waves of power swept out and Chen Feng and the others became like flies caught in a hurricane, losing the ability to do anything else as they were sucked into the swirling waves of power. They could no longer fly freely and were dragged down the ground.

“Not good, the big guy has appeared.”

“Found the place.”

A large, circular hole appeared before their eyes. It was as though an entire mountain had been pulled out before something flattened the ground, leaving a large hole there. A thick aura kept surging out from within the hole. Violence, chaos, rage, carnage, bloodthirst and various other negative auras swirled together before seemingly charging high into the Nine Heavens. It felt as though there was a great demon with 10,000 years’ worth of cultivation suppressed deep within the hole.

“Tsk, tsk. It seems my guess is correct. The one beneath this place is indeed a sealed Yao King. However, I do not yet know what type of yao it is. I will have to properly analyse it.” Tower’s voice rang within Chen Feng’s mind.

“It’s really a Yao King?” Sensing the violent presence beneath the hole, Chen Feng could not stop himself from shuddering slightly. At the same time, it gave his entire body goose bumps.

It was a deterring effect upon the very soul. This yao was simply far, far stronger than him.

“This is just a portion of the aura that it is subconsciously emanating. If an unsealed Yao King is standing right before you fellows, the aura it emanates alone will be enough to shock you all to death,” Tower slowly said.

“Can you sense the auras coming from Mo Ji’s group?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Oh? You must be talking about the other group of human cultivators. They are already underground and are attempting to approach the Yao King. Tsk, tsk. Those cultivators sure are bold,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“In addition to the Yao King, are there any other dangers down there?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Is a Yao King not dangerous enough for you? However, I can feel numerous seals down there. It could be the seals set up to suppress the Yao King. I think it will be very difficult for you fellows to enter,” said Tower after a moment’s consideration.

However, Mo Ji’s group has already entered. In other words, they have the means to enter. Chen Feng speculated.

“The thing down there is a Yao King. Even though it is already sealed, it is not something I can deal with at my current state. I suggest you exercise caution,” Tower slowly said.

“Right now, the most important thing I need to do is to catch up to Mo Ji as soon as possible. If I end up getting blocked by the seals, I will not be able to enter.” After that, Chen Feng’s aura swirled around him, and he became like a rock before plummeting down the circular hole.

“What is the kid doing? Did he go crazy?”

“Will he fall to his death like this?”

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, everyone there grew shocked. They were all struggling to hover in the sky. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would choose to plummet down like a meteor.

Seeing that, the old cultivator and Evil Moon Grotto Master were amongst those to react first.

“Hurry, go down! Mo Ji and the others are down there,” the old cultivator shouted.

However, someone else was faster than them. Xiao Yin had utilized an unknown magic, causing faint fluctuations to spread out, breaking the space beneath him. Next, his figure became like an arrow as he sped down after Chen Feng, ignoring the massive and chaotic auras surging out from the hole.

The huge hole was at least 1,000 zhang deep. After entering the hole, Chen Feng felt the chaotic auras coming from the bottom increasing in concentration by several times, causing his own aura to become chaotic.

“Time to slow down.”

Controlling his roiling aura, Chen Feng spread out both hands and powerful forces flowed out to form a thick layer of primary energy around his body.

His downward momentum gradually slowed. Even so, Chen Feng’s figure landed heavily upon the hard ground. Stones and soil rose as a circular crater appeared on the ground.


Xiao Yin too, landed. However, his landing was not as miserable as Chen Feng’s. All that emerged from his landing was a burst of strong winds.

“Brother Chen, why aren’t you waiting for your partner?” said a smiling Xiao Yin.

“Ha ha, didn’t you successfully catch up? All right, enough nonsense. Mo Ji and her people are down here. We just need to follow them closely in order to go underground and witness the glory of a Yao King.” Having said that, he quickly moved to the central spot of the circular hole.

The old cultivator and Evil Moon Grotto Master were quick to land after them. Naturally, Evil Moon Grotto Master was holding Elegant Gentleman.

There in the central location, beneath the large, circular hole, was a large crack with an immeasurable depth. It was unknown just how the crack came to be. When Chen Feng moved to stand before the crack, he felt a dark and chilling atmosphere exuding from the crack.

“The chaotic auras are coming from here,” said Xiao Yin.


An intense shockwave reverberated out. It emerged from the crack and continued to spread outwards, causing rocks and soil to swirl about and the circular hole grew even bigger as a result.

“So, this is what created this circular hole.” Chen Feng was stunned. Then, after exchanging glances with Xiao Yin, the two of them jumped into the crack.

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