Chapter 151: Could Be a Yao King



Yet another deafening roar rang out and the overpowering soundwaves spread out. Chen Feng could hear the sound of buildings collapsing nearby as a result.

“Such power. Just the soundwaves could possess such gargantuan power. Just what is it?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from whispering.

Even if I disregard all else, getting hit by that soundwave alone could probably break my bones. Chen Feng continued advancing through the ground. He no longer had the courage to glide through the sky. The surrounding atmosphere was gradually becoming more eerie. Should something unexpected happen during his act of gliding through the sky, Chen Feng was not confident that he could handle it.

“A roar!”

“It came from up ahead.”

“Maybe Mo Ji’s group has found a treasure.”

The other three groups also heard the roaring sound. Some of the cultivators were closer to the source of the roar and were thus affected more. Those with weaker cultivation bases felt their souls trembling non-stop, seemingly on the brink of dispersing.

Despite the loud roar and the intense sensation of crisis, the cultivators instead grew excited. They increased the rate at which they were advancing. Since there was danger, they believed that a treasure would appear as well.

What a formidable yao energy! The thought suddenly appeared within Chen Feng’s mind. The thought belonged to the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm. As Chen Feng had imprinted a soul brand within Purplebolt’s soul, their souls were connected. As long as Chen Feng wished for it, he could clearly sense whatever the Great Yao was thinking.

With a thought, Chen Feng summoned the Great Yao out from the Longevity Tower.

Right after coming out, Purplebolt’s body expanded rapidly. It seemed as though he was stretching his body. He had been suppressed within the Longevity Tower for so long, it felt somewhat suffocating.

Purplebolt opened his jaws and inhaled. His action caused clouds to move and winds to blow as a vast amount of demonic energy was sucked into his body.

“You can refine and absorb demonic energy?” Chen Feng was slightly shocked.

“Have you not heard of the saying that yaos and demons are family?” said Purplebolt coolly as he looked at Chen Feng.

“However, this demonic energy is not pure. There are other things mixed in. Could it have seeped out from the Demon Plane?” said Purplebolt as he inspected their surroundings. His powerful energy, the energy of a Great Yao spread out into their surroundings. Chen Feng himself could feel the mighty and majestic atmosphere spreading outwards. 

This wyrm has quite the imposing presence. I wonder if he can evolve into a dragon in the future?

Chen Feng knew that this Great Yao before him can at best only be called a wyrm. Its common association with dragons was just a form of compliment.

Snake, python, wyrm, dragon.

In order for a snake to successfully transform into a real dragon, it would have to undergo who knows how many fortuitous, Heaven-defying encounters. Successfully transforming into a dragon was truly the equivalent of a carp vaulting through the dragon gate. Rising into Heaven with a single bound, it could then rock the world with a single wave of its hand and go unchallenged throughout the Nine Heavens. It could even devour the sky and shatter the earth.

A dragon was the equivalent of an immortal.

Every part of Purplebolt’s silvery-white body shone and he even possessed an inborn horn. However, the difficulty involved for him to transform into a dragon was harder than soaring up to the sky.

As Purplebolt was stretching himself while extending his aura forward, another deafening roar came from the distance.


Instantly, Purplebolt shrank. Like a shocked little snake, it hastily arrived beside Chen Feng, its silvery-white tail swaying about constantly. A deep look of fear could be seen upon its face.

“A Yao King! This is a Yao King’s aura! Hurry, put me back into the tower,” Purplebolt hurriedly said.

“What? A Yao King? Are you sure you are not mistaken?” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“Never. That is definitely a Yao King. This aura is something that only a Yao King can exude. In our Yao family, superiors possess a soul deterring effect towards their inferiors. In the face of such a senior, I won’t even be able to raise my head, much less attack. Young Master, Young Lord! My Liege! Let’s just run away! Just spending a little more time within this aura is incredibly difficult for me.” There was dread within Purplebolt’s voice. Chen Feng could sense it. Purplebolt was not faking it.

“A Yao King. If this aura is from a human cultivator, what stage would the cultivator be at?” asked Chen Feng after some consideration.

“At the very least, Human Immortal,” replied Purplebolt.

“Human Immortal,” Chen Feng murmured.

“I think, if there is really a Human Immortal there who wants to kill us, running away from Demon Soul Valley will be useless for us. Besides, I don’t think Mo Ji came here to die. I will still move forward to check it out. If you are afraid, just hide inside the Longevity Tower. Even if the other party is really a Yao King, it should not be able to casually discover you.” After saying that, Chen Feng summoned Purplebolt back into the Longevity Tower.

Despite his calm front, Chen Feng’s heart was hardly calm. He was just a Concealed stage cultivator. If a Human Immortal were to appear before him, that Human Immortal would surely be capable of examining everything about him.

However, his curiosity made it so he could not retreat. Even if there was a Yao King or a Human Immortal in front, even if there was a Demon King up front, Chen Feng had to go have a look. Moreover, he had yet to find any Soulguard Flowers.

Next up, Chen Feng sped up, ignoring the surrounding buildings as he focused completely on moving towards the source of the soundwaves.

“What a powerful yao energy! This is the scent of a Yao King. To think that there could be a Yao King here. Kid, where are you going? Are you trying to commit suicide?” Tower’s voice suddenly spoke up within Chen Feng’s mind.

“Tower, you woke up?” replied Chen Feng as he kept running forward. He was not too surprised that Tower would wake up. If even Purplebolt could sense the yao energy, there was no reason why Tower would not.

“Am I supposed to just watch as you send yourself to death’s door? You are still in Demon Soul Valley, I see. To think that a Yao King would appear here, interesting, interesting.” Tower’s voice suddenly became calm.

“If that is really a Yao King, can you deal with it?” Chen Feng asked expectantly.

“As I am right now, I can’t even handle a Great Yao who has overcome Lightning Tribulation, much less a Yao King. However, this yao energy is somewhat vague and unsteady. It doesn’t feel like a normal Yao King. Could it be a sealed Yao King? If that is the case, there is no need to be too worried,” Tower slowly said.

“What? A sealed Yao King?” uttered Chen Feng in disbelief.

“I am just guessing. Kid, consider this a form of gambling. Even if that is a sealed Yao King; rather, even if that Yao King is mortally wounded, it is not something you can handle. You must consider this properly. Moving forward will be incredibly dangerous. If you really have to face off against a Yao King, I won’t be able to save you,” said Tower.

Listening to Tower’s words, Chen Feng went silent for a moment.

“Hey, hey. How about it? Are you feeling scared? You can still turn back now. With my assistance, leaving Demon Soul Valley will not be a problem.” Seeing Chen Feng enter a contemplative state, Tower laughed out.

“Surely there won’t be a problem if I just go have a look?” said Chen Feng.

“Curiosity kills the cat,” said Tower.

“What is there to be afraid of. If it comes down to it, I will just hide inside the Longevity Tower,” said Chen Feng nonchalantly.

“The Longevity Tower is not omnipotent. I have yet to recover my strength. If the opponent we encounter is powerful enough, that person will be able to refine me,” said Tower.

“If that is the case, I can only say fortune is not on my side,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“All right. We have finally caught up to those fellows. It seems they are not doing too well,” Chen Feng said with a smile as he observed the group of cultivators before him.

“Eh? How did you catch up?” Elegant Gentleman noticed the rapidly approaching Chen Feng and was unable to stop himself from blurting out.

“What is this? After all that, you are still alive? Truly, shocking,” Chen Feng sent words of ridicule at Elegant Gentleman.

“Little brother, where are your friends?” asked the old cultivator. At the same time, he regarded Chen Feng, seemingly in an attempt to figure something out.

“They have already turned back. They should be out of Demon Soul Valley now,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Given their strength, they will most probably die on their way back,” said Elegant Gentleman with a sneer.

“Elegant Gentleman, you should know this. If I really want to kill you, Evil Moon Grotto Master will not be able to protect you all the time. Especially under these circumstances.” Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Humph!” Sensing the killing intent emanating from Chen Feng, Elegant Gentleman said nothing else.

Since meeting Chen Feng, Elegant Gentleman’s heart was constantly filled with a malicious desire to kill him. This kid with a lesser cultivation base dared to talk about beating and killing him while he was incapable of doing anything against Chen Feng. Most importantly, Chen Feng could actually kill him off. Every time he thought of that, a feeling of rage would burn within Elegant Gentleman and he felt an impulsive desire to howl out.

If not because this kid has a Prized artefact, I could have killed him off with a single slap. In the end, Elegant Gentleman could only use those words to comfort himself. 

“That is good. Little brother, you can join us. Only by working together can we deal with the incoming danger,” said the old cultivator with a smile.

“I have no objections. However, even though you fellows have banded together, you fellows were still unable to avoid suffering from casualties. I wonder. Could it be due to someone becoming a burden? I suggest purging the garbage dragging the group down, like this one,” said Chen Feng as he pointed at Elegant Gentleman, whose face turned extremely ugly to behold.

“What did you say?” Elegant Gentleman grew furious.

“He is just someone who has condensed out his Soulflame. Additionally, due to his injuries, he cannot display his full power. If he is not a piece of garbage, then what is he? I suggest just tossing away someone like this. This way, when we encounter any dangers, he wouldn’t be able to drag us down,” said Chen Feng with a sneer.

“Little fellow, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you have a Prized artefact on you. Believe it or not, I can kill you within three breaths’ worth of time if we get into a fight,” said Evil Moon Grotto Master coolly.

“Oh, is that right? Why don’t we try it out?” Although he was no match for Evil Moon Grotto Master, Chen Feng was unwilling to back down.

Given Evil Moon Grotto Master’s character, even if the other party was in possession of a Prized artefact, as long as that party had offended him, he would want to kill off the other party no matter what. However, this youngster standing before him gave him a peculiar feeling. Furthermore, this was not a suitable moment to be fighting someone like this. He had to conserve his power. That was why, even though Chen Feng had been provoking him again and again, he had constantly held back on using his full power against Chen Feng.

Naturally, Chen Feng knew about that as well. Thus, he had been putting on a façade of confidence and arrogance. It was because he understood that Evil Moon Grotto Master will not be utilizing his full power to kill him.

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