Chapter 150: Another Roar


“The demonic energy here is not very concentrated. However, it is giving me a peculiar feeling for no specific reason. At times, it feels as though the demonic energy is hidden beneath the ground, but at other times, it feels as though the demonic energy is drifting in the air. What an extremely peculiar sensation,” mumbled Chen Feng as he advanced.

It was peculiar. Since exiting the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng had not encountered any more attacks from the Magic Earth Beasts. It was as though the bloodthirsty yao beasts had chosen to hide underground in fear.

Thus, Chen Feng looked around to carefully search for traces left by the other cultivators.

“The buildings here are too dilapidated. Not a single one of them is intact. Additionally, the size of each one is very big. I wonder, who were the ones who left these buildings here?” 

Chen Feng, who arrived before an oval-shaped building, tens of zhang in height, mumbled. Buildings of this height was not something that could be found in small cities. That was especially true of this building before him. It was constructed by piling block after block of massive stones, each weighing up to hundreds of jin, on top of one another.  

Sou! Sou! Sou! 

Chen Feng’s figure jumped upwards and he kept jumping from one block of stone to another block of stone. In the beginning, each jump would send Chen Feng’s figure seven to eight metres up. Later on, however, after reaching a certain altitude, each jump could only propel him three to four metres up. Sometimes, he could only jump two metres up. It was not too different from some ordinary humans.

No wonder it is impossible to fly here. Climbing this building, I can clearly feel the powerful pressure descending upon this place. If a Concealed stage cultivator gets careless and falls here, there is a high chance he or she would get wounded or outright killed. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Looking at Chen Feng from afar, he looked like a hyperactive kid who was constantly jumping higher and higher.


Despite the strength of Chen Feng’s body, when he reached the highest point atop the building, he could still feel a pressure straining his body. He could not stop himself from taking a deep breath.

Thankfully, I can also absorb demonic energy and transform it into primary energy. If not, I will also have to channel a portion of my primary energy to combat the demonic energy. That would greatly reduce my combat power.

Chen Feng quickly moved around the top area of the building. Not finding anything special, he then peered far ahead. He could see badly-shaped buildings rising up into the grey-coloured sky. Straining his eyes, he attempted to observe as far ahead as he could. Some of the buildings rose high, some even going up into the grey sky. A number of the buildings were tilting and seemed on the brink of collapsing. Still, most of them had been ravaged by wind and sand and was close to collapsing.

Jumping up as he peered ahead, Chen Feng was capable of looking into a distance of 100 li ahead. If it were not for the layers of demonic energy in the sky, he could have been able to see even farther ahead (1 li = 0.5 km).

“They really did come in,” Chen Feng whispered.

Chen Feng saw three groups of cultivators in total. Carefully looking at them, Chen Feng could even identify some of them.

Evil Moon Grotto Master’s group is truly strong. They are able to maintain a tremendous level of combat power. However, the other two groups appear somewhat wretched. They have lost one third of their members. From the looks of it, those casualties must have been from their fight with the demonic humans earlier.

Recalling the unending horde of demonic humans, Chen Feng felt his body shudder involuntarily. However, when he recalled the deafening roar that had terrified the demonic humans away, Chen Feng felt a feeling of dread rising from the very depths of his heart.

There must surely be a peerlessly powerful demon hiding within this place. However, I have yet to catch even a glimpse of Mo Ji’s group.

After having checked his surroundings, Chen Feng noted that the nearest group of cultivators was around 80 li away from his location. Then, he looked around again and saw a slightly shorter building located over 100 metres away. Taking a few steps back, he then leapt forward through the air as he made his way towards the shorter building.

The moment his figure shot out from the building, Chen Feng felt a mountain-like pressure descending upon his body. Like a broken kite, his figure plummeted to the ground.

Should Chen Feng allow himself to fall without doing anything, he would become a Concealed stage cultivator who fell to his death.


Chen Feng spread out both his hands and vigorous primary energy swiftly flowed out to form a wing-like layer which spread out on either side of his body. Next, both his feet abruptly kicked out, like someone swimming in a pool. Both his feet struck empty air, but released a booming sound each. The mighty propelling force from that sent Chen Feng’s figure gliding through the sky.

He covered a distance of 100 metres in a flash. Then, like a humanoid monster, he landed heavily on the other building.

Chen Feng repeated the same manoeuvre to glide through the sky, moving from one building to another. The rate at which he was advancing increased and the distance between him and the nearest group of cultivators gradually decreased.

Finally, Chen Feng halted his advance. The building before him rose high up into the firmaments and his gliding technique was simply incapable of bringing him upwards.

I wonder, how much power can a Prized artefact unleash here? Chen Feng took a deep breath. The Overwhelming Astral Sword was a Prized artefact that had melded as one with his flesh and body. Now, its power surged like a tidal wave as it enveloped Chen Feng’s body.


Chen Feng’s figure floated up into the sky before flying forward like an arrow. He could feel the sharp and potent energy enveloping him cut through the pressure bearing down on his body without cease. It was like a scissors, cutting through the darkness of the night.

His figure rose quickly through the sky and it took only a few breaths’ worth of time for him to reach the top of the building.

The building was at least 200 zhang tall and sharp, blade-like winds kept howling at Chen Feng. Even the act of looking down at the blurry and hard ground made Chen Feng somewhat dizzy. An ordinary human would find it impossible to even stand (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

“There isn’t a single aura of life here, only thick demonic energy and a peculiar and indescribable feeling. Additionally, the stones here remain strong despite the corrosive demonic energy. It seems the stones are quite something,” said Chen Feng as he extended a hand to grasp the wall.


Chen Feng was stunned. He felt as though he was grabbing a hard block of metal ore. At present, Chen Feng’s grip was capable of crushing even average flying swords.

Next, Chen Feng kept using more power. After utilizing 30 % of his fleshly body’s strength, he was finally capable of scooping out a piece of the stone wall.


With a light exertion of power, the piece of stone in his palm was crushed apart.

“Strange, the stone itself is not that hard.” After saying that, Chen Feng swung his hand and sent a fist towards the wall.

As expected, he only managed to leave a fist mark upon the wall.

“A strange power is protecting the buildings here so that they will not be destroyed by external forces.” After considering it in detail, Chen Feng finally understood.

“Even though the buildings have been destroyed to this extent, there is still a strange power protecting them. It seems these ruins aren’t simple. There may actually be some high-grade magic treasures here.” After coming to that conclusion, Chen Feng’s figure moved to glide forward again. 

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of roars and clashing sounds rang out. The sounds of combat faintly made its way forward. Peering ahead, Chen Feng saw that the last group of cultivators had been ambushed by a group of Magic Earth Beasts. It was a brutal battle.

As they were ambushed by the Magic Earth Beasts, the number of casualties on the cultivators’ side was terribly high. Seeing their numbers decreasing, Chen Feng wondered if he should help them.

By the time Chen Feng arrived, only six of the cultivators remained and they continued to fight desperately against the yao beasts. They had entered Demon Soul Valley together and had even fought side by side not too long ago. Not lending them a hand now would leave a bad taste in Chen Feng’s mouth.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The attacks he unleashed were simplistic. A total of four sword beams descended to pierce through four of the Magic Earth Beasts.


Chen Feng’s figure leapt forward once again as he borrowed the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s power to swiftly glide forward.

“Help! Brother Chen, please help us!” one of the cultivators below started shouting for help.

“That is all I can do to help you fellows. Whether or not you fellows can survive next will depend on your own abilities,” Chen Feng replied coolly before continuing ahead without turning his head back.

The group of cultivators was the weakest amongst them all. Not a single one of them had condensed out Soulflame. They were far inferior compared to those from Evil Moon Grotto Master’s group.

Seeing the wretched state of those cultivators, Chen Feng began pondering. If it were not for his Longevity Tower bringing everyone inside, his group too, would have suffered terribly and only a handful could remain alive.

Soon, he saw the other group of cultivators. They too, were ambushed by the Magic Earth Beasts. However, the combined might of the cultivators was stronger than the earlier group. Thus, they were able to kill off the ambushing Magic Earth Beasts in the end.

Strange. Are there only Magic Earth Beasts here? The Magic Earth Beasts defining factor is their ability to launch sneak attacks. However, if I have to make a comparison, they are no match for the horde of demonic humans. Why weren’t they scared off as well? Chen Feng pondered.

I think I see something there. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he hastily landed.

A stone table, stone stools and some other utensils were arranged within a relatively small and dilapidated building. The walls of the building were filled with holes and cracks. However, there were weapons of differing lengths hanging down from the walls.

Those are weapons. Chen Feng slammed the wall with his fist and the ruined-looking weapons flew into the air. Next, Chen Feng sent a swirl of primary energy out and all the weapons were left floating in the air.

This should be a short sword. Chen Feng reached out to grab the short sword. As he was about to pull it out from its sheath, he felt a chilling and obscure aura flowing into his body. Like an agile snake, the aura slithered rapidly towards his mind.

What is this? Chen Feng had no time to think about it. He hastily ignited his Soulflame to burn the chilling aura away. When the deed was done, he breathed a sigh of relief.


The short sword came out from its sheath and Chen Feng only managed to see the words ‘Thousand Red’ engraved upon the surface of the sword when it and the sheath transformed into ashes before spilling down upon the ground.

The same thing happened with the other weapons. Just by making contact with the weapons, a stream of chilling aura would flow into Chen Feng’s body. The cold and obscure aura seemingly contained within it a trace of demonic energy.

All of these are likely demonic artefacts. I wonder how old these weapons are for the ravages of time to reduce them to fragments. Chen Feng thought. 

Although all he found were some ruined weapons, Chen Feng grew excited.

Since there are weapons here, there should surely be some high-grade magic treasures. High-grade magic treasures will surely still be intact, right?


The sky-shocking roar rang out once again from one of the buildings deep within the ruins. Chen Feng felt his heart trembling and his blood energy roiling. Raising his head, he could see sound waves striking the layers of demonic energy in the sky, causing them to swirl about as a result.

Another loud roar. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He speculated that it may have been caused by Mo Ji’s group.

It seems to be coming from there.

Chen Feng’s figure blasted forward once more as he controlled the Overwhelming Astral Sword with all his power. In but a flash, Chen Feng’s figure became a black line, moving across the ground at a galloping speed.

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