Chapter 15: Exerting Dominance Within the Martial Grounds

During this period of cultivation, with the exception of Ye Tian, who visited him a few times, Liu Yuan was the only one who had come to visit Chen Feng. Liu Yuan’s objective for coming over was to spar with Chen Feng. However, after they sparring match ended, Liu Yuan stopped coming over.

Liu Yuan was presently at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. Thus, he was defeated in less than 10 rounds. Additionally, that was with Chen Feng holding back his cultivation base.

Naturally, Liu Yuan could see that Chen Feng was not going all out. He realized that he was far from being able to face Chen Feng. Thus, after returning to his place, he entered cultivation retreat, wanting to challenge Chen Feng again only after he had broken through.

During this time, Chen Feng had also gotten to know about some inside information. He found out why the City Lord Residence had intervened in the fight between Tiger Form Sect and Iron Sword Sect.

Recently, due to some territorial issues, Black Origin City had gotten into a conflict with another city. A large-scale battle had even erupted. Now was the time for Black Origin City to unite and work together. It was only natural that the City Lord Residence would not want to see internal strife within the city. If Tiger Form Sect and Iron Sword Sect were to start killing each other, City Lord Residence aside, even the other great families and great sects would step forward to stop them. In face of their present issue, every sect and family would be sending out their own cultivators to repel the enemy.

There were numerous forces within the Northern Plains. Despite being just a minor city, Black Origin City would often engage in battles against the surrounding cities and sects. They were like minor kingdoms, constantly waging wars against each other to expand their territory.

No wonder the City Lord Residence would intervene. Turns out it was due to this. Recently, the sect has been constantly mobilizing men out. I wonder if I will be selected? Chen Feng thought.

Truth be told, Chen Feng did feel somewhat eager for it. Since his cultivation base had improved greatly, there was a need for him to fight against other cultivators. This war between Black Origin City and Steel Stone City was a good opportunity for him to hone himself. Although it was very dangerous, it was truly a good place for him to strengthen his cultivation base and accumulate combat experience.

“As long as it is not the old guys, I am certain I can survive,” Chen Feng whispered to himself.

As Chen Feng was pondering the matter, the sect finally gave the order.

“Chen Feng, by the Great Elder’s command, you are to group up with others in the martial grounds three days from now and prepare to set off.” After giving Chen Feng the order, the man said nothing else. He quickly turned around and left.

As expected, it is my turn. I wonder, is this the Great Elder’s arrangement, or did someone pull some strings from the shadows? Maybe this is just a normal arrangement.

Still, this is what I wanted. The battlefield is the most suitable place for honing oneself. If I can successfully do so, I will be able to fight Tie Yun when I return.

Three days later, with his sword in hand, Chen Feng headed to Iron Sword Sect’s martial grounds. The square, thousands of metres wide, was playing host to several cultivators who stood some distance apart from each other. They were all the young disciples of Iron Sword Sect. 

There in the centre of the martial grounds stood 3,000 fully armoured soldiers. They stood in perfect formation, each revealing a cool demeanour. Every one of them, however, emanated a killing intent which rose up to the sky.

They were Iron Sword Sect’s Iron Sword Brigade, for foreign wars. They would be the ones to charge the enemy lines, drenching themselves in blood as they fight for life. Every year, many of them would die. Were it not for the fact that Chen Feng’s cultivation base had greatly improved recently, he would certainly be sent to join the brigade and the chances of him dying would increase greatly. 

Unknown to Chen Feng, last month, his name was amongst those listed to be sent to join the Iron Guard Army. After the three elders’ interrogation, his name was crossed off.

Naturally, the reason Chen Feng was never assigned into the Iron Sword Brigade to join the Iron Guard Army in the past was because of the old cultivator’s protection.

Seeing Chen Feng’s arrival, many of the disciples in the martial grounds turned their gazes towards him. Chen Feng had been their Iron Sword Sect’s ‘infamous’ figure. Recently, especially, he had become even more popular. Naturally, the way they were looking at him now had changed. In the past, they were of disdain and contempt. Now, however, they were of surprise and curiosity. Naturally, there were also those looking at him with envy, complexity or bloodshot eyes.

“Chen Feng, right on time. I hear that you have been very arrogant of late. Not long ago, you killed six of Tiger Form Sect’s disciples?” A youngster with a rather baleful look stepped forward. 

As expected, someone is going to provoke me. Chen Feng looked at the youngster and thought to himself.

“I only killed a few fellows. Can that be considered arrogant?” Chen Feng chuckled. This fellow was a member of Wang Bo’s faction. As Chen Feng had injured Wang Bo, it was only natural for someone to come trouble him.

“He he, killing people is not considered arrogant? If so, what is? Killing outsiders is not really a problem. However, bullying disciples of your own sect is wrong. You have violated the rules of our sect and must be punished,” shouted the youngster in a cold manner.

Hearing those words caused Chen Feng to break into a smile.

“Oh? Is that so? Bullying disciples of your own sect is a violation of the rules? That is quite creative of you,” replied Chen Feng with a smile. Within the sect, the number of people who had bullied him was considerable. Yet, he had never heard of them getting punished. This youngster was clearly here to cause trouble.

“That is right! Could it be the matter of you wounding Wang Bo and others is not true?” the other fellow continued.

“Ha ha ha! What a joke! I just beat up a few dogs. If you want to attack, just attack. Why all the nonsensical words?” Chen Feng sneered.

“Sure enough, such arrogance! After beating up your own fellow disciples for no reason, not only are you not quickly kowtowing to confess your crimes, you actually dare flaunt such arrogance! Today, I will teach you a good lesson and make you understand true power!” Having said that, the youngster unsheathed his sword and flew towards Chen Feng.

The sword flashed, giving off a firm and overbearing energy. This was the Slaughtering Style of the Thirteen Styles of Iron Sword. The swords of Iron Sword Sect were wider than average by one finger. The attacks displayed were all done with great and peerless strength. The moment the youngster pulled his sword out, sword energy flowed through the sword as it arced through the air. Thrumming sounds came from the raging sword. The youngster had unleashed a killing stroke right from the get go. Clearly, he was planning on seriously wounding Chen Feng.

Humph! A disciple at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer dares to step forward. He seriously doesn’t know how to write the word death. Fine, I will just shock these disciples for today. That way, I can save myself any unnecessary troubles in the future. After seeing the youngster’s move, Chen Feng made up his mind.


Chen Feng unsheathed his own sword as he faced the incoming attack. Without displaying any moves, he simply swung his sword toward the incoming sword.


Chen Feng gave a low shout and the sword in his hand released a humming sound. Next, light shone from the sword as it smashed the incoming sword into pieces. After that, Chen Feng’s sword continued forward to slam the youngster’s shoulder. The impact of the sword slam felt like a mountain pressing down on him and the youngster fell to his knees.

Truth be told, Chen Feng’s sword was not as good as his opponent’s. However, his primary energy was stronger. Thus, utilizing the superior strength of his cultivation base, Chen Feng smashed his opponent’s sword and pressed him down to the ground.


Seeing himself get pressed down, incapable of moving at all, the youngster was unable to stop himself from screaming out loudly. All he could feel was utter humiliation and he wished he could just die.

“Humph! Just with this little ability, you dare step forward to act wantonly? You really don’t know how to live. To avoid you bringing trouble to our sect in the future, you should just sit here obediently and reflect properly,” Chen Feng scoffed before sheathing back his sword.

Even so, the youngster was still incapable of moving. When Chen Feng was re-sheathing his sword, he had sent a burst of primary energy into the youngster’s body to seal up his eight extraordinary meridians, leading to him being incapable of moving. Unless a cultivator with a stronger cultivation base than Chen Feng stepped forward to help him, the youngster will have to kneel there for a long time.

“Such arrogance!”

“Such dominance!”

“When did Chen Feng become so powerful?”

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, the other disciples in the martial grounds began conversing about the matter. The eyes of some glinted, wanting to attack him. Some gloated at the misery of the youngster while others just watched for fun.

“Chen Feng, you dare?! Are you trying to test the rules of our sect?” 

Two more figures jumped forward, the swords in their hands shooting out. The two of them were in the same gang as the kneeling youngster. Naturally, they would not allow their friend to be humiliated in public.

“Do you two want to kneel as well?” Giving them a glance, Chen Feng sneered.

“Impudence! The one to kneel will be you!”

The two of them attacked Chen Feng at the same time, one from the left and one from the right. The two of them were both at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. They attacked together, showing a tacit understanding of each other’s swordsmanship. The light shining off their swords covered the sky, enveloping Chen Feng.

“Too slow.”

Chen Feng chuckled as he strode forward. His whole body smashed into the net of swords. Then, both his arms burst out and the sword images covering the sky were shattered into nothingness. Next, both of Chen Feng’s hands pressed down on the two attackers. After Chen Feng mobilized his primary energy, the two of them felt their bodies flinch before falling heavily on their knees. The swords in their hands fell to the ground.

The present Chen Feng was at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer, capable of condensing out astral energy. By mobilizing that energy, he could coat his whole body with astral energy. Even if the two attackers’ swords had struck his body, it would have no effect.

“Reflect properly.” Chen Feng sneered before slowly making his way to the side, ignoring the three. Seeing Chen Feng moving over, some of his fellow disciples dispersed away for fear of provoking this savage persona.

The three of them knelt stiffly on the ground. They could feel the gazes directed their way and hear the ridiculing words aimed at them. Immediately, they were besieged by an unbearable feeling of humiliation. Every one of their faces turned red, seemingly on the verge of bleeding. With their cultivation bases sealed, they were incapable of moving. All they could do was hiss and swear.

In just moments, Chen Feng had suppressed three cultivators at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer, forcing them to kneel. The way the onlookers looked at Chen Feng changed once more. The trash of the past had transformed into an expert. Additionally, his actions were resolute and vicious. Those who had once bullied Chen Feng revealed highly contorted expressions and they all put a large distance between themselves and Chen Feng. Their hearts felt uneasy, fearful of Chen Feng’s retribution. 

In the martial grounds, everyone formed small groups of three to five members each. Chen Feng was the only one to stand there alone. There was no one within ten metres of his position.

Having seen what happened earlier, no one else stepped forward to provoke Chen Feng. None dared defy his might.

When he had first entered the martial grounds, Chen Feng had looked over the disciples there. The weakest amongst them were at the rumbling bones, forging of bones and training the marrow (3nd) layer. The rest were mostly at the reinforcement of internal organs (4th) layer or hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. There were some, however, who gave off a heavy, mountain-like presence. Their movements were steady and powerful. They must be at the astral energy (6th) layer. However, Chen Feng could not determine if there were any disciples at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. Additionally, Chen Feng speculated that the possibility was small. Even if there were, those figures must have only just reached the layer. After all, even the Eldest Brother of their Iron Sword Sect was only at that layer.

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