Chapter 149: Magic Earth Beast



Two rows of sharp fangs collided against each other. Although it had failed to bite Lu Ta, the resulting shock wave slammed heavily against Lu Ta’s body.


Blood sprayed out as the bones in his body cracked.

Chen Feng’s response was quick. The Overwhelming Astral Sword swiftly hacked down upon the yao beast.


A booming sound rang out and soil scattered about as a one-zhang deep crater appeared on the hard ground. However, there was no trace of the yao beast anymore (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

A sense of danger surged into his heart.

“This is bad. Hurry, leave this place!” Both Chen Feng and Ye Ziming shouted at the same time.

Earlier, if Chen Feng had not felt the fluctuations from his Magnetic acupoints by accident, the yao beast’s surprise attack would have allowed it to successfully devour Lu Ta.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before Chen Feng and the others could leave the place, however, the ground around them erupted. From within the chaotic swirl of smoke, waves of bloodthirsty and tyrannical auras rapidly charged towards Chen Feng’s group.

“Everyone, to me!” Chen Feng shouted and he poured all his power into the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Beam after beam of potent sword energy shot out from the sword towards the incoming yao beasts.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Flowers of blood blossomed. Clearly, Chen Feng’s attacks were proving effective. Chen Feng, however, felt more concerned. His attacks had only managed to wound the enemies as opposed to killing them off.


Third Pot Bro was slammed away. Next, a large mouth opened up before snapping shut, followed by a heart-wrenching cry from Third Pot Bro.

Ye Ziming grabbed Third Pot Bro and re-appeared beside Chen Feng. Third Pot Bro’s left arm had disappeared and blood flowed down from his left shoulder, a terrifying sight to behold.

“Almost eaten,” Ye Ziming could not stop himself from uttering out. Earlier, he had given his all but was unable to save Third Pot Bro in time.

Feeling the bloodthirsty atmosphere of violence and the overwhelming pressure descending upon them, Chen Feng knew that they were in an extremely dangerous situation. Every one of the yao beasts, which had appeared all of a sudden, was incredibly strong. He felt as though it was even stronger than his Four-eared Spirit Monkey. Most importantly, these yao beasts were seemingly capable of moving freely underground. As such, Chen Feng and the others would have to be on guard against any sudden attacks, which could come from any direction.

Chen Feng understood that now was not the time to hesitate and conceal his power. Earlier, just one confrontation had left Third Pot Bro severely wounded. As he possessed a Prized artefact as a means of protection, he was not too worried about himself. However, if he were to continue hesitating, Ye Ziming and the rest would be incapable of holding on.

“Longevity Tower!”

Chen Feng finally decided to utilize the Longevity Tower. Although Tower was not around to help him at the moment, Chen Feng still had a powerful weapon inside the tower.


After the Longevity Tower came out, it quickly expanded. In just a flash, it had become as big as a small mountain. Next, it covered the others and exerted a powerful suction force to absorb everyone, including those unknown yao beasts into itself, even Chen Feng.

“Humph! The interior of the Longevity Tower is my domain. I want to see just what kind of monsters you fellows are.” Chen Feng sneered. With a wave of his hand, a high number of energy currents condensed into ropes before shooting forward with lightning-like speed to tie up the yao beasts.

The yao beasts had already noticed their predicament. Instantly, they attempted to escape. Unfortunately, their charging attempts at the tower floor only produced thudding sounds. In addition, they would then release cries of pain after slamming their head against the floor.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng channelled all his power to condense out resilient ropes using the energy currents within the Longevity Tower. At the same time, his palms kept forming magical seals.


A stone stele was quickly formed before striking one of the yao beasts on the head. Next, countless ropes wrapped around the yao beast to restrain it tightly. After that, the stone stele smashed down from above once more to completely suppress the yao beast.

“You fellows, go hide. I will deal with these yao beasts.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the energy currents within the Longevity Tower surged and the space within it transformed to place Ye Ziming and the others into a secure location.

“What is this place?” Fourth Pot Bro blurted out.

“You fellow will know soon. Since Brother Chen is willing to bring you fellows in, it seems he really does consider you all to be on his side,” said a smiling Ye Ziming.

Both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had entered the tower before. They knew that this was a powerful magic treasure hidden within Chen Feng’s body. However, the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain did not know that. Earlier, they had assumed that all five of them would be devoured by those yao beasts when suddenly, everything became a blur and they found themselves in a different place.

They watched as Chen Feng seemingly put on a magic show, restraining the yao beasts one after another, hammering stone stele after stone stele down on them to suppress them. The five of them felt as though they were in a dream.

Chen Feng had sucked in a total of 10 yao beasts. Every one of them was several times bigger compared to the most savage of crocodiles. Most importantly, they were a hundred times more savage.

By then, three of the yao beasts had been wrapped up by the ropes while two more had been suppressed by stone steles. However, the remaining yao beasts continued to roar as they charged about. The powerful shock waves emanating from the yao beasts were so formidable, Chen Feng felt his vision darkening as a result.

Not enough power. Right now, I can only use a portion of the Longevity Tower’s power. It seems that is insufficient to restrain these yao beasts. Chen Feng sighed.

“Purplebolt, it is your turn!” Chen Feng shouted.

Purplebolt was the name that Chen Feng had given to the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm.


A colossal, silvery-white silhouette zoomed past and high-velocity hurricanes appeared out of nowhere to pull the yao beasts into them, binding them up.

Zi! Zi! Zi!

Three cracks of thunderbolt shot out from Purplebolt’s horn to easily bore see-through holes through the bodies of three of the yao beasts.

“Don’t kill them, I want them alive!” Chen Feng shouted.

Seeing the sudden appearance of the colossal, silvery white-wyrm, the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain gaped once again.

“A one-horned wyrm, that is a Great Yao,” Big Pot Bro mumbled.

The five of them weren’t the only ones shocked at the spectacle. Even Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were somewhat shocked.

“Brother Chen actually managed to subdue this Great Yao. It is the equivalent of a Sky Human stage cultivator. How did he do it?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta exchanged glances, both revealing looks of shock.

“All right, we can stop worrying now. Hurry up and heal up your injuries,” said Ye Ziming as he looked at Third Pot Bro, who had lost his left arm.

The Five Heroes of Pot Mountain were still in a state of chaos. Earlier, all of them had suffered from some wounds. However, Third Pot Bro’s wounds were the heaviest. His left arm had been utterly bitten off, leaving his bone protruding out from the wound. It was a chilling sight.

“Don’t worry, a new arm will grow out after some time. However, it will consume some energy,” Big Pot Bro comforted him. At the same time, he sent out streams of primary energy into Third Pot Bro’s body to help him with his recovery.

Although the five of them had many questions, they knew now was not the time for it. Thus, they calmed down and focused on healing up their wounds as they waited for Chen Feng to deal with the yao beasts.

With Purplebolt’s help, the remaining yao beasts were all suppressed by the stone steles that Chen Feng condensed out. Looking at all 10 immobile yao beasts, Chen Feng let out a sigh of relief. In the fight earlier, he had used up all his strength. If it were not for Purplebolt’s assistance, those yao beasts would have been able to roam freely within the Longevity Tower.

Seeing those yao beasts suppressed, Purplebolt said nothing. He simply went looking for a spot to go to sleep. Although he had become Chen Feng’s helper, he maintained a strong sense of self-esteem. Now that the matter had been settled, he would not be joining these juniors.

At any rate, those that can reach the Great Yao stage were all arrogant.

“What exactly are these?” Only then did Chen Feng had the time to inspect the yao beasts that he had suppressed.

Ye Ziming and the others came forward as well.

It had a large body resembling that of a hippo, but its mouth revealed row after row of sharp teeth. As for its thick, grey skin, they were incredibly resilient. Most of the sword beams that Chen Feng unleashed earlier had only managed to leave white marks upon their bodies.

Additionally, every time these yao beasts breathed, they would spray out a white swirl of air out. The swirling white air would remain in the air for a long time before dispersing.

Even though Chen Feng had already suppressed them, they did not lose their ferocity. They continued to struggled while glaring at Chen Feng with blood-red eyes while bellowing out loudly.

“Blood-red eyes. Could they be yao beasts corrupted by the demonic energy?” Chen Feng speculated.

“These look like Magic Earth Beasts, but they feel slightly different.” As he spoke, Ye Ziming pulled out a book and quickly perused it.

“Look, there is an introduction to Magic Earth Beast here.” Ye Ziming handed the book over to Chen Feng.

Sure enough, the Magic Earth Beast portrayed in the book appeared almost the same as the 10 yao beasts suppressed there. The only differences were their blood-red eyes and their teeth and claws, which were even sharper.

“It seems they really are Magic Earth Beasts that were corrupted by the demonic energy. Each of these Magic Earth Beast possesses the power of a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator. Additionally, they can move freely underground without creating a single sound. With a moment’s carelessness, even a cultivator who has condensed out his Soulflame can be critically wounded from their sneak attacks,” said Chen Feng.

“Hey, hey. That means I am quite fortunate.” Third Pot Bro forced out a laugh. By then, his wounds were already stabilized. However, he had lost too much blood and his face remained pale.

If I hadn’t been continuously using my Magnetic acupoints to perceive the surrounding terrain, these yao beasts would have succeeded in their sneak attack. Chen Feng himself felt a faint feeling of dread.

The corrupted Magic Earth Beasts were very strong. The toughness of their teeth made it so they could crush high-quality steel to pieces.

“I wonder if there are any more Magic Earth Beasts outside?” Ye Ziming suddenly said.

“There was originally a considerable number of them. However, after I revealed the Longevity Tower, all the remaining Magic Earth Beasts slipped underground. This shows that, although these yao beasts are savage and murderous, they did not lose themselves completely,” said Chen Feng.

“You fellows stay inside and heal up first. I will go out and check out our surroundings.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s figure flashed, disappearing from within the tower.

“All right. If we go out, we will only become a burden for Brother Chen. Staying here will be safer,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

By then, Chen Feng had already kept the Longevity Tower into his glabella. He was leaping forward alone. Every leap he took brought him tens of metres forward. At any rate, he was connected to the Longevity Tower. Should any danger arise, he could bring it out instantly.

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