Chapter 147: Riot



Truth be told, this Great Yao was also feeling extremely helpless. He had been locked up within the Longevity Tower for quite some time now. Although it was not a particularly long time, it was enough for him to understand that he was not strong enough to break free.

Even before Chen Feng entered Demon Soul Valley, Purplebolt had already understood that he would have to compromise. However, the dignity of a Great Yao forbade him from doing so. Thus, he kept putting on the façade of strength. Now that Chen Feng had utilized that power to threaten him and force a showdown, he could no longer hold on.

Although submitting to a human will damage my dignity, there is a saying amongst the humans. The capable will not suffer from an apparent loss. Right, there is another. When standing before the eaves of a building, one has no choice but to lower their heads. Besides, I can see that this kid is not bad. He possesses a magic treasure of this level. Not to mention, his body has potential. His future accomplishments will surely be extraordinary.[1]

Whatever, I will just follow him for now. At any rate, it will be boring to stay inside and do nothing. The Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm comforted himself with those thoughts.

After successfully imprinting his soul brand into Purplebolt by himself, Chen Feng no longer had any concerns. With a wave of his hand, the stone steles pressing down on Purplebolt dispersed, transforming into energy currents as they flowed away.


The Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm unleashed a loud roar. He had finally recovered his freedom to move. Its massive body, tens of zhang long, flew up and the powerful emanations of a Great Yao spread into his surroundings. The energy currents surged and a drastic change overcame the surrounding areas. Sensing this mighty pressure, Four Ears, who was in the midst of cultivation himself, revealed a look of dread. He hurriedly retreated again and again. This was the innate atmosphere of deterrence that a high-level Yao beast would have on low-level Yao beasts (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Chen Feng waved his hand again to send several streams of light into Purplebolt’s body. Next, a series of snapping sounds rang out from his body as all the restrictions placed within the Great Yao’s body were unravelled. Thus, the atmosphere radiating from his body grew even stronger. In the end, even Chen Feng revealed a look of shock.

Although this wyrm is not as powerful as the Thunderhawk, he is not too far behind. To be able to capture him with the Longevity Tower back then was truly a stroke of fortune. However, he can only blame his own misfortune for that. If he had been vigilant the moment he appeared, there is no way to tell what would have happened in the end. Witnessing the majestic quality of Purplebolt’s atmosphere, Chen Feng involuntarily felt thankful for his luck.

“You have yet to fully recover your strength. For now, just stay inside Longevity Tower and focus on cultivating yourself. I will return this clump of blood to you,” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand again and the clump of blood hovering in the air flew into Purplebolt’s mouth.

“Thank you, Young Master.” Purplebolt knew that his soul was already shackled. Even though he had recovered his strength, he dared not act up. Instead, he cautiously coiled himself upon the ground.

“Haven’t you cultivated up to the Great Yao stage? Why can’t you assume human form?” Chen Feng asked with a puzzled tone. 

“I have yet to overcome Lightning Tribulation. Thus, I am incapable of assuming human form,” Purplebolt replied.

Chen Feng nodded his head as he recalled his encounter with the tree spirit who failed his tribulation in Black Origin Mountain Range. Back then, Chen Feng had nearly lost his body to the tree spirit.

“Sky Human stage requires overcoming nine Lightning Tribulations. In every tribulation, terrifying Sky Lightnings would descend. Failure to overcome the tribulation generally means getting reduced to ashes and disappearing from the world. Not even the soul would remain.” Chen Feng recalled the records within the Longevity Scripture.

“We Great Yaos also have to overcome nine Lightning Tribulations. Success in overcoming all nine will allow us to rise to the Yao King stage. That is the equivalent of the human’s Human Immortal stage,” Purplebolt said.

“You know quite a bit,” Chen Feng said curiously.

“I got lucky. I found a cultivation manual which allowed me to cultivate up to this stage. If not for that, cultivating up to the Great Yao stage is simply too much of an arduous task. Actually, if I have to be honest, the fact that I have yet to overcome Lightning Tribulation means that I am not truly a Great Yao just yet,” Purplebolt said.

“The Yao King is equal to Human Immortal.” Chen Feng nodded his head. He knew that he had a long way to go before reaching that stage. At present, he was just at level 2 of the Concealed stage. To be able to cultivate up to the Sky Human stage would already be a sweet, sweet dream for him.

There was a large number of Magic crystals and purple-coloured lightning powers stored within the Longevity Tower, enough for Purplebolt to recover his strength. Chen Feng then retracted his divine sense to check up on the outside situation.

“Is Ye Ziming not back yet?” Chen Feng asked.

“Not yet. It is strange though. Although there are many demonic humans up front, why are they gathering together? Even if they are assaulting Mo Ji’s group, do they need so many of them? From what I can see, the number of demonic humans up front has reached at least 1,000. And that number is only what I can see, just the tip of the iceberg,” Lu Ta said.

“These demonic humans were once cultivators who came here hundreds and thousands of years ago on an adventure. After their transformation into demonic humans, the demonic energy and other governing laws of Demon Soul Valley further changed them, giving them a long life-span. Outside Demon Soul Valley, a Concealed stage cultivator can live up to 1,000 years at most. After becoming demonic humans, however, they can probably live up to 10,000 years. Considering the accumulation of demonic humans throughout the years, who knows how many demonic humans there are in Demon Soul Valley,” Big Pot Bro said.

“There must surely be a reason to why the demonic humans are gathered up ahead. Though, I am thankful for it. If not, we would likely be dragged into a fight with them. If so many demonic humans besiege us, we will have nowhere to run,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

They then dug a deep hole the size of a building and hid inside. As the ground there had been exposed to the invasive demonic energy all year round, its toughness was comparable to that of a rock. However, Chen Feng, who had already opened up his Magnetic acupoints, could establish a link with the power of the earth. With just a stamp of his foot, a large hole appeared on the ground.

Not long after that, they sensed the air before their eyes vibrating. Next, Ye Ziming’s silhouette appeared before their eyes.

Ye Ziming’s face was somewhat pale. Clearly, he had used up a great deal of energy.

“Brother Ye, are you all right?” Chen Feng asked.

“I am fine. I had simply used up some of my soul power.” As he spoke, Ye Ziming pulled out some Magic crystals and began absorbing their energy to replenish his power.

“I found something interesting,” said Ye Ziming with a smile after taking a deep breath. His aura had gradually stabilized after absorbing energy from three Magic crystals in a row.

“Oh, what is it?” Chen Feng’s curiosity was piqued.

“There are countless demonic humans gathered up front. All of them are gathered at one spot, the edges of the ruins up front. In other words, if we want to enter the ruins, we need to figure a way to get past the demonic humans,” Ye Ziming said.

“In other words, these demonic humans are guarding the primordial ruins?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“From what I can see, that would appear to be the case. Additionally, these demonic humans are much stronger compared to the ones we encountered earlier. However, I did not see Mo Ji’s group. At present, Evil Moon Grotto Master’s group and another are surrounded by those demonic humans. Additionally, they are already suffering from some casualties. Barring any accidents, all of them would probably die there,” said Ye Ziming, who revealed a slight look of glee at the prospect of their misfortune.

“Serves them right,” Lu Ta and Third Pot Bro said at the same time.

“When you put it that way, Mo Ji intended on making us their shields. For her to be exposing her intentions so early on could only mean one thing,” Chen Feng said slowly.

“She has a method of going in,” said both Ye Ziming and Big Pot Bro simultaneously.

“You did not see Mo Ji’s group. Then, there is a high chance that they have already entered the building. Though, I wonder if we can find any treasures inside,” said Chen Feng as he shook his head.

“Maybe, the interior of the building is even more dangerous. I really hope they all die inside,” said Lu Ta with a somewhat malicious tone.

“Personally, I hope it is not dangerous inside. If Mo Ji’s group ends up dying inside, there will be no point in us going in,” Chen Feng said.

“There are so many demonic humans. How can we enter? Surely, we are not going to kill our way through? I don’t have that kind of ability,” said Lu Ta, who shook his head.

“There will surely be a way. Brother Ye, can your spatial magic array bring us in?” asked Chen Feng.

“Very difficult. We do not have enough power. Besides, the spatial governing laws here is much stronger. Tearing a spatial crack here will take a vast amount of power,” Ye Ziming said.

“We may have just enough power to activate the magic array, but I fear it might not be enough to take us all the way. If we exit in the middle of all those demonic humans, not even having wings could help us escape.”

“Is that so.” Chen Feng felt his head aching.

“Brother Chen, aren’t you cultivating the power of the earth? Let’s just slip in through the earth,” Lu Ta suddenly said.

“That is impossible. Creating this deep hole is already the limit of what I can do with all my strength. Besides, I am not practicing an earthen-type cultivation technique,” said Chen Feng as he shook his head.

They discussed the issue for a long time, but were unable to come up with a good plan. In the end, there was only one conclusion. They would have to rely on brute force to break through. There was no other way.

Do I have to keep everyone into Longevity Tower and send Purplebolt to charge in? However, given the number of demonic humans there, even this Great Yao might find it difficult to charge through. Chen Feng was at a loss.


A loud, sky-shocking roar suddenly rang out from the distant ruins. It was unknown just what manner of creature had unleashed the roar, but the resulting soundwaves seemingly reached the sky before spreading outwards. Like a gigantic hurricane descending from the sky, it then smashed into the ground.

The thick layers of demonic energy surrounding the area were dispersed and Chen Feng could even glimpse minute rays of sunlight shining through the thick layers of demonic energy. The rays of sunlight glowed golden amidst the grey backdrop.

Rumble! Rumble!

The ground trembled and the blood energy within everyone present also trembled somewhat.

Next, an even more shocking sight unfolded. The demonic humans who knew not the meaning of fear began fleeing in panic. It was as though a few ferocious lions had pounced into the midst of a flock of sheep. The demonic humans kept howling as they ran. In but the blink of an eye, they had become like a disturbed hornet’s nest, a complete mess.

Looking at the chaotic mess of demonic humans running towards them, Chen Feng and the others became dumbfounded.

“What was that sound? Did the leader of these demonic humans finally showed up?” Lu Ta blurted out.

“What do we do now?” Looking at the approaching wave of demonic humans, Big Pot Bro asked with a tone of concern.

There were at least hundreds of demonic humans, perhaps more, running towards their location. The rumbling vibrations caused by the demonic humans’ charge spread towards their location and the resulting atmosphere was even greater compared to that of an army of soldiers.

As the ground trembled, Chen Feng and the others, who were hiding within the deep hole, felt their hearts quaking in fear. None of them could predict what would happen next.


 1 The capable will not suffer from an apparent loss. Idiom meaning the smart are capable of understanding the situation, avoiding the unfavourable to not suffer from a loss.

When standing before the eaves of a building, one has no choice but to lower their heads. Idiom meaning when you have no power, money and/or authority; you must bow before those with power, money and/or authority.

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