Chapter 146: Pot Mountain is an Immortal Mountain


“It really is a ruined building. How strange. How could there be a building here? Isn’t Demon Soul Valley supposed to be the result of a battle between Primordial Demongods?” Lu Ta uttered in shock.

“Our knowledge of Demon Soul Valley is limited to just rumours. According to the records, Demon Soul Valley has existed since tens of thousands of years ago. Additionally, there is no telling just how big Demon Soul Valley is. No one has ever ventured into the deepest portion of Demon Soul Valley. Who can know what had happened here in the past? Besides, many people had obtained some fortune here. There is nothing shocking about the appearance of a building here,” Ye Ziming said.

“It is true, some people had found immortal serendipity here. In fact, it is possible that the person had cultivated up to the immortal stage,” Big Pot Bro suddenly spoke up.

“Oh, really?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“Young Master, do you know why we are called the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain?” Big Pot Bro said with a smile.

“He he, I do not know that,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. At the same time, he thought to himself. I have never even heard of you fellows before in the past, how could I know that?

“The place that the five of us normally use to practice cultivation is known as Pot Mountain. Although it now appears like a normal mountain, it may be an immortal mountain from primordial times.” Big Pot Bro’s voice suddenly lowered into a whisper.

“A primordial immortal mountain?” Chen Feng exclaimed and a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

“Braggart. You say the place you fellows live in is an immortal mountain? Those words should only come from disciples of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains.” Lu Ta laughed out.

“There is a basis for what we are saying,” shouted the straight-forward Third Pot Bro in a dissatisfied tone.

“Lower your voice. Don’t let others hear you,” Big Pot Bro reproached him with a whisper.

Third Pot Bro’s face immediately revealed a shamed expression and he stopped talking.

Seeing the seriousness they were revealing, Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta grew interested.

“Hurry up and tell us, what is that basis of yours? There are no outsiders here, just say it in a low tone,” Lu Ta said with a smile.

“It is very simple. We brothers found a stone stele in Pot Mountain. Originally, it was just an ordinary-looking stone stele with a layer of green moss growing on it. However, who knows what we accidentally touched, but the stone stele suddenly shone with light. Next, a great deal of words appeared on its surface. Although he had never seen the language before, we were able to understand the meaning of the words. It was a very strange and wondrous feeling,” Big Pot Bro slowly said.

“In other words, you fellows came across immortal serendipity?” Chen Feng asked, filled with curiosity.

“Seriously?” Lu Ta was somewhat incapable of accepting that.

“What is the content of the words?” Ye Ziming was quick to get to the point.

“In the beginning, us five brothers thought we had come across immortal serendipity. Back then, all five of us felt excited, thinking that the content was probably records of an immortal scripture. Even if it wasn’t, it should at least be a high-level magic technique. Unexpectedly, after looking through it all did we realize that was not the case.” After saying that, Big Pot Bro halted.

“What exactly is written on it? I say, Big Pot, can you not say it all in one go?” Lu Ta asked impatiently. It was not just him. Even Chen Feng and Ye Ziming’s feelings of curiosity were on the verge of erupting.

“The content of the writings tells us that the one who left the writings is someone known as Pot Mountain Hermit. He had once entered Demon Soul Valley and had acquired an immortal scripture from the place. Later, he somehow got wind of a rumour that Pot Mountain is a primordial immortal mountain filled with a vast amount of immortal serendipities. Thus, he chose to settle there, putting up the stone stele and writing those words down using his magic power,” Big Pot Bro said.

“And then?” Chen Feng asked.

“No more. That is everything written on the stone stele,” Big Pot Bro said.

“I mean what happened next with you and your brothers?” Chen Feng shook his head and continued.

“After that, we brothers settled in Pot Mountain and attempted to find the so-called immortal serendipities in Pot Mountain. The five of us kept searching around Pot Mountain for 18 years but to no avail. On the contrary, we ended up making a name for ourselves in the surrounding areas. The people there came to call us Five Heroes of Pot Mountain. This time, we brothers are lacking some medicinal pills. Thus, we chose to accept this task,” Big Pot Bro said.

“What about the Pot Mountain Hermit?” Chen Feng asked as he nodded his head.

“There is no trace of him. We do not know where he went. We don’t even know when the stone stele was left behind. Maybe, it was tens of years ago, or hundreds or thousands. Back then, we had attempted to find out about the name Pot Mountain Hermit, but we were unable to find even a single clue about it,” Big Pot Bro said.

“Brother Ye, do you know where Pot Mountain is located?” Chen Feng turned to look at Ye Ziming.

“Never heard of it. It is definitely not some famous mountain, most likely a small mountain.” Ye Ziming pushed his lips to the side.

Chen Feng looked at the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain, an inquiring look on his face.

“Hehe, it is indeed a small mountain. The spiritual energy there is not high, the vegetation there limited and there are no ores there as well. However, it also does not have any yao beasts and very few cultivators would go there. It is a fairly quiet place to practice cultivation,” said Big Pot Bro with a somewhat sheepish tone.

“So, it is just a desolate place that no one would go. You believe that such a place is an immortal mountain? You fellows lost 18 years staying there,” Lu Ta blurted out.

“It is a peaceful and quiet place,” Big Pot Bro replied with a smile.

“Truth be told, we were completely astounded by the stone stele back then. If you fellows see that stone stele, you would surely believe that the content of the writings is true,” said the usually taciturn Second Pot Bro.

“Is the stone stele still there?” asked Chen Feng.

“Yes.” Big Pot Bro nodded his head.

“If we have the time, we can go have a look,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“All right, enough. We have a situation,” Ye Ziming suddenly interrupted them.

Chen Feng and the others abruptly sensed killing intent rising into the sky from the distance as faint sounds of battle spread towards them.

“Demonic humans, and powerful ones to boot,” Chen Feng said grimly.

“Additionally, there should be quite a lot of them. Thankfully, we are the last to go. It seems those fellows are fighting against the demonic humans.” Ye Ziming smiled. 

“Serves them right for rushing forward so fast.” Lu Ta cackled at their misfortune.

“The ruins of a building have appeared up ahead. Regardless if Mo Ji’s words are true or false, it should contain some treasures,” said Chen Feng.

“The demonic energy here is too thick. Additionally, there are demonic humans obstructing the way. It will probably be difficult for us to even advance,” Ye Ziming said with a frown. The situation before them did not look too optimistic.

“We have come all this way. Turning around without obtaining anything is not our way of doing things. We can figure out a way to enter the place and check out what kind of ruins this is. Besides, even if we do encounter danger, do not forget, I still have a very powerful trump card,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Listening to Chen Feng’s words, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta quickly understood what Chen Feng meant. They nodded their heads and said, “All right. At any rate, we are all feeling curious about this place. Coming into Demon Soul Valley was not easy. We cannot just go back empty handed. Who knows? We might come across immortal serendipity.”

“I don’t care about immortal serendipities. I just want to find two types of items. If I can find them, I will immediately turn around and leave this dangerous place,” said Chen Feng.

“What else are you looking for besides the Soulguard Flowers?” asked a curious Ye Ziming.

“I need two Prized artefacts,” said Chen Feng coolly.

“… … …”

Next up, Chen Feng and the others did not attempt to risk moving forward. Instead, they stayed put and discussed what to do next.

“I will go alone to check out the situation first.” After saying that, Ye Ziming moved to leave.

“Be careful. If you encounter any dangers, quickly turn back,” said Chen Feng. Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to send Four Ears out to serve as a scout. As a yao beast, the Four-eared Spirit Monkey’s degree of perception which surpassed that of humans and its high speed of movement made it the best option for inspecting the situation. Unfortunately, after having absorbed the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm’s blood, he had entered a highly focused state of cultivation and cannot be interrupted.

“Don’t worry.” Ye Ziming nodded his head. Next, his body’s silhouette slowly grew faint and he seemingly melded with the surrounding demonic energy.

“What kind of magic technique is that? It is so amazing!” The Five Heroes of Pot Mountain were shocked. They did not think that Ye Ziming could be so powerful.

Chen Feng ignored them and instead sent a strand of his divine sense into the Longevity Tower again.

By then, the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm appeared even more dispirited. When Chen Feng’s divine sense form appeared before him, he simply opened his eyes to look at Chen Feng once before closing his eyes again. Who knows what he was thinking?

“Have you considered it?” Chen Feng asked calmly before spreading open his palm again. Ten beams of sword energy moved about, criss-crossing each other, seemingly possessing intellect while containing a mighty power of destruction.

“If you are not willing to submit, you will have to continue suffering,” said Chen Feng.

“Sigh!” Purplebolt suddenly sighed.

“I am willing to submit.”

Chen Feng was taken aback. Unexpectedly, this Great Yao had chosen to submit at last. Next, however, a feeling of happiness emerged from his heart. With this, he would have another powerful helper. He would have the protection of a Great Yao and a Prized artefact in the future. Should he encounter Evil Moon Grotto Master in the future, he would be sure to teach him a good lesson.

“In that case, open up our soul.” Chen Feng suppressed the joy in his heart and put on a calm façade.

Everything proceeded smoothly, beyond Chen Feng’s expectations. Purplebolt obediently opened up his soul, allowing Chen Feng to place a soul brand within the depths of his soul.

Immediately, Purplebolt felt a layer of shackle upon his soul. Every move he made would come under Chen Feng’s control. With a thought, Chen Feng could destroy his soul utterly.

A melancholic feeling washed over Purplebolt. Thinking about it, it had not been easy for him to cultivate up to the Great Yao stage. He could already be considered an overlord amongst yao beasts. Unexpectedly, he had fallen under the control of a puny human cultivator. Unwillingness welled up within his heart. And yet, there was nothing he could do to change it all.

Chen Feng could clearly sense those thoughts coursing through Purplebolt’s mind. Chen Feng then said, “Don’t worry. As long as you follow me with sincerity and focus on accomplishing the tasks I set out for you, I will unravel the soul brand imprinted upon your soul when the time comes.”

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