Chapter 144: Parting Ways


“Ha ha ha! Kid, you would do well to not ask any more, otherwise do not blame us for attacking you. Although you possess a Prized artefact as a means of protection, your cultivation base is just too low. For us to not gang up on you to snatch your Prized artefact is already good fortune on your part.” The bearded cultivator was the first to speak up.

“Actually, I would suggest that your group leave Demon Soul Valley. The deeper in we go, the more dangerous it will be. Even with our level of cultivation, we don’t know if we can return alive. If you fellows follow us in, there is an 80 % chance that you will all die,” advised the old cultivator.

“You said 80 %. In other words, at least one or two will survive,” someone replied. 

“Sigh! Since you all want to commit suicide, I won’t say anything.” The old cultivator shook his head and went silent.

Chen Feng looked around. There were around 10 cultivators who had condensed out Soulflames. His own group consisted of 8 people. As for the remaining cultivators, there were about 20 of them. They were all at level 4 to 5 of the Concealed stage, a considerable level of cultivation base. However, none of them had condensed out their Soulflames.

Those with Soulflames must have a different objective for coming here. As for the rest, they must have come here for the 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. I cannot even imagine what might happen next. One thing is certain, it will be dangerous. Sigh! Tower is actually in a deep slumber right now. With his help, I won’t have to worry too much. Chen Feng considered. Judging from Tower’s words back then, with a proper amount of preparation, capturing or killing some average Sky Human stage cultivators should not be an issue.


The space before them split and they all emerged from the void. When their feet landed on the ground, they breathed a sigh of relief.

The sky was grey and their surroundings were seething with thick demonic energy. The moment they emerged; their bodies were beset by a discomforting feeling. It felt as though there were layer after layer of shackles wrapping them up while large amounts of demonic energy kept corroding the energy shields they put up to protect their bodies. The demonic energy was constantly attempting to invade their bodies and transform them into demonic humans.

To their surprise, the demonic energy had seemingly gained intellect, becoming life-like in its invasive attempts and making it even harder for them to resist.

“Not good. I can’t hold on much longer,” Lu Ta, who was beside Chen Feng, suddenly cried out. His face kept contorting and savage expressions kept flashing over his face as black demonic energy flowed across it.

“He is about to become a demonic human, kill him!” Elegant Gentleman shouted.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several cultivators moved forward, their killing intent rising as they were on the verge of attacking.

“Who dares?!” Chen Feng shouted. The Overwhelming Astral Sword came out to block their path. Seeing the sharp sword energy, the rushing cultivators quickly stopped.

“Brother Chen, if we don’t kill him, he will become a demonic human. When that happens, he will not be able to recognize even his closest relatives. In the end, the ones to suffer will be us,” someone shouted.

“If any of you want to attack, first ask my sword for permission,” said Chen Feng coldly. Next, he sent a strand of soul power into Lu Ta’s body. The strand of soul power quickly circulated through his body to burn away the demonic energy within Lu Ta’s body before returning into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

Next, Chen Feng sent out a stream of longevity-type primary energy into Lu Ta’s meridians to flow alongside his primary energy.

With Chen Feng’s assistance, Lu Ta gradually recollected himself and the shield protecting his body gradually grew thicker until it was able to block off the corrosive demonic energy, albeit barely.

“This method of yours cannot last. If you keep doing this, you yourself will be dragged down. The demonic energy here is thick and there are always dangers abound. You alone cannot protect so many people,” said the old cultivator.

Chen Feng looked at those around him. With the exception of Big Pot Bro and Ye Ziming, who appeared to be coping all right, the rest were showing difficulty fighting off the invasive demonic energy. He reflexively gave an inward sigh. Immediately after that, however, a look of resolve flashed over his face. Furthermore, there was also a sharp glint in his eyes.

“Since they are willing to follow me, I cannot give up on them and ignore them when they are in a life and death situation. If I do so, my mind will be affected, leaving a shadowy wisp in my heart. That will in turn affect my cultivation base and my cultivation practice,” said Chen Feng in a hushed tone.

“This action of yours will simply drag us all down. Do you want to throw our lives away for the sake of a bunch of wastrels?!” Elegant Gentleman shouted.

“You are the wastrel. You are no better than us right now. Don’t forget, without us, you fellows could never jump through space to reach this place,” Lu Ta could not hold himself back and he retorted.

Previously, Elegant Gentleman had been grievously injured by Chen Feng and had yet to recover. He only had the courage to shout while hiding behind Evil Moon Grotto Master’s back instead of stepping forward himself.

“I won’t leave my friends,” said Chen Feng coolly.

“Any more words from you and I will kill you, even if I have to go all out. I am a man of my word,” said Chen Feng as he looked at Elegant Gentleman. 

For some unknown reason, seeing the calm expression on Chen Feng’s face and the calm tone that he was using, Elegant Gentleman felt a chill running down his spine. His mouth opened up but he was simply incapable of saying anything in response to that.

“It seems we will have to advance separately,” said Evil Moon Grotto Master.


The old cultivator sighed. “Little brother, you must take care. I will say the same thing, turn back now and there may still be a glimpse of hope.”

The cultivators had formed their own groups since the beginning. For them to go their separate ways was nothing surprising.

Ten plus cultivators, led by Evil Moon Grotto Master and the old cultivator, went their own way. Most of them had already condensed out their Soulflames. With their departure, around 20 plus cultivators were left, Chen Feng included. Likewise, the 20 plus cultivators left formed their own groups.

“Humph! We’ll see who gets the treasures first.” Another group of eight cultivators discussed amongst themselves before disappearing into the thick layers of demonic energy.

“Let’s go.” The other group of nine cultivators quickly left as well, leaving only Chen Feng’s group of eight.

“Our team is the weakest one. Unexpectedly, I ended up becoming a burden,” said Lu Ta with a bitter smile.

“Young Master, we brothers have dragged you down this time,” said Big Pot Bro, who stepped forward.

“Don’t say that. Next up, we will need to work together.” Chen Feng waved the matter aside. Only then did Chen Feng get a good look at their surroundings. 

The sky and ground were all grey in colour and desolation greeted him wherever his gaze went. The only other thing he could see was the constantly roiling currents of demonic energy.

Finally, Chen Feng’s pupils contracted and he pointed up ahead before saying, “I think there is the silhouette of a mountain up ahead.”

“I see it as well. Could it be the primordial ruin that Mo Ji is looking for?” said Ye Ziming as he nodded his head.

“It is probably there. Let’s go check it out,” said Chen Feng solemnly.

“Yes. Since we have come all this way, we cannot just return like this,” said Ye Ziming.

Next, Chen Feng controlled the Overwhelming Astral Sword and had it hover above them all. Rays of sword energy shone down to form a large shield to protect them all from the demonic energy outside.

“Hurry up and recover your energy. Things will likely get more dangerous later on,” said Chen Feng.

With the aegis of the Overwhelming Astral Sword, everyone can stop worrying about the invasive demonic energy. They calmed their hearts and purged the demonic energy within them while recovering their stamina and power.

As for Chen Feng, he sent a strand of his divine sense into the Longevity Tower.

The first level of the Longevity Tower had become Chen Feng’s warehouse. Everything Chen Feng possessed, including medicinal pills and spirit stones were all stored there. In addition, there were also the 100 Flaming Spiritcrows he captured and the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm who was suppressed by a stone stele. As for Four-ears, he was in the midst of tempering his body using the lightning bolts stored inside. Seeing Chen Feng’s divine sense form entering, he quickly rushed forward before jumping up and down around Chen Feng.

Aside from the vast number of lightning powers, there were also log after log of thick Wild Tung Trees inside. All the logs piled up to form a small mountain at a separate zone within the first level. Although Chen Feng was the longevity Tower’s owner, not even he could tell how big its first level was. Despite storing so many of those things inside it, he did not find them to be conspicuous at all.

Chen Feng waved his hand and a large talon landed on his hand. It was none other than the one he had cut off from the Thunderhawk.

Although it was just one of the Thunderhawk’s talon, it was as thick as an adult human’s thigh. Its fleshy part spanned a diameter of one zhang while its talon reached a length of two chi. Additionally, it gleamed with a chilling light and was extraordinarily sharp. Even the sharpness of a top-grade Magic artefact cannot compare against it. This talon could tear Mo Ji’s Prized-tier Sky Soaring Warship, after all (1 zhang = 3.333 m; 1 chi = 0.333 m).

Tsk tsk. This is a good item. Although it still not comparable to a Prized artefact, it is not far off. The blood inside contains powerful energy and can be used to concoct medicinal pills. It can also be directly absorbed and refined. The blood of a Great Yao is not easy to obtain. However, this claw here is truly a good item. If I can forge a flying sword out of this, its sharpness alone will surpass some Prized artefacts. Chen Feng pondered, a pleased feeling in his heart. If he had not chosen to risk it back then, he would not have had such a gain.

“That is the aura of a Great Yao. Where did you get that?” asked the suppressed Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm as he looked at the thick talon in Chen Feng’s hand.

“You are quite perceptive. I chopped this talon off a Thunderhawk. It truly did come from a Great Yao,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“You managed to cut down the talon of a Thunderhawk? With those abilities? What boastful words!” Clearly, the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm did not believe him.

“Humph, you seem to be at the Great Yao stage yourself. Didn’t you end up getting suppressed here all the same?” said Chen Feng with a sneer.

“You are simply relying on the power of other items. If not for that, not even 100 of you can defeat me,” said the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm disdainfully as he looked at Chen Feng.

“Purplebolt, do you know what kind of ending awaits you in the future?” Chen Feng suddenly asked with a smile.

The Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm cast a cold gaze at Chen Feng and said nothing.

“Presently, you are simply incapable of escaping. Thus, only two endings await you,” Chen Feng repeated.

“What endings?” the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm could not help but ask.

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