Chapter 143: Soundwave Technique


“Are there any amongst you who have been to Demon Soul Valley before? Where should we go next? The scent of blood here is too strong. More demonic humans will surely be attracted to our position,” the old cultivator said loudly.

“Although I did visit Demon Soul Valley before, I know nothing about this place. Besides, it is clear that Mo Ji has been plotting against us. There will surely be more demonic humans around us or some other unknown dangers. I think it will be very difficult for us to find a safe place.”

“That is right. Did you notice it? The demonic energy here has grown thicker. Considering how thick it is, if we are to advance just a little more, we will probably end up getting transformed into demonic humans like them.”

“Should we turn back? Just leave Demon Soul Valley.”

“Humph! I don’t want to my trip here to be in vain. No matter what, I must at least find something.”

The cultivators there discussed their situation, each having their own opinions on it.

“I have a suggestion,” Ye Ziming suddenly spoke up.

“Go ahead,” the old cultivator said with a nod of his head. Given Ye Ziming’s cultivation base, those experts would not have bothered listening to him.

“I have conducted some research on spatial magic arrays before. With enough power, I believe we can follow the same route that Mo Ji’s group took,” said Ye Ziming after some consideration.

“What? You can determine where they went?” Evil Moon Grotto Master was quick to ask.

“Yes. However, I will need the assistance of everyone here in helping me hold off the demonic humans. I need time to set up a spatial magic array. Additionally, everyone’s power is also needed to open up a spatial rift here,” said Ye Ziming.

“Not an issue. You figure it out and leave the demonic humans here to us,” the old cultivator said.

“One more thing. If we really do find that primordial ruin, you all must protect us and not attack us,” said Ye Ziming again.

“Ha ha ha, you can be rest assured about that. We are all in the same boat here. There is no reason for us to attack you fellows,” said the old cultivator with a smile.

“Kid, why are you spouting so much nonsense? If you really do possess the ability, then hurry up and do it. The demonic energy here is thick and there are so many demonic humans here. We don’t have the luxury of staying here.” The bearded cultivator pulled his Spirit Gathering Bow again. Five thick arrows, surging with power, shot out and five demonic humans in the distance were shattered.

“All right, let me give it a try.” Ye Ziming moved towards the spot that Mo Ji’s group had used to leave. He frowned and walked in a circle while mumbling something, seemingly calculating something.

After some time, Ye Ziming waved his hand and an exquisite command flag was thrust into the ground. Immediately, winds blew and clouds gathered. A vast amount of demonic energy then gathered towards the flag.

“Kid, you are willing to waste Magic artefacts of this grade?” The old cultivator was somewhat shocked.

“Heh, if we die here, nothing else matters,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“Makes sense. Everyone, surround this fellow brother and keep him protected. Kid, leave these demonic humans to us,” shouted the old cultivator. His Ardent Sun Needle pierced through the air and the intense temperature from its fire essence burned away the demonic energy in the air, giving the others a refreshing sensation.

“How is it? Do you have any confidence in doing it?” asked Chen Feng.

“About half. Still, with these fellows’ assistance, I believe there will not be an issue,” replied Ye Ziming.

After every joss stick’s worth of time, Ye Ziming would thrust a command flag into the ground. Only after having inserted 12 flags in total did Ye Ziming stop. By then, large beads of sweat were trickling down Ye Ziming’s forehead. As for Chen Feng, Lu Ta and the others, they stood guard around Ye Ziming. In all honesty though, they were making use of the time to recover their strength. With the hidden experts unleashing their powers, the charging demonic humans were stopped.


Suddenly, a young cultivator roared out furiously. His face was contorted and strands of black energy flowed across the surface of his face. His body began swelling and his clothes tore apart, revealing rock-like skin and flesh.

“Not good. This fellow has been corrupted. He will soon transform into a demonic human!” shouted the old cultivator.

When the cultivator was doing battle against the demonic humans earlier, he had used up too much of his energy and could no longer block off the thick and invasive demonic energy around him. The demonic energy invaded his body, transforming him. It was just a matter of time before he completely became a demonic human.

“Kill him!” someone shouted.

“No, he is our companion,” another cultivator retorted.

“If we don’t kill him, he will attack us after he fully transforms into a demonic human.”

“I’ll do it.” Evil Moon Grotto Master waved his hand and the Sky Toppling Seal flew out to crush the transforming cultivator into pieces.

“Kid, are you done yet?” shouted the bearded cultivator.

“The spatial magic array is already set up. However, we will require six cultivators who have condensed out Soulflames to operate the magic array,” replied Ye Ziming.

“Six? We have enough,” shouted the bearded cultivator.

“But when operating the magic array, the six cultivators cannot continue fighting the incoming demonic humans,” Ye Ziming continued.

“That is somewhat problematic.”

“Young Sect Master, it is time for you to step forward,” said the old cultivator as he looked at Xiao Yin.

“Fine.” Xiao Yin nodded his head. His hand reached out and a black-coloured bamboo flute appeared in his hand.

The bamboo flute was two chi long, with a jade-like, crystalline body and a sleek and glossy surface. There were black-coloured lines on its surface and some strange, natural-looking patterns. There was a total of eight holes on the flute, each dark and deep. One glance was sufficient to tell that it was no ordinary item (1 chi = 0.333 m).

“Prized artefact!” Evil Moon Grotto Master cried out in shock.

“This is probably Demon Sound Sect’s Grotto Soul Flute.”

Wu! Wu! Wu!

Xiao Yin gently waved his hand and the black bamboo flute immediately released bewildering soundwaves out. Hearing the soundwaves, the surrounding cultivators felt their souls trembling. They felt themselves falling into a state of near-confusion.

“As expected of a Prized artefact, impressive.”

“I can only block off these demonic humans for half a joss stick’s worth of time,” said Xiao Yin.

“Half a joss stick is enough,” Ye Ziming replied loudly.

Thus, Xiao Yin placed the flute upon his mouth and began blowing. Spiralling sound waves reverberated out from the flute, transforming into invisible sound symbols which spread out into their surroundings. Whenever the charging demonic humans stepped foot into the area occupied by the soundwaves, their movements would turn sluggish.

Assuming that the demonic humans had been like raging wild oxen earlier, they now looked like slow-crawling snails.

Xiao Yin’s face turned grim and sweat kept oozing out from his face. It would appear that playing the song was consuming a great deal of his energy and concentration power.

However, the effect of his technique was also apparent. As Chen Feng and the others were watching with gaping mouths, the body surface of one of the surrounding demonic humans began cracking. Finally, it shattered into pieces with a bang. Immediately after that, the other demonic humans too, began showing the same signs. Large numbers of cracks spread over their bodies before they shattered to pieces.

In merely a few breaths, tens of demonic humans had been destroyed by the sound waves. Additionally, as the range of the sound waves continued expanding, even more demonic humans were affected. There was no suspense at all. Getting caught within the range of the soundwaves meant getting reduced to pieces for the demonic humans.

“Such power,” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“I can only maintain this for half a joss stick’s worth of time, hurry! Don’t delay!” Xiao Yin shouted.

“Everyone, it is very simple. Just channel all your magic power into these command flags to activate this spatial magic array,” Ye Ziming quickly said. At the same time, he pulled Chen Feng with him as he made his way to the magic array. Lu Ta, Five Heroes of Pot Mountain and the other cultivators followed suit.

“It is that simple?” asked Evil Moon Grotto Master, who found it somewhat hard to believe.

“Yes. Everyone must do their best, or some problems might crop up with the spatial magic array and we may end up getting stuck within the spatial turbulence,” said Ye Ziming.

“Let’s do it.” The bearded cultivator was the first to do it. Wave after wave of potent magic power roared out from his body. The moment the power made contact with the command flag on the ground, it was completely absorbed.

The old cultivator was defending Xiao Yin. Evil Moon Grotto Master, the bearded cultivator and four other cultivators channelled their magic powers and sent them into the command flags.


A booming sound rang out and the spatial magic array began operating. As the magic array began its operations, the surrounding space became unstable and the demonic energy filling every corner of the place was blown far away from them.

Finally, the space atop the spatial magic array began folding. Immediately after that, spatial rifts appeared before their eyes.

“Don’t hold back. Give it everything!” Ye Ziming shouted.


The bearded cultivator shouted and every muscle in his body swelled up. Rumbling sounds rang out from within his body, the result of his surging blood.

Evil Moon Grotto Master and the others knew now was not the time to be holding back. Naturally, they did not try to preserve their strength. Their potent magic powers poured in and the spatial magic array was finally operating in full capacity. A building-sized spatial passageway appeared above them and a powerful suction force enveloped them all.

“Almost!” The old cultivator stepped forward to grab Xiao Yin. With a flash, the two of them re-appeared within the spatial magic array. At that moment, Xiao Yin’s body turned limp as large beads of sweat trickled down his body. The sound wave technique he used earlier had exhausted nearly all his strength.

Rumble! Rumble!

Rumbling sounds rang out as the command flags that made up the spatial magic array shone with a dazzling light. Next, all of them were sucked into the spatial passageway and they disappeared from the spot.

“Why weren’t there such a loud noise when Mo Ji’s group left?” asked a puzzled cultivator.

“If I am not mistaken, there should be a Sky Human stage expert by Mo Ji’s side. If not for that, there was no way she could accomplish this without making so much noise,” said Ye Ziming coolly.

“What? A Sky Human stage cultivator?” exclaimed one of the cultivators. Originally, they had planned on finding Mo Ji for revenge. Unexpectedly, there was a Sky Human stage cultivator on her side. If that was true, who would carelessly attack her? 

“I had been wondering how this woman could be so courageous as to come to Demon Soul Valley to seek opportunities. It turns out she has a Sky Human stage cultivator on her side,” Some of them suddenly understood.

“I believe you fellows did not come to Demon Soul Valley just for those 100,000 Basic Yang Pills, right?” Chen Feng suddenly said.

As expected, after those words came out from Chen Feng’s mouth, those cultivators with high cultivation bases turned silent. Those who had yet to condense out Soulflames glanced around, puzzled looks appearing on their faces.

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