Chapter 1414 More and More Paramount Gold Immortals


“The Wicked Spirit of Death does not only exist in this universe,” the Battler Bug Empress said with a smile.

“I wonder, how did this Sealed Zone came about? Who sealed such formidable creatures here?”

“The ones released is an Ancestor Fiend and a Wicked Spirit of Death. They are both wicked and formidable existences. I wonder if there are others?” Chen Feng said.

“Certainly. According to the information I obtained, this Sealed Zone has a very long history, even longer than the East Extreme Immortal Palace. There are indeed many formidable creatures sealed here. Some had already died. Those who could survive are all mighty existences,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Even after death, the power generated by those fellows’ corpses could give birth to new creatures. Look at how powerful the crystal skeletons and vengeful spirits are. This is further proof that those who could survive are even stronger. I’m thinking, what will happen if we release all the experts sealed here?” Chen Feng suddenly smiled.

“Young Master, if that were to happen, we may have to leave the Immortal Plane as fast as possible. That said, I think that it will be very difficult to free them,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Not necessarily, look.” Chen Feng pointed. The Wicked Spirit of Death that had only just broken free did not attack the cultivators around it. Instead, it fired out a very formidable wave of energy. Everywhere it went, some spatial nodes and spatial barriers were revealed. Then, in the face of the Wicked Spirit of Death’s power, the spatial nodes and spatial barriers shattered once more.

“He’s releasing the other creatures in the Sealed Zone!” Immortal Emperor Blackfang said.

“Hurry, stop them!” Immortal Emperor Divine Origin shouted as well.

“Stop? I would like to see you try.” The Ancestor Fiend’s gigantic body charged towards the two Immortal Emperor.

“It’s becoming increasingly dangerous,” Chen Feng mumbled. His two combat puppets were being held down while he and the Battler Bug Empress were only barely holding on.

The East Extreme Immortal Palace and the forces from the Sealed Zone. It would be beneficial to Chen Feng if both sides were evenly matched. Any excess force would be used against him.


The Wicked Spirit of Death worked quickly and another gigantic creature was released. Chen Feng could see that this creature was a unique creature of chaos. As for its specific name, he did not know. However, its formidable aura informed him that it was a Paramount Gold Immortal as well.

“What an eye-opening experience today has been! So many Paramount Gold Immortals have appeared. Observing a battle between Paramount Gold Immortals is a great harvest in itself. A pity, given the situation, I should prioritize leaving first.” The Longevity Sword in Chen Feng’s hand left his grasp and a beam of sword light flashed out. Next, a vengeful spirit who was approaching him was cut to pieces.

Chen Feng had no issues facing Ageless Gold Immortals.


The fourth sealed creature broke free. Looking at it, both Chen Feng and the Battler Bug Empress cried out in shock again. The Battler Bug Empress instantly flew into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“It’s a bug.”

“To think that there would be a bug sealed here. More, it is a Paramount Gold Immortal.”

“Don’t worry. It is not a Bug Empress. It is just a regular bug, an Ancient Crystal Beetle. It is a close kin of the Ancient Flame Beetle,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Ha ha ha! The other party is a Paramount Gold Immortal, after all. It is no ordinary Divine Bug. If it finds you, will it let us go?” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“No. It is stronger than me. If it finds me, it will likely devour me to obtain my genes and legacies,” the Battler Bug Empress was quick to reply.

“The equivalent of a strong but ordinary human meeting a weak member of royalty,” Chen Feng said.

“Something like that,” the Battler Bug Empress agreed.

“If the Immortal Court does not send their experts over, Immortal Emperor Blackfang and Immortal Emperor Divine Origin will be goners,” Chen Feng said.

Suddenly, a warship swiftly entered the Sealed Zone. Seeing the emblem on the warship, Chen Feng knew that the reinforcements from the Immortal Court had arrived.

After arriving, the warship slowly flew in a circle, its body breaking apart to quickly form a teleportation array. The formidable disruptive energy that it emanated opened a spatial passageway and team after team of cultivators in suits of armour charged out from the passageway.

“A good magic treasure,” Chen Feng said. However, he did not like the odds for the reinforcements.

The number of cultivators in this group of reinforcements was very high, over 100,000 of them. However, they were half-step Gold Immortals. In Chen Feng’s opinion, cultivators at this level were only committing suicide by coming here.

The number of half-step Gold Immortal stage Battlers that Chen Feng possessed had reached the one million mark. It was only natural that he would not think highly about these cultivators. 

As predicted, the Gold Immortal stage vengeful spirits, skeletons and other creatures rushed forward and began a one-sided slaughter.

On the other hand, the pressure on Chen Feng lessened slightly. And so, he secretly prayed that the Immortal Court would send some more men, preferably some that were stronger.

After sending in 100,000 half-step Gold Immortals, the teleportation array shook for a brief moment. Then, more cultivators arrived. This time, it was Ageless Gold Immortals.

After arriving, the Ageless Gold Immortals merely gave the place a glance before joining the battle. Naturally, their targets were the creatures from the Sealed Zone. Regardless of what Chen Feng’s background may be or if he had any conflicts with the Immortal Court, the present situation necessitated working together with them to deal with his current peril.


A booming sound rang out, followed by formidable waves of power. As a result, Chen Feng felt his divine sense freezing. He recovered the very next instant and quickly realized what had just happened.

Immortal Emperor Divine Origin has fallen. Damn, looks like Dong Wang is really making himself an enemy of the Immortal Court this time. However, I can also be considered as an accomplice here. I wonder how the Immortal Court will deal with me? Chen Feng was surprised. The fall of a Paramount Gold Immortal was a very rare sight.

The fall of Immortal Emperor Divine Origin meant that Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s fall was imminent. And so, the reinforcing cultivators from the Immortal Court roared anxiously.

The pressure on Chen Feng fell by several notches.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several Divine Princes appeared. There were even two Divine Monarchs amongst them. The moment they arrived, they sensed the energy fluctuations indicating Immortal Emperor Divine Origin’s fall. They did not shrink back or display fear. Instead, they joined forces and rushed forward.

“Alright, make a path!”

The two combat puppets swiftly swept away the opponents in front. The pressure on them lessened again and they brought Chen Feng with them as they rushed forward.

The participation of the cultivators from the Immortal Court had helped alleviate the pressure on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had no intentions of fighting them. After extricating himself from the siege, he chose to swiftly fly away. The combat puppets held him and they quickly left the dangerous place.

This time, the East Extreme Immortal Palace had taken too great of a loss. They had lost a Paramount Gold Immortal. This would likely send shockwaves through the entire Immortal Court.

“For now, I should return to the alliance and make some preparations.”

After successfully escaping, Chen Feng dared not stay behind. He swiftly flew away, even resorting to the use of some Evasion Talismans to further increase his speed.

He was heading to the East Extreme Immortal Palace. The chaos in the Sealed Zone must surely have raised havoc in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. This was a good time to fish in troubled waters.

Before reaching the East Extreme Immortal Palace, Chen Feng saw a clump of energy fly out from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. It flashed forward, heading towards the Sealed Zone. After the clump of energy disappeared, an overwhelming atmosphere of power descended and Chen Feng was instantly visited by the feeling of the world collapsing. If it weren’t for the combat puppets beside him who pulled him, he would have fallen to the ground.

Is True Monarch Triple Yang or True Monarch Turbulence as powerful as that? Maybe not. After stabilizing himself, Chen Feng found that his body was still trembling slightly. That was just the aura that the other party had casually released.

“This person is much stronger than Immortal Emperor Blackfang. If so, he must be Grand Emperor East Extreme. The battle waged by a cultivator at the Grand Emperor level must surely be very exciting. A pity, a pity,” Chen Feng mumbled before entering the East Extreme Immortal Palace. The Battler Bug Empress then flew out. At the same time, a high number of bugs also flew out.

“Take whatever useful items that can be taken and destroy those that cannot be taken!” That was the command from Chen Feng. Earlier, his divine sense had scanned the place only to find no Gold Immortals there. Due to that, he felt more at ease. This was an opportunity that he must not miss out on.

And so, the East Extreme Immortal Palace, already embroiled in chaos, saw its chaos grow even greater. Chen Feng strode forward and swiftly found the Immortal Palaces of Treasures that he went to before. While Chen Feng had no use for the treasures inside, he had countless subordinates who would be able to make use of them.

“Halt! Who are you?” Two teams of soldiers rapidly charged over. The one leading them waved his hand and all the soldiers raised their lances, aiming them at Chen Feng.

“Half-step Gold Immortals.”

Chen Feng shook his head. Waving his hand, the Longevity Sword flew out and sword beams fired out. And so, the two teams of soldiers fell to the assault of the sword beams.

“Collect this Immortal Palace of Treasures,” Chen Feng said. One of the combat puppets took a step forward and grasped. After that, the ground shook and the surrounding space compressed. Quickly, this Immortal Palace of Treasures shrank to a length of three inches before flying into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Good, it is faster this way.” Chen Feng nodded. Next, he found another Immortal Palace of Treasures and had the combat puppets took action once more. Soon enough, the entire palace was taken away. Along the way, he did encounter some soldiers who were guarding the place. There were even some formidable magic arrays. And yet, he was able to move about freely, not pausing in the slightest.

“I think that’s enough. I can already sense the auras of Gold Immortals.” The Battler Bug Empress swiftly moved over to stand before Chen Feng. As Chen Feng was plundering the place, the Battler Bug Empress had gone off on its own. With the many bugs there to serve as its guide, it had likely obtained quite the sizable harvest as well.

“Gold Immortals, what level?” Chen Feng asked.

“Divine Monarchs,” the Battler Bug Empress replied.

“Alright. It’s time to leave.” Chen Feng nodded. The Battler Bug Empress utilized a soul summoning technique. In but one breath’s worth of time, all of the bugs returned. 

One of the combat puppets stabbed forward lightly with its Longevity Lance to punch open a large hole before it, creating a spatial passageway that extended onwards. 

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng then strode in. After that, the passageway disappeared.

After another breath’s worth of time, four Divine Monarchs descended. Seeing the East Extreme Immortal Palace that was now almost in ruins, sparks sprayed out from their eyes.

“Damn it, we were one step too late!”

“Who did this?”

“Sigh, don’t bother wondering. There are still traces of paramount power here.”

“Paramount Gold Immortals would not do something like this.”

As the four Divine Monarchs were feeling furious about the situation, a group of cultivators who just managed to escape from Blackfang Prison happened to pass by. Some of them unleashed more destruction upon the place. Seeing that, the Divine Monarchs directed their fury upon them. 

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