Chapter 1413 Chaotic Battle


The wounds on Chen Feng’s body were not serious and they swiftly healed up. However, after entering the rune arrays, he found that it was very hard to extricate himself. The viscosity of the wicked power within the rune arrays had exceeded his expectations. Even the act of breathing was very hard. It was then that the wicked laws within his body stirred and circulated around. And so, large amounts of the wicked power there were devoured by the wicked laws. Thanks to that, Chen Feng felt much better.

Seeing Chen Feng fall into the rune arrays, Dong Wang’s face sank sharply. As he was about to utilize a secret technique to pull Chen Feng out, countless spatial nodes suddenly linked up and the rune arrays reached completion. The firm space there was pierced and one hole after another appeared. They were like stars shining in the sky. Quickly, cracks spread out across space as the wicked power became like tentacles to emerge from the cracks.

“It’s a success!” Dong Wang became delighted and he forgot about Chen Feng.

The two combat puppets broke free from their restraints and moved forward to fight Immortal Emperor Divine Origin. As for the Battler Bug Empress, it rushed towards the rune arrays, wanting to rescue Chen Feng from it.

“Not good! Hurry, stop him!” Immortal Emperor Blackfang grew anxious and he unleashed his strongest move to finally repel the Paramount Gold Immortal.

As he was backing away, the Paramount Gold Immortal’s body exploded before rapidly reforming itself. He then appeared before Dong Wang.

The look on his face was extremely ugly to behold.

The weapon in Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s hand appeared like something between a short lance and a spike. He rushed forward. With just one stab, the Paramount Gold Immortal blew up again. This time, he did not reform his body again.

He was just a clone, after all. He was only able to exert this much power.

“Dong Wang, die!” Immortal Emperor Blackfang was feeling incredibly infuriated and the spike in his hand shot towards Dong Wang.

If not even a Paramount Gold Immortal could stop Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s attack, what could Dong Wang do?


Space suddenly exploded as a massive hand abruptly emerged to grab the spike in Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s hand.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, success! Ha ha ha! Immortal Emperor Blackfang, from this day forth, you will not be able to kill me anymore!” Upon seeing the massive hand, Dong Wang suddenly laughed loudly.


Immortal Emperor Divine Origin extricated himself from the combat puppets and rushed forward to join Immortal Emperor Blackfang in fighting the massive hand. The two of them knew that with the rune arrays complete, killing Dong Wang was no longer the most important issue. What they needed to do the most here was to immediately seal up the hand. Should the monster be allowed to emerge, the Immortal Plane would be in trouble.


Unexpectedly, Dong Wang sprayed out yet another mouthful of blood, causing the rune arrays to instantly fuse into space. Following that, the space there began shaking. Back then, there had been only cracks there. At present, however, large chunks of space began collapsing. 

Eh! His essence blood actually contains wicked power. Is there really a relationship between Dong Wang and the Fiends? Chen Feng, who was inside the rune arrays, was able to sense the power that Dong Wang had channelled into the rune arrays.


The Battler Bug Empress broke in to quickly arrive beside Chen Feng.

“Young Master!”

“I’m fine, let’s observe the situation first.” At that moment, Chen Feng was not feeling anxious to leave. There was a large amount of power there that he could use to cultivate his wicked laws. Besides, going out now, he might end up being forced to face the two Immortal Emperors.

Staying inside the rune arrays, he would be able to watch the show unfolding outside.

Back when Chen Feng saw the massive hand appear, he knew that there something exciting was about to happen. But what happened next made him worry about his own safety.

With but one swing, the massive hand knocked the two Immortal Emperors away. Although the two Immortal Emperors were not wounded, the ease at which the hand was able to accomplish that shocked Chen Feng.

This, what level is the monster at? To think that it could repel two Paramount Gold Immortals with one swing of its hand!

“This is bad!” Immortal Emperor Blackfang and Immortal Emperor Divine Origin exchanged glances. They knew that the situation had escalated. Unexpectedly, this opponent that was only about to emerge was so strong.

“Should we notify the Grand Emperor?”

“No need. I believe he can already sense it.”

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The space there completely shattered apart and a gigantic monster appeared before them all. Thick and surging wicked power rushed out, destroying the rune arrays and engulfing Chen Feng and the Battler Bug Empress.

After Chen Feng and the Battler Bug Empress rushed out from the surging streams of wicked power, they beheld the behemoth. It roared and a seemingly limitless atmosphere of ferocious power radiated from it. The wicked power had already reached a tangible state. Meanwhile, its eyes were like torches, burning non-stop as its gaze swept around to burn even space.

The two Immortal Emperors attempted to seal up the behemoth again, one on the left and one on the right. Unfortunately for them, their efforts failed to do much.

Only then did Chen Feng notice Dong Wang standing on the behemoth’s head. He stood upright, emanating the atmosphere of an existence capable of looking down on the whole world while his subordinates stood beside him. It would appear that this was Dong Wang’s objective for coming here.

“It is indeed a Fiend, or should I say, an Ancestor Fiend. It is also known as the Chaos Fiend.” Chen Feng and the Battler Bug Empress kept backing away while the two combat puppets brought the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens and the others with them to gather up with Chen Feng.

“Let’s put some more distance between us and them. This place is not safe.” Given the situation, Chen Feng dared not trust Dong Wang. He had released the Ancestor Fiend. Additionally, it seemed he could control the other party. If Dong Wang were to decide he wanted to kill Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s group would be incapable of blocking his attack.

After a moment’s consideration, Chen Feng then said to the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens, “At present, the East Extreme Immortal Palace must be in a state of chaos. You fellows, leave this place at once. Head to the East Extreme Immortal Palace and activate all our hidden forces there. We’ll flip the whole place upside down. Naturally, if you encounter any dangers, you are to immediately head back to the alliance. Do not risk it.”


The four Divine Prince level unique creatures were quick to comply. Carrying the wounded He Kong and Zhuo Liu with them, they swiftly left. The four of them were speed-type unique creatures. In situations where they were determined to escape, even Divine Monarchs would have a hard time chasing up to them.

After they left, Chen Feng felt more relaxed. While he was not strong enough, he had the protection of the combat puppets and Battler Bug Empress. Assuming the Paramount Gold Immortals were not determined to kill him, he would be able to escape at any time.

“Dong Wang! Do you know what you’re doing right now? You must have gone crazy!” Immortal Emperor Blackfang shouted angrily.

“Ha ha ha ha! I am not crazy. I am just seeking power. Is there anything wrong with that?” Dong Wang responded, laughing.

“Nonsense! Do you know this place is? Do you know just how terrifying the creature you just released is? After what you’ve done today, there will no longer be a place for you in the Immortal Plane!” Immortal Emperor Divine Origin also moved forward to say.

“What a joke! The universe is a big place. With this power, is there any place I cannot go? Your Immortal Court wants to deal with me? It won’t be that easy.” Dong Wang sneered.

Chen Feng observed the gigantic Ancestor Fiend before looking at the arrogant Dong Wang standing on its head. He felt a feeling of disbelief.

It’s the same aura as the eerie face. What is going on here? That was the issue that puzzled Chen Feng.

“No, he is buying time!” Immortal Emperor Blackfang suddenly said. At the same time, he charged with the spike in hand. Next, the spike abruptly elongated. Its target, the Fiend’s head. Immortal Emperor Divine Origin, on the other hand, also unleashed a massive Divine Origin Palm.

Chen Feng was taken aback, but he quickly understood.

“The Fiend is putting on an act. Given how long it had been sealed, there is no way it could unleash such power right after breaking free,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Yes. The power for that earlier attack must be something that it had stockpiled for a very long time. If it was truly that formidable, it would have been able to squish the two Immortal Emperors to their deaths.” Chen Feng had also noticed that something was amiss. The ferocious atmosphere of power that the Fiend was emanating appeared very terrifying. And yet, it had not attacked again since. Instead, only Dong Wang had taken action, verbal action. And now, it would seem that they were trying to buy time.

As expected, once they fought, the two Immortal Emperors were actually able to suppress the Fiend. Moreover, the two of them were utilizing a very wondrous sealing technique. As a result, the Fiend’s aura became connected with part of the space there. At the same time, its strength began dissipating away.

The expression on Dong Wang’s face flickered.

“Young Master, the situation…” the Battler Bug Empress could not help but speak up.

“At present, all we can do is observe. Given the situation, we cannot get involved.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“That’s not what I mean. Look here.”

“What?” Turning his head, Chen Feng then saw the skeletons, vengeful spirits, bone demons, fire demons and others charging over. Quickly, Chen Feng felt an overwhelming atmosphere descending upon him.

“This is bad! Hurry, leave!” Chen Feng hastily said.

There were at least hundreds of them, with Divine Monarchs, Divine Princes and Ageless Gold Immortals. Even with the protection of the combat puppets, Chen Feng would likely be incapable of stopping a large-scale attack from them.

“Young Master, I fear it will be very difficult to charge out,” the Battler Bug Empress said, its body growing several notches bigger to lift Chen Feng up. Its blade-like limbs began spinning around them while releasing sharp and formidable streams of energy. As for the two combat puppets, they brandished their Longevity Lances while hovering on either side.

Chen Feng held the Longevity Sword, ready for battle. However, the other party ignored his group. Instead, they formed a torrential stream that charged towards the two Immortal Emperors.

“So, that’s what this is about. The Fiend was the one who summoned them in.” Chen Feng finally understood. If that was the case, there was no need for him to worry.

That said, there was also a group of Gold Immortals from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. And so, the two parties clashed in a chaotic battle. The skeletons, vengeful spirits and the other creatures had a numerical advantage. In the end, over a hundred of them charged through to attack the two Immortal Emperors.

With their assistance, the Fiend was able to gain the upper hand in the fight and it did not take long before the two Immortal Emperors were incapable of stopping it.

“Let’s hurry up and leave. It’s not safe here,” Chen Feng said. Swiftly, the Battler Bug Empress’ mountainous body charged as it rushed away.

However, a smooth departure was not meant to be for Chen Feng. Two skeletons and three vengeful spirits attacked him. 

“You fellows have a death wish.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the two combat puppets attacked, easily defeating the attackers.

Those attackers were but regular Ageless Gold Immortals. The skeletons were not even crystal skeletons. It was unknown what had driven them to attack Chen Feng.

As Chen Feng’s side was fighting, however, the situation changed. Tens of enemies rushed towards him again. Looking around, Chen Feng then saw that nearly all of the Gold Immortals on the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s side had died.

“Very well, bring it on! Empress, prepare to suppress a few more skeletons!” Chen Feng had already caught sight of the crystal skeletons and golden skeletons. His eyes lit up and he eagerly held his Longevity Sword before launching an attack.

Chen Feng’s attack was aimed at a vengeful spirit at the Ageless Gold Immortal stage. The rest were left to the combat puppets. To Chen Feng’s disappointment, he did not see the black crystal skeleton.

It did not take long before a white-coloured crystal skeleton was captured. This crystal skeleton possessed the combat power of a Divine Monarch. It was practically identical to the two crystal skeletons that Chen Feng had captured back then. It had the same purple-coloured flames dancing in its eye sockets and the energy waves of the dao of paramountcy.

In addition, Chen Feng also captured two golden skeletons. Naturally, Chen Feng’s side had to pay some price for that. His two combat puppets were damaged once more. He could clearly sense that the combat puppets’ combat power had fallen by 10% while their defensive power had fallen by 20%.

In order to suppress the skeletons, the Battler Bug Empress had to over exhaust its essence power. More, they had actually failed to break open a path. On the contrary, even more vengeful spirits and other creatures rushed over to besiege them.

Looking around, Chen Feng saw that there were no longer any regular Gold Immortals from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. That secretly made Chen Feng happy. The reason he came here was to cause trouble for the East Extreme Immortal Palace to begin with. And now, it would appear that the result was even better than expected.

Besieged by the Divine Monarchs and Divine Princes, Immortal Emperor Divine Origin found himself incapable of extricating himself. As for Immortal Emperor Blackfang, the attacks from the Fiend had blown up his body a few times, seriously affecting his essence.

Dong Wang, on the other hand, was laughing loudly while launching verbal attacks.

“Dong Wang, hurry up and tell these fellows to move!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from shouting out. Hearing that, Dong Wang was taken aback. Looking at Chen Feng, a ridiculing smile then flashed across his eyes. He did not respond. Instead, he pointed forward and two Divine Monarchs who were besieging Immortal Emperor Divine Origin split off to charge towards Chen Feng.

“Humph! This guy is really unreliable!” Chen Feng swore. However, there was nothing he could do about it. At present, the most pressing concern was to figure a way out.


Suddenly, the surrounding space shook. Then, even more cracks appeared across the lands and space there. Like wind blades, streams of black energy gushed out from the cracks.

“This is not wicked power.” The expression on Chen Feng’s face flickered.

“It’s the power of death,” Chen Feng and the Battler Bug Empress said at almost the same time.

“Could there be something else sealed here?” Chen Feng guessed. What happened immediately after that confirmed his guess.

The lands there collapsed before turning into powder. As for space, it shattered into nothingness. Next, a clump of black-coloured energy gathered. This clump of energy was not big, but it exerted an unparalleled impact upon Chen Feng. The clump of energy kept wriggling and purple-red rays of light spilled down from it non-stop. Two vengeful spirits went too near it and were struck by the rays of light. Instantly, they were reduced into a cloud of cyan smoke before disappearing from sight.

“Eh, instant kill!” Chen Feng gaped. The vengeful spirits who were killed earlier possessed the strength of Divine Princes. And yet, just the energy randomly spilling out from the other party was enough to wipe them out.

“It’s a Wicked Spirit of Death!” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Indeed. However, how does the bug race also know of such monstrous creatures?” Chen Feng asked, feeling both shocked and curious.

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