Chapter 1412 Paramount Gold Immortals Arrive


“Those fellows are afraid of coming over. Looks like they are afraid of something. No questions are needed to know that there is a formidable being sealed here. Even the skeletons are scared,” Chen Feng said.

“Interesting. Hopefully, Dong Wang will be able to control whatever creature he is releasing.”

The rune arrays that Dong Wang created began expanding. At the same time, they also emanated several different types of energy waves. Chen Feng could sense several of them. They were all very strong. Even the weakest amongst them was at the Divine Monarch level. 

This fellow came prepared. I wonder though, can he succeed.

“Young Master Longevity Celestial, please defend me. Do not let anyone disturb me,” Dong Wang suddenly said.

Chen Feng was taken aback by that, but he then understood. Dong Wang was not referring to the creatures from the sealed zone. Rather, he was referring to the cultivators from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Through the Battlers, Chen Feng had sensed that some human cultivators were rapidly closing in on their location. It did not take long before he was able to sense them himself.

“It’s Immortal Emperor Blackfang.” Chen Feng laughed.

“These veterans from the East Extreme Immortal Palace are only coming now? Isn’t this a little too late?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“No, I still need some time,” Dong Wang was quick to say.

“Alright, then. I will do my best.” Chen Feng nodded. He waved his hand and the four Divine Prince level unique creatures moved to stand behind him while the two combat puppets stepped forward.

In the face of an expert like Immortal Emperor Blackfang, Ageless Gold Immortals and Divine Princes would not be able to do much. Even Divine Monarchs would have to exercise extreme caution and think of a way to flee.

Unlike the other creatures there, Immortal Emperor Blackfang directly charged into the sealed zone. There were killing intent and anxiousness within his eyes.

If Immortal Emperor Blackfang were alone, Chen Feng’s side would have been able to deal with him. However, there was one other person beside Immortal Emperor Blackfang. This person appeared to be on the same level as Immortal Emperor Blackfang. Looking at him, Chen Feng felt as though his gaze was being devoured.

He must be Immortal Emperor Divine Origin, an existence on par with Immortal Emperor Blackfang, Chen Feng thought.

In the past, when Chen feng went to the East Extreme Immortal Palace, only a strand of Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s power had come after him. Thus, Chen Feng simply did not know how strong Immortal Emperor Blackfang was. Now, Chen Feng was finally meeting him in person. The Battler Bug Empress secretly inspected his strength, giving Chen Feng a rough estimate of his strength.

They are indeed Paramount Gold Immortals. However, it hadn’t been all that long since they reached the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. They have yet to stabilize their foundation. They are likely the weakest amongst those in the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. But even if they are the weakest, they are still Paramount Gold Immortals. They are far beyond anything Divine Monarchs could hope to handle, Chen Feng thought.

“It’s someone from the Celestial Longevity Plane!” After arriving, Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s gaze swept around and Chen Feng felt an overwhelming pressure. However, the two combat puppets stood defensively before him and the pressure disappeared.

“Oh!” Seeing the combat puppets, the two Immortal Emperors grew surprised. They could not stop themselves to turn and look at Chen Feng once more.

“You are Longevity Celestial,” the other Immortal Emperor suddenly said.

“Yes. Senior must be Immortal Emperor Divine Origin, right?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“You have quite the discerning eyes. I have long since heard about you, the cultivation genius. A pity, you will be dying here today.” Immortal Emperor Divine Origin nodded. Then, both he and Immortal Emperor Blackfang turned to look at Dong Wang.

“Dong Wang. No wonder you would choose to become our East Extreme Immortal Palace’s envoy. In the past, I had thought that you just wanted to get some benefits. Unexpectedly, you are actually harbouring such a big goal. A pity. You will also be dying here today,” Immortal Emperor Blackfang said to Dong Wang.

Dong Wang did not reply. Instead, the Paramount Gold Immortal who had been lurking around in the dark stepped forward. Holding a sword in his hand, he waved and a sword array appeared in front of him.

“A Paramount Gold Immortal!” The expression on Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s face turned solemn.

“There are more here.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the two combat puppets moved forward as well. Their target was Immortal Emperor Divine Origin.

“Ha ha ha! I was thinking about killing you later, but since you have a death wish, I will grant you your wish,” Immortal Emperor Divine Origin said, stretching his hand. A massive palm silhouette then appeared, blotting the sun as it moved towards Chen Feng with a grasping motion.

Chi! Chi!

Two Longevity Lances swung and the massive palm silhouette was destroyed. Next, the two combat puppets rushed forward to entangle Immortal Emperor Divine Origin.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, his combat puppets should have no issues entangling Immortal Emperor Divine Origin for a moment. As for Immortal Emperor Blackfang, Dong Wang’s Paramount Gold Immortal would have to deal with him. How long they could last, on the other hand, Chen Feng did not bother to ask.

“You think you can stop me with just two combat puppets? How laughable!” Immortal Emperor Divine Origin scoffed. Facing the two combat puppets, he did not become flustered and neither side was able to gain the upper hand.

Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that the situation did not bode well for his side. The other party was a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal, someone who had comprehended the Paramount law. This fellow was likely not easy to deal with. If Chen Feng still had the imprints of True Monarch Triple Yang or True Monarch Turbulence on him, he would not have felt worried. In Chen Feng’s opinion, an expert at True Monarch Turbulence’s level was far stronger than the other party. At present, though, that was not the case.

Chen Feng backed away while sending Dong Wang a secret vocal transmission. “You need to hurry up. Those two are Paramount Gold Immortals.”

“Don’t worry.” That was all Dong Wang responded with.

“Sigh!” Chen Feng sighed. Thus far, Chen Feng had only seen Dong Wang set up the rune arrays. He had not seen any other thing happening.


Next, Chen Feng grew surprised. The wicked power around them had grown stronger, up to 10 times stronger than before.

Where did this wicked power come from? From the ground? No, it feels as though it is coming out from the void. If it’s truly the Fiends, that means they are sealed within this space, Chen Feng thought, feeling puzzled about the whole matter.

“Young Master Longevity Celestial, help me,” Dong Wang suddenly said.

“Not a problem,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“There, there and there.” Dong Wang pointed with his finger at a few spots in the surrounding space before returning to focus wholeheartedly on controlling the rune arrays.

“Very well.” Chen Feng brought out the Longevity Bow. After gathering power, he shot one of the spots. The thick arrow exploded and a volume of space, spanning a radius of one zhang, shook. It seemed as though nothing had happened there, but Chen Feng could sense that wicked power was flowing into its surrounding area.

Regardless if those are array cores or not, this action of mine can already be considered as helping Dong Wang. Chen Feng continued to attack. Again, he attacked one of the spots. 

Tens of cultivators arrived at the sealed zone. Giving them a glance, Chen Feng cried inwardly. The crystal skeletons did not charge in, but the cultivators from the East Extreme Immortal Palace did. Moreover, all of them were Gold Immortals.

“Did the vengeful spirits and skeletons not stop them?” Chen Feng said in dissatisfaction. Without a word from Chen Feng, the four Divine Prince level unique creatures charged forward. The Gold Immortals under Dong Wang also charged forward. And so, a brutal battle erupted between the two party. Thankfully, the lands there were hard enough and the space strong. If it weren’t for that, the shockwaves generated by the fight between so many Gold Immortals would have inflicted insane amounts of damage upon their surroundings.

“Dong Wang, it’s only the two of us. My combat puppets and your Paramount Gold Immortal protector will likely be incapable of holding on for much longer!” Chen Feng shouted.

Dong Wang did not reply. He continued to operate the rune arrays. Chen Feng then fired another arrow and a crisp sound rang out from the spatial node. Next, a suction force emerged from the rune arrays to connect to the spatial node. Following that, Chen Feng sensed a wicked power pouring in furiously from the small spatial passageway.

Chen Feng grew excited. The wicked power that was pouring in was too pure and strong. It was even stronger than the Great Fiends that he had encountered in the past.

To be able to emanate such a wicked power, it must be an Ancestor Fiend. Shaking his head, Chen Feng then attacked the other spatial nodes with the Longevity Bow.

After several attacks, another spatial barrier was broken through. Once again, wicked power surged in furiously. Dong Wang waved his hand to connect it with the rune arrays again.


Chen Feng’s combat puppets were knocked away. Next, Immortal Emperor Divine Origin swung his hand, sending forward a swift and forceful astral blade that transcended space. It locked down on Chen Feng’s position.


The Battler Bug Empress finally appeared. Two massive blade-like limbs blocked the astral blade. The formidable momentum behind the attack sent the Battler Bug Empress flying far away. Cracks had also appeared on its hard limbs. Even so, it was able to recover in an instant.

Immortal Emperor Divine Origin had wanted to attack again, but the two combat puppets entangled him once more. Speaking of which, Immortal Emperor Divine Origin was feeling both anxious and helpless. At the same time, he felt as though he had overestimated himself earlier. These two combat puppets had been made using the bodies of Paramount Gold Immortals, after all. Their offensive and defensive capabilities were very strong. Moreover, they were also not afraid of dying and would go all out whenever needed. Due to that, dealing with them and killing Chen Feng was quite difficult.

It was different for Immortal Emperor Blackfang, who managed to gain the upper hand since the very beginning. The body of the Paramount Gold Immortal from Dong Wang’s side flickered faintly. It seemed as though he was already on the verge of being shattered apart. He was only able to hold on by relying on his one Paramount law.


Chen Feng had already blasted six spatial nodes. Wicked power surged about and Chen Feng nearly could not stop himself from plundering the power.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The rune arrays that Dong Wang set up began to take effect. Finger-sized beams of light shot out, riddling the space there with small holes. After that, the small holes did not disappear. Instead, the wicked power that flowed out from them connected with the rune arrays.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng thought he heard loud noises. He did not know if those were the sounds of space colliding or his heart beating. Dong Wang, on the other hand, grew excited after hearing that. His body shook and the power coming out from him grew 10% stronger.

“Incredible! He actually made a breakthrough at a time like this!” Chen Feng exclaimed.


The Battler Bug Empress hurtled towards Chen Feng. A massive palm silhouette was pushing the Battler Bug Empress. As for the two combat puppets, they were tied up by ropes. For the time being, they were incapable of breaking free.

This is bad! Chen Feng was capable of evading, but the rune arrays that Dong Wang set up were behind him. Should the rune arrays be disrupted, this operation might fail.

And so, Chen Feng clenched his teeth and pushed forward with both hands. A massive Great Longevity Palm appeared to stop the Battler Bug Empress. Following that, a formidable force poured in through the Battler Bug Empress’ body. The Great Longevity Palm blew apart, its power reduced to nothingness. Chen Feng then became like a mortal struck by lightning and his figure blasted backwards into the rune arrays that Dong Wang had set up.

Unlike Chen Feng’s expectations, the viscous power that the rune arrays emanated helped him stabilize his figure. At the same time, the formidable wicked power surged into his body. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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