Chapter 1411 Capturing the Skeleton


In truth, this had happened to Chen Feng before. Back then, he’d had to spend a very long time for his soul to fully recover. But things were different now. With the experience from back then and his current level and power of life, Chen Feng’s soul healed at a rate that exceeded even Chen Feng’s expectations.

Finally, Chen Feng’s soul was completely reformed. After that, he began inspecting the state of his body. 

The fact that he was able to stop the opponent’s attack had shocked Chen Feng as well. At the same time, he gained a slightly better understanding of his own potential.

It seems that my potential is still waiting to be tapped.

The damage to his body was not as bad as he had imagined. The attack back then had nearly broken apart his body. But just as it was about to collapse, the Battler Bug Empress took action, devouring part of the power and allowing his body to endure. After that, longevity power and the power of life surged and his body rapidly healed. Some of the laws that Chen Feng cultivated also played an important role during that time. That was especially true of some of the Ageless laws and Paramount laws.

Naturally, if it weren’t for the fact that he possessed the Chaos Constitution, not even having all that would help him stop the attack.

The crystal skeleton seems even stronger than the previous one. It almost killed me. Chen Feng frowned. Looking around, he saw that the fiery-red crystal skeleton was fighting a Paramount Gold Immortal.

That’s Dong Wang’s strongest trump card, the clone of a Paramount Gold Immortal. He thinks he can compete with me for the crystal skeleton? Chen Feng sneered. He had decided that he would obtain the crystal skeleton. Earlier, he had managed to capture one. He would not let this one go either.

Moreover, the Paramount Gold Immortal had not taken action back when he was in danger. And now, he wanted to snatch the crystal skeleton from him. If so, he could not blame him for being rude.

By then, the two combat puppets had already returned to stand beside Chen Feng. He Kong and Zhuo Liu were already badly wounded. They had to depend on the four unique creatures to protect them. However, more shadow demons appeared. Additionally, even more creatures kept converging on them. Some were even Divine Princes.

“Young Master Longevity Celestial, are you alright?” Dong Wang asked, concern in his voice.

“I’m fine, but you don’t seem to be doing too well,” Chen Feng replied.

The Paramount Gold Immortal who was fighting the crystal skeleton was encased in purple-gold radiance and there was no way to determine his appearance. Even though he was only a clone, his combat power was very strong. It seemed he would be capturing the fiery-red crystal skeleton soon. Naturally, the Paramount Gold Immortal was thinking of capturing this crystal skeleton intact. If he had wanted to, he could have destroyed the crystal skeleton way earlier.

And so, Chen Feng grew somewhat apprehensive. 

Although Dong Wang and the others were also under siege, it would appear that they were still capable of holding on. 

“Ha ha ha! There is no problem. Thank you for your concern, Young Master Longevity Celestial,” Dong Wang said, laughing.

“Young Master, it is time to take action. With the two combat puppets and me here, I am certain we can deal with the crystal skeleton,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“You can attack?” Chen Feng asked.

“Yes. The earlier crystal skeleton is now completely sealed. I can now attack with all my strength,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

“Dealing with that skeleton is not an issue, but the Paramount Gold Immortal will likely not just watch as we take action. We are still in a partnership with Dong Wang here,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“What do we do, then?” The Battler Bug Empress seemed to be in a more anxious state than Chen Feng. 

“It can’t be helped. We cannot take all the good items here. Dong Wang will need my help again later. We’ll wait first and see how it goes.” Chen Feng then shook his head, feeling regretful about it. 

“That’s all we can do, then. If it comes down to it, we can snatch it later,” the Battler Bug Empress said. 

The two combat puppets were inferior only to a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal. As for the Battler Bug Empress, its strength surpassed that of a Divine Monarch. By joining forces, the three of them would be able to take on a Paramount Gold Immortal’s clone.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Silky threads flew out from the Paramount Gold Immortal’s fingers to instantly tie up the fiery-red crystal skeleton. 

“Got it!” Dong Wang felt delighted while Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed. Although it might be possible for him to snatch it over, it was just a possibility.

Suddenly, something happened. A pitch-black fist suddenly appeared. One look was all Chen Feng needed to clearly sense the formidable power contained within the fist.


The fist heavily struck the Paramount Gold Immortal’s body. Energy streams – black, gold and purple in colour – collided and the Paramount Gold Immortal grunted. His paramount body blew up before swiftly reforming itself again. However, the energy waves coming from his body had become several notches weaker.

Another skeleton, with a body that shone with black light, tore space to walk out. Purple-coloured flames danced within its eyes. Its body seemed to be made from black-coloured crystals. Interestingly enough, there were fine strands of purple lines all across its black bones. Only, one would need to carefully look at it to find them.

Its whole body possessed paramount power. This crystal skeleton is even stronger than the previous two. Light flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. He knew that his chance had come.

As the Paramount Gold Immortal fought the black crystal skeleton, the fiery-red crystal skeleton broke free and joined the battle. With that, the Paramount Gold Immortal found himself incapable of holding on. If it weren’t for his proficiency in the utilization of laws, the combined attacks from the two crystal skeletons would have blown him up already.

Dong Wang led his Divine Monarchs forward to join the battle, but one clash was all it took to leave them all wounded. In fact, one of the Divine Monarchs was left in a near-death state.

“Young Maser Longevity Celestial!” Dong Wang turned towards Chen Feng.

“Ha ha! Something like this is probably nothing for this senior,” Chen Feng said, laughing.

“That’s right. If not even a Paramount Gold Immortal can handle it, stepping forward will only mean death for our Young Master,” the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens, who was nearby, interjected.

“Young Master Longevity Celestial, please help.” Dong Wang was becoming somewhat anxious. From what he could see, the Paramount Gold Immortal was about to be blown up.

Chen Feng nodded. He knew that he could not go too far here. And so, his two combat puppets rushed forward to entangle the fiery-red crystal skeleton.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, he should deal with the easier target first. Moreover, he also could not afford to completely alleviate the pressure on the Paramount Gold Immortal.

“How is it, Empress? Are you still able to suppress another crystal skeleton?” That was what Chen Feng cared about the most here. Although he was able to collect a crystal skeleton into his sea of wisdom earlier, that had nearly wounded him as well. If it weren’t for him utilizing the power of the Chaos Heart, there was no telling just how badly damaged his sea of wisdom would have become.

“Not a problem. The spatial barrier has been fortified. Even entrapping several of them would not be an issue,” the Battler Bug Empress said.

Chen Feng nodded. The Battler Bug Empress was different from other cultivators. If this had been some other cultivator, Chen Feng would still have felt somewhat concerned about it. But for the Battler Bug Empress to say that meant that it had carefully and strictly calculated the whole thing.

The time Chen Feng spent communicating with the Battler Bug Empress lasted less than one breath’s time. During that time, the fiery-red crystal skeleton was tied up. Next, it entered the separate space within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom as well. The Battler Bug Empress then quickly suppressed the fiery-red crystal skeleton.

“One more.” There was a look of delight on Chen Feng’s face. He could not stop himself from turning to look at the black crystal skeleton. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this skeleton was already close to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. By obtaining it, he could refine it into a combat puppet. Its combat power would be in no way inferior to the two combat puppets. And if he were to refine it into his clone, that clone might be able to advance. At any rate, the potential within these few crystal skeletons was very great. If they hadn’t encountered Chen Feng’s group here, these crystal skeletons would have been able to advance to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. It was pretty much a certainty for them.

Seeing Chen Feng capture another crystal skeleton, Dong Wang felt so envious that he nearly puked out blood. At present, however, he needed Chen Feng. And so, he simply stayed quiet. He instead mobilized all his forces to deal with the other hostile creatures.

“Senior, rest for a bit,” Chen Feng said with a smile. The two combat puppets moved in, one from the left and one from the right. They wanted to capture the black crystal skeleton as well.

The Paramount Gold Immortal responded with a cold harrumph, but said nothing. He did not slow down at all. Facing the black crystal skeleton in a one versus one battle, the Paramount Gold Immortal was able to gain the upper hand. Even so, capturing this opponent was not something that could be accomplished quickly. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Suddenly, black flames sprayed out from every part of the black crystal skeleton. The power of devastation contained within the flames forced the Paramount Gold Immortal to give ground again and again. Chen Feng was shocked to see that. Next, though, he watched as his two combat puppets moved forward simultaneously. They showed no fear towards the black flames. One of the combat puppets thrust its lance forward, striking the black crystal skeleton with it. 

Chen Feng hastily ordered the two combat puppets to return to his side. Looking at them, he saw that some concave holes had appeared on their bodies. Surprisingly, the holes were not healing.

What a formidable power of devastation! No wonder the Paramount Gold Immortal would back away. My combat puppets no longer possessed wisdom. Due to that, they do not know how powerful those flames are. Chen Feng gradually recovered from his feelings of shock. He could take his time repairing the wounds on the combat puppets’ bodies. It was nothing serious. The only thing regretful here was the black crystal skeleton’s escape. During that time, it had broken space and disappeared from sight. 

“A pity.” Chen Feng shook his head.


The Paramount Gold Immortal gave another cold harrumph before concealing himself again. That left Dong Wang there, who smiled awkwardly at Chen Feng.

“He has already revealed himself. And now, he is going to hide again? Is the thought of moving forward with us juniors so disdainful for him?” Chen Feng quipped.

The expression on Dong Wang’s face turned even more awkward. On his side, Chen Feng knew that he should not go too far. And so, he said nothing else. He simply ordered his combat puppets to wipe out the other hostile creatures around them.

“Dong Wang, we were delayed for a long time just now,” Chen Feng said.

“I understand!” Dong Wang said, bringing out the Dimension Bead again. Opening his mouth, he sprayed a mouthful of essence blood out. The Dimension Bead promptly expanded to envelop them all before jumping through space. After but one blink of an eye, the dimensional barrier around them disappeared. Next, the Dimension Bead transformed into a stream of light to fly into Dong Wang’s body. As for Dong Wang, his face turned somewhat pale. 

“Mobilizing a high-grade Divine artifact is still a little too much,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“It is indeed too much,” Dong Wang replied with a wry smile.

“Next up, I will need Young Master Longevity Celestial’s help,” Dong Wang said sincerely.

“No problem. A pity, the crystal skeleton back then managed to escape.” Chen Feng shook his head, a regretful expression on his face. 

“If it appears again, I will help you capture it,” Dong Wang hastily said.

“Then, let’s hope it appears again.”

Dong Wang nodded before falling silent. His Divine Monarchs and Divine Princes stationed themselves around him protectively while he utilized a secret technique. Chen Feng looked on curiously. He did not know what Dong Wang intended to do here. 

“What a wicked power!” the Battler Bug Empress suddenly said.

“Wicked power?” Chen Feng’s heart stirred and the wicked laws within his body began palpitating. Motes of light then flew over from his surroundings, converging upon him before entering his body.

“This is indeed wicked power. However, it feels somewhat familiar.” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“Young Master, did you forget the Fiends?” The Battler Bug Empress reminded Chen Feng.

“The Fiend race?” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised.

“Those beneath the Gold Immortal stage are Lesser Fiends while those at the Gold Immortal stage are Great Fiends. However, those at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage are Ancestor Fiends. By the way, the aura here feels somewhat similar to the aura of the eerie face. Could the eerie face be a Fiend?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. 

Just what is Dong Wang planning to do? Chen Feng turned to look at Dong Wang. At that very moment, Dong Wang had begun to run around. It did not take long before mysterious and phantom-like runes and magic arrays floated in the air. Wave after wave of formidable power spread out and Chen Feng noticed that the magic arrays were more than meets the eye, very much so. The power contained within them was incredibly strong. If he was the one who had to set up these magic arrays, Chen Feng knew that he would likely have to pour in a good chunk of his assets into the magic arrays.

For this place to be known as the sealed zone, it must be sealing some formidable fellows, such as the eerie face from back then. Divine Monarchs are not enough. At the very least, they must be at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage to be known as monsters. This Dong Wang is putting so much into this. Could he be planning to release something that was sealed in this place? If so, his objective coincides with mine. However, why would he do this? Chen Feng pondered.

“Young Master, we have a problem,” the Battler Bug Empress suddenly said. Chen Feng then noticed that the ten thousand plus Battlers that he sent out were returning.

Demon souls, blood demons, vengeful spirits, bone demons, fire demons and shadow demons kept emerging from the grounds of the sealed zone. Their number was so high that Chen Feng found every hair on his body standing erect. Some skeletons were running forward and Chen Feng saw some crystal skeletons lurking amongst them. In addition to the crystal skeletons were some golden skeletons that shone with a golden light.

So many opponents! If they had appeared earlier, there would likely be nothing left of us, not even dregs, Chen Feng thought. That said, he also noticed something surprising. The monsters, no matter which one it may be, upon reaching a certain area, would no longer dare to take even one step forward.

Chen Feng and the others were within this special area. The skeletons, vengeful spirits and other monsters were not that far away from them. If they were to attack, they would be able to arrive in but several breaths’ time. And yet, they simply stood there, forming a long arc there. Not even the formidable skeletons dared to take a single, small step forward.

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