Chapter 1410 Crystal Skeleton


“It’s still alive!” Dao Monarch Hell swiftly stepped forward to release hell flames – flames that he had cultivated for countless years forward. A wretched cry rang out and the two halves of the phantom silhouette were utterly incinerated.

“These creatures are the transformed product of energy. Ordinary attacks are not too effective against them,” Chen Feng said. His eyes flashed with light and a stream of light flew out. Next, like soundwaves, it spread out, causing the surrounding space to shake. Following that, two more phantom silhouettes were revealed.


Dao Monarch Hell attacked again. The hell flames wrapped up the phantom silhouettes, incinerating one of them. The other one, though, managed to escape, arriving before Dao Monarch Hell in an instant.

Surprisingly, this phantom silhouette was not afraid of fire.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Tempest Tiger roared to unleash a hurricane out from his mouth. Wind blades grazed one another and the phantom silhouette was quickly sliced to bits before turning into nothingness.

“Fellows, be careful,” said Chen Feng, who continued to scan their surroundings. In his opinion, these shadow demons were even more dangerous compared to the creatures they encountered earlier. He could already sense danger.

“There’s one here!” Chen Feng found yet another one of the phantom silhouettes. However, this one was charging at him. Moreover, it was moving at a very high speed. Despite having reacted to it, Chen Feng failed to stop it. 

This shadow demon was even stronger than the previous ones. As for how strong it was exactly, Chen Feng still did not know. A formidable attack shot forward at an extremely fast velocity to arrive before Chen Feng. Then, it broke through the soul barrier that Chen Feng had set up to then enter his sea of wisdom. 

A Divine Prince! Chen Feng’s heart thumped.

After entering Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, the shadow demon swiftly transformed into a massive vortex. It unleashed its devouring power, pulling at its surroundings. Unfortunately for it, its attempts failed to shake Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.


A swift and forceful sword beam flashed out and the massive vortex was cut apart. Sword beams then surged to shred the cut halves of the vortex.

Another massive vortex appeared to exert a devouring force. Before the shredded shadow demon could recover itself, it was devoured by the vortex.

What a pure soul power! I wonder how this shadow demon was born? Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

The second vortex was an attack from Chen Feng’s soul power. Adding the devouring-type secret technique into the equation, most Divine Princes would find that entering Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom was simply suicide. They would need to be at least Divine Monarchs.

Furthermore, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom was incredibly firm. In the past, a Paramount Gold Immortal had entered it only to be dealt with in the end.

The interval between the shadow demon’s attack on Chen Feng and its defeat was actually very short, not even one tenth of the time needed to blink the eye. 

After that, Chen Feng saw that the Dao Monarchs Hell and Asura were badly wounded. They had lost their ability to fight and were protected by the four Divine Prince level unique creatures. As for He Kong and Zhuo Liu, they were fighting against several shadow demons. The combat power that they were displaying left Chen Feng somewhat surprised.

All four of them were Ageless Gold Immortals. And yet, while the Dao Monarchs Hell and Asura were already nearly dying from the wounds they took, He Kong and Zhuo Liu were fighting against three shadow demons respectively. 

Good. Worthy of their background as members of Heaven-defying races. Their talents, skills and combat powers are all very strong. Chen Feng nodded.

He Kong displayed incredible power of space. He was capable of launching out highly formidable spatial blades. One hit was all that was needed to kill the shadow demons.

Zhuo Liu had the power of water shielding his body. By Chen Feng’s estimate, even a Divine Prince would have a very hard time breaking this defensive move from Zhuo Liu.

Dong Wang’s side had also sustained some injuries. Likewise, they were also fighting against the shadow demons. For now, though, no one had died.

“Something’s not right. This is puzzling. The number of shadow demons should be very small. Why did so many of them appear this time?” Dong Wang said.

“It’s not just the shadow demons. Other things have come as well,” Chen Feng said as he pulled the Longevity Bow. An arrow flew far into the distance and a fire demon was killed.

Naturally, the fire demons here were not quite the fire-type creatures. They were born from the spiritual flames, wicked flames, fires of unwillingness, fires of rage and various other types of soul flames left behind after the death of some formidable creatures.

These things do not usually have any specific bodies. They were formed using a type of mysterious energy. Due to that, their rate of cultivation was faster, allowing them to attain a higher level. While they were lacking systematic cultivation techniques and secret techniques, their very nature made them very bizarre and possessing highly formidable combat powers. They were very difficult to handle.

Fire demons, vengeful spirits, demon souls and some other creatures had begun to appear.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Wielding the Longevity Bow, Chen Feng kept firing attacks from a distance. Additionally, most of his targets were opponents that had cultivated soul power.

The Longevity Bow also possessed a strong soul-destroying power.

“Longevity Celestial, you appear somewhat less domineering now,” Dong Wang suddenly said.

“Yes. If you only have 20% of your cultivation base left, you will also become less domineering,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“You only have 20% of your power left?” Dong Wang’s eyes widened in shock. He was in disbelief at what Chen Feng said. Inwardly, however, he knew that Chen Feng would not lie to him. That was why he felt so shocked. To be in possession of such combat power at only 20%? How strong would he be after he recovered? He was simply incapable of imagining it.

That’s impossible! Not even the Chaos Constitution is that powerful. Assuming what he said is real, once he advances to the Gold Immortal stage, even Zhong Huang would be no match for him. Dong Wang’s mind raced non-stop. There was even killing intent within those thoughts.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, merely chuckled. He continued to leisurely pull the Longevity Bow before releasing, again and again. The number of creatures that fell under Chen Feng’s hand had reached the double digits.

Sou! Sou!

Two white-coloured streams of light flashed out and Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. An arrow swiftly flew forward. Next, a banging sound rang out and the arrow that Chen Feng fired out was shattered. Meanwhile, a bone lance arrived before him.

One of the combat puppets standing beside Chen Feng finally took action. The Longevity Lance in its hand jumped forward to stop the bone lance, reducing it to bits.

The other attack was aimed at Dong Wang and was blocked as well. At the same time, two Divine Monarchs appeared beside Dong Wang, one on the left and one on the right.

It was not that Chen Feng and Dong Wang did not want to personally take action. Rather, the attacks had indicated that their opponents this time were Divine Monarchs.

For Chen Feng, if he had recovered his full strength, he would’ve been able to face this opponent for some time. But that was not the case. Dong Wang, on the other hand, also did not feel confident. Helpless, he mobilized this force that he had been keeping hidden.

A skeleton the size of a normal human appeared. Every step it took would bring it through a lengthy distance and it arrived before Chen Feng and the others in but the blink of an eye. It thrust a bone lance at Dong Wang. Space shook slightly and Chen Feng saw the bone lance arrive before Dong Wang at the very next instant.


One of the Divine Monarchs took action, knocking the bone lance aside. After that, he moved forward to fight the skeleton. As for the other Divine Monarch, he stood protectively beside Dong Wang.

“A Divine Monarch level skeleton. Not bad. It can be captured and turned into a combat puppet.” Chen Feng nodded. 


The combat puppet standing beside Chen Feng suddenly moved. The Longevity Lance in its hand stabbed out and a phantom silhouette blew up. Before the streams of energy from the explosion could disperse away, they were all reduced to nothingness. 

Chen Feng frowned. The shadow demon clearly possessed the combat power of a Divine Prince, but he had actually failed to detect it.

Sou! Sou!

The combat puppet stood still as it continued to take action and more shadow demons were killed, but Chen Feng instead felt his whole body becoming cold. A foreboding feeling was enveloping his entire body.


The other combat puppet also swiftly took action. A phantom silhouette made it to a distance of one zhang from Chen Feng when the combat puppet grabbed it, causing it to release a shriek. In the end, it was quaked to bits by an invisible power.

“Preserve its energy!” Chen Feng hastily said.

A clump of flames emerged from the combat puppet’s hand and the phantom silhouette cried out in misery before falling silent. Next, a clump of pure power flew into Chen Feng’s hand.

This power was somewhat different compared to chaos power. The power of chaos essence was the most perfect power for someone like Chen Feng, who possessed the Chaos Constitution. However, even for the most perfect type of power, there were distinctions. Not all the powers of chaos essence were the same. This power that Chen Feng had collected, while formed extrinsically, had gone through a high number of tempering processes. Additionally, it was also soul power. It would not be an exaggeration to say that, in situations where the amount was the same, even chaos essence energy was no match for this clump of energy.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the grade of this energy was even a notch higher compared to the energy of his Chaos Heart. 

Due to that, he wanted to, as best he could, not destroy the other party’s energy.

And so, Chen Feng ended up mobilizing the two combat puppets. Existences that surpassed Divine Monarchs were truly formidable. It did not take long before Chen Feng had obtained over 10 of the clumps of energy. Several of them were from Divine Monarchs.

The harvest obtained this time is quite big. The value of these clumps of energy is comparable to that of the divine objects I obtained earlier. Chen Feng smiled.

Dong Wang, on the other hand, was not having as easy of a time as Chen Feng. By then, the number of Divine Monarchs appearing to defend Dong Wang had risen to four. Chen Feng knew. The hidden Paramount Gold Immortal aside, this was already all of Dong Wang’s forces.

Seeing how relaxed Chen Feng was, Dong Wang felt both depressed and envious. Even if he had twice as many Divine Monarchs, they would still be no match for the two Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppets.

With those two combat puppets protecting him, there is no place he cannot go. Dong Wang shook his head. Quickly, though, his eyes widened. A skeleton that emerged from the ground had actually managed to wound Chen Feng, its sharp bone lance piercing Chen Feng’s body.

“Huh! This skeleton is not to be underestimated.” Chen Feng swiftly backed away and the bone lance piercing his body fell off.

It was not because Chen Feng was careless. Rather, the other party was too strong. His two combat puppets were occupied with several Divine Monarchs while this skeleton was different from the rest.

The skeletons that they encountered earlier were all white in colour, but this one appeared as though it was carved out from crystal. It had a vivid look. Naturally, Chen Feng was aware that it was not actually carved out from crystal. Only, due to some special reasons, it ended up with this look.

The most important thing here was its strength.

If it weren’t for that, it would not have been able to evade the two combat puppets. 

After the crystal-like bone lance pierced Chen Feng’s body, the crystal skeleton was sent flying. The one who attacked it was the Battler Bug Empress. After that attack, the Battler Bug Empress stayed still.

Interestingly enough, the bone lance that fell to the ground swiftly disappeared. At the same time, the crystal skeleton rushed forward again. Its attack patterns were somewhat unconventional. It dived into the ground to emerge right before Chen Feng.

This time, the crystal skeleton failed to land a hit on Chen Feng. Instead, one of the combat puppets sent it flying. To Chen Feng’s surprise, though, the crystal skeleton swiftly disappeared into the ground again. As it disappeared, Chen Feng sensed that the crystal skeleton was not badly wounded.

Chen Feng’s eyes promptly lit up. He knew just how strong the combat puppet’s attack was. The fact that the crystal skeleton was not destroyed showed that its defensive power alone was already superior compared to most Divine Monarchs. 

“Longevity Celestial! That’s a crystal skeleton! It has the possibility of advancing to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage!” Dong Wang abruptly shouted.

“I know. You should focus more on your objective here,” Chen Feng said. Back then, he had noticed purple-coloured flames dancing within the crystal skeleton’s eye sockets. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it had already made contact with the dao of paramountcy.

I must obtain it. I can refine it into a clone, or a puppet. The thought popped up within Chen Feng’s mind.

However, he then grew worried. He was worried that the crystal skeleton would not appear again. A being that could cultivate up to this level was surely no fool. At any rate, he was someone with two Paramount Gold Immortal stage combat puppets. In the event that the crystal skeleton did not appear again, what should he do?

That was a possibility.

Quickly, though, the concern disappeared. The crystal skeleton had re-appeared. Only, it did not attack Chen Feng. Instead, it attacked Dao Monarch Hell.


The crystal skeleton had an easy time with its attack, which pierced Dao Monarch Hell’s body. Next, Dao Monarch Hell’s figure blew up.

“Hurry!” Chen Feng grew anxious. 

The Battler Bug Empress took action to pull Dao Monarch Hell’s soul into its space. However, Dao Monarch Hell did not simply suffer from the destruction of his fleshly body. Even his soul was damaged and only 30% of it was left. Any later and both his body and soul would have been obliterated. Then, not even a Paramount Gold Immortal would be able to save him.


Before Chen Feng could even say anything, Dao Monarch Asura ended up facing the same fate as Dao Monarch Hell. Rather, it was even worse for him. He only managed to retain 20% of his soul. That said, from what Chen Feng could see, the fact that he could retain 20% of his soul was already the best-case scenario. So long as his soul imprint remained, he would be able to – through some other means – recover in the future.

The present situation made Chen Feng feel secretly concerned. The two combat puppets were truly formidable, but the number of enemies here was too high. The two combat puppets were incapable of blocking them all.

That gave the other party an opening. While the crystal skeleton was no match for the combat puppets, it had no issues dealing with Ageless Gold Immortals and Divine Princes.

One of the combat puppets had already moved forward. After a series of attacks from it, the crystal skeleton was no longer capable of escaping.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 

After a series of booming sounds, a high number of cracks appeared on the crystal skeleton’s body. Following that, a rope flew out from Chen Feng to tie up the crystal skeleton. Next, the crystal skeleton found itself within a separate space within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. The Battler Bug Empress was waiting for it there.


The suppression technique utilized by the Battler Bug Empress actually contained a strand of the Longevity Tower’s power. After just a moment, Chen Feng understood how that was possible. It was the Longevity Tower’s power that the Battler Bug Empress had managed to collect back then.

Although the crystal skeleton was already wounded by the combat puppet earlier, the Battler Bug Empress had still needed to utilize everything in its arsenal to suppress it. As for the crystal skeleton, it kept struggling. The cracks on its bones rapidly healed up. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew shocked once more. The value of this crystal skeleton had exceeded his previous estimate.

The purple-coloured flames within the eye sockets of the suppressed crystal skeleton abruptly jumped and a stream of purple-coloured light sprayed forward all of a sudden. 

“Paramount power!” Chen Feng’s heart froze before giving a thump. A vast, formidable and overbearing power promptly lit up within his body and transformed into a torrential stream that flowed into his sea of wisdom.

At the same time, the Battler Bug Empress also fired out a stream of light. The purple colour within this stream of light from the Battler Bug Empress was fainter compared to the one from the crystal skeleton. Next, the two streams of light collided.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The separate space within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom became riddled with holes and the power of destruction began surging out into his sea of wisdom. It was then that the torrential stream of power surged in to swiftly wrap up the separate space. It blocked the hole and strengthened the spatial barrier, making it several times thicker. 


Chen Feng grew overjoyed, but he was still feeling worried. And so, he roared. As he did, he felt as though a devil had been set loose within his body. His heart gave another furious thump and a power that was even stronger than the previous one flowed forth before making its way into his sea of wisdom. The power added yet another thick layer of barrier over the spatial barrier there.


Chen Feng exhaled and a high number of cracks appeared all across his body. 

The power within the Chaos Heart was simply too strong. Due to the emergency, Chen Feng had chosen to mobilize a large amount of power from the Chaos Heart to secure his sea of wisdom. However, his fleshly body was incapable of enduring that power. And so, it began collapsing.


It was then that the Tree of Life within him shook and streams of abundant power of life coursed through every part of his body. The longevity-type primary energy also roared as it circulated. In an instant, all the cracks on Chen Feng’s body had disappeared.

That was fortunate! Also, how dangerous! After everything had calmed down, Chen Feng broke into a cold sweat. It had been some time since he had to face something like this.

Interestingly enough, this incident was the equivalent of undergoing countless tempering processes for Chen Feng’s fleshly body. And so, a formidable power emerged and Chen Feng was overjoyed to find that he had recovered up to 30% of his power.

“Empress, how is it?” Chen Feng was still feeling somewhat concerned. The crystal skeleton was simply too bizarre.

“It’s already under control,” the Battler Bug Empress said. Still, Chen Feng could tell from the Battler Bug Empress’ tone that it was not having an easy time.


The Battler Bug Empress suddenly said, surprising Chen Feng, who thought that something had happened to his sea of wisdom. Quickly, he realized that the danger was from the outside.

A fiery-red crystal skeleton was standing in front of him. Its five fingers were like lances stabbing towards his chest. Chen Feng could see the flames burning on its palm. 

The two combat puppets were held down by the other enemies. Due to that, they simply had no time to come to Chen Feng’s aid. As for the Battler Bug Empress, it was suppressing the previous crystal skeleton.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng was in an extremely dire situation. This opponent seemed to be on the same level as the previous crystal skeleton. The purple-coloured flames in its eyes proved as much. As for Chen Feng, he no longer had any trump cards. 

Oh, no! That was the first thought that came to Chen Feng’s mind.

Block it!

Chen Feng knew that there was no path of retreat. Seeing no other options, he gritted his teeth and pushed out all his strength to block this coming attack. This time, he did not activate the Chaos Heart’s power. It was not because he did not want to, but rather, he failed to. 


A great power poured into Chen Feng’s body. Next, Chen Feng fell unconscious. A sky-shocking tsunami raged within his sea of wisdom and his soul collapsed.

However, a high number of silky threads appeared in between the bits of Chen Feng’s collapsed soul to pull and reconnect them back together. They kept closing up and healing. Quickly, the degree of recovery reached a threshold and Chen Feng regained consciousness. With that, the convergence rate of the collapsed bits of his soul increased further.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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