Chapter 141: Predicament


Despite the old cultivator’s lament, the ferocious demonic humans rushing towards him could not threaten him at all. Before two large and savage demonic humans could attack him, his Ardent Sun Needle had already pierced through both their skulls.

The Ardent Sun Needle gathered potent fire essence and its intense temperature could even burn down these steel-like demonic humans.

The specialty of the demonic humans were their incredible speed and strength. Additionally, their bodies were terribly tough and practically invincible to most weapons. More, they do not understand the meaning of fatigue or fear, only carnage. They would not flinch when wounded. Most importantly, the constant flow of demonic energy around them served as their unending supply of energy.

Even though the cultivators present had high cultivation bases and good magic treasures, they were still put in a spot when facing these demonic humans.


A flying sword flashed out and a demonic human’s arm was cut off. However, it only caused the demonic human to stagger slightly before it charged forward again at the attacking cultivator. Its large body slammed heavily against the cultivator and loud banging sound spread out as the cultivator cried out wretchedly even as he was sent flying.


A three-metre tall demonic human howled as it charged at Chen Feng. Its tough, steel-like arm swung at Chen Feng. It felt like a strong gust of wind was blowing at. There was also a thick amount of demonic energy within the wind.

Waving his hand, Chen Feng swiftly condensed out a Longevity Sword. Next, he swung and the vigorous sword energy cut down the thick arm. At the same time, Chen Feng grew shocked. Only when he was cutting the demonic human’s arm did he realize just how tough it was. It was as though he was cutting steel. No, it was even tougher than steel.

“But even if you are tougher than steel, you still cannot stop my Longevity Sword,” said Chen Feng with a smile. Sword light flashed out and the demonic human before him was cut into eight pieces.

This weapon condensation technique is truly powerful. I am only at level 2 of the Concealed stage, but the Longevity Blade and Sword I condensed out are already the equivalent to grade 4 Magic artefacts. I wonder how high I can get after reaching major success in my cultivation of the Longevity Scripture’s cultivation technique. However, this scripture is too profound. The cultivation techniques and secret magics within it are as plentiful as the vast ocean. I am simply incapable of imagining who could create this scripture. Even after cultivating up to the immortal stage, I would probably be incapable of reaching major success in my cultivation of this scripture. Chen Feng thought.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had been incapable of grasping just how wondrous the Longevity Scripture was. However, as his cultivation base advanced, Chen Feng’s understanding towards the Longevity Scripture within his mind gradually grew. At the same time, he increasingly felt that his comprehension abilities were too shallow. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he would only be capable of truly unleashing the power of the Longevity Scripture after he reached the Sky Human stage.

Given Chen Feng’s present cultivation base, he could only cultivate the longevity-type primary energy, weapon condensation technique and the Acupoint Aegis Art. Additionally, those only represented a miniscule amount of the cultivation techniques present there.

The first weapon Chen Feng condensed out was the Longevity Blade, followed by the Longevity Sword. The Longevity Blade was overbearing while the Longevity Sword was balanced and firm. Both were weapons of absolute power.

Next, Chen Feng focused and the Overwhelming Astral Sword flew out. Ray after ray of sword light shone out to form a curtain of sword light, which enveloped him, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. In his left hand was a Longevity Blade while his right hand held onto a Longevity Sword and he used them to fight against the incoming demonic humans.

“These were all cultivators who came on an adventure like us. To think that they would end up like this.” After cutting down three demonic humans in a row, Chen Feng lamented.

“They no longer have the ability to think, not one bit. All that is left of them is the desire for carnage. Brother Chen, don’t go soft on them,” Ye Ziming was quick to shout out.

“He he, I will never go soft against an enemy who is attacking me. It is just a little sad,” said Chen Feng with a chuckle. Sword and blade were brandished and a demonic human was sent flying as a result. Next, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta rushed forward to hack it to pieces.

“When a yao beast is killed, their hide can at least be sold for some money. However, killing these demonic humans gives us nothing at all. This is just a waste of time,” Lu Ta could not stop himself from shouting.

Chen Feng squeezed out some time to glance around. Although the number of demonic humans was considerable, the cultivators there had seemingly found a way to combat them. The number of casualties began decreasing while the demonic humans kept falling.

As Elegant Gentleman was already seriously wounded, he could not attack at all. He had to completely rely on Evil Moon Grotto Master for protection. The Sky Toppling Seal was once again the size of a small mountain, swirling around the two of them. Before the surrounding demonic humans could approach them, they would be crushed to pieces by the seal.

That Sky Toppling Seal is truly powerful. It is practically invincible and unbreakable. I wonder what materials were used to forge it? Looking at the distant Sky Toppling Seal, Chen Feng felt somewhat envious.

However, now was not the time to be envious. They had to quickly deal with the situation and escape the demonic humans’ assault.

Even so, the fact that these demonic humans do not possess any cognitive abilities meant they fear neither injury nor death. There was no other way of dealing with them besides cutting them into pieces.

“Brother Chen, help!” Big Pot Bro suddenly shouted.

Only then did Chen Feng realize that the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain were in an extremely dangerous situation. Although they had formed their minor Five Elements battle formation, there were over 10 demonic humans besieging them. As Fourth Pot Bro had yet to recover his strength, it was hard for him to hold on. Seeing their formation in danger of breaking and knowing that the five of them would be torn to pieces by the demonic humans, Big Pot Bro had no choice but to call Chen Feng for help.


Light flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes and the Overwhelming Astral Sword circling above him transformed into a stream of light as it shot forward.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Chen Feng channelled his full power into the attack and six demonic humans had their heads instantly punched through by the sword. Thanks to that, the strain on the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain lessened and they were able to hasten forward to stand beside Chen Feng.

As expected, it is not as powerful as Mo Ji’s blood-coloured lance. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Mo Ji!”

When the name crossed his mind, Chen Feng suddenly had a foreboding sensation. He quickly sent a glance towards Mo Ji’s location. His gaze moved across the demonic humans to see an open ground. Tens of flags had been inserted deeply into the hard ground, following a certain pattern. Mo Ji, her four bodyguards and the escorting cultivators had all disappeared. 

That is a spatial magic array! As Ye Ziming had also set up something like that in the past, Chen Feng was able to recognize it with just a glance.

“That woman, she discarded us in the end,” said Chen Feng with a sneer. The feeling of being deceived surged into his heart. Next, the Overwhelming Astral Sword shone brightly. His rage fuelled the Prized artefact, allowing it unleash an even greater degree of power.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A row of booming sounds rang out and eight or so demonic humans were shattered apart to create an open space. 

By then, even the other cultivators had begun noticing it.

“Where did Mo Ji go to?” one of the cultivators spontaneously shouted out.

“That woman and all her guards are gone!”

“Look there! That is a spatial magic array. They teleported away and left us in this dangerous place,” another cultivator roared out.

Ye Ziming’s attention was piqued and he flashed forward, re-appearing instantly before the spatial magic array left by Mo Ji. Seeing Ye Ziming’s actions, the other cultivators were quick to understand. They fought desperately to rush towards the spatial magic array.

Since Mo Ji’s group could leave using this spatial magic array, they believed that they could do the same.

“It is useless. The energy reserve within this magic array has been utterly exhausted. After they left, this magic array can no longer be used. Impressive. They could actually stop me from sensing this. It seems this spatial magic array must have some concealing attribute,” said Ye Ziming with a sneer.

He had only just finished talking when the flags on the ground began disintegrating. Finally, they became nothing more but ashes, disappearing into the wind.

“That despicable woman! She deceived us. She used us to hold off these demonic humans while she led her group away to find the treasure. When I escape from here, it will never be over between us!” a thickset cultivator shouted.

“No wonder there are so many demonic humans here. They are practically endless. The woman must have known beforehand about the situation here. She spent so much money to hire us so that we can serve as her cannon fodder. Given how many demonic humans there are, if we fail to escape, we will surely die.”

More than half of the remaining cultivators howled furiously while a small number of cultivators remained calm. They were either those with firm states of mind or possessing high levels of strength.

“For now, we should work on escaping our present situation. As for Mo Ji, we can settle this account with her after we escape,” said the old cultivator in a calm tone.

“But there are simply too many demonic humans. I don’t think we can kill our way out.”

“If we don’t hurry and kill our way out, the number of demonic humans will probably increase further.” Several cultivators with high cultivation bases got together and they began paving a way forward.

“I think we should turn back. We can return to the forest. Although it is strange, the spiritual energy there is aplenty and there are no yao beasts and demonic humans inside it. As for whether or not we can get out, we can worry about that in the future,” suggested another cultivator.

“Look behind you and you will understand why not,” Evil Moon Grotto Master said with a sneer.

Since escaping from the forest, they had not been paying attention to the forest again. Hearing Evil Moon Grotto Master’s words, they quickly jerked their heads to look at the forest behind them. They were instantly left flabbergasted.

The forest was as they remembered, appearing like an oasis spanning a radius of tens of li. Who could have guessed that there was a whole different space within it?

Thick trees filled with vitality could be seen within the forest, just like how they remembered it, with sizable branches and luxuriant leaves. Flowers and grasses grew all around and beautiful rays of sunlight shined down upon the scene. One glance at the forest would give the impression that this was a forest filled with life.

However, that was not the reason they were all shocked. It was the group of cultivators who had chosen to stay inside the forest earlier. The group of cultivators had been chopping down Wild Tung Trees, but was now under attack.

A grey-coloured hand the size of a building, hardy and powerful while sporting clear patterns on its surface was there. Most importantly was the elliptical, black-coloured hole on its palm. Who knows what was inside the hole? All they could see was a writhing mass of black energy within it, like splashing water. It looked as though a mouth was emerging from its palm.

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