Chapter 1409 The Sealed Zone


As expected, most of the treasures there also fell into Chen Feng’s hands. Observing an icy blade fall into Chen Feng’s hand, Dong Wang’s eyelids twitched non-stop.

Although it was only a mid-grade Divine artifact, there were already the energy waves of a high-grade Divine artifact coming from the icy blade. It was not an exaggeration to say that this icy blade was of a higher grade compared to the flaming halberd that Chen Feng obtained earlier. 

“The Silent Ruin Blade, the weapon of Patriarch Enigma Silence. To think that I would see it here,” Dong Wang said, shaking his head.

“You know quite a lot,” Chen Feng said with a smile. With a wave of his hand, he kept the Silent Ruin Blade. Surface wise, the blade possessed the power of ice, but the laws of death flowed within it. Moreover, it already possessed the power of a high-grade Divine artifact. It indicated that it could advance. Even so, Chen Feng had already made up his mind to fuse it into his Longevity Blade.

As a matter of fact, that was what he had been doing all this time. There had been hundreds if not thousands of Divine artifacts on him, but almost all of them had been fused into his Longevity weapons. The flaming halberd and Silent Ruin Blade that he obtained here were good mid-grade Divine artifacts. Even so, they would both be fused with his Longevity weapons. 

After that, they entered two more bodily worlds. This time, Chen Feng did not take action and the two most powerful treasures there went to Dong Wang. At any rate, they had a partnership going on here. Moreover, it was Dong Wang who brought him in. So far, he had not contributed at all. Taking all the treasures was quite unreasonable.

“Next, let’s go to the Valley of the Spiritual Fountain,” Dong Wang said.

“We’re going now?” Chen Feng was surprised. Thinking back, however, they had collected a good number of treasures. With this, the East Extreme Immortal Palace will truly puke blood. 

“Yes. I will help you obtain the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. You get the spiritual fountain, but you must come with me to the sealed zone,” Dong Wang said. 

“How can I refuse such a good offer?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

The Valley of the Spiritual Fountain was where the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness was located. Due to the spiritual fountain, there was a high amount of spiritual energy in the valley. The grasses and vegetation thrived. More, the vegetation and animals living there all possessed wisdom, beings that cultivate the dao of immortality. 

But according to the information that Chen Feng obtained, there was only one fountain here. Moreover, the size of this fountain was not that big. On the other hand, its quality was very high. Every cultivator beneath the Gold Immortal stage hoped to obtain its waters.

The Valley of the Spiritual Fountain was considerably big. Upon stepping foot within the Valley of the Spiritual Fountain’s territory, Chen Feng sensed ageless power floating within the air. But while he was able to determine that it was ageless power, it felt somewhat different compared to the power of an Ageless Gold Immortal.

It was not something that came about through cultivation. Rather, it was a naturally-occurring thing. It was similar to the power of laws that Chen Feng had extracted from the depths of the Immortal Plane’s essence in the past. 

Looks like this Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness is part of its essence power, Chen Feng thought. 

“I hear that there are Divine Monarchs keeping watch over this place. It will be problematic if we alarm them,” Chen Feng said. 

“It is true that there are Divine Monarchs keeping watch, but I believe they will not be able to trouble us,” Dong Wang said confidently. 

“Even so, we are not here to start a fight with the East Extreme Immortal Palace,” Chen Feng said.

“From what I’ve heard, your Longevity Alliance have always wanted to stir up troubles for the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Additionally, it has also sent out many men to do that. Why is its Alliance Lord suddenly showing such cowardice?” Dong Wang said with a smile.

“This is not a matter of cowardice. At present, I have yet to recover from my wounds. I need to be careful with everything,” Chen Feng shook his head.

Dong Wang shook his head. Then, he brought out a milky-white bead. Next, the surrounding space shook and the space they were in became isolated.

“A high-grade Divine artifact!” Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light. He did not think that Dong Wang would be able to bring out a high-grade Divine artifact. It was something that not even he could bring out.

Chen Feng then found that they had arrived before a fountain. The surrounding space was sealed with the power of the Divine artifact. In other words, outsiders would not be able to enter. 

“I can only maintain this for three breaths’ worth of time,” Dong Wang said. 

“Three breaths.” Chen Feng nodded, stretching his hand out to grasp. The fountain’s water surged out before flowing into his palm. The fountain water felt incomparably heavy for Chen Feng. Every drop of the fountain water was likely as heavy as a mountain. It was even more outrageous compared to the Paramount Water of First Origin. 

“It is indeed the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness.” Chen Feng nodded. It had been only one breath’s worth of time, but the amount of fountain water that he obtained was enough for tens of half-step Gold Immortals. 

During the second breath, the surrounding barrier shook. Someone had begun attacking. The expression on Dong Wang’s face flickered before recovering. 

The three breaths’ time passed quickly. 

“Alright, I want to keep the Dimension Bead now,” Dong Wang said. 

“Why not stay longer?” During that three breaths’ time, Chen Feng had collected large amounts of the fountain water. Even so, he still wanted more. Rather, he was thinking about collecting the entire Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness.

However, this Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness was simply too heavy. Additionally, there were also countless seals and arrays set up by experts on it. Due to that, all Chen Feng could do was to slowly collect its water.

“I cannot hold on anymore,” Dong Wang said. 

“How troublesome. Attack.” Chen Feng waved his hand and one of his combat puppets flew forward. Coincidentally, the barrier created by the Dimension Bead broke and four Divine Monarchs charged in at almost the same time. 


With a smashing move from the combat puppet, one of the Divine Monarchs was blown into bits. After that, the combat puppet swung its Longevity Lance to stop the other three Divine Monarchs.

“What a formidable combat puppet!” Dong Wang exclaimed, but he was quick to take action. The cultivators behind him were already moving forward. They worked together with the eight Gold Immortals from Chen Feng’s side to swiftly set up a thick barrier around them.


Another Divine Monarch was knocked away. The other two were not even given the time to say a word before the Longevity Lance pierced their bodies. Unfortunately, all four Divine Monarchs were clones. Their main bodies were still alive. All Chen Feng’s group did was inflict some losses on those main bodies. 

During all of that, Chen Feng had remained still, focused on collecting the fountain water of the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. 

Finally, the fountain dried up. Only then did Chen Feng let up. 

“Sigh! This fountain has existed for over 10 billion years. This is the first time it dried up.” Dong Wang shook his head, sighing. There was a slight look of envy in his eyes. However, he had already agreed to this earlier. Thus, he would not say anything here.

“I have obtained the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. Next, it is time to find what you want,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“I think the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace has been alarmed. Let’s go!” Dong Wang said, crushing a token. The formidable wave of energy created caused Chen Feng to furrow his brows.


A dimension swiftly expanded to envelop them all. After that, the dimension began jumping through space. In but one breath’s time, the dimension disappeared and they found themselves in the sealed zone. It was also the most mysterious and most dangerous place within the East Extreme Immortal Palace. When compared to this place, the Blackfang Prison was nothing. 

The token just now is likely something crafted by a Paramount Gold Immortal. Looks like Dong Wang is planning something big. I will have to be careful, Chen Feng thought. 

Next, Chen Feng inspected his surroundings, the sealed zone. He had, thus far, only heard about this place and had never come here in person. That said, the eerie face that appeared in the past had come from this sealed zone. Thinking about it, the place sealing such an existence was likely no ordinary place.

Contrary to Chen Feng’s expectations, the sealed zone was vast and not the desolate place he had imagined. There were no rampaging streams of energy. Fresh flowers filled the place and small animals darted around. Seeing that, he wondered if Dong Wang may have brought them to the wrong place.

“This is the sealed zone?” asked a surprised Chen Feng.

“Shocking, isn’t it? Back when I first came here, I was shocked as well,” Dong Wang said with a smile. 

“This is not your first time here?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course not,” Dong Wang said, secretly utilizing a secret technique to search around. 

As they were here, Chen Feng also utilized his eye technique to inspect their surroundings. Earlier, Dong Wang had already helped him obtain the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. Now, it was time for him to contribute and help Dong Wang obtain the item he desired.

Naturally, Chen Feng also had his own thoughts about this. His trip to the East Extreme Immortal Palace was not simply for the sake of obtaining treasures. That was especially so now that he had made his way to the sealed zone. Chen Feng did not think that this sealed zone was only sealing up one monster. There must surely be other things here. Moreover, from what Chen Feng could tell, this sealed zone was no ordinary place. Even the East Extreme Immortal Palace likely did not know everything about this place. 

He was already here anyways. No matter what, he had to stir up some troubles for the East Extreme Immortal Palace. All he needed to do was release one or two of the old monsters sealed here.

The Battler Bug Empress also took action. Swiftly, tens of thousands of Battlers flew out, dispersing all around them before disappearing from sight.

Dong Wang said nothing about this move from Chen Feng. He was focused wholeheartedly on searching for something. 

Finally, his eyes lit up and he began walking towards a certain spot. Smiling, Chen Feng followed him. It would appear that Dong Wang had discovered something.

Not long after they moved away, a clump of energy gathered up at the very spot they were standing on earlier. The clump of energy wriggled before quickly assuming human form. However, its whole body was wrapped in a faint-black light while a pair of eyes flashed non-stop with blood-coloured light within. 

This unknown being looked around. Then, it moved towards Chen Feng and the others.

It was not the only one. Clumps of energy began emerging from the surrounding area that was filled with flowers and birds before transforming into various forms. Some simply emerged that way from the ground. 

Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka!

A loud sound rang out from the depths of the earth. In the end, the ground split apart and a skeletal palm emerged. That palm alone was tens of thousands of zhang wide. After that, the ground began bulging upwards, reaching a height of tens of thousands of zhang before bursting with a bang. A one million-zhang-tall skeleton emerged.

“Someone has come.” Flames danced within the skeleton’s eye sockets. At the same time, it was also emanating a formidable energy wave.

This skeleton was clearly very strong. The other beings there dared not approach it at all.

The skeleton stepped forward. It moved very quickly without making a sound, swiftly disappearing from sight.

Chen Feng was chuckling. 

Dong Wang continued to run towards a certain spot without pause, even ignoring Chen Feng. His pair of eyes danced with excitement. It was as though there was a massive treasure hoard waiting for him. 

Interesting. No wonder we have not encountered a single cultivator from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. For cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage, coming here is the equivalent of suicide. Chen Feng shook his head and grasped the air. The space before him rippled and images played out before him. Those were the images of the clumps of energy. One of the images was enlarged further. It was none other than the giant skeleton. 

“Alliance Lord, this…” The expressions on the faces of Dao Monarch Hell and the others sank. Although those were just images and they had yet to fight those beings, they could still sense that those enemies would not be easy to face.

“Fellows, prepare for battle. These are the demon souls, vengeful spirits, bone demons and some other creatures that were born from the sealed zone. They are very strong,” Chen Feng said. 

“We obey the Young Master’s commands!”

At that very moment, Dong Wang was still completely focused on searching for the item he wanted. He simply didn’t care about what was happening around him. And so, the rest of the cultivators there chose to listen to Chen Feng’s commands.

Chen Feng nodded, but before he could say anything else, various formidable wills were already attacking them from various directions. 

“Very fast.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Defend!” Chen Feng shouted.


The tens of Gold Immortals there unleashed waves of soul power at almost the same moment. Their formidable soul power, containing ageless power, swiftly formed a thick defensive shield.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Those were the sounds of the wills striking the defensive shield. The first wave ended quickly. After that, Dao Monarch Hell and the others took action to fight the other party.

“Most of them are half-step Gold Immortals.” Chen Feng looked around, not joining the fight. He continued following Dong Wang. There were four Divine Princes protecting Dong Wang.  

They continued to advance and the pressure they faced grew increasingly great. In the end, Chen Feng and Dong Wang came to a halt.

While most of them were half-step Gold Immortals, that was only a relative comparison. A good number of the enemies were Ageless Gold Immortals. Due to that, Dao Monarch Hell and the other three Ageless Gold Immortals felt pressured. Several times, if it weren’t for the assistance of the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens’ group of unique creatures, the four of them would have sustained severe injuries. 

Finally, the giant skeleton arrived. Its eyes jumped and two flaming beams of light shot towards the distant Chen Feng like arrows of fire.

The giant skeleton was no fool. It had already figured out that Chen Feng and Dong Wang were the core members of this group. 

Chen Feng raised his hand and pushed. As a result, the two beams of flaming light gradually slowed to a halt before him. Then, they transformed into a ball of fire that fell into his palm.

It was not scorching hot, but Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed.

“That is, soul flame!” a Divine Prince who was standing beside Chen Feng exclaimed all of a sudden.

“It’s not just soul flame. There are also Ageless Light mixed within it. That skeleton is not to be underestimated. Who knows how long it had died? Its skeleton ended up developing wisdom. More, it also managed to cultivate up to the Divine Prince level,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head.

As they spoke, the skeleton arrived before them all. A bone blade had suddenly appeared in its grasp and the two Ageless Gold Immortals who attempted to stop it were struck and sent flying with but one blade swing.

Next, the bone blade slashed towards Chen Feng and Dong Wang.

“Allow me!”

One of the Divine Princes protecting Dong Wang took action. Brandishing a sword, he stepped forward to fight the skeleton.

“To think that we would encounter these guys so quickly.” By then, Dong Wang had recollected himself.

“Really? Did you not consider this beforehand?” Chen Feng asked, smiling.

“I do have some knowledge about this sealed zone. After entering this place, we will not need to worry about the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Even though this sealed zone is under the East Extreme Immortal Palace, it is also a special and dangerous place. Generally speaking, cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage would rarely enter this place. As for these creatures, I did anticipate encountering them, but not so quickly. Moreover, there are so many of them,” Dong Wang said.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” That was what Chen Feng cared about the most.

“I have already determined its exact position, but getting it will probably not be that easy,” Dong Wang said, waving his hand. A stream of golden light swiftly elongated. Twisting and swirling a few times, it then tied up the skeleton. The Divine Prince who was fighting it pounced on this opening, stabbing his sword into the skeleton’s skull. Next, the skull blew up with a bang, creating a skyful of fireworks. Chen Feng made use of the opportunity to grasp and all the sparks flew into his hand.

Those were good items.

The Divine Prince was somewhat dissatisfied with Chen Feng’s actions, but he said nothing about it.

“To think that your Immortal-binding Rope has reached this level,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle before bringing out the Longevity Bow. 

When he saw the Longevity Bow in Chen Feng’s hand, Dong Wang’s eyes narrowed. Dong Wang did hear about some of the cultivation and secret techniques of the Longevity Clan. Seeing the Longevity Bow left him secretly shocked. This Longevity Bow was already infinitely close to the high-grade Divine tier.

The participation of Dong Wang and Chen Feng immediately tipped the scales of the battle.

Dong Wang mobilized his Immortal-binding Rope to tie up one opponent after another while his subordinates complemented his actions to kill the tied-up opponents.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, kept firing with the Longevity Bow. With every flashing arrow, either a vengeful spirit or demon soul would be killed or grievously wounded.

A pity, I have only recovered 20% of my power now, otherwise I would be able to instantly kill off all of them. Chen Feng shook his head.

Quickly, all those creatures coming at them from the sealed zone were wiped out and they continued onwards.

“Young Master Longevity Celestial, this Longevity Bow of yours must have been fused with a good number of treasures, no?” Dong Wang asked smilingly.

“Yes, but now is not the time to chat.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Why is it? Will something else appear?”

“According to the report from the bugs I sent out, many creatures have appeared. It would appear that our appearance has stirred up this sealed zone,” Chen Feng said, slowly pulling the Longevity Bow.


An arrow flashed forward and an area of space far away blew up. A vengeful spirit then transformed into a clump of energy before fleeing. However, the Great Roc of the Nine Heavens was very fast. He swiftly flew forward. With a swing of his talon, the vengeful spirit was shattered apart.


Suddenly, an Ageless Gold Immortal under Dong Wang released a cry of misery. Something had – at an unknown time – cut his body in half and the life force within his body rapidly flowed away.

“Careful, there’s something hiding in the dark!” Chen Feng said, using his eye technique. To his surprise, he found nothing.


Dao Monarch Hell grunted and he swiftly darted aside. A crack appeared on his waist and blood sprayed out from it. Chen Feng swiftly moved forward and reached out with one hand to grasp the air. A hidden stream of energy within Dao Monarch Hell’s body was pulled out. After that, the wound on his body gradually healed up.

“How dangerous!” Dao Monarch Hell’s face turned pale. This was his first time encountering such an eerie situation since reaching the Gold Immortal stage.

“It could be a shadow demon,” Dong Wang said, bringing out his Dimension Bead.

“I guess so too. Its level is not that high. It should be at the Ageless Gold Immortal stage.” Chen Feng pushed his eye technique to its limit and everything around them appeared within his sights. 

Finally, he saw a silhouette flashing by.


The arrow that Chen Feng pulled flew out, but it missed. Dao Monarch Asura promptly slashed with his sword and everyone there saw a phantom silhouette – looking like a clump of energy – cut in half.

However, the cut halves of the phantom silhouette swiftly disappeared and Dao Monarch Asura’s figure was sent flying, two bloody holes on his chest.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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